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  1. I don't disagree that the DNC needs some work at all. I disagree with calling Clinton a bad / flawed candidate when she lost to someone that is clearly a flawed and horrible candidate and when she was seriously qualified and more qualified than most of the past presidents before they went into office. Getting creamed at the state level also has to do with some serious gerrymandering.
  2. Man I can't take this privileged tone policing bs anymore. I'll spell this out for you clearly, or as clear as I can since it hasn't gotten through to you the first time it was spelled out. When someone is standing on your foot and crushing it and you yell at them to get off your foot. If they step on it harder because it hurt their feelings that you yelled at them, you shove them off of your foot. I know your revisionist view of history is oh these people were acting "civil" when in fact their protests were met with violence and death threats and murders and were not deemed to be civil and were deemed as disruptive to society and the status quo. You also ignore the fact that privileged people set the standard for what is "nice." Anyone that fundamentally challenges that worldview of theirs in a way that they won't be able ignore will never meet that privileged standard of nice, no matter how “nice” they dressed up.
  3. No, you really can't, There is no reason to respect bigots. None, zero, zilch, nada. Oh really? What the hell do you think MLK was doing? Malcom X? How about Harvey Milk or the Stonewall Riots? Your way of doing things has hinder fucking progress man. I'm so tired of this coddle your fucking oppressors bullshit and worrying about not insulting them. People wanting equal rights is insulting to them man, wake the fuck up. Stop worrying about upsetting their little feel feels. Fuck em. Seriously, at what point are you going to realize no matter what you do you're going to insult them? Nah, you take progress, you make it. You don't wait for it to be handed to you by convincing people.
  4. Lol they don't need them. You being Canadian and not American, I'll forgive your ignorance there. They do need to deal with gerrymandering. Once they deal with that, People like me? People like me are making up the party and the ones that are protesting and the ones that are pissed the fuck off this country can't admit there is a racism issue and bigotry issue as a whole. LMAO, I don't make excuses for being an asshole. I am one at times. But I have zero reason to respect fucking bigots. You can't give me a reason to be nice to them and not hurt their feelings with out looking spineless and cowardly to me.
  5. If they are bigots, which I am positive the majority are, they should be called what they are.
  6. Yea exactly? Well you are apart of the problem. You would rather sweep their bigotry under the rug and not call them out on it. You rather act like it doesn't exist. That is how the US tries to deal with its deeply rooted racism and misogyny etc, look at how well that works out. You ever hear respect is earned not given? That is how I live my life. I'm not into that love my enemy hippy kumbaya bullshit. I have no issue punching down. I have no issue being an asshole to bigoted assholes. I'm not worried about winning them over since we never will. I realize they think certain people shouldn't have the right to live, so I am not going to be nice to them and worry about their feelings. Progress, especially regarding civil rights, isn't made by appeasing the oppressors / bigots and being nice to them and asking please. It's done by turning shit on it's head and fighting it head on.
  7. So no snark and do not address bigotry in fear of hurting white people's feelings. Maybe white people need to just toughen the fuck up and get out of their little safe space of privilege eh?
  8. Maybe dems wouldnt want them to die if they werent bigoted fucking assholes that keep on being bigoted fucking assholes and went with a fascist bigoted sexual predator this time? Maybe you should stop making excuses for them at this point eh?
  9. Don't tell the white rural white people that or the apologists for those bags of shit. Maybe they should stop voting fucking republican. Maybe they should stop hindering progress, maybe they should stop being apart of the fucking problem in creating their own fucking problems?. Still falling on that bullshit about the DNC candidate not being good enough? Give me a fucking break. Let me know when the majority of white liberal men wake the fuck up and realize that sexism was a huge factor as well as racism in why the left lost, not because Clinton wasn't a good candidate. The fact a racist misogynistic sexual predator with numerous lawsuits won over Clinton is proof enough you do not need to be a good candidate to win the presidency in this country.
  10. Well the past 8 years have shown they aren't willing to budge. Also had a lot to do with the president being black, but still, they are shit and unwilling to find middle ground.
  11. Why does the left always have to be the ones to fucking find the middle ground? Seriously, fuck middle ground with these people.
  12. And not calling out bigotry totally makes it go away yea? Lets worry about the feelings of the bigots, that is totally the way to go!!!! I have no reason to cooperate with bigoted trash.
  13. Nah, this country just needs to deal with how bigoted it really is. Not to mention getting rid of the EC. Oh and deal with gerrymandering.
  14. Yup. How many republican politicians said they don't endorse him but are still voting for him? How many voters said he is a jackass but they are still voting or him because he is a republican? There is no middle ground with anyone that voted for Trump. They are deplorable, they are scum, they are trash, they are worthless fucking pieces of shit.
  15. And I think you're being naive. I think it is perfectly fair to lump them into the same box since they still supported a fucking sexual predator bigot even after everything he said and after people came forward and some in graphic detail explained what he did to them. You're not helping any burying your head in the sand. No, we don't need to temper it. We need to ramp it the fuck up. Also, Stewart is a fucking coward as well for what he said there. He is another detached white boy regardless of leaning left. I doubt he lives in an area where people are worried about premiums. This election was about bigotry pure and simple. Anyone that voted for Trump is a bigot. Being indifferent to bigotry and worrying more about your personal financial status makes you a bigot since you are saying your money is more important than the lives of marginalized demographics. They showed there is no middle ground when they still supported him even after all the bigotry he spewed and said he sexually assaults women and had 13 women come forward saying they were sexually assaulted by them.