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  1. The "Handsome Young Man" (Show Spoilers)

    Let's look at possible options: 1. Lancel - this is the simplest solution, but on closer examination this does not work: I agree that Lancel is not for Littlefinger to give; He must have confessed his sins long ago, otherwise it would be a very bizarre and unrealistic writing: Lancel becomes "born again", participates if pogroms organised by Faith, but keeps his sins for himslef, until immoral Littlefinger tips off Tyrells / High Septon about those? Would not the Faith punish Lancel for keeping his sins for himself for so long? High Septon says that a young man came to him... 2. Olyvar - this could work, if LF gets him murdered or he changes the testimony, but why would they trust a 2nd testimony more thn the 1st? Anyway I believe Olyvar still seems more logical than Lancel. 3. Robin Arryn - I understand "A handsome Young Man" is an expression, but somehow I can not see sweetobin quolifying as one... besides whats his use for Tyrells? some said they are goung to crown him - I am sorry but this does not work - Robin has no ZERO claim to the Iron Throne - there is no way they can crown him without a huge civil war/confusion in the country, besides even if they succeed in this conspiracy - this is a long term process - bringing army of Arryn, slaughtering people in KL, etc... How exactly is this going to help Loras and Margery? They are the priority for Olenna, not the Iron Throne. LF is offering her a gift that will help her to save/iprove the situation of her grandchildren, and Robin Arryn is definitely of little help when it comes to pending trial. If they hope he will bring the Army of Vale to scare the Faith… well the Tyrells have even bigger Army but High Septon seems not to care… 4. Gendry - this could work if he is used (in combination with the Genealogy Book from Season One) to prove Sersei's relations with Jaime, and to dethtone Tommen - but again - I can not seehow this can help Olenna to save/help Loras and Margery here and now. 5. fAegon - whell, if suddenly the faith becomes very supportive of fAegon (why?) then after getting the crown he could help Loras and Margery by Royal decree, crackdown on the church, etc but is not it too complicated? If Tommen is unable to attack the Faith today, whill the newly crowned fAegon able to do it Tomorrow? 6. Jon, Ramsey, Greyjoys and Essos gang are too far away to matter at this point. So, in conclusion, it seems to me it is either Lancel (making the writing sloppy), Olyvar (there is still hope they can come up with a logical explanation/justification) or someone we totally do not expect…The Mountain maybe?????
  2. + The faceless Man needed pates face to infiltrate the Citadel, why would he need 2 faces for 1 task?
  3. I am sorry, this is so crackpot, that it borders on trolling... Hogwarts has nothing to do with this, it is pretty obvious that Sam is not going to stay at the Oldown for long, Oldtown is about to be sucked by the Ironborn and Sam will have to witness that/escape and meet his father Lord Turly (Who by the way is being cast for Season 6, and not just Sams father, but his mother, sister and brother as well !!!) why the hell would "Sam the Faceless Man" visit his sister and brother???
  4. Season 6 Casting, Sightings and Speculations

    From what I saw, most people presume that the Leading Actress and traveling theater is usually linked to Aryas story, but what if this is Altered "Team Aegon" and she is some kind of replacement for Lemore?
  5. [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    As a matter of fact it just occured to me that Sansa might have unexpectedly unpleasant wedding night with Harry the Hair, somehow resembling what we saw on TV series, the trick being that in case of Ramsey on the show we knew what he wascapable of, while it would be an unpleasant surprise if it turns out that Harry can be more than arrogant jerk. This actually could be the controversial chapter of Sansa in TWOW.
  6. Season 6 Casting, Sightings and Speculations

    Also, from AFFC/ADWD material it is not quite clear which minor characters can become more important in TWOW (as this might increase their chances to be included in TV adaptation)
  7. Season 6 Casting, Sightings and Speculations

    The only "major" character I am relatively hopeful of seeing in Season 6 is Euron – if they could have Bran sit out the entire season, they can do same with entire Ironborn plot, I believe the Ironborn will return in Season 6, but Vicatrion and Aeron will be absorbed into Euron and Yarra characters. As to the rest it is impossible to tell now, at least until we see Season5; I am already pretty confident that Aryanne and Quent are cut. Aryannes functions will be split between Ellaria, Sandsnakes and possibly Myrcella. Weather Trystan will be borrowing the story arks of Aegon or Quentyn or both – we have to see. I would say there is still a small chance for the Griff story / and maybe Lord Tarly as well. And I won't be surprised if they bring back Gendry to replace some character (s) from the books.
  8. [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    This is all quite possible however: As Arianne is "Eyes of Dorne" in Stormlands and possibly even in KL, thus Areoh migh be needed as our Eyes in the Dorne - for how long thats another matter... Theon and Asha - they are at the same point now - but this does not mean they can not split into different directions - being at the same point for a while does not automatically mean death to one of the PoVs - after all - in GoT we had several PoVs at the same location for almost entire book ( in KL - Edd, Sansa, Arya, briefly Joined by Cat; not to mention that almost all Povs exept Danny gathered in Winterfell in the beginning of Got)
  9. Jon and Val an item in WoW?

    I don't expect Jon and Val becaming item in TWOW simply because I think Jon will spend most (if not entire) TWOW warged in his direwolf. I am not sure Vall will be still around or even alive by the time Jon "awakens".
  10. [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    I also believe that Barristan is likely to die - the question is whether his death comes courtesy of Shavapate or Victarion or someone else. Barristan trusts Shavapate and Barristan believes now that the Ironborn are fighting on their side - both of this suppositions are warning signs to me. As to the valuable information about Rhaegar and Aerys - well he did not bother to tell their story for 2 books, why would he start talking now? Also, he might have some reflections on Rhaegar or Ashara during his last chapter(s) - informing us, the readers, but not Danny.
  11. Rhaegar Targaryen

    This must be a joke, right?
  12. Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    If D&D read this forum....... Please no Naveen Andrwes, ....... Pelase NO ! Pelase NO ! Pelase NO ! Pelase NO ! Pelase NO ! Pelase NO ! Pelase NO ! Pelase NO ! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
  13. [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    There migh be several "twists" behind this dragon horn trick... 1. The main one - already pointed out by many on this forum - if Vick goes on with his plan... will blowing the dragon horn bind the dragon (s) to him or to EURON? Was Euron so confident/trusting that he let Vick have such a powerfull tool? Is there some catch behind his plan? 2. Even if Vick manages to bind the Dragon (s) - what does this mean exactly? Does he become a Dragon rider?? but 1 person can not be rider of 2 dragons. It is quite murky even if he gets only one dragon (and I mentioned earlier that I think he will manage to get only one while the other dragon will end with some other group of players) but imagine both Rhaegal and Viserion are sitting on the mereneese beech having a lunch, here comes Vick and his "horn-blowers" :))) - and they blow... 2 Dragons = 2 Riders so there is no logical reason for both of them choosing Vick, or say Rhaegal choses Vick and Viserion - dusky woman... What I am trying to say - I suspect binding the dragons is quite different from becoming a dragon rider - as you can ride only 1 dragon at a time, but in theory you can bind many dragons. So what does "binding" mean??? Maybe it means that dragons keep running around their binder, wrecking havock and burning and eating everyone and everything nearby ?? :)))
  14. [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    I think there is a possibility that at a certain moment Brown Ben might become a temporary rider for one of the dragons, thus splitting 3 dragons between 3 different partys - one with danny, one with ironborn and one with BBP /Tyrion. I also think that exept for Danny/Drogon duo, the other 2 dragons might change riders over the next 2 books (the new riders of course will take over after the deaths of the previous ones) For example, this might mean Victarion temporarily controls 1 dragon, and then it is taken over by Euron Brown Ben controls another one, but then, after BBP dies his dragon goes to someone else (Tyrion, Aegon, Jon, Darkstar, Samwell:) ???? I don't know)
  15. [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    Quenteen is definitely dead and its is this death that made his story line beautiful. Quenteen surviving the dragon atatck and being misteriously/magically nurtured back to life by kindly dragon while everyone (or almost everyone) mistakes Tattered Prince fro Prince of Dorne - this is not GRRM, this is exactly the kind of fantasy GRRM is trying to change and challenge. As to Littlefinger I'm still convinced that Sansa is going to be "the maiden defeating the titan" from the prophecy. As to Arya, I think she might spend most of TWOW in essos, first training, then assasinating someone important in Essos, and maybe only by the end of the book being sent, or deciding to go back to Westeros. So even if she returns to Westeros in the next book , I don't think Vale will be on her agenda, most likely she will go North or to KL . Sansa meanwhile will be married to Harry, sweetrobin will die before or even after this marriage, Sansa will bear a child to Harry, this makes Harry already disposable, so LF offs him and marries (or plans to marry) Sansa himself - thus becoming a stepfather and regent for the hair to Vale. At least this might be his plan but of course something somewhere will go wrong....