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  1. Hats off to Brady and NE! That was some win! Congratulations to them and their fans...
  2. OT...I think Pats win it...Too much momentum on their side...
  3. Brady for MVP!
  4. Here we go!
  5. Julio Fucking Jones!
  6. I was thinking the same. Matty Ice needs to lead a scoring drive to salt this.
  7. Nothing going for the Pats. More reason for Matty Ice to keep scoring and earn that MVP. Also that drive was Alex Smith/Donovan Mcnabb esque. Is that Andy Reid under that Hoodie?
  8. He will be a worthy choice...but I suspect it will be Ryan.
  9. Matty Ice for MVP
  10. I am calling it...this one's over....
  11. Of course the Browns cut Gabriel...SMH