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  1. I've had technically legal drugs acquired illegally, what we call the "street pharmacist" for when you aren't insured but without pain-killers you cannot even make the walk to work. I've had marijuana edibles I've gotten illegally but only to help sleep. I try to stay far away from alcohol, seems like there isn't any real safe level of consumption you are basically poisoning yourself?
  2. Read the two Old Guard trades. Good stuff though stuff happens *fast* in the second trade with people seeming to make split second decisions that has a whiff of unrealism. OTOH, when you are an immortal among immortals, it is hard to say what their mental state would be in such circumstances.
  3. Got all the English versions of Witch Hat Atelier's 7 available volumes. Gorgeous art reminiscent of P.Craig Russel and Michael Kaluta, a great setting that captures the fairy tale feel of an enchanted world while still having plenty of magical action. The story unfolds at a good pace, balancing the foreboding machinations of the Brimmed Hats with the learning process of the four girl apprentices. Also a great comic for girls, probably teens and maybe mature adolescents due to violence - there are a few brutal scenes as the story progresses. "Female protagonist" is not used here in the sense of wank-bank material. Some minor nudity - maybe just a single image? - depicted in a kind of classical style.
  4. Well I put an "or" there to fill in the blank. Separation from God sounds potentially great, depending on what God is though.
  5. So sinners reincarnate or...
  6. Got the Amazing Cultivation Simulator, just looking through the tutorial stuff and beginner advice vids. The idea seems to be building a sect that then allows one spiritual transcendence and/or apotheosis. Really liking the Chinese fantasy aspect, didn't even know that there's a fantasy genre - Xian - dedicated toward this idea of Cultivation.
  7. You're tempting me into a read, it's come up in my circles but I've never read it myself. I tried reading some of the Seth stuff but I couldn't get into it, even as a kind of inspiration for RPGs or anything else.
  8. I feel like I might have posted about these but not seeing it? Chainsaw Man - Great world building & art, if I could put it in a genre it'd be New Weird + Dark Fantasy. A boy is granted the Devil of Chainsaw for a heart, leading him to the mysterious world of agencies trying to keep the world from being overwhelmed by these supernatural forces. Action, humor, and even some genuinely scary moments. Lookism - Bullied, short/fat/"ugly" kid moves to a new school to escape his tormentor. Suddenly finds himself with an extra [hot] body which awakens when his usual body falls asleep. Starts off as a humorous school comedy that slowly opens itself into the world of child gangs, cults, human trafficking. The message does a bit muddled when all of the hot girls largely look the same and have the same body type (big ass, big tits, little wastes, slim faces). Viral Hit - Another tale of bullying from Taejun Park, though this time the kid finds a mysterious Youtube channel that teaches people how to fight. Leads him to getting a superpopular Youtube channel as after defeating his own bully, he decides to dedicate his own Youtube channel to taking on bullies at other schools. Hijinks ensue. Tower of God - Probably one of the biggest Webtoons, a fantasy epic starring a boy who lived under a Tower that is big enough for floors to contain continents if not worlds. I do think it suffers a bit from the problem I see in shonen, where the initial characterization then leads to an insane amount of action sequences where even character interaction is minimized. The best comparison might be the way Authority was more about "wide-screen" cinematic action than characters though here there is a central story rather than US superhero style largely/totally disconnected arcs.
  9. In the past I'd agree, I mean so long as boot-lickers like Cruz* came crawling back what they said [in] the past doesn't matter. But the whole deep-state conspiracy seems to be extending to Loeffer and Kemp [so] I wonder if those 21 names are going to get drawn in despite 16 of them trying to avoid the wrath of Trumpists if not Trump. *I also wonder if Cruz bowing to Trump after the latter mocked his wife's looks and said his father killed JFK will ever hurt Cruz's career. Maybe when he tries for POTUS?
  10. Curious if this has any traction, if it even gets to Trump's ears.
  11. I think we're talking about two different things. I agree Trump has a lot of election potential and a strong hold on the Republican party. That said, the hunger for the Presidency isn't something, IMO, that people like Ted Cruz have put aside. Republicans who want to be POTUS are going to try and anonymously reveal as many negatives about Trump as they can so as to make it acceptable to run in the [2024] primaries against him. It may turn out that nothing sticks, that there are no truly damning recordings or other evidence of him mocking his base. Maybe he also doesn't get end up in prison either, or have a health scare. But I can pretty much guarantee a lot of Repub hopefuls are hoping for some or all of that to diminish Trump's star. edit: And given how little loyalty Trump has, any staffer with a brain should have a valuable recording of him or some other higher up in the administration. My guess, or maybe hope, is someone has him saying something bad enough to get his base to partially turn on him.
  12. I still think that once Trump is out of government every 2024 Republican hopeful is going to try their level best to drag him down without getting caught directly in the defacing. There are probably many of Trump's staff who will end up working for Cruz, Haley, etc. They may or may not have recordings of their own, given how easy it seems to get Trump or his staff on tape.
  13. I see the sense in what you're saying but then who are the GOP's masters in interim? Just a separate group of wealthy fat cats who benefit from no lock down, no stimulus? That's the only thing I can think of, unless the GOP are just directly in thrall to Trump b/c the base is now his cult?.
  14. It seems to me this is the slippery slope of not allowing gay marriage. Today it's religious belief against gay marriage...but what about re-marriage? I've seen that one put in quotes by hard-core Catholic types. And why not refuse to validate a Hindu marriage, or a Wiccan marriage? After all those religions are also false, possibly orchestrated by demons right? Alito's tantrum is disturbing, as it seems allied with that group of people that seem happy to let Trump bunker in the White House so long as they can achieve their Christian Dominion.
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