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  1. Trailer Thread III

    Felt very paint by numbers going by the trailer. Nice CGI, but seems like a rental for now.
  2. Glad y'all liked it. It's interesting as some of the metaphysical underpinnings feel familiar to what Bakker is doing, and it's sort of grimdark tho far more cheerful. Even Dr. Strange mentioned unification into the One, but portrayed negatively (b/c 'Murican?)...I do wonder if the ideas in Transcendental Idealism will see more light in pop culture with both praise and critique.
  3. Video Games: Thread Simulator 2016

    This is a free code for Dex: XR52959605AF32FCA4 [Got this from XP on purchased games but already have it. Not a bad indie game so far - only played the intro part.]
  4. Comics XII: All New, All Twelve

    Civil War 2 #5: Garbage. Seven to Eternity #1: Intriguing enough, seems like the "God of Whispers" is some kind of "earth bender"? The artwork is great, and in fact has to carry some panels as I felt this was a little dragged out. Wicked & Divine One Shot: Interesting set up though I have to say this isn't necessarily a "one shot" in that it obviously has importance to the actual story. In fact I don't think a new reader would get much out of this even knowing the basic premise of the recurring god-avatars.
  5. Trailer Thread III

    I was okay until "NO - You die, I die!"....she might have to return her Oscar 'cause of this one. ;-)
  6. Nice, this is King's chance to undo the garbage that is everything that comes after Wizards & Glass.
  7. Anyone else watching this? I didn't necessarily expect something as surreal or zany as Community but kind of surprised by the slow burn tenor of this show. I might crack a smile, laugh a bit, but it's not exactly a comedy? Or maybe just not as funny to me personally? I mean I'm still engaged with the show, still find it enjoyable to watch, but I'd put it more in the drama category than a sitcom?
  8. Damn, didn't know there was a S3 coming. Excellent. Still need to watch the Xmas special.
  9. Comics XII: All New, All Twelve

    Ah I lost track of Black Science. Might get the trades at some point though I have to admit the narrative started losing me. Providence #10 - the subtle presence of the Old Ones becomes explicit. Bound to happen...but not sure how to feel about it. It does try to explain what the Mythos wants with us. The good thing is there are still two issues left and the protagonist's Self is not erased by contact as far as I can tell. Black Monday Murders #1 - The big banks are run by occult forces, some of whom might be immortal. And there might be vampires (demons?) involved. Interesting first issue, but I'm gonna need more to go on. Very much an intro issue, a lot of people really liked this and maybe the over hyping ruined my expectations as I was thinking I'd get blown away... Avatarex #1 - This was interesting, a magi-tech interpretation of Vishnu's avatars as distinct entities (I think), with the final Redeemer being born. Again, interesting first issue but clearly need more to decide if it's a keeper. Have some other reads but haven't gotten to them yet...
  10. Or perhaps a Dunyain can be trained to use their pain to purify their meaning? Personally I think Sorweel negated the collar though.
  11. When people say the philosophy, do they mean the metaphysics? Or even the allegories/metaphors/symbolism?
  12. Hated my job in clinical research. Went back to gradschool for compsci. Cousin came to me with a proposal to start software company. We didn't go broke. That's about it.
  13. Great stuff Solo. Yeah, Proyas makes meaning from his suffering. Arguably he already has an addiction to monstrous acts of violence, not so much in the commission (like, arguably, Saubon) but rather the scriptural significance of said violence. We might even invoke Serwa's conception of the Real, that Proyas' solidity comes from both physical burden in war but also the weight of his emotional burden. I'd say it's ascetic but also aesthetic in some sense? And when the significance of all this is drained, the only way back to "clarity", really a blotting of doubt that comes from religious ecstasy, is sex with the one who maybe, just maybe, is doing all this for a reason. Admittedly this is me fumbling around a bit, trying to explain my intuition about the importance of that Kellhus-Proyas scene. My explanation makes it seem Bakker is critiquing religious sentiment as akin to rape but that's not really where I'm going, I [think] he's trying to get us to rather sympathize. As has been noted in the old Genchat religion threads, just about everyone has faith in something - most (all?) of us make a Ground of things we know are true where "know" is not based on empiricism or logical proof.
  14. I do think Bakker had this sort in mind, along with the more traditional religious "Inquisition wasn't so bad" types, when he wrote the Earwa novels. (Along with the milder sort who fantasize about living under Aragorn's rule upon his Return.) Sadly that sort of modern commentary seems to be the weakest parts of the novels - compare whale mothers (lame) + abuse of women (hackneyed) to the eroticism/terror [of religion] combo involved with Kellhus/Proyas stuff (genius).