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  1. Well played sir Also chunder means puke you ignoramus Yank.
  2. You need to ask this to an OZ. This will rile him up. Quouting down under to a Kiwi and assuming he is an OZ....... or (worse) they are the same :faceplam:
  3. So, the Sixers win the lottery. Apparently Mutombo knew it beforehand It was rigged!!!!!!!! May be not.
  4. NFL 2016 Offseaon: free agency freakout

    In other news JFF is now his roomie
  5. I think Jared Leto's Joker used to be Batfleck's Robin. There was an interchange between Bruce and Alfred at one point that seems to indicate that. I do not rememebr the exact dialogue. But Bruce was saying how everyone in Gotham eventually gets corrupted. I think the originalJoker broke Robin and made him his successor. Batfleck probably killed Joker. Orit could be even deranged Robin who killed Joker to take the mantle.
  6. Yes, her role in this movie is not a big one. But she is one of the highlights of the movie. Also some of the critics (the professional ones, not you good folks on this board) needto STFU. I am reading one of the articleswhere the reviewer is bitchingabout Superman flying to Mexico (the word Mexico was initalics to emphasise his point) to save a girl. WTF is wrong with him going to Mexico? Has PresidentTrump already built that wall? IsDisney running a campaign against the DC movies? BVS is not a flawless movie by anymeans. It has plot holes,bad acting and a few other not so great stuff. But imo, it is nowhere near as bad as the reviewers would have you believe.
  7. So I came back from the movie. Was it amazing, no. But it was not bad either. Far better than Age of Ultronand a few of the marvel movies. This is my opinion and I am not infallible. But you guys need to stop bashing the movie based on reviews, go and watch it. If you do not like it, by all means kick the shit out of it.
  8. Marvel Netflix - AKA the Second Thread

    Available now in New Zealand!
  9. Marvel Netflix - AKA the Second Thread

    Yeah, it is midnight pacific time (not sure what the impact of daylight saving is as I am not in the states). But either way it will be availablewhen I'm back home from work and it'sFRIDAY
  10. Marvel Netflix - AKA the Second Thread

    I'm pretty sure it will be released at the same time (Midnight PST) worldwide, that's what happened with the first season of DD.FYI it is 10 am in NZ of the 18th andDD2 is not available right now.
  11. NFL 2016 Offseaon: free agency freakout

  12. I liked it. Is this the strongest book of the series? No. I would probably rate it as better than the first book but not quite as strong as the previous two.
  13. NFL 2016 Offseaon: free agency freakout

    Good one Rock. I have nothing more to add to this other that for me the position was just reversed. Brady was the Other and Peyton was my champion. I will miss the sheriff.