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  1. Fair points, and I will try to address when I’m at work tomorrow. This is the only Internet forum I post on and I don’t do any social media, it’s why I read the forum much more than I post, you should have the respect to answer someone who replies to your comment
  2. Yeah, in a fantastically hypothetical situation, I would have all firearms destroyed, as well as the knowledge to make them. Some studies say there are more guns in America (and if you’re not American, I support your right to voice your opinion, but I don’t quite understand your vehemence, when there are probably a dozen other preventable death scenarios that cause more deaths than firearms in the U.S.) than there are people. It’s my personal belief that the government would be really fortunate to collect a third of those, under a hypothetical ban-and-turn-in. So there are 200+ million firearms still floating around, and we have Chicago on a grand scale. To make matters worse, IMO, more gun owners keep their guns than destroy them, and more gun owners destroy them than turn them in. So a government that is already spectacularly inefficient and corrupt, have no idea what kind of numbers they’re working with. The only guns on any government list, AFAIK, are class III items; full auto, sbr, sbs, suppressors, etc. Those items probably account for 1% of firearm purchases. So, several problems arise overnight: 1- You’ve created millions of felons overnight, from people who have been perfectly law abiding citizens for their entire life. 2- You have a government that has just trampled on an amendment this country was founded on, looking utterly inefficient. What’s their next move, trample the 4th, and go house to house? 3- The largest black market the world has ever seen has just been created. This is a highly complex issue, insults and quips, as well blanket statements and bans may not have the desired result. I mean, America has had a war on drugs for 30+ years; seems to me that problem is worse now than it was then.
  3. No need to feel sorry for me, as I don’t live in fear. Others posters had remarked that fear might be a reason for owning guns. I just googled it and found it seemed to be an overwhelming reason for women buying firearms; which I thought was reasonable. I guess if I was asked I would list home protection as one reason, but just one among several. I’m a member at a range, I shoot in competitions, my first two guns were given to me by my grandfather and father. My guns are kept unloaded and in a safe. I take them to the range in cases, load and shoot them, then take them home and lock them up. I clean and maintain them, I teach my wife and kids proper gun safety. Edit to add. I’m not saying I’m against any and all gun regulations; however I will admit to a healthy skepticism of the government; whether it be Trump and the right or Obama and the left. I enjoy reading about the founding fathers, and one of their lessons seem to be that the natural course of government is to grow more tyrannical.
  4. What of the roughly 70% of women who own firearms that cite protection/self defense as the reason for firearm ownership, are they projecting irrational fears? What guns do you guys want banned? And from whom, just civilians, or police and military as well?
  5. Haha, good one. I will try later, and did try a few minutes ago but the link wouldn’t work for me. But I’m not at my comp. I’m on my phone. I’m always a bit skeptical labeling or judging such a vast group of people.
  6. A study by Yale on the Washington post? So we believe all studies now, no matter what kind of bias the people conduct them have? Or just the studies that back up our own beliefs? I saw a study a few weeks back that said conservatives are more attractive than liberals; both seem rather silly, to me.
  7. Wasn’t going for deep insight, calling half the country Nazis, people responsible for the deaths of millions, seems obvious to me something you shouldn’t do if you want to be taken seriously. But, insult me if you like. So, you see total victory as the only option? What’s the end game for those who really believe republicans=Nazis? War?
  8. Eh, both sides are comprised of people, so both sides are corrupt, hypocritical, and deplorable. To believe otherwise is childish. This question was posed to a forum that greatly represents the left, maybe the extreme left. People who harbor extreme views are probably not good at introspection and self awareness; more of the “we’re good and they’re bad” variety. If you can’t argue the others side of a debate, you probably don’t know the issue we’ll enough to debate it in the first place. Calling people who don’t vote Democrat a Nazi is not only blatantly untrue, but a really stupid tactic. The same for saying people who are pro 2A are baby killers. Just my opinion.
  9. Absolutely. I pulled for the Jags even though I think they match up better with New England than the Steelers, I just can’t pull for the Steelers. The Jags have a team that can beat NE, run and protect the ball on offense, and they can play press man coverage and get pressure on Brady with 4-5 guys.
  10. My wife is from Minnesota, so she changed the channel after the Saints last field goal and I went to the basement to finish the game; the Patriots taught me that. So the four remaining quarterbacks are Bortles, Keenum, Foles, and Brady. Still, though, the other three teams have defenses that can give the patriots trouble. There is still a chance for a Vikings-Patriots super bowl, which I’ve been hoping for for some time. Especially since it will be played in Minneapolis. Even though the Vikings deserve it after some of their bad breaks, and it would be doubly sweet winning in their home state, it would also be cool if Belichick and Brady won the only true away-Super Bowl. Plus, she pulled for the giants during the undefeated season to zest me.
  11. I think it’s possible that Rhaegar wasn’t planning on calling a Great Council while at the tourney, but was seeking support for calling one in the future (with Ashara as a possible go-between), and possibly Rhaegar was already looking for a second bride. Robert Baratheon is mentioned twice in the story of tKotLT, both times with Richard Lonmouth, who we know was Rhaegar’s squire but Robert was his liege lord. It still doesn’t feel completely right; but it’s the only thing I can think of that fits Rhaegar’s motivations, reputation, and the timeline.
  12. The OP touches on something very important, something in the backstory is greatly misunderstood to throw the readers off. To put it bluntly, something in the backstory is most likely a lie. It’s the only way to reconcile Rhaegar’s reputation with his actions. I think most of his actions were political, but he dabbled in prophecy. @Curled Finger, you’re exactly right, and that’s the kind of trick Martin uses to let readers sidetrack themselves. Nothing is ever stated about Elia (except for GRRM saying in an interview that her and Rhaegar’s relationship was complicated) and yet people assume that because they would be upset if their spouse ran off with someone else, that Elia must have been upset. We don’t know. I see a lot about “textual evidence” on the forum; but you’re not gonna solve these riddles with text alone, Martin simply holds back too much to solve beyond a shadow of doubt. All we can do is take what little textual evidence there is, apply it to characters motivations and reputations that vary from one POV to the next, and work it against a very fuzzy timeline.
  13. I think the 07 patriots that went undefeated had one of the top 3-4 hardest schedules in the league, and the 08 patriots that went 11-5 and missed the playoffs were in the top 10 for easiest schedule. They (2007) had an average margin of victory of like 20 points per game, compared to 08 where it was like 7-8. Brady is an odd guy, but he’ll end up in the top 2-3 of every individual statistical category, and will own virtually every record where wins are concerned; reg. and post season, percentage, Super Bowls. And it won’t be very close. It’s all subjective, but all the great QB’s have a knock on them; Marino never won a SB, Montana’s personal stats are pedestrian, Manning choked in the playoffs, Favre threw a ton of interceptions, Brady played for a great coach.
  14. Whether Rhaenyra was a usurper or legitimate heir I guess largely depends on who you ask, and as the OP points out, history is written by the winners. It seems to kind of fold back into Varys’s riddle; is someone legitimate or a usurper, whose claim is better, and why? It makes for good world building and excellent back story, but anymore I tend to believe Martin adds a lot of these things for a higher purpose within the narrative; especially historical tidbits like the Dance of Dragons and the Great Council of 101. Martin seems to be keen on setting precedents for future reveals, more and more I think it will have implications on Jon and Dany; and possibly had great influence on Rhaegar and may help explain why he did exactly what he did.
  15. I’m a Pats fan, yeah, Garrapolo looks pretty unflappable. May not have been possible, but I wish New England could of kept him. Might have to start pulling for the 49ers in the NFC.