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  1. The founding fathers made it fairly clear their intent with the second amendment through numerous letters they wrote and speeches they gave. I understand why the left wants to argue the wording and intentions of the second amendment, but it’s subversive.
  2. That’s a smart post.
  3. @Kalbear, I disagree with one thing you’ve said. Is it truly a trade off? Full disclosure, I own a AR-15, a black rifle, what those who lobby for gun control call an assault rifle. I’ve put a flashlight, laser, foregrip, and a holographic sight on it. I enjoy shooting, like basketball or golf. I don’t even shoot animals, if I wasn’t so weak I’d be a vegetarian, because I like animals and have a soft spot for em. However, even though I like sport shooting, I’d hand over all of my guns (4), if it would save a single life. I’d even vote to ban guns if God would come tell me that every other gun in the US was gone. The truth is, I have a family, and I as much as I’m sure I could trust them in your care, or Relic or Dr Pepper or even Sword of Doom; I don’t trust people. Until a time I am confident that I don’t need a gun, because they are everywhere, then I will keep mine. Right, left, or center; at least you have to agree that people are untrustworthy, petty, and dangerous. Hungry enough, a person will cut your throat for a snickers bar. I have no faith in humanity, Paddock only reinforced that for me. Not necessarily people on this forum, I may disagree with you on a political or religious level, but you guys are smart, and make me think deeply even on gun control, which I’m staunchly behind 2A. Sorry for the run on paragraph. Will try to reply to others later; this convo moved very fast. @Free Northman Reborn, you make some very good points, especially about the revolver. A lot of people don’t understand firearms, even police empty entire magazines in fight or flight situations and hit nothing. @Mother Cocanuts, you’ve done well enough on your own, I’ve just never liked when a person gets singled out. All in all, you’ve had much better responses than I ever could.
  4. This is 11 pages in, if you guys were fair, you’d acknowledge that Mother Cocanuts, to me at least, started this debate evenly and fairly. It wasn’t until people insulted him/her, and called him/her a liar, that MC responded with an emotionally. If anyone cares to go back and read through the thread there are poster/s saying unequivocally that if a person backs the 2nd Amendment (a right given by the same guys who through great sacrifice allows us to question the 2nd Amendment) that they are essentially evil. No one has called that to attention. That’s largely because most (not all) of you live in a bubble, this forum is an echo chamber. And because so, you’ve become bullies on this forum. I’ve always tried to be polite and understanding on this forum, whether I agree or not, but that sentiment doesn’t seem to be shared. Maybe you guys are the extreme left, the opposite of the alt-right, because there doesn’t seem to be any willingness for compromise. The left (progressives/liberals) are 100% right, and anyone who opposes that needs to be put down. And no, the nazis aren’t gonna take over. As to the topic, Mother Cocanuts is right, guns are very simple devices, and while some or even most people panic given any situation, some people do not. I don’t panic, and I’m proficient with firearms.
  5. @Crazy Cat Lady in Training & @Tywin et al., I think Kalbear said it best, right or wrong, people resist any to gun restriction because it's deemed a right. Tywin, you are right, guns, like wealth, is controlled by a small percentage; but I doubt those guys would hand over any weapons.
  6. Its similar to the car to gun comparison. If you were to give most gun owners the option of turning over their guns to save 59 lives, or even 1, I dare say most would take it immediately. But that's not what is being prosposed here, taking John Doe's gun/s doesn't guarantee that Paddock wouldn't have acquired his weapons anyway. They want their guns for home defense.
  7. That's not how I think.
  8. That, and the military is sworn to uphold and defend the constitution, from all enemies, foreign and domestic.
  9. Nearly 70% of gun owners claim to own one for self defense/home protection, not to fight tyranny.
  10. There are an estimated 300 million firearms in circulation in the United States. In all likelihood, the only firearms that are registered are the ones on the NFA list; full-auto, along with SBR's and SBS's. I'd be surprised if the NFA items amounted to more than 10%, and that's probably exceptionally high. The other 290 million guns are not on any list, and no one knows who has what and how many. How does anyone propose to find those guns, presuming that some people (especially the criminal element) do not voluntarily turn them over? Illegal search and seizure? Plus, the constitution, and the fact that I dislike punishing everyone for the actions of the very few.
  11. @Kalbear, serious question, or anyone who wants to field it, as admittedly I'm not as well versed in some of the nuances of these topics. 2 years ago, my daughter's high school had college visitation day, but she was was not allowed to visit the university she wanted to because she wasn't a minority. That's what the students were told. Is that fair game, bigotry, racism?
  12. That seems unfair to Manhole, who seems from all the posts I've read over the years like a democrat/liberal. Defending freedom of speech isn't nazi-sympathizing, in my opinion. Trump may be racist, but equating him and the Republican Party to nazi sympathizers, seems to be jumping the gun by a fair margin. Equating these hillbillies to the third Reich who hijacked Germany and threatened the world with the German war machine may be a bit early as well. Remember when Obama won the election, and those on the far right decried we'd become a socialist state? The constitution is a fairly good shield to socialism/fascism if we protect it properly (which I think is all Manhole is defending). The extremist on the left and right are trying to turn this into a zero sum game (if you're not with us you're against us), whereas a more centrist government would likely be better for all around.
  13. This is your opinion. When looking at gun violence, suicide greatly skewers the numbers, and men are far more likely to commit suicide than women. When you look at the numbers of suicides compared to mass shootings, it seems that much more often troubled/deranged/abused men ( or whatever you want to call it) choose to take their own life instead of others.
  14. Are you saying someone in the Republican Party is equivalent to nazi sympathizing?
  15. Yeah, that seems very likely, also failure to feed/eject possibly with such a rapid rate of fire. I didn't really think about it, but yeah, one over heats or jams, just drop it and pick up another.