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  1. Mine, too. I believe he wanted his world to be more realistic and/or to trick everyone.
  2. I never thought about about this, but YES! Gor in Gregor's, same as in mine, comes from Slavic word gora which means mountain. It stands for someone who is big and strong. Also, it is first part of words for bitter, burn and proud in some Slavic languages I will do some research to see if I could find anything about name Sandor. It probably is from old Slavic, because I remember some similarities with old Slavic names I read in literature EDIT: All Slavic names I found that have dor are from Byzantine or Latin, so I don't know. Also, san means dream
  3. I guess he will rule as Lord of Winterfell
  4. With Harrold Arryn (Stark cousin) being the lord, Lady Waynwood (Stark cousin) would be the most powerful person in Vale and would side with Robb. Maybe she would marry one of her daughters to Robb or one of the Stark boys and/or marry Sansa to Harry or one of her sons if that would be possible considering that Robb would be to marry a Frey or Jayne and Sansa would still be married to Tyrion or even dead
  5. We can agree that one of Jon parents must be a Stark, so: - Ned and Ashara As TOOTGH said. It all makes sense. It doesn't have enough evidence to suport whole theory, but is most likely to be true. Jon would become the SOTM and weild Dawn. Jon looks like Ned. Great theory. I suport it - Lyanna and Rhaegar It could be true but it's a story we've heard million times. I don't believe GRRM would want to do as same as many before him. But I guess Jon would become THE king and THE hero and save the day. Makes sense, Jon looks like his uncle and Arya looks like her aunt. Cliche, but could be true - Brandon/Ned/Benjen and Lyanna If N+A=J and R+L=J aren't true, Ned wouldn't have to lie if Jon wasn't born as a product of incest of two of Stark siblings. Maybe he was ashamed. Maybe that's why Benjen went to the Wall and why he and Ned don't speak when Benjen comes to Winterfell. But Starks aren't Lannisters or Targaryens. I don't believe this, but it could be true - Rickard and Lyanna Again, Ned would do anything to keep honor of his House. But not likely to be true - Lyanna and Aerys If Aerys raped Lyanna (his son's love) and she gave birth to a Targaeryan bastard, Robert would've killed him. I see a reason to lie. Could be true, but very unlikely - Rickard and Rhaella This is more likely than A+L=J. Rickard and Rhaella maybe fell in love and had a child. Robert would've killed a Targaryen bastard. There's a reason to lie. But then Dany wouldn't be daughter of Rhaella. Could be, but not likely - Brandon and Rhaella Not true, but Robert would've killed Jon - I see a reason to lie - Ned and The Fisherman's Daughter or other irrelevant girl Ned loved her and didn't want to talk about her with Cat. Could be true, but The Fisherman's Daughter was either Ashara or maybe Lyanna or i don't know - Ned and Wylla If he and Wylla met before Starfall, it could be true. But very unlikely. Wylla just was Jon's wet nurse - a Stark and someone no one thought about It's probaly the truth - Brandon and Ashara Why would Ned lie? Brandon and Ashara probably never met after Harenhall. Not true - Lyanna and Howland Bring your child to the Neck and lie if you want, if you don't than don't. Just let Ned and Cat be happy. Not true - Lyanna and Robert Ned wouldn't lie to his friend. Robert has enough bastards. One more is nothing. Raise him as Jon Snow in Winterfell as Robert bastard and let Ned and Cat be happy with their children. Not true - Lyanna and Arthur Just tell everybody Jon's bastard of your sister. Jon becomes SOTM and everybody happy. Not true - Brandon/Benjen and an irrelevant girl Just tell that he's your brother's bastard son and be happy. Not true - Rickard and an irrelevant girl Say he's your bastard brother and be happy. Not true I probably didn't reconsider everything, so feel free to correct me and add more
  6. Which evidence? "Promise me, Ned" and blue rose at the Wall? That ia all I can remember
  7. I believe that Daynes and Starks both come from Brandon of the Bloody Blade (original AA) and Rose of the Red Lake being First Men family. There are high chances that Targaryens married into Dayne familly. Maybe one of Egg's sisters or a child of Daenerys. Nothing more.
  8. He might be a tricksy bird, but he is not a person who will change the way he does things after all this time. But you are right about the rescue attempt. We all know that he will do something we don't expect. He didn't tell us about Jayne without a reason.
  9. I was really reckless while writing, but after your post I thought a little and I realised we already had White Walkers, wights, R'hllor / red priests, Faceless Man and skinchangers / wargs, but we never really had anything about Children of the Forest who appear only in 2-3 of Bran's chapters and we know a little about them. Ghost of High Heart and / or Maggy the Frog could belong to Children's race and there are theories that they're the same person (which I don't agree with) and I think that it's confirmed that Maggy is Jayne's relative so this wouldn't be complete nonesense. It would take place in the Riverlands or the Wersterlands and either way my theory could end up being true. The second option is Nymeria's pack, as you mentioned it. I believe they will have a huge role in the wars to come along with other Stark direwolfs. They really deserve a prologue, but maybe ADOS wil be more fitting. And the third and most unlikely situation is that we will learn more about R'hollor from Thoros, but I wouldn't like it.
  10. Last time we heard of Roslin Frey Tully, she was pregnant at the Twins. It seems that she likes her husband Edmure and prays for the child to be a girl. Jaime promises Edmure that his wife will be allowed to stay at Casterly Rock with him. We don't know will they travel together, but if they do we might see them at the very beginning of TWOW with Jayne Westerling who is confirmed to be traveling with Edmure and GRRM himself said we will see her in the prologue of TWOW, which is mistery to me. I'm not familiar with timeline, but I'll assume that the Red Wedding took place in the end of 299 AC and now we're in the second half of 300 AC or that the year is ending (correct me if I'm wrong). So, I think that Roslin already gave birth or will give birth in the prologue. Either way she will need a maester, possibly Maester Brenett who we met when Catelyn visits him to ask about Roslin. For long time I was trying to realize who will be next prologue's POV character. I though it would be a Lannister soilder, member of BWB or Jayne's mother, but they didn't fit George's pattern, only a maester would. But which maester? Maester Vyman, the only one I could think of, is at Riverrun and is an old man, so I don't believe that he would leave the castle. But today I remembered Roslin and one thing led to another. I came to conclusion that the maester in prologue could be Brenett. My theory probably isn't true and has a lot of complications. Timeline could be incorrect, Jayne probably ran away with Blackfish, Roslin could die while giving birth at the Twins, Brenett probably won't leave the Twins and maybe we won't see him again, but I would still like to hear what other people think of my theory.