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  1. Bakker XLIII - the prattle of unnumbered years

    What I'm thinking is that having a "soul" means bridging the gap between the mundane/material and the arcane/Outside. We - or at least I - initially assumed that the God had something to do with souls, or at the least there was something about Earwa as an enchanted world that would prevent the Tekne from deliberately producing a soul...but at the same time it's at least a respectable guess that there is a way to take empirical reductionism and get to the Outside in the Bakkerverse b/c the Inverse Fire seems to be that very triumph of technology-as-applied-science. So maybe what seems like an insurmountable challenge is really just finding the right mutation, the right genetic code that produces the correct type of physical being. Yet at the same time it would also suggest one of two things: 1. The Consult not only has no idea how to reproduce an ensouled skin-spy, they have no means of successfullyreverse engineering the process. As such all they can do is utilize their one lucky dice throw as a spy into the Mandate. 2. The Consult managed to reproduce at least two ensouled skin-spies, but only kept one around to reverse engineer. This assumedsorcerer skin-spy kept in Golgotterath is the key to unlocking either the No-God, a sorcerer army that will butcher the Great Ordeal, or both. Anyway all a bunch of's more from Chomsky on language: Noam Chomsky on the unsolved mysteries of language and the brain
  2. Bakker XLIII - the prattle of unnumbered years

    Ah I just mentioned Chomsky because the whole innate capacity for language seems to be how sorcery works - even the Psukhe which, near as I can tell, doesn't have Cants. My guess is that in our reality Bakker would say language acquisition is biology, while in the Bakkerverse it's "miraculous" as Chomsky put it. Does this suggest that the Bakkerverse was created via the "Logos", that "In the Beginning was the Word"? Is innate capacity for language a quality of ensouled beings, something only simulated by the creations of the Tekne? I just wonder how hard it is to make a skin-spy with a "soul"? If something can comprehend language, can utilize some reasoning skills...why can't it understand paradox? And if a skinspy can understand paradox, is that enough to be a sorcerer? We assume that a "soul" - whatever that is - must be there for a magic user, but maybe it's not that hard after all?
  3. Bakker XLIII - the prattle of unnumbered years

    Great stuff Solo! I come with a much more pedantic offering - some discussion with Chomsky on universal grammar. =-=-=
  4. Daredevil series 2: spoiler thread

    Finished the series yesterday, tho I was in & out by the time the last ep played. Will have to rewatch that one to make sure I got everything. Unlike many I liked the Hand stuff, the idea of the Black Sky - even the reveal of Elektra made sense to me. Though now I'm wondering - did Stick kill the other Black Sky in Season 1 or not? We still don't even know what the blood draining of those kids-turned-cultists was, so hopefully that ends up making sense and fleshing out exactly what the Black Sky is supposed to be. Just the guiding power of the Hand? Or vessel for some dark power? Will Elektra be a sort of Eva Green in Penny Dreadful character? I think the Blacksmith thing was definitely a bit of a let down though there was some hinting at the identity given the heroin was coming from the Middle East and Reyes make a point of asking,"How do we know what really happened?"with regards to the oddly classified mission. Foggy & Karen were good, and I'm glad both got away from Matt for at least a little while. It was good to see him learn his lesson at the end and not keep this secret from Karen. Karen as a journalist was nice, though I do think giving her Ben's office felt a bit unrealistic. And I hope Foggy didn't actually make partner immediately...pretty sure he didn't but after Star Trek remake you never know.
  5. Bakker XLIII - the prattle of unnumbered years

    Done ->
  6. Bakker XLIII - the prattle of unnumbered years

    Excellent, the time to ply answers for the greatest of questions has come. Thanks!
  7. Bakker XLIII - the prattle of unnumbered years

    I think it's entirely possible Big Moe is limited...but as Mallahet (sp?) he was greatly feared and revered. I mean we'd have to believe that the Cish saw him as a good front man to strike terror into the hearts of their enemies, but was thought of as weak in their inner circles due to his lack of Water. We'd also have to believe that communications/sendings don't require as much Water as dispensations of destructive force...but this to me is Bakker playing with our prejudices again ->Big Moe is sending dreams all the way back to Ishual, to multiple Dunyain. That this requires less power than some energy the least it seems debatable? OTOH Big Moe doesn't use a deluge of Waterto stop the skin spies who attack him after he's stabbed. Is this because he lacks the power, or because he knows its his time to die? =-=-= On the Psukhe vs the Gnosis, despite the quote H gave us of Akka facing Cish (thanks for that!) I remain unconvinced. Nobody seems to even understand what the Psukhe is - all we have is Kellhus' hypothesis about recollection. This isn't to say the Psukhe is to the Gnosis what the Gnosis is to the Anagogsis. I just think the Psukhe remains a wild card.
  8. Bakker XLIII - the prattle of unnumbered years

    @ MSJ:I thought the idea Big Moe conditioned the path even after Kyudea (sp?) at least suggests Kellhus' explanation of what the Psukhe requires is wrong? That or he is wrong about Big Moe's level of passion? Well, it would probably be easier to have the Mandate become a priesthood and create the Swayali Compact via the Gnosis, rather than blind a bunch of female Few...yetimagine the allegories & symbolisms that could've been mined to help the series reach greater heights of controversy! It is interesting to think what a Cish ledGreat Ordeal would've looked like though.
  9. Bakker XLIII - the prattle of unnumbered years

    The only people who've told us the Gnosis is stronger than the Psukhe are Gnostic sorcerers though? Then again, perhaps Moe knows what Kellhus needs is the GnosticDaimos....though it's odd the Daimos doesn't seem to come up before the SS invent it? I know historically the Nonmen supposedly possessed it (I think Bakker mentions this in an interview?)...perhaps summoning a Ciphrang requires pledging one's soul?
  10. Bakker XLIII - the prattle of unnumbered years

    i'm kind of stunned the book is actually coming out. fucking finally.
  11. Bakker XLIII - the prattle of unnumbered years

    I think the level of divine intervention we've gotten so far is fine. I don't want to see Kellhus lead an army into the Outside, heck I don't even need hard answers on what the 100 are, if there are Angelic Ciphrang (people assuming this read too much into Bakker's words IMHO), or even if Kellhus is aninstrument/incarnationof God. At the same time it is a metaphysical whodunit, and so I'd like some clarity on damnation, whetherthe Inverse Fire shows reality or is a goad, whether sorcery damns a person. I can see others being upset if we don't know whether Kellhus is damned or not, but that's something I could take as being left a mystery.
  12. Bakker XLIII - the prattle of unnumbered years

    I never said damnation isn't real or is being faked. In fact, I think I said the opposite over the last 2-3 posts?
  13. Bakker XLIII - the prattle of unnumbered years

    My theory is the No God represents the Timeless Mind of God dragged into the linear time of the mortal realm. God deprived of the reflexive awareness of Its own perfection, no longer Watcher & Watched unto Itself.
  14. Bakker XLIII - the prattle of unnumbered years

    For an aesthetic argument, I'd say what makes any whodunnit challenging is misdirection. As such I think a good bit of our assumptions about how Yfollows from X are misdirection on Bakker's part. See Lokisnow's past posts on how Bakker makes us think it's Kellhus who is always proceeding from positions of possessing the most accurateinformation, yet rereads suggest that Kellhus is, at least as far as TTT's ending, actually profoundly ignorant as to how an enchanted world works. We tend to think something like resurrection lends truth to one's metaphysical claims, but this doesn't necessarily follow. Someone can come back from the dead and still be completely wrong about the nature of reality that allowed for this to happen. Bakker has made it clear limited "metaphysical efficacy", by which I refer to the Cants, does not give one revelation about the true nature of reality. For some reason people think the other powers displayed do give someone objective insight, whereas they could just be a variation on what allowsmagic to function.
  15. Bakker XLIII - the prattle of unnumbered years

    The WLW part was funny. After that it was a bit try hard, then finally overdone.