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  1. That Daenerys is Azor Ahai, I agree. She is Azor Ahai. I don't agree that the long night and the white walkers can be defeated. Nature always wins versus man in George Martin's stories. The fungus won the battle versus the men of greywater station. The mud pots were winning versus man. The long night will last until the climate shifts again. A light stick is not going to change that. The people will have to migrate out of Westeros to survive. Dany is not coming to Westeros. Westeros is coming to Dany. Isn't it convenient to have empty cities like Vaes Toloro and Asshai? Empty cities just waiting to be repopulated. Dany will build her own empire in Essos and the people coming from Westeros will be part of that empire.
  2. Quaithe is warning Dany to be careful. Perhaps too cautiously. Quaithe is reading signs and her interpretations can be off the mark. She was right to warn Dany against Quentyn because we know how far he would go to get the dragons. Alas, he didn't get very far but that doesn't mean the warnings were wasted.
  3. I share this opinion. QM was the son's son in the warning. But warnings are assumptions that someone is a possible antagonist, and the threat is not 100% going to happen. QM was an antagonist because he tried to steal the dragons. The warning was apt. Dany should be careful around Quentyn, and she was.
  4. I was going to look for an example to give the op. Yours is a good one. That was a lovely moment.
  5. This would be so awesome. Valyria reborn from the ashes. Good explanation.
  6. I agree. That book would have been boring without Dany's chapters. She made that book good. Dany is the hero in the story. I will find it hard to believe that she will leave the slaves to fend for themselves. Dany will free as many slaves as possible and help them learn to defend themselves. She did. She knew the eggs would hatch.
  7. I'll say it. "You know nothing, Sansa Stark" How's that Angel?
  8. Dany. I love her chapters. Those chapters has all the elements that make for a good story. Action, politics, magic, mystery. She's an awesome character.
  9. Beric is a wight. That's the only way the dead can come back. It's a temporary reprieve from permanent death.
  10. I just do. She's an air head. The female equivalent of Jon. She knows nothing.
  11. Everyone has a destiny. What you can call a set path. I think that applies to real life too. The effect destiny has depends on who that person is. The path that Dany is on will affect more lives than the path of someone like Catelyn. Dany is the main character and Catelyn is just a regular POV character. What Catelyn does affect the fate of the Starks and the Tullys. Westeros will function fine without the Starks or the Tullys. Some other family will just fill in the vacuum. What Dany does affect the lives of millions and she can end slavery. Her destiny is the most important and she has the means to change her world. Bran's destiny is pretty set. He's to take the place of the 3 eyed raven and attach himself to that tree for the rest of his life.
  12. Your theory is interesting and it could play out this way. The author himself was rumored to have been in a love triangle in his past. I would not discount your theory as it is a good one but there are few problems with it. Jon is dead. Jon Coldhands is not a desirable groom for any girl. I don't think Daenerys is a Dayne. The prophecy instructing her ancestors to marry within the family was all an effort to birth the mother of dragons. Dany has to be special and Rhaegar banging Ashara is not going to produce an extraordinary baby. The baby has to be the child of two dragons, I think. I have no proof here but it just feels right to me. Arriane Martell will get to Aegon first and an older woman can play with a vulnerable (horny) young man very easily. The love triangle may involve other men but I agree with you that two men will fall in love with Dany. Jorah and Victarion are leading my list.
  13. You answered your own question. The Boltons. Roose is smart enough to make sure he pays those debts. The only fly in the soup, the North is very poor. I can see Roose convincing Cersei to allow slavery in the kingdom and sell all of the wildlings to slavery. That is the only way to pay back the bank without depleting the Lannister treasury and Cersei will not give away the Lannister wealth.
  14. It will make me sick to my stomach if Sansa survives. Thankfullly, I don't think she will. She is one of the main characters. Brienne may.
  15. That's correct. Walder Frey is the comic relief of the series. The man is quite a character and always entertaining.