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  1. Rubio is do you feel about that? Lowry could be affordable....
  2. I confess that I do lot follow NBA that closely. But here's what I do not understand: If the celtics did not rate Fultz high enough to keep the pick, why do the deal with Philly that early? If Boston held on till the draft day, they could conceivably make an offer to the Knicks for Porzingas that would have been more acceptable (and face saving) to Phil Jackson. And then may be use the next year's Nets pick and trade for Jimmy Butler. We all saw how little the T'wolves had to surrender. The Warriors and Lebron are huge deterrents, I get that. But this version of the Boston team would have been good enough to contend now and would have been young enough to take over when GS and Lebron's team started to fade.
  3. I think if this happens, Celtics must be confident of keeping him beyond next year.
  4. Another Woj Bomb: An imminent trade: Paul George heading to Boston! So may be not.
  5. I did get NBA league pass this year, I think I will renew; even though the game timings are terrible in NZ....
  6. I had so much fun reading this thread....So here's a Woj bomb: Butler traded to Minny. For Lavine, Dunn and the number 7 pick! Jeebus! T'wolves will be good.
  7. Hats off to Brady and NE! That was some win! Congratulations to them and their fans...
  8. OT...I think Pats win it...Too much momentum on their side...
  9. Brady for MVP!
  10. Julio Fucking Jones!