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  1. I'm really enjoying the Jon-Dany dynamic despite the fact that I typically hate romances and mushy stuff. However, this being GoT, you know there will be plenty of tragedy surrounding them, and the chance of them getting a "happily ever after" is slim to none. I think Kit and Emilia have wonderful chemistry I've enjoyed the slow burn building between Dany and Jon. (Well, as slow as you can get given that this entire season has felt rushed -- thanks a lot, D&D.) I didn't care for him calling her Dany -- that was jarring, and an obvious fan service -- but the rest of the scene on that ship conveyed a wistful, bittersweet emotion flowing between these two. At this point they have started to realize they have feelings for each other, but neither knows quite how to deal with it. They're in the middle of two major wars and it's difficult to drop all that and say, "Hey! Let's explore our feelings!" So yes, they've been fighting it and choosing to ignore the elephant in the room. It also seems like it's the first real, grownup romance for each of them. Don't get me wrong: Dany loved Drogo, and Jon loved Ygritte -- but they were both little more than children at the time. (Daario, I'd argue, was a rebound romance and mostly just a sexual one.) Since then, each of them has experienced a tremendous amount of personal growth. So now we're dealing with two adults having adult feelings and the potential to create a powerful pairing that not only is a practical one but is also based on love (certainly a rarity, at least in Westeros). And of course it will most likely be blown out of the water by the revelation that Jon is a Targaryan. This little bombshell has potential to turn the world upside down for both of them. Jon would feel enraged and betrayed that his whole life has been nothing but a lie. I can see him having an issue with the incest aspect, too, because he's a bit of a prude. Dany most likely would not care a whit about the incest, but would she feel threatened knowing that Jon has a more legitimate claim to the throne than she has? Her whole life, she has been convinced that she's destined to rule the Seven Kingdoms. She's SO close ... and then the rug gets yanked out from under her. It has to be a sucker punch. I don't see Jon as being power hungry at all, but would this cause Dany to be suspicious of him? Then again, if there's a baby (and I think that's very likely given the heavy foreshadowing), perhaps that might be enough to convince them to overcome these issues and stay together. Which means that probably one or both will die before the end of the series.
  2. Iwan was marvelous. I have such mixed feelings: For so long, all I wanted was to see Ramsay dead ... but now I'm going to miss him. The show has had many excellent villains, but few (if any) have been as despicable and pathologically evil as Ramsay. Props to Mr. Rheon for his excellent work!
  3. Sandor is my favorite, too. And I agree. He absolutely is a changed man. I think maybe some fans were expecting him to become a priest, but the difference is more subtle. His attack on the outlaws who killed his friend(s) is more about justice in his eyes than revenge. He knows Ray was a good man, and the others in the camp he was beginning to see as family. Killing the outlaws was his way of bringing about closure. Now that he's taken care of the bad guys, he seems to be seriously contemplating his purpose in life. It's no longer about survival of the fittest to him. He realizes there are good people in Westeros who could benefit from his assistance. Of course the thing he does best is still killing, but he'll be killing for a different reason. I also noticed that he's a much more patient person that before. He's still sarcastic and blunt, but the giant chip on his shoulder is gone.
  4. I hadn't thought of it that way! Add to that (most likely) The Hound and his brute strength and sword skills. (Since BwB are headed north, I assume they'll meet up with Jon at some point.)
  5. I don't think LF knows about R+L=J. I think he suspects that Lyanna left with Rhaegar willingly, and that's what he is implying in that scene in the tombs. If he does indeed know that Jon is a Targaryan, you'd think he would have found a way to use that to his advantage long ago -- perhaps by blackmailing Ned. As for the
  6. Nothing accomplished??? She's now a trained assassin. She's a freakin' ninja warrior! Jon could probably use one of those on his team.
  7. It's been hammered into our heads at least twice now that the gods have something huge in mind for Sandor Clegane. Clearly, the Hound is Azor Ahai. j/k But it's something big. My bet would be on him fighting the White Walkers as a Stark bannerman in the ultimate battle of good vs evil. And he'll get there via his allegiance to Arya and Sansa. A few points: 1. I don't think he'll hold it against Arya that she left him for dead. As someone above pointed out: by refusing his plea to put him out of his misery, she ultimately saved his life. 2. I don't see Cleganebowl as being what the gods brought him back for. Besides, Gregor is already dead; Oberyn Martell killed the man that Sandor knew as his brother. Sandor may at some point fight Frankengregor - but it won't be out of revenge for Gregor burning him. Sandor has moved on from that. More likely, he would fight Frankengregor if the monster went after someone Sandor cared about (most likely Sansa). 3. I do think Sandor has unfinished business with Sansa, but I'm not certain it will be romantic. Book Sansa is in love with The Hound but Show Sansa never seemed to be all that into him. Granted, a lot has changed in Sansa since she last set eyes on Sandor. She's an adult now, and certainly wiser and more cynical ... While he has become more ... I almost want to say more gentle, even though he just slaughtered a bunch of men with an ax. We're definitely seeing effects of Brother Ray's influence on him. So in a way, even though they've both grown in opposite directions, they've also experienced growth that would allow them to form romantic relationships with another person. So I guess it's possible that he's intended as Sansa's one and only.
  8. I just want Arya (or even Jaqen) to kill the Waif. I hate her with a burning hot ferocity. And the Waif does NOT belong among the Faceless Men, because she's consumed by her jealousy of Arya. Surely Jaqen knows this? I'm hoping this was her big test, and her failure to kill Arya will spell her doom.
  9. Thanks. I was wondering what the rose meant. This makes perfect sense.
  10. Didn't D&D say Sandor was a mile away when the slaughter occurred? Maybe they didn't mean literally a whole mile, but pretty far away regardless. And I was under the impression that Sandor DID hear something, which is why he ran back to camp. If he was far away, the slaughter would have been over by the time he got back there on his gimpy leg.
  11. I just don't see where she fits into the storyline, and it makes no sense why she would have a beef with the septon.
  12. That's a possibility, or maybe he will get back into Arya's storyline. I don't pretend to understand how the credits are set up, but I did notice Rory's name was sandwiched between Sophie's and Maisie's. Does that mean anything? BTW, I would have no objection if The Hound pulled a Darth Vader-style choke on Littlefinger.
  13. That would be kinda awesome.
  14. Haha! I hadn't thought of that.
  15. That's a good possibility. Out of every scene in that episode, the question of why did Sansa lie to Jon is the one I keep turning over in my head. It eats at me because it caught me by surprise. Regardless, it didn't appear to be a planned lie; she seemed to be covering her ass. (Edited after I read through some more posts: I don't believe Sansa's lie was motivated by a power play. The only power she seems interested in is getting Winterfell back and kicking Ramsay and LF to the curb.) As for Sansa comparing Jon to Ramsay, I did not take it as a slight. Rather, it seemed to me that she was defending Jon to Davos. And the cloak present was sweet. She does love Jon, bastard brother or no. But I've no doubt LF will continue to try to work his way between them and cause a rift. Did I mention how much I hate LF? Even more than I hate Ramsay. Ugh.