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  1. Sci-2

    Comics Phase Fourteen

    Same - proud and a bit confused. :-) Though I think I get most of what is going, and it was interesting to see the Phalanx and Technarcy in his new imagining. I never dug too deeply into that stuff - it was in New Mutants I believe - but Hickman has me going back through a bunch of old X-men stories.
  2. Sci-2

    Comics Phase Fourteen

    Whoah - really like the idea that Xavier's goal is to save humankind [rather than mutants]. Is the Librarian a machine intelligence? Or a mutant-of-sorts born from Nimrod's database? One thing I was considering was the war between Ultron-Future and World-Core future touched on in Hickman's Avenger's run. And of course the conflict between Cable and Bishop is an X-men staple of conflicts between timelines. Might we see a battle between Years 10, 100, and 1000?
  3. Sci-2

    Comics Phase Fourteen

    I am ok with PoX being a dystopia since it takes place in the future. Marvel's whole thing with future times has always been a bit weird - I know the X-men comics seem to regard futures as branches somehow existing at the same time as our timeline**...and then Hickman seemed to dictate his own vision of the future in Avengers... I am curious as to Franklin's role as well - I realize it was more editorial than anything but a friend and I were talking about how the Richards seemed to shy away from advocating for mutant rights. Here Hickman seems to bring that criticism into the narrative via Cyclop's comment. Not to mention we also have future!Franklin and his Galactus Herald possibly existing in another alternate time branch... **When Multiple Man divided himself and went to two different futures.
  4. Sci-2

    Comics Phase Fourteen

    Oh there can/will be conflict - perhaps Sinister is doing something manipulative in the tumor. But I really don't want a shady!Xavier, or an ending where the X-men are once again scattered and hunted...personally while the symbolic value of mutants as stand-ins for hated minorities was interesting in the past I feel like this idea that so many people hate mutants and want to keep "humanity" from being replaced has run its course. If a <<insert a side in a IRL geopolitical conflict>> mutant was born, I can see a beleaguered group more likely to use them as a living weapon than kill them or exile them. Also I liked when Morrison showed Japan having a different reaction to mutants than in N.America/Europe. While I realize the mutants-as-hunted-minorities thing isn't going to go away, I would like to see the X-men embrace more of their potential as inheritors of the Earth. All to say I hope at the end of House of X #6 something of this new mutant nation survives...
  5. Sci-2

    Comics Phase Fourteen

    HoX #1 was good, though I am a bit surprised at how much praise is being heaped upon it. Having just done a recent reread of Morrison's first major arc (Cassandra Nova vs Charles Xavier) I don't think it's quite up to par as the first issue of that great run. My hope is that Hickman is playing it straight - the mutants have banded together to use their considerable powers in order to establish themselves as a dominant nation in the Marvel U going forward. (I heard he is going to manage the line for the next decade?) My worry with Powers of X is it will be like the part in Hickman's Avenger's run where Steve jumps forward in time over and over - I enjoyed the varied takes on the future but it definitely felt like a digression from the main story. Marvel did say PoX will provide context for HoX so I guess we'll see..
  6. Sci-2

    Comics XIII

    Did the young x-men ever go back in time? The idea that they could be allowed to run amok even if their deaths would destroy Time itself...ridiculous. Didn't know the Hickman issues are $8 a pop...gonna have to really think about those. I have way too many unread comics, but doing Hickman rereads at the moment. FF was first, now Avengers Vol 1 & 2...I disliked Secret Wars but may go back as a couple people at my local shop really liked them...
  7. Thinking about getting Slay the Spire...until then the only game I can manage on my Mac work computer is Circle Empires...
  8. Sci-2

    Berserk Spoiler Thread

    So....anyone still doing a re-read?
  9. Don't they only need five seasons? Seems like they'd get the last one to finish the story, even if they have to cut some corners...
  10. Really liked this episode, managed to keep it funny even as we saw Heaven is run by fools who are completely okay with eternal concentration camps. I was sort of hoping the Good Place would be empty of angels/gods rather than not filled with ineffectual/worthless ones...but it was a good analogy for people who are really nice but not actually good in a larger sense. One of the interesting things about S3 is how much of the universe we're seeing - the Void, Heaven's mailroom, and now the Pancake Hole. A bit worried they'll find a way to make it easier for more people to go to the Good or at least Neutral Place by the end, but the people in Hell will be stuck there for Eternity.
  11. Sci-2

    Comics XIII

    I'm liking Die - it's interesting but admittedly not for everyone. Grant Morrision's Green Lantern is also good.
  12. Sci-2

    Bakker LVI: the Rectum of Creation

    I have to admit I'm still trying to understand. Kellhus doesn't know exactly what awaits him, but he does know that there are a shit ton of Sranc between him and his goal. But he shouldn't have brought an army? It seems that he could have gambled on things playing out well enough by just bringing the Schools but this seems incredibly irresponsible. It wasn't even clear if the Intact would show up at the end. As for Seswatha sneaking into the Ark...it's not even clear if those passageways would still be there, and maybe my memory is failing but it isn't even clear what exactly happened w/ Seswatha sneaking into the Ark...I thought that story of just getting the Heron Spear was a bit fishy.
  13. Sci-2

    Bakker LVI: the Rectum of Creation

    I'm a bit lost...so Kellhus was stupid for showing up with an army? IIRC the army was there, as Proyas said, to protect the Schools until they got to Golgotterath.
  14. Sci-2

    Bakker LVI: the Rectum of Creation

    Ah you're right sorry I was thinking of Memgowa.
  15. Got Smash Bros, excited to spend the holidays getting my ass kicked by everyone I know...