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  1. 1 Just as Tyrion was able to demand a trial by combat from Lysa, was just curious if Ned would feel compelled to grant the same if it happened in Winterfell. 2 The 3 "trials", if u can call them that, Gared fleeing the NW, Jorah selling slaves, and Gregor raiding the RL.
  2. I had never really thought about it, but is trial by combat as big a thing in the north as the south. Seems to be more of a faith of the seven/knightly thing now that I do think about it. I don't think Ned would be a big proponent of trial by combat, but whether he would permit it or not is the question. He presides over three "trials" that we know, two in book and one in the past. All three he found guilty fairly quickly, two of those were nobility whose crimes were against the smallfolk.
  3. I lean towards it being a fabrication by Aerys/Varys, as a way to move against Rickard Stark and his "co-conspirators" and keep it more palatable for the high lords. If indeed the real events differed from the story, it was carefully constructed by Martin. We learn from Ned that Brandon had more than a touch of the wolf blood, which is to say he was rash and bold. But he had days, probably weeks to contemplate his actions upon arriving at Kings Landing. We also learn from Ned that Brandon was groomed to rule, and going himself, with a group of lords' sons, he potentially would keep his father out of a tenuous situation. Rickard would still be alive and free in the north to declare war or sue for peace as needed, with two heirs should Brandon himself be executed. Another thing, as the Fattest Leech pointed out, Jaime was drunk and vulnerable, and likely not present to actually here the "come out and die". I think this is important for two reasons. First, while Jaime is always brash, in this scene, he comes across as particularly arrogant and defiant, because, I think, he is vulnerable and unsure. Secondly, I always thought that Jaime had a "Ned complex", but after re-reading that chapter, its possible that he had a Stark complex. Brandon's actions in the throne room, fearless and defiant, would greatly impress a young Jaime. And indeed, a drunken Jaime tells Catelyn that Brandon was more like him (Jaime) than his brother Ned. Jaime could have been projecting how he thought he would react (come out and die) upon the situation if his sister had been kidnapped. Also, we have the mystery of why Ethan Glover was spared by the Mad King. The best reason that I can come up with, is to coerce Brandon into lying about something. It's the same scenario Martin put Ned through. Ned was willing to face execution rather than lie, until they threatened him with Sansa. Glover was Brandon's squire, and a great friend to Ned.
  4. Possibly, but, either she is lying to Theon, which makes her story unreliable, or she is still nursing a grievance against the Starks seventeen years later to the point that she wants to desecrate a man's bones, which IMHO, makes her story unreliable.
  5. I have thought for some time that Martin has engaged in some misdirection where Brandon is concerned. We have only a few disparaging remarks about him from unreliable people, and Ned seemed to think highly of him. @sweetsunray may have the right of it; that Brandon decided to seek redress personally, leaving his father with two other heirs and the ability to declare war or sue for peace. Jaime's drunken tale to Catelyn is something else that I have serious doubts about anymore. He claims that Brandon was shouting for Rhaegar to "come out and die", but never said that he was there or actually heard what Brandon said when he arrived in Kings Landing. Perhaps Brandon sought redress in a calm and legal manner. Jaime did tell Cat that Brandon was more like him than his own brother Ned, perhaps he was projecting how he would of reacted had someone kidnapped Cersei. After all, we don't know how Brandon found out about the abduction, or why Ethan Glover was spared.
  6. I won't claim to know much about it since I don't follow politics much anymore, but I had thought the U.S. had initially agreed to pay in aid for poorer countries. That, and the fact that it is an honor system, which could mean countries like Iran and N. Korea can say whatever they want, whereas America, and American companies had already started preparing for it. Not trying to get anyone riled up, I personally don't trust either side, dems or pubs, but this situation we are in now isn't going to help anyone. The right hated Obama, and the left hates Trump. There is no middle ground, no compromise.
  7. To be fair, Trump said he was willing to negotiate. It is not like the Paris Agreement is a one time deal only. Shouldn't the other world leaders, who said negotiations were not possible, be looked at with some skepticism? If the agreement is so important, then why not negotiate with one of the most influential countries?
  8. Being "evil" or feeling superior is not exclusive to religious people. Those that feel they are superior because of their faith have greatly missed the point. "Faith" is not exclusive to just religious people either, as there is a large amount of "faith" involved in a universe without a creator. No one has a definitive answer, yet both mock the other side.
  9. Dr. P, Theda, How do we decide when it's assault, or just a rude prank? There are rude and hateful people in every walk of life. Doesn't setting different rules for one group, whatever group that might be (Muslim, Christian, etc.), a hindrance to equality? Isn't equality for all what most decent people are after; whether right, left, or center?
  10. 5 state manhunt for Facebook Murderer. Guess some guy in Cleveland posted video of himself killing someone.
  11. Wow, seems like a lot of snarkiness and piling on for a person who may or may not of used the exact right phrase on an Internet forum.
  12. From a writer that is well known for his "unreliable narrotor" POV's, why do we take it as fact that Brandon did indeed ride into Kings Landing "shouting for Rhaegar to come out and die"? The only person who says this is a drunken Jaime remembering a fifteen year old memory of when he was a sixteen year old. He also seemed to have more than a bit of envy for Rhaegar and Ned, why couldn't this extend to Brandon? Perhaps that is what he dreams about doing to someone who (Robert) dishonors his sister. Or perhaps it was Targaryen propaganda to roll up the Stark alliance. Not saying that isn't how it went down, I just don't count it as fact. It seems little, if anything, from the past actually happened the way Westerosi remember or say it did.
  13. Good point, perhaps there was confusion and miscommunication. For the second point, I can't see why they would be there for any other reason than they believe it is the right thing to do. Have you seen any good ideas as to why they would still be with Lyanna and Jon if they didn't think Jon was heir?
  14. Assuming all the following to be true: 1-Rhaegar and Lyanna married. 2-Those 3 KG stayed to fulfill their duty to their new king and queen regent (like Stannis told Massey - if I die seat Shireen on the throne). Then that is possibly gonna cast some shade on Ned, right? He chose war over a Lannister bastard, but before he chose peace and his friend over his nephew's right. Is this another example of Ned getting clever with wording on someone's deathbed (Rob and Lyanna)? Any thoughts on that, anyone?
  15. That's really clever. If Jon is the legitimate son of a second wife, it puts Danny's heart in conflict. Is she doing what is right, or just for power like the others vying for the throne.