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  1. I'll say it. "You know nothing, Sansa Stark" How's that Angel?
  2. Dany. I love her chapters. Those chapters has all the elements that make for a good story. Action, politics, magic, mystery. She's an awesome character.
  3. Beric is a wight. That's the only way the dead can come back. It's a temporary reprieve from permanent death.
  4. I just do. She's an air head. The female equivalent of Jon. She knows nothing.
  5. Everyone has a destiny. What you can call a set path. I think that applies to real life too. The effect destiny has depends on who that person is. The path that Dany is on will affect more lives than the path of someone like Catelyn. Dany is the main character and Catelyn is just a regular POV character. What Catelyn does affect the fate of the Starks and the Tullys. Westeros will function fine without the Starks or the Tullys. Some other family will just fill in the vacuum. What Dany does affect the lives of millions and she can end slavery. Her destiny is the most important and she has the means to change her world. Bran's destiny is pretty set. He's to take the place of the 3 eyed raven and attach himself to that tree for the rest of his life.
  6. Your theory is interesting and it could play out this way. The author himself was rumored to have been in a love triangle in his past. I would not discount your theory as it is a good one but there are few problems with it. Jon is dead. Jon Coldhands is not a desirable groom for any girl. I don't think Daenerys is a Dayne. The prophecy instructing her ancestors to marry within the family was all an effort to birth the mother of dragons. Dany has to be special and Rhaegar banging Ashara is not going to produce an extraordinary baby. The baby has to be the child of two dragons, I think. I have no proof here but it just feels right to me. Arriane Martell will get to Aegon first and an older woman can play with a vulnerable (horny) young man very easily. The love triangle may involve other men but I agree with you that two men will fall in love with Dany. Jorah and Victarion are leading my list.
  7. You answered your own question. The Boltons. Roose is smart enough to make sure he pays those debts. The only fly in the soup, the North is very poor. I can see Roose convincing Cersei to allow slavery in the kingdom and sell all of the wildlings to slavery. That is the only way to pay back the bank without depleting the Lannister treasury and Cersei will not give away the Lannister wealth.
  8. It will make me sick to my stomach if Sansa survives. Thankfullly, I don't think she will. She is one of the main characters. Brienne may.
  9. That's correct. Walder Frey is the comic relief of the series. The man is quite a character and always entertaining.
  10. The more I read of George Martin's short stories the more depressed I get. I am now convinced that all of the main characters will die and the only ones left alive at the end are the secondary characters. This is a shocking revelation to most of you and many will doubt this. I will advice you to read his short stories and pay particular attention to the fates of the protagonists. I am also of the belief that some of the plot lines will end in a state of ambiguity. By that I mean some of the plot lines will not have a resolution when the story reaches its end. George Martin is an elderly man and he may feel the need to have his main characters die with him. At least he doesn't want them to live on past his own time. This is sad to his readers and it does not make good reasoning to me but he is harsh and cynical. Many of his characters possess those same traits but we need to remember that there are many things about Mr. Martin that we do not know about. I think there is a little of him in the leading characters like Daenerys Targaryen and Havilland Tuf. George Martin would love to prescribe solutions to world problems if he could. Tyrion carries his cynicism and vulnerability in the pages. Jorah Mormont has his pragmatic and practical side that allows him to see through the fog of B.S. that otherwise blind the more idealistic characters. Some of his fans believe him a hippie but this is one hippie who isn't just about spreading love. He's not an advocate of peace at all costs. There is love in his stories but it's rarely the ideal love like we think of. It's rarely love between two unmarried people who deeply love one another, both virgins, get married, have sex, and raise a family. A George Martin romance will always have a fly in the soup. George said in an interview that the end will not be an apocalypse but I am of the belief that it will not be an improvement over the current situation. I know many readers and fans are expecting peace, prosperity, economic boom, democracy, and the continuation of the reigns of the Targaryens, Starks, Lannisters, and Tyrells over their lands. I am sad to say this. I no longer believe that will be the ending. The land of Westeros will barely survive and expect the classic strongholds like the Red Keep, Casterly, Eyrie, Winterfell, and Highgarden to fall. It may be as some fans on this forum are predicting, the humans will lose the war and the survivors will have to migrate east by boat or land bridge. The secondary and lower characters that I believe will survive are: Samwell, Jorah, Marwyn, Little Finger, Craster's boy, Ned Dayne, Varys, Alliser Thorne, Tristane, Rickon, Greyworm, Robert Arryn, Meera. A few other minor characters will survive. Many Freys will survive and a few of the Tyrells just because of their numbers. The Hightowers have a knack for going with the flow. They don't swim against the power current. They have shown over many centuries that they know how to accept and adapt to change. I think they will survive. With the exception of the brief mental break downwhen Otto tried to steal the throne this family has shown wisdom and flexibility. The Freys who inherit Walder's knack for survival and willingness to swim with the current will serve them well. The Freys and the Hightowers are surviving but not because they're politically savvy. They know who they can dump on and who they can't. This is a skill that the Starks never figured out and never will. Someone like Alliser Thorne is a survivor and I think he will live through the end. Lastly, the screwups are not going to make it because our author is harsh to people who screw up (Catelyn, Robb, Jon, Oberyn, Robert). When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. Cersei is mucking up royally and that's not increasing her chances of survival. One more thing and this is piling on the bad news, I know. Some will have fates worse than death. The others make zombies so it is only safe to assume that some of our main characters will get caught and transformed to wights.
  11. I would choose Dany over jon too. Not only because I can't stand Jon but because Dany is the best hope for Westeros. She has proven herself in the Bay of Dragons. The girl is a winner.
  12. What I loved most is Daenerys making her return to Dragonstone.
  13. That confrontation was necessary because, as my fellow fans have already written, Varys had a lot of explaining to do. A great ruler like Daenerys needed to precisely know where Varys' loyalty is. That was a smart move by Dany to confront Varys and put the pressure. That is how you get answers. And it doesn't stop there. Daenerys went on to lay down the law of the terms of his service. She told directly what she needs and expects from him. That was needed to clear the air. Ned is an idiot. And Jon took after him. That little soap opera between Daenerys and Varys proved how intelligent these two characters are. They both handled that confrontation very well and both set their ground. If I had to choose which ruler to serve in Westeros, it will be no contest. I will gladly serve Daenerys Targaryen.
  14. Transporter is actually correct. GM himself confirmed in an interview that Beric is a wight brought back by fire. Have you been sleeping the last few weeks? It's been discussed here and on Youtube.
  15. A better example is Sodom. The Targaryens, the heroes in this story, were saved by the Gods. They sent a vision of warning to Daenys. Lord Aenar Targaryen, the equivalent of Lot, took his family to safety. In the biblical tale, Lot's wife looked back and was turned into a pilar of salt. Notice how the Targaryens warn themselves not to look back? I have to wonder why it was that the Targaryens never tried to rebuild the Valyrian Empire. Aegon even sided against Volantis when that city tried to rebuild the empire. Recall the scene in Dany's dreams in aGoT, running towards the red door (the place of safety). If I look back, I am lost. The Targaryens had more discipline than Lot's wife and therefore survived the doom. The Targaryens were meant to build another kingdom in the west rather than rebuild Valyria. ASOIAF is primarily the story of the Targaryen family. They were meant to survive. This is their story.