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  1. Bojack Horseman Season 3

    Ah nice didn't know the new season was out. This is one of the darkest and yet most beautiful shows out right now IMO.
  2. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    I think Solo's point is that the caged women are seen as a mortal sin beyond redemption precisely because it reminds Mimara of a time when she was caged. Similarly she sees Galian's damnation in context to her own experiences, but in that case somehow some mural on a wall (perfectly?) mirrors what happens to him.
  3. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    Nice. This plus the cultural context of Galian's damnation puts the bias of the JE into perspective.
  4. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    Yeah, I don't think anyone found the whale mothers offensive so much as ridiculous. They were redeemed by the idea of genetics being teleological, with the women shifting physically toward God's intended purpose....which is where it would've been great to leave it but then we got clarification that it was just arbitrary.
  5. well to be clear it's not that TGO is bad, it's just that AFFC is more complete, the characters sound legitimately different, there are less random earthquakes, etc.
  6. Sorry, but AFFC alone is a better work than TGO. I didn't even think that would be up for debate.
  7. Lol wut? Anyone who claimed TGO concludes TAE didn't read any of the previous books or was lost in a drug haze while doing so.
  8. Stranger Things (Netflix)

    Quoting is getting wonky, but:
  9. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    What I mean is the idea of Kellhus as a homosexual is what bleeds the last bit of mystique from Saubon's appreciation of the man. Saubon isn't a believer in Kellhus as psychopomp, so in that sense we still don't know for sure if faith in Kellhus saves or not. But, OTOH, it seems odd that Kellhus would get anything out of Saubon's damnation.
  10. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    What if Saubon's reaction to the buggery is what made him damned? He even says he doesn't believe in Kellhus as the Savior before he dies, he just believes in the raw power.
  11. Yeah, I think any other author would get an easier pass for these coincidences. But we've been here with sockpuppets before. OTOH who knows what "Madness" - again, assuming this is a real person - did on his own with this "troll the fans" weirdness?
  12. Bakker: The Great Ordeal SPOILER THREAD pt. II

    Interesting article debating physics and time, seemed relevant to the Bakkerverse metaphysical discussions: A Debate Over the Physics of Time
  13. Wait - Madness is lying now about what? And why?
  14. Assuming Madness is not merely a fraction of Bakker, it's not clear to me where Bakker lied or used his fans. At best you can say he went along with Madness' plans, but it's also not clear to me Bakker was aware of what was happening in terms of this Overlook contact scheme. I doubt authors keep track of their fandoms, and until recently Bakker seemed to barely register that there was a Second Apocalpyse forum? I think to make a case against Bakker you'd have to show how even via charitable readings the only conclusion is intended deception.