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  1. The following applicants filled out the form to serve on your Small Council. You are the monarch. Select a position for each based on where they could do the most good. You do not have to hire all of them. Brienne of Tarth Jorah Mormont Lothar Frey Bowen Marsh Benjen Stark Samwell Tarly Barbrey Dustin Skahaz Mo Kandaq Missandei Victarion Greyjoy Lancel Lannister Darkstar Dayne Bronn of the Blackwater Meera Reed Ellaria Sand Geris Drinkwater Rohane Webber Dontos Hollard Roslyn Frey Thoros of Myr
  2. We should first define what "most fit" means in this context. There is no such person as the perfect ruler. No house is a perfect ruler. Every house produces good leaders and they also produce bad leaders. Take Roose as our example. Roose Bolton could rule efficiently and competently. He will also flay people for the slightest of offenses. You have a government that runs smooth like a machine and functions but his brand of justice will be too harsh in my opinion.
  3. Wildlngs aren't all raiders and you have a good point there. What crimes they do among themselves on their side is not under the jurisdiction of the lord commander. The crimes they commit at the wall is a different matter. The wildlings have a bad reputation and they don't all deserve it but they all must still be held accountable to the laws at the wall if they come to the wall. Getting back to Craster. The man has broken no laws even by the laws in effect in the south except kinslaying. He gives up his boys to the WW but many in the north are rumored to do the same before the Tagaryens came along.
  4. The trees need regular feeding like plants need fertilizer. Greenseer blood may be needed during the early growth phase and any blood will do after the roots have become strong. The Starks must have kept that tree well-fed for it to live as long as it has. Thousands of skeletons could lie at the bottom of that black pond.
  5. Craster committed his offenses on his side of the wall. The other wildlings either committed theirs on the wall (attacking the wall, breaking their oaths, desertion) and raiding and trespassing on the kingdom's side of the wall. Craster would be expected to live by the rules should he take the offer.
  6. The Old Ways are savage ways. It's not Buddhism. The Old Gods and their trees ate flesh instead of wafers like the catholics do.
  7. IIRC, Craster had been a friend of the NW for years and he never raided the other side of the wall.
  8. Warging "no man could truly tame a wolf" Warg a wolf and "the wolf is part of you from that day on, and you a part of him" "men were not meant to leave the earth" (Haggon on birds) We have Haggon teaching Varamyr on the ways of the skin changer. He seems to know what he's talking about even though the skin changers do not all abide by the same ethics. But eating human flesh and possessing humans are the big sins understood by all. Possessing birds makes one addicted and not want to come back down again. Arya wargs a stray cat. Bran wargs Summer and takes possession of Hodor. He has tasted human flesh. His mentor wants him to possess ravens. Rickon is losing himself to Shaggy dog. The connection between Arya and Nymeria is strong. Nymeria doesn't act like a normal wolf and seems to enjoy killing beyond sustenance. I think it is due to her bond with Arya. The Starks are becoming savages. Arya already is. The old ways like blood offerings to the gods will come back if "the wolves ever come again" into power.
  9. Brienne Tarth Bran Stark Daenerys Targaryen Jaime Lannister
  10. Sansa is the Queen of Dull. Dull in more ways than one. I had to have a cup of strong coffee every time I began her chapters. Brienne and Jon are second and third places in the Dull List.
  11. I think there are two good candidates for Nymeria Reborn: Arya and Daenerys The Case for Arya Stark The Starks lost the war and their home. Nymeria the wolf is lost and she leads a pack of wolves in the riverlands. Jon had a vision of a dead Arya clutching her toothpick blade. I am predicting that Arya will die and warg into her wolf with her last heart beat. She will live on as Nymeria the direwolf to lead her pack to safety while the Freys and their hunters are hot on their trail. Where do they go? I can guess at two locations that can provide safety from the Freys. North. The pack can go north. This is foretold by Jojen Reed when he said the wolves will come again. Arya will meet up with Jon. Jon will be in the direwolf form and they can lead the pack beyond the wall. This fulfills the original outline from the author. Jon and Arya are destined to be together. East. This is the opposite of the Rhoynish migration and it is a way to avoid the hunters. The Step Stones will emerge as the ocean levels recede and the ice accumulates on the land. The Case for Daenerys Daenerys' adventures in Slaver's Bay is not paralleled in history. She is a Moses figure who will lead the slaves and the children of the slaves out of Meereen. Meereen and its pyramids is the analogue of Egypt. Daenerys will break the harpy's resolve and the slaves will be free. She will lead them west to build a new life. They will meet resistance along the way but her people are the Chosen and they will find a new home mirroring what Nymeria did with her ten thousand ships. I would not be very surprised if Dany is actually Dornish by blood. There is room in the written text for Dany to be the daughter of Aerys or Rhaegar with a Dornish woman or Rhaella with a Dornish lover. Was good Queen Rhaella getting it on with Lewyn Martell?
  12. There will be blood sacrifices but it won't be related to the swords. Sansa and Arya remain virgins for a reason. I am thinking their blood will be spilled in front of a heart tree just like that poor man that Bran saw in his vision. The blood of one or two of the remaining Starks will be needed to make the heart tree strong again. A Stark sacrifice will be called for. I hope it's Jon or Sansa, but Arya would be fine too.
  13. Daenerys Targaryen - Empress of Westeros, the Dothraki, and the Bay of Dragons Jon Snow - Permanently dead from a case of sword in the belly. Tyrion - Proprietor of a house of prostitution in Lys after signing away Casterly Rock to the sellswords. Arya - Died in the riverlands while trying to complete her list. Her list is incomplete. Jorah - Commander of the Night's Watch Theon - Died from infection. Ramsay - Dead Roose - Dead Fat Walda - Dead Sansa - Married to Shaga and expecting triplets Jaime - Forced to join the Night Watch. He's the new cook at the wall. Gendry - Forced to join the Night Watch. He's the new smith at the wall. Drogon - Enjoying his new home at Dragonstone. Ghost - Gone wild on the other side of the wall. Nymeria - Caught by the Freys and now adorn one wall of old Walder's bed chamber. Bran - Living a quiet life in Greywater Watch, married to Meera. They can't have children but they have Hodor and Summer. Bronn - Wightified by the Others and later burned to ash by Drogon at the Trident. Cersei - Dead. Killed by No one. Sandor - Living a quiet life in the salt pans. Greyworm - Still the commander of the Unsullied. Missandei - Adviser to Her Majesty, Empress Daenerys. Brienne - Died at Casterly Rock Sam Tarly - Flunked out of the Citadel. Opened a restaurant at Flea Bottom. Gilly is the waitress. Craster's son - King Beyond the Wall Val - Killed by Euron Stannis - Killed by Roose Davos - Got hired as the new sailing instructor at Oldtown Sailing School. Asha - Head of House Greyjoy, paramounts of the iron islands. Barristan - Dead Illyrio - Master of Coin for the Empire Varys - Retired. Living in Pentos. Rickon - Dead Sweet Robert Arryn - Lord of the Vale Roslyn and Edmure - still married but lost Riverrun, Edmure is now a simple fisherman. Edd Tollett - MIA Penny - married to Patchface Mance Rayder - Dead. Killed by Stan. Mellisandre - Scrubbing floors at the renovated "Inn of the Kneeling Man". Jaquen - Left the House of Black and White. Opened his own medical practice in Braavos specializing in facial reconstruction. The name of the practice is Hagar & Qyburn, LLP. Bowen Marsh - still steward at the wall Euron - Ashed by Drogon
  14. Dany in both book and TV. She's my fave.
  15. Daenerys Targaryen, she is the main character of the novels Tyrion Lannister Jon Snow Bran Stark, more important than Sansa Arya Stark Theon Greyjoy, more important than Jaime and Cersei