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  1. Don't they only need five seasons? Seems like they'd get the last one to finish the story, even if they have to cut some corners...
  2. Really liked this episode, managed to keep it funny even as we saw Heaven is run by fools who are completely okay with eternal concentration camps. I was sort of hoping the Good Place would be empty of angels/gods rather than not filled with ineffectual/worthless ones...but it was a good analogy for people who are really nice but not actually good in a larger sense. One of the interesting things about S3 is how much of the universe we're seeing - the Void, Heaven's mailroom, and now the Pancake Hole. A bit worried they'll find a way to make it easier for more people to go to the Good or at least Neutral Place by the end, but the people in Hell will be stuck there for Eternity.
  3. Sci-2

    Comics XIII

    I'm liking Die - it's interesting but admittedly not for everyone. Grant Morrision's Green Lantern is also good.
  4. Sci-2

    Bakker LVI: the Rectum of Creation

    I have to admit I'm still trying to understand. Kellhus doesn't know exactly what awaits him, but he does know that there are a shit ton of Sranc between him and his goal. But he shouldn't have brought an army? It seems that he could have gambled on things playing out well enough by just bringing the Schools but this seems incredibly irresponsible. It wasn't even clear if the Intact would show up at the end. As for Seswatha sneaking into the Ark...it's not even clear if those passageways would still be there, and maybe my memory is failing but it isn't even clear what exactly happened w/ Seswatha sneaking into the Ark...I thought that story of just getting the Heron Spear was a bit fishy.
  5. Sci-2

    Bakker LVI: the Rectum of Creation

    I'm a bit lost...so Kellhus was stupid for showing up with an army? IIRC the army was there, as Proyas said, to protect the Schools until they got to Golgotterath.
  6. Sci-2

    Bakker LVI: the Rectum of Creation

    Ah you're right sorry I was thinking of Memgowa.
  7. Got Smash Bros, excited to spend the holidays getting my ass kicked by everyone I know...
  8. Sci-2

    Bakker LVI: the Rectum of Creation

    Hmmm, not sure of this. We, AFAIK, have one person who was saved by Gilgaol. IIRC Bakker said the gods save Who They Will...which makes me think anyone who is saved has to be completely caught up in the domain of the God. For example Sorweel was, in some sense, actually Yatwer before his death. As to whether all philosophers burn, I suspect you're on to something - IIRC both Anjecis and Malowebi were atheists. They chose...poorly...
  9. Sci-2

    MCU - X

    The "A" made of metallic flotsam makes me think of Hickman's run. Though this is more about Thanos it makes curious if the Beyonders or Builders will make an appearance at all - perhaps merely as a hint of what's to come from the MCU...
  10. It was nice to have confirmation that someone, at some time, got into the Good Place. I'd the comedic elements in S3 aren't as strong, but the story telling, emotional beats, and intellectual questioning have risen. It makes sense that given we are talking about the vast majority of humanity enduring unbearable torment that it was gonna end up this way.
  11. Sci-2


    Ah prolly another thread needed to express my extreme disappointment in Otherland. "I have a feeling you get beat up a lot in real life" Haha perfect, thanks for the rec!
  12. Sci-2


    I think you mean .hack//SIGN? ;-)
  13. Sci-2


    Oh god SAO is insufferable. I made through the first half of S1, then just read the summaries. I will try S2 and the movies tho.
  14. I actually think S2 was my favorite. S1 was fine, but it was a bit cliche in the sense that someone doesn't belong somewhere and has to hide. Bosom Buddies, Sister Act, and so on have done what S1 did. I also think I read about a soul hiding in Heaven in some SFF thing somewhere in my youth. S3 is a bit more uneven, but I do like that they aren't afraid to keep things moving as the cosmic order collapses around them. As for college philosophy I suspect the show has done more for expounding practical philosophy than all of Western academia combined.
  15. Sci-2

    Berserk Spoiler Thread

    Immediately post Eclipse the Skull Knight comes and ends up rescuing Guts/Casca. Griffith/Femto tries to implode him, but misses. When he is about to try again, it isn't clear to me if he simply isn't fast enough or if he hesitates upon seeing Guts. He does seem to study his hand and has a "...." speech bubble... I'm doubtful it was hesitation b/c the other Godhand members don't remark on it, and it would seem a bit odd Griffith/Femto hesitates then when he was willing to kill them and just violently raped Casca. Still...the imagery of the moment makes me wonder... edit: The anime makes it seem to very clearly be hesitation. Interesting that this is before Griffith incarnates into the body of Guts/Casca's demon-fetus. edit x 2: Hmmm maybe I made a mistake, perhaps the issue is Griffith/Femto is unused to his powers. He seems to stare at his hand, possibly wondering what went wrong when he tried to use the Implosion Attack a second time...