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  1. I don’t know, using the office of Hand to increase his power base could have been dangerous as well. Ned was in a precarious position, that he was fully aware of, and thought the best way forward was to keep suspicions low until he had what he needed to go to Robert. He even says as much, something to the effect “all justice comes from Robert”. Replacing anyone in any kind of powerful position would have been met with resistance. The only way to ensure victory was to seize the children, which he knew would lead to their deaths and war. He took an incredibly risk by trying to transition the power in a peaceful manner, and paid dearly for it; but it was a matter of morals, not intelligence or political savvy.
  2. And that, is extremism.
  3. Doesn’t that swing both ways? When women or minorities say they are powerless, them blaming the every man, or “average man”, is wrong as well, right? The overwhelmingly vast majority of average guys aren’t beating their wife or abusing minorities. I have two bosses, neither of which are white guys; they are both grossly incompetent and selfish. I don’t blame an entire gender or race or group for them, I just work for two knuckleheads. I know that doesn’t really mesh with the narrative progressives are pushing, but it is what it is; unless progressives are claiming white guys are inherently worse or less human than everyone else on earth.
  4. I appreciate your point, but I don’t know that I’d call it intellectual bullying. Perhaps in their eyes, but all their learning they learned from other biased people. It is a weakness to think you are the smartest person in the room. I’m not saying you think this way, just that the term intellectual bullying implies atheists have some kind of observable truth that they actually don’t have.
  5. Perhaps (and this isn’t directed at you but the other posters who quoted me) I shouldn’t have used the word creation, maybe origin would have been better. I’ll admit, creation is easier for me, or comes more naturally, but it was not meant as some kind of slight. The overall point I was trying to get to is that life, existence, creation, our origin; is at this point, and perhaps always will be, beyond our comprehension. I wasn’t raised in the church, quite the opposite. My road to believing was long and troubled and filled with doubt. Every believer has doubts, just as I assume every unbeliever does too. It’s our nature. @dmc515, cut to the core of what I was trying to say.
  6. Take God out of the equation. At present, what is the best running theory on creation? There was nothing and then it exploded?
  7. One thing that resonates with me from the article is how I don’t like asking for help, with anything really. As a father of two young sons I have been paying closer attention to how society views males in an increasingly negative light. I have tried to shield them from the harsh parenting I received (from my father), and have seen subtle differences in the past few years. Within the last 2-3 years, both of my sons have come to me for advice on a kid bullying them. My brothers and I would have never done that, even at six, we would have known to handle it ourself.
  8. I agree there needs to be zero tolerance for this kind of behavior; and well, Moore and Franken both should probably step down. For me, the picture is enough for Franken, it shows a certain mentality that I just cannot understand. As someone else noted up thread, being acccused by a single is bad enough and demands an investigation, but having multiple accusations just makes it incredibly hard not to believe. Edit to add - Kalbear, I agree, these aren’t exactly men living pay check to pay check. They can and should step down for being in the midst of scandals as elected officials and just doing the right thing.
  9. Will answer you tomorrow, as best I can. I don’t disagree entirely, didn’t know the Reagon thing. I have my own fears that have nothing to do with my own well being, nor do I think anyone should be privileged over another.
  10. Don’t you think that largely depends upon the money someone can bring to the table? The due process, everyone should assume that, though few will get it. Open carry applies to all, I’m sure white guys flaunt it more. The drug thing, I think that may just be your opinion, with all due respect. The war on drugs (when the us gov. declares a war on anything then everyone should be wary) has ruined a lot of people; white, black, man, woman. IMHO, it doesn’t discriminate. This isn’t just for you, but anyone who wants to answer; but do you think the people of eastern Kentucky, who’ve seen record overdoses in the past few years, have no hope of new jobs, and no hope of anyone caring about their plight, are any different from any minority in the us?
  11. That’s fine, I have no problems with other peoples beliefs. About six years ago I quit arguing with my younger brother (a through and through atheist) even though he threw stuff in my face, and still does to this day. And that’s fine, and maybe God will ask me why I didn’t try harder to spread the word, especially to those close to me, and I’ll have to answer to that. My answer right now, and why I thought for almost an hour before joining this thread, because it seems I do more harm than good. To the question of existence, I’ll say this as I am no great scholar; some supernova, a floating atom, or just some puddle of mud. It still requires an answer. Abiogenesis is fine, but where did the first non-living organism come from? Existence, to me, like eternity, is beyond human comprehension. The Big Bang, a Creator, or otherwise; something had to start something. Something was always here. How? What started everything? All believers of God have grave doubts, whether they’ll admit to it or not, IMHO. I’m no different, less so actually, but here’s the thing for me, it doesn’t really matter. I still get teary-eyed when I read what Jesus said, what he taught us. If we could follow what he said, there would be no need for police, armies, etc. I believe because I believe (which will never suit an intellectual), but when I have doubts, I know that I have still never read any other thing to believe in that is better than Him. I strive everyday to be better because of Him.
  12. @Kalbear, is that really what this is gonna boil down to, again; white guys? This is getting old. It would seem that progressives, whose foundation seems to be equality, wouldn’t base all the worlds problems on one group of people. I’m sorry, as this is not directed specifically at you, but to see someone as intelligent as you say “well white guys”, is a little off-putting. Or the whole Ef America thing,(and I’m not a proponent of “America is the greatest country because...”) as if the world was kicking along just fine and then America introduced evil to the world. Saying people with firearms (which I don’t think you did) are okay with with the murder of children is gross, and only causes more division. Some knee jerk fix-all to gun violence isn’t going to work, unless the entirety of the American people are willing to shred the constitution and deal with some uncomfortable and obscene power grabs by the police, as well as state and federal governments.
  13. @Astromech, Nice post. @TrueMetis, what is it exactly you want? They have graciously answered your questions, obviously not to your liking, and maybe to the best of their ability (which is beyond mine). Our existence; as in the world, humanity, can not be answered, any presumed idea on the creation of this world, whether it be from a Creator or not, relies on logical fallacies and leaps of faith. They choose to believe in God, you do not, and that’s okay.
  14. @sainttriple7, yeah, Satan is in control of this world. It seems fairly evident, to me, with the teachings of Jesus and how people act; what they value (yes even Christians, even me). Temptation is a great and terrible thing, and moral fortitude is not exactly one of our strengths. My biggest struggle is love thy neighbor, how can you love people who hate you, call you names, blame you for being of a certain race and religion. People corrupt everything they touch, everything, even religion. Even the name of Jesus Christ. It is on us, not him. Jesus loved everyone, and told us to meet hate with love; but we are frail.
  15. He can only do so without the existence of free will.