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  1. It will solely depending on which side you are with wouldn't it? You called WWII "battle for civilizations" as in of Europe, because that's how you see things from the Western side. But someone from the Indian side would call the "battle for civilizations" for what Gandhi did for India. There are still many countries that side or empathize with Germany in WWII, not because they approve of Holocaust, but because it helped get rid of the British Empire. It's all a matter of what threatens you the most. It's the sort of thing GRRM is trying to show here I think with his play of perspectives. People who are fans of the King's Landing stuff thinks it's the most important and Dany should go there asap. Then if there are Essoi fans they would like to see how Dany's anti-slavery mission changes the politics there and also see what is going on in places like Asshai. In the end, I think both matters a lot to the overall plot to overthrow the Others, if not overtly, at least subtly. If you obsess over one POV, then you will miss seeing the overall picture.
  2. Yes, they'll suffocate. Newborns are kept close to mothers, or some human, because they need skin contact. A baby would very likely die inside a chest filled with glass and sharp objects. Dany sees her son in two visions. Both times he has brown skin, silver hair, and violet eyes. What don't know anything about Valyrian genetics to suggest that he would have dark hair and dark eyes. Oh so the Dothraki totally don't notice the slaves they are herding are carrying the maegi's chest, which is quite large? Did you actually see your children the moment they were born or after the nurse has washed them? Babies cry the moment they are born, even if not loudly you would see their mouths opening and faces scrunching up. Their lungs need to expand for them to live. But in a modern hospital setting the doctors would make sure that the newborn can breathe, unlike in a medieval setting, and also the middle of nowhere. Why would she drug Dany, she loses consciousness when Jorah takes her into the tent. Yes we do know what happened inside the tent, MMZ pulls out a dead, cursed baby out of Dany shaped weirdly like an anthropomorphic dragon. How in the world does MMZ's actions don't match her words? She does everything she says she does. She "treats" Drogo and does the spell Dany wants to. She warns her too. Then when everything goes to hell, MMZ reveals her motivations, which are completely understandable. She was going to be sold as a slave! Dany was "near" her time, which could have been weeks or months because it's not really specified how far along she is. How in the world could she have killed Rhaego, the khal's baby, when the birth would have been a major event? There would have been those herb women and medicine eunuchs and everyone inside the tent. MMZ warns her not to enter the tent because it would have interfered with the spell she did. She is a godswife and a maegi. She wanted to avenge her people, so she did it with that spell to make khal Drogo one of the living dead. Rhaego dies in the tradeoff for the spell. She listens to Dany because Dany saved her from the rapers and possibly also saved her life. MMZ gives Dany what she wants, but not in the way she thinks. Though she owes Dany, she also owes her people and also her gods. So it's a twisted form of giving one what's due. MMZ's motivations are also explained in the forewarnings the Undying gives Dany: three betrayals, once for blood. The handmaids and the other women saw the corpse. That's why they cry and keep away. Dany was out for more than a day. The baby somehow survived inside the chest without milk? geez. Oh and if he left with one of the slaves, he was nursed how exactly? The mothers with newborns were left behind. How so? If there's a prophesy about the doom of the world, then it's going to happen no matter what? Then what's the point of the story anyway. GRRM is not aiming for fatalism here IMO. Gilly's baby was with his mother, who kept him warm and nursed him. Rhaego is alive is possibly the stupidest theory I have seen on this forum. It requires ignoring the text and making logic leaps. Not to mention the fact that it doesn't explain how the spell worked if Rhaego didn't die. Magic requires a tradeoff.
  3. Highly speculative. Because they are not zombies, wights are corpses reanimated by ice magic.Wights don't "see" things; they are very likely controlled by WW. They aren't decomposing because magic. Also, the wights are in a frozen wasteland where the decomposition process is slowed and there are no flies or rodents in temperatures that low. The Others are not human and we don't know what rules apply to them to say that they aren't playing by any. GRRM is not giving WW too much power. They were definitely defeated once so obviously humans do have some power. We don't know if the Others have absolute command over magic. We don't even know how they do magic. You are jumping into a lot of premature conclusions about the Others and the power balance here. The Others have ice magic, the humans have fire magic. It seems like the Others are powerful because most humans have forgotten their history and all the stuff about fire magic. But with Dany and her dragons it's returning. We'll see how that works in the major battles to come. You are also forgetting that corpses can be reanimated with fire magic too.
  4. What do you mean? WW don't really need the wights. In GoT prologue, they kill Waymar Royce with weird, mirror like swords. A wight army is the least of problems for humans. That WW use ice magic matters a lot because fire magic sort of counters it. Hence a song of ice and fire. They still have Valyrian steel weapons. But in any case, what people need are obsidian weapons, like the obsidian arrows the Children have. You are ruling out what fire magic can do here. We don't know if white walkers can live without food or water. They are living things still. While humans have forgotten history for now, not everyone has. The remaining children, the greenseers and the weirwoods know what happened and what to do. The visions Dany gets also points towards her destiny of fighting an army of ice. She dreams about it. Also, the humans may not be the "good" guys in the conventional sense. The humans may make a pact with WW as the Night's King supposedly did in the past. GRRM is not going for the typical fantasy tropes of the LOTR style here, if what he has said in interviews is any indication.
  5. @Tyrion1991 ugh, you are confusing WW with wights. They are not the same thing. Anyone can kill wights with obsidian. Some people, including myself, have seen the same issue. GRRM has a lot of stuff to cram into two books. Some people think that if the pacing was like in GoT, it might be possible. The long chapters where only a little happen was also an issue in DwD. I don't know, maybe GRRM might add another book in between TWoW and DoS. This thread discusses the same question: WW have a major vulnerability to fire so they probably can't kill the dragons as easily as you think. In the show, the zombie king throws a spear, but it may not be that easy in the novels. Dragons are magical creatures of fire. They are like the nukes of the world, and more importantly, nukes made just to kill ice magic creatures like WW. Also, three dragons are better than none, which is what the world had when we first read about WW. World War Z didn't have a magic Wall made of ice and spells. That's Melisandre and Thoros. We know they are not the best practitioners. The real magicians are in Asshai. You are forgetting that magic disappeared with the dragons and are returning just now. What the fire magicians can do is quite powerful if the past is an indication. WW don't come in winter. They appeared before during the Long Night, and are appearing again for the coming Long Night. They are not the ones controlling the weather. GRRM has said that the unusual seasons are due to magic. The cold probably draws them out. Yes, exactly. Humanity at this point might as well be gone. Westeros is not prepared for the long winter at all. Making things worse is war, which has ruined most of food reserves left. We will see widespread famine and illness in the coming books. Then we will see whether humanity can survive even if Azhor Ahai shows up with Lightbringer. GRRM is not doing that unfortunately, which is what's making all the fans go crazy. It's probably what's taking so long with TWoW. He has to get his pacing back in order and get ready for the conclusion.
  6. That is a serious case of zombie obsession. The zombies, or the wights actually, in the books are not the main threat. The White Walkers are. They are not zombies. Also, the wights in the book are not exactly as what you see in countless movies and TV shows. The wights are clearly reanimated by ice magic, and they can be killed by fire. The Others are not an invincible foe either. They are terribly vulnerable to fire and "frozen fire," Valyrian steel. So the ground here is even. The problem is that humans seem to have forgotten all about magic and the Long Night. Lord Commander Mormont in the first book even says that. We should have remembered. The Long Night has come before. I agree with you that GRRM is keeping most of the magic stuff too mysterious. We are into five books and we only know a little bit more about WW that we did in the first chapter of GoT. It could be that the story is not unfolding as fast as it should. GRRM planned a trilogy but now we are into the fifth book, so the pacing is definitely not going as planned. On the other hand, GRRM also has a lot of lore and mythos packed into the story that is just as engaging in my opinion. The problem is he's not going to explain it all clearly. He has said that there is no Hogwarts style magic here, where there's a formula to get an intended result. Some of the stuff, like why Dany got her dragons, may never be explained. That can be really frustrating. The showdown with the WW is more than about zombies. I highly doubt we are going to see show Hardholm type thing here, which was clearly inspired by other material and not the stuff in the books. There are gods involved, weird shadow magic, and that place, The Shadow, that everyone hears about but has never been to. So there are dozens of mythos stuff GRRM has yet to explain and he has only so far begun to get around it. We can definitely be assured that this is not going to be zombie apocalypse a la World War Z. The movie was stupid and I haven't read the books, but the blurbs sound quite narrow minded. GRRM hates those Hollywood predicable type things, so I have faith that he'll do something unique with the remaining two books. Dany's role in the story is much more than being a queen like Cersei and taking part in court intrigues. She could be a child of prophesy but the Undying describe her as the "child of three." We don't know what that means yet. There's also Arya and Jon, who are caught up in their own intriguing stories. Then there's Bran, which is probably the perspective we get to see into the past and understand what happened in the past. Tyrion is also a major character (one of the main five) but he will probably be involved with more mundane affairs. Dany is the "bride of fire" but she is also the "slayer of lies." If she's your fav character, then you will probably like what she's going to face off in that segment of the prophesy.
  7. The wights can be easily beaten with fire. The White Walkers are not zombies, so the story is not headed towards some zombie apocalypse. We still don't know what WW are, presumably another race like CoTF, but presumably. The main plot of the story is to stop them before they destroy all hot blooded creatures. While some political intrigues can seem oh so cool, GRRM is showing that those things really don't matter. It is not the heart of the story. It goes to show that infighting is preventing the people from seeing the real threat. That and also forgetting the history of the Long Night. By the time Dany arrives at Westeros, the Lannisters will be gone. Tyrion would team up with her. Stannis could die at Winterfell, if he already hasn't. The coming winter will take care of most of the Northern lords. Dany is facing off Aegon and Varys. It's in her "slayer of lies" prophesy. That we will see in TWoW. You are mixing up the show with the novels. The WW threat is about more than just "one sided fight" considering people of the past had a darn hard time fighting them off, but they did. There's also a lot of magic involved, and the central ice and fire thing that's not explained yet, but only hinted at. Then there's also the thing with supposed gods like R'hllor. I personally find the magical mysteries far more interesting. The WW fight is the main plot of the story. It was built up from the very first chapter. In TWoW, that's what we are going to see, at least in the second half of the novel. The novels are about how our un-heroes are going to fight off WW when they have exhausted themselves fighting each other. It's possible (or very likely) that WW would overwhelm Westeros to the very south like they did once. Also, WW do not command the weather, where did you get that idea?
  8. Well, obviously. If GRRM really wanted her in Westeros by now, she would be there. Essos also has a major role to play in the fighting off of the WW. The original Long Night ended with help from people in Essos, hence the legend of Azor Ahai is everywhere in some form. In AWOIAF, GRRM also hints that dragonlords may have gone to Westeros to fight off WW. There's also the other cases of solving the mysteries of magic and whatnot, especially with Asshai and that Shadow place. I think the game of thrones in Westeros is coming to an end. Westeros is on the brink of political shambles, and when the winter comes there would be widespread famine. There's a plague coming too I think. It's not going to be like in the first book by the time Dany arrives. There might not even be a court in King's Landing by then. We know Cersei is already effing up. Her kids are going to die, then she's going to die, and it would be open season on the throne. The Faith Militant would probably have the city. That's kind of the whole point of the story. The political intrigues that played out in King's Landing seemed like the main plot of the story in GoT, but it was always the side story, not the main one. We are approaching the main story now. And Dany playing political games in Westeros would be the most cliched thing ever. GRRM would never do it. Dany is of course going to arrive in Westeros eventually, we know that. But the manner of her arrival and timing may not be so obvious. Also, another thing is I think GRRM is lagging behind in her story. Some parts of her story was chopped out of DwD because the book became too long. Her POV was left out of AFFC altogether. That's the main reason it feels like her story should be more advanced by now.
  9. I feel like I'm being taken for a ride with this Rhaego is alive theory. Wth? MMZ doesn't have "medical equipment" she has herbal jars and pots and whatever she claims to be medicinal. You can't cram a delicate newborn in there with all that stuff. When the chest is closed, how would the baby breathe? Yes they would. Rhaego has silver hair and violet eyes. How would MMZ pass a newborn to a slave anyway? Also, only the strong slaves were taken away, the weak were left behind, like another mother with a newborn that dies. Mothers with newborns can't ride because the babies don't survive those journeys. It would have been left behind anyway. Yes they do. Newborns wail, it expands their lungs and allow them to breathe. If a newborn doesn't wail, that's a major cause for concern. Babies don't get drugged when the mother is given painkillers. That's crazy. Also, Dany is not drugged here anyway. Uh, no. MMZ is driven by vengeance. She doesn't care about Rhaego, she wants all Dothraki to end at that point. That's why she curses Drogo and his son. She does the world a favor by making sure the Stallion never comes to be. It's terrible for Dany, but who wouldn't do the same thing? At that point she knows she's cornered. She no longer has any cause for lying. She didn't personally have anything against Dany anyway. And she could have let her keep the baby, and MMZ would have kept her life. Why would he put her own life in danger if it can be helped? If Dany was going to give birth, she would have gotten labor pains and her water would have broken. Not blood. That doesn't happen because it's not her time yet. Why does Jorah need to see the corpse thing for it to be true? Why would the other women and Dany's handmaidens be unreliable but what Jorah says is true? I didn't say prophesies are unreliable. Some of the prophesies don't come to be true if they are interfered with as MMZ does with the Stallion. We learn this in House of Undying in ACoK I'm not sure whether the dream Dany has can be described as "prophetic." Forseeing maybe? She's being urged on to "wake the dragon here." And she sees dead mean, plus Jorah who will later get greyscale. The adult Rhaego being consumed by fire is highly symbolic of the baby disappearing because of the curse. That's when she knows that Rhaego is gone. Also, Rhaego in her vision has a burning heart, which is like the trademark of Lord of the Light. Jorah probably saw what happened but he can't talk about it. This is not how GRRM obfuscates things. The thing with Ned is how he does that. Here he is definitely explicitly telling us what happens to Rhaego. MMZ's motivations are also clearly explained in the end. Having a vulnerable and possibly premature newborn being snuck out of barren wasteland into a slave mart expecting him to live is definitely not GRRM logic. It's just crazy. GRRM is showing us that in this world, not all prophesies come true. That's important to remember with everything that's being said about the Long Night to come.
  10. That is not what Robert asks him. He asks him the name of a woman that Ned was supposedly with. The quote in the book Robert says "you know who I mean" and then it's him who calls Wylla Jon's mother. Ned never calls Jon's mother Wylla. She isn't even in his thoughts. Jon only remembers Lyanna and his promise to her. MMZ's medicinal chest is filled with jars and stuff. She hides a newborn baby in there in secret? Seriously? If it didn't die because of the bloodmagic, then it would surely die in the chest. lol. Why in the world would the other self-proclaimed khals, who hate the maegi, carry off her chest? Why would they keep Drogo's baby alive even if they knew? He's the new khal and they would kill the baby instantly. Also, there are no secrets in a khalasar. Everyone would have heard a newborn, screaming baby, even more so if it was shoved into a chest. Once more, why in the world would MMZ actually save Khal Drogo's son of prophesy? She explains later why she does it. She kills Drogo because he burned her temple. She then kills Rhaego precisely because she doesn't want him to become the Stallion and kill and pillage in the Dothraki way. Jorah may have left the tent after carrying Dany inside. Dany is already miscarrying the baby. She feels sharp pains and wetness on her thighs--this is how miscarriages are often described. It's coincides with whatever MMZ is doing in her tent. Her baby is either stillborn or dies soon after. MMZ is not the only one who sees that because there are clearly other women as described. More importantly, the thing that is born is not Rheaego. It's the corruption and Rhaego, or rather the baby that might have been, is gone. It's literally spelled out that Rhaego is dead: When Dany is unconscious, she understands that MMZ's curse has taken Rhaego. The dreams she has are not regular dreams. She sees her dead brothers, Jorah fading in and out (forewarning of his greyscale that happens later) and a grown version of her son that is consumed by fire, or the bloodmagic. The dream Dany has is sort of prophetic in that Dany is urged on to "wake the dragon." It turns out she is the last dragon, not Rhaegar, in those dreams she has. Then in her next chapter the dragons are born. And all those other things she sees are true as well, including Rhaego never coming to be the Stallion That Mounts the World. It's hard to see how GRRM could be vague here. He's quite clearly pointing out what is happening. Death pays for Life. Dany's three blood sacrifices, two she unknowingly makes, and one she knowingly makes, brings forth the dragons under the bleeding star.
  11. Robert is the one who calls Wylla the "bastard's mother." Here Ned doesn't confirm it. Ned probably had a girlfriend or someone by the name of Wylla, easy for everyone speculate as Jon's real mother. Throughout his chapters, Ned doesn't remember this supposed mother of Jon's , of course, and neither does he refer to him as his son anywhere. He does refer to Robb and Bran as his sons. There's only one time he tells Cat that Jon is of his blood and that's all she needs to know. The baby is not stillborn. MMD tells Dany that the baby is born malformed with scaled skin, a little stub of a tail, and so on. MMZ calls it lizard like, but it could also be dragon like. Something caused by corruption bought on by MMZ's blood magic.Then Jorah kills the baby. Dany says she knows it. And a lot of people, including Jorah, Dany's handmaidens, possibly her loyalist Dothraki warriors, all see the malformed baby and witnesses its death. They were stranded in the middle of nowhere. Where would they hide a newborn baby? How would MMZ even do something like that with Jorah and Dany's loyalists watching? She didn't want to save Rhaego anyway, she does the blood magic to take revenge on Drogo and then prevent the Stallion Who Mounts the World from ever happening.
  12. He wears perfume so that people immediately associate particular sweet smells with Varys. When he's disguised as someone else, it's hard for people to recognize him as Varys. This happens with Ned in the dungeon in GoT. He notices how bad Varys smells in his disguise as a turnkey and can't believe it's actually Varys. It's part of his masterful art. "Varys" is also a character that he plays for court.
  13. Ned never tells anyone that Jon's mother is Wylla. People just assume it. Robert goes on about a woman named Wylla, and Ned listens quietly, never openly admitting that it's Jon's mother. He never tells anyone a name. It leads to people speculating left and right. hat's probably fine with Ned considering the implications if R+L=J is true. Actually, I don't think he tells anyone that Jon is his son directly. He tells Cat that Jon is "of his blood" or something. Young Griff believes he's Aegon because that's what he's been told. There's no doubt about that. Jon Connington may also genuinely believe that is true. We don't get a POV from people who really know the truth, Varys an Illyrio. Also, it's a mystery yet to be solved and we'll know more once WoW comes out. In Dany's case, it's not implied that Rhaego is dead, she really does lose the baby. Then in House of Undying she sees a vision of a grown up Rhaego as Stallion who Mounts the World. It's one of the things that never came to be that she sees. So the important point here is that not all prophesies come true and it's possible to interfere with foretold futures.
  14. That Rhaego is dead (rather, never came to be) is not an assumption, it's clearly what's written in the books. Not all prophesies come true, and that's not a bad thing. If that's the case then all those prophesies about doom of man would come true, regardless of what the book's (un)heroes do. Old Valyria supposedly had a prophesy about the Doom of Man coming from the west (the Others, obviously). Dothraki have that saying about pale grass covering all the world killing everything that is alive. If all prophesies came true, then humans are doomed no matter what.