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  1. Willas Tyrell - Sansa Stark Jon Snow - Dacey Mormont Edmure Tully - Margaery Tyrell Robb Stark - Alys Karstark
  2. ICE: I agree with Preston Jacobs. Stannis is a smart man. He will defeat the Freys for sure, possibly with help of the Manderly forces, than he'll somehow enter the Winterfell and slay Roose and Ramsay (I hope, though I like Roose), but leave Lady Walda, because he is honourable. The North will be his. FIRE: Targaryen forces win, probably. Maybe not. I don't believe Dany will make it to the battle and it will have it's consequences. Maybe Victarion will get mad or something. Ser Barristan dies, I am almost sure of this. He will be missed. Tyrion will have his role. If Targaryen forces win, it could affect the Westerosi and Aegon. This will be the saddest one of the four. STEEL: Jon and Aegon are winning this one. I am sure of that. They have to. Jon learned from his mistakes and just like Stannis, he knows what he is doing. I am also sure that Aegon will mess something up, I have that feeling since I read that "I will comand" part. Jon will probably menage to clean his mess. Aegon must be pure in eyes of Westeros. No one important will die, maybe Mace but I feel like it's still early for him to go. BLOOD: Again, Preston Jacobs is probably right. Some bloody and messy magic and sacrifice is about to happen. He is also winning for sure. I love Redwynes and Hightowers, but they will be hurt. Probably Aeron is dying, maybe some Hightowers and/or good old Paxter, too.
  3. Do you think that Rhaella Targaryen (daughter of Aegon) could've been mother of Otto Hightower? When we last heard of her she was at the Hightower and was saved by Lord Hightower. I believe that she could've married one of his heirs out of gratitude or maybe simply they fell in love and that was the reason the Lord saved her. That also can be the reason why Ser Otto was a hand to Jaehaerys I and why his daughter married Viserys I.
  4. North: I cant imagine anyone who isn't a Stark to rule the North, and I am sure the North feels the same. House Manderly is a good candidate, they are the wealthiest House, but they follow the wrong gods and they come from the wrong region. I guess that the Karstarks would be respected because of they origin, but they are cute as they are. Houses Glover and Mormont are small and not wealthy Houses and they seem perfect as they are. I am not sure how to feel about House Dustin, and the Boltons... You know. Despite your mentioning that we can't pick any House that was Great House during the timeline, I'm going to stay loyal to House Stark untill the end. So, House Stark. Riverlands: I love House Tully, they are fine. House Blackwood is one of my favourites and I don't want them to change. Their feud with House Brecken would harm the Riverlands, and if the Brackens kill every Blackwood, I don't want House Bracken to be Great. House Frey is wrong. Houses Darry, Piper and the rest are small. I don't know much about House Mooton, so I will pass them. Actually, House Mallister seems fine. They are noble, honourable and probably wealthy. So, my first pick is House Tully, then House Mallister. Iron Islands: I would be fine if Asha ruled the Iron Islands, but not the rest of the Greyjoys. She can marry one of her cousins of House Harlaw and make many good children who will help to make the Iron Islands a better place. I am sure Rodrik's children took after him. The rest of the Ironborn Houses are irrelevant to me. So, I say House Harlaw. Westerlands: Surprisingly, I am happy with House Lannister. They are welathy and powerful. Tywin made sure that his House has no rivals. So, I again pick the the ruling House, House Lannister. Vale: We have not met many Arryns (and if Robert is a bastard, we met none.) I'll see in TWOW how I'll feel abouth the Vale. I am a fan of Houses Waynwood and Royce, with latter being my favourite Vale House. So, House Royce (but if Harry and Sansa get happily married and have kids, I am surely still for House Arryn). Reach: There are so many Houses and I don't know how to feel about them all. I will pick the wealthiest (apart from the Tyrells), one of the oldest and powerful House Hightower. Stormlands: House Baratheon will die out, and I'm fine with it. I love the Marcher Houses, but I feel they aren't strong and wealthy enough (maybe House Swann.) If Dany and Aegon join their forces, I can see House Connington being the Great House and I have nothing against it. I like Jon and feel his House would do fine. So, House Connington. Dorne: House Yronwood would be the most logical answer. They are the wealthiest and ancient, but I know nothing about them. I also don't know much about House Dayne of Starfall, but they are my favourite. Probably the oldest House in the Westeros. They have fine knights and beautiful ladies. Surely, they can control whole Dorne. So, House Dayne.
  5. Either Martyn or Tyrek will
  6. Who said that? Kindly Man says that she has a pretty face. Also, she's just a child, it's too early to say if she's attractive.
  7. I matched them as if I was Ned and how it looks best logically: Robb - Alys Karstark: I think that this doesn't need much of an explanation. Right age and is Karstark, who Starks married since forever. Arya - Edric Dayne: Ned would've liked his girl to be married to a boy from the same house women he loved was from. Arya would be happy in Dorne. He's the heir to Starfall. Cat probably loves South more than North. Bran - Bethany Blackwood: Cat would made this happen. Starks already married Blackwoods, who are vassals of her house. He also could be the heir to Harrenhal, so it's perfect marriage. Rickon - Erena Glover: Girl of a right age which house is close to the Starks. I am not sure for Sansa. She has couple of fitting boys to marry, but one of them makes sence more than another. Cat would like to marry her to a southern heir of a great castle and Ned would like his girl to be happy, so he would listen to Cat. I didn't count Royce boys, because they're probably too old for Sansa and Blackwoods becaouse they are probably small house for Cat and Sansa's ambitions, same goes to countless Northerners. - Joffrey Baratheon: Heir to the Iron Throne. Sansa would be the future queen, but Ned probably wouldn't want for her to suffer. - Willas Tyrell: Highgarden is a place where Sansa would be the happiest. Cat could make this happen. Olenna probably knew Hoster and surely Rickard. - Edmure Tully: Incest, but Cat could've wanted her girl to be married into her mother's house. It could also happen that Edmure marries Margaery Tyrell and that they arrange marriage between Sansa and Willas. - Robert Arryn: Incest again. Lysa is Cat's sister and Jon is second father to Ned. - Domeric Bolton: Northerner. Ned could've liked this idea. If they were connected by blood, Boltons wouldn't rebel in future. Domeric seemed to be a good lad and romantic. Sansa at first would be against it, but she'd understand. And if we count Jon, he would either join the Night's Watch or marry some female heir and take their name, so either Dacey Mormont or Wynafryd Manderly, even though they are older than him.
  8. To keep his bloodline pure
  9. Mine, too. I believe he wanted his world to be more realistic and/or to trick everyone.
  10. I never thought about about this, but YES! Gor in Gregor's, same as in mine, comes from Slavic word gora which means mountain. It stands for someone who is big and strong. Also, it is first part of words for bitter, burn and proud in some Slavic languages I will do some research to see if I could find anything about name Sandor. It probably is from old Slavic, because I remember some similarities with old Slavic names I read in literature EDIT: All Slavic names I found that have dor are from Byzantine or Latin, so I don't know. Also, san means dream
  11. I guess he will rule as Lord of Winterfell
  12. With Harrold Arryn (Stark cousin) being the lord, Lady Waynwood (Stark cousin) would be the most powerful person in Vale and would side with Robb. Maybe she would marry one of her daughters to Robb or one of the Stark boys and/or marry Sansa to Harry or one of her sons if that would be possible considering that Robb would be to marry a Frey or Jayne and Sansa would still be married to Tyrion or even dead
  13. We can agree that one of Jon parents must be a Stark, so: - Ned and Ashara As TOOTGH said. It all makes sense. It doesn't have enough evidence to suport whole theory, but is most likely to be true. Jon would become the SOTM and weild Dawn. Jon looks like Ned. Great theory. I suport it - Lyanna and Rhaegar It could be true but it's a story we've heard million times. I don't believe GRRM would want to do as same as many before him. But I guess Jon would become THE king and THE hero and save the day. Makes sense, Jon looks like his uncle and Arya looks like her aunt. Cliche, but could be true - Brandon/Ned/Benjen and Lyanna If N+A=J and R+L=J aren't true, Ned wouldn't have to lie if Jon wasn't born as a product of incest of two of Stark siblings. Maybe he was ashamed. Maybe that's why Benjen went to the Wall and why he and Ned don't speak when Benjen comes to Winterfell. But Starks aren't Lannisters or Targaryens. I don't believe this, but it could be true - Rickard and Lyanna Again, Ned would do anything to keep honor of his House. But not likely to be true - Lyanna and Aerys If Aerys raped Lyanna (his son's love) and she gave birth to a Targaeryan bastard, Robert would've killed him. I see a reason to lie. Could be true, but very unlikely - Rickard and Rhaella This is more likely than A+L=J. Rickard and Rhaella maybe fell in love and had a child. Robert would've killed a Targaryen bastard. There's a reason to lie. But then Dany wouldn't be daughter of Rhaella. Could be, but not likely - Brandon and Rhaella Not true, but Robert would've killed Jon - I see a reason to lie - Ned and The Fisherman's Daughter or other irrelevant girl Ned loved her and didn't want to talk about her with Cat. Could be true, but The Fisherman's Daughter was either Ashara or maybe Lyanna or i don't know - Ned and Wylla If he and Wylla met before Starfall, it could be true. But very unlikely. Wylla just was Jon's wet nurse - a Stark and someone no one thought about It's probaly the truth - Brandon and Ashara Why would Ned lie? Brandon and Ashara probably never met after Harenhall. Not true - Lyanna and Howland Bring your child to the Neck and lie if you want, if you don't than don't. Just let Ned and Cat be happy. Not true - Lyanna and Robert Ned wouldn't lie to his friend. Robert has enough bastards. One more is nothing. Raise him as Jon Snow in Winterfell as Robert bastard and let Ned and Cat be happy with their children. Not true - Lyanna and Arthur Just tell everybody Jon's bastard of your sister. Jon becomes SOTM and everybody happy. Not true - Brandon/Benjen and an irrelevant girl Just tell that he's your brother's bastard son and be happy. Not true - Rickard and an irrelevant girl Say he's your bastard brother and be happy. Not true I probably didn't reconsider everything, so feel free to correct me and add more
  14. Which evidence? "Promise me, Ned" and blue rose at the Wall? That ia all I can remember