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  1. I would choose Dany over jon too. Not only because I can't stand Jon but because Dany is the best hope for Westeros. She has proven herself in the Bay of Dragons. The girl is a winner.
  2. What I loved most is Daenerys making her return to Dragonstone.
  3. That confrontation was necessary because, as my fellow fans have already written, Varys had a lot of explaining to do. A great ruler like Daenerys needed to precisely know where Varys' loyalty is. That was a smart move by Dany to confront Varys and put the pressure. That is how you get answers. And it doesn't stop there. Daenerys went on to lay down the law of the terms of his service. She told directly what she needs and expects from him. That was needed to clear the air. Ned is an idiot. And Jon took after him. That little soap opera between Daenerys and Varys proved how intelligent these two characters are. They both handled that confrontation very well and both set their ground. If I had to choose which ruler to serve in Westeros, it will be no contest. I will gladly serve Daenerys Targaryen.
  4. Transporter is actually correct. GM himself confirmed in an interview that Beric is a wight brought back by fire. Have you been sleeping the last few weeks? It's been discussed here and on Youtube.
  5. A better example is Sodom. The Targaryens, the heroes in this story, were saved by the Gods. They sent a vision of warning to Daenys. Lord Aenar Targaryen, the equivalent of Lot, took his family to safety. In the biblical tale, Lot's wife looked back and was turned into a pilar of salt. Notice how the Targaryens warn themselves not to look back? I have to wonder why it was that the Targaryens never tried to rebuild the Valyrian Empire. Aegon even sided against Volantis when that city tried to rebuild the empire. Recall the scene in Dany's dreams in aGoT, running towards the red door (the place of safety). If I look back, I am lost. The Targaryens had more discipline than Lot's wife and therefore survived the doom. The Targaryens were meant to build another kingdom in the west rather than rebuild Valyria. ASOIAF is primarily the story of the Targaryen family. They were meant to survive. This is their story.
  6. I think so as well. The kingdom reverted back to the days of Argillac, Harren, and Torrhen because the Baratheons and their Stark allies were fools. The last Stark who had power couldn't manage 1,000 guys without committing treason. It is time for Daenerys Stormborn to take back Westeros. A unified continent will be better able to handle the food shortages that winter will bring. I am not saying the kingdoms will not choose to separate. Some people are stupid after all. Northern pride may motivate the north to declare independence but that is a move they will regret when the cold wind starts to blow and the sun fails to rise.
  7. Or there is a conspiracy by the Citadel to undermine the Targaryen Dynasty. If so, those elements within the Citadel will need to be rooted out and exposed. And punished.
  8. There is no honor in what Jon did. The reason he broke his oaths are stupid reasons. Compromising the defense of the wall for his sister was stupid. Not only will she die as a result of his idiot decisions but so will other people. It was better to leave the Arya situation alone and focus on his job and that might possibly save thousands.
  9. Is there anything on the show that I like better than the books? Not really. The writers are not as good as George. Which is obvious. They have created their own characters. Catelyn, Jon, and Arya on the show are nothing like their real parts in the books. I still don't like them on the show because I have read the books and know what they're really like but it is too bad the show-only fans aren't getting the real characters as George created them.
  10. The following applicants filled out the form to serve on your Small Council. You are the monarch. Select a position for each based on where they could do the most good. You do not have to hire all of them. Brienne of Tarth Jorah Mormont Lothar Frey Bowen Marsh Benjen Stark Samwell Tarly Barbrey Dustin Skahaz Mo Kandaq Missandei Victarion Greyjoy Lancel Lannister Darkstar Dayne Bronn of the Blackwater Meera Reed Ellaria Sand Geris Drinkwater Rohane Webber Dontos Hollard Roslyn Frey Thoros of Myr
  11. We should first define what "most fit" means in this context. There is no such person as the perfect ruler. No house is a perfect ruler. Every house produces good leaders and they also produce bad leaders. Take Roose as our example. Roose Bolton could rule efficiently and competently. He will also flay people for the slightest of offenses. You have a government that runs smooth like a machine and functions but his brand of justice will be too harsh in my opinion.
  12. Wildlngs aren't all raiders and you have a good point there. What crimes they do among themselves on their side is not under the jurisdiction of the lord commander. The crimes they commit at the wall is a different matter. The wildlings have a bad reputation and they don't all deserve it but they all must still be held accountable to the laws at the wall if they come to the wall. Getting back to Craster. The man has broken no laws even by the laws in effect in the south except kinslaying. He gives up his boys to the WW but many in the north are rumored to do the same before the Tagaryens came along.