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  1. Razha added a post in a topic "What happens with the Sand Snakes is…extreme. Very extreme" - Jessica Henwick   

    I really hope that there will be a huge and LOGICAL twist in Dorne story.
    1. Most realistic and logical option for me: Doran reveals that he is planning to take over the Kingslanding and Seven kingdoms by making Trystane a king-consort to Queen Myrcella. This, of course, implies that they have to off Tommen and neutralise Sersei and Tyrrels; Doran revelas his true plan to Ellaria and the Sansnakes and dispatches them on the separate missions (that might include the Citadel, the Kingslanding and even a journey to Mereen/Volantis).
    Again, in my opinion, this is the most logical, and realistic option. However, one has to admit - there is nothing EXTREME here. Unless, they indeed murder Tommen in the finale. However this would mean that we will meet them in "Dorne" in the beginning of the episode 10 and they would already reach Kimngslanding by the end of it.

    2. Doran reveals that he is Danny's supporter, he might even send Sandsnakes to Mereen . This is again quite logical, and more or less in line with the books – but again what is EXTREME about it? If he sent them mid-season and if all of them were roasted by Rhaegal in the finale – now that could have been extreme and pretty satisfying.
    Another shortcoming of this story – Trystane is betrothed to Myrcella, he is virtually 1 step away from the Iron throne. Why would a wise ruler like Doran choose much more difficult and unsure option like waiting for Danny and having invasion and war to get KL and the desired revenge, when this could have been achieved in much easier ways – off Tommen, make Trystane a king-consort to Queen Myrcella - this will not only give you a control over the Iron Throne, but provides also ample opportunities to avenge the family members by all Lannisters except Myrcella.

    3. The Extreme version would be as speculated by many – Sandsnakes kill Myrcella, Jaime, Doran or Each other – I put all of these options together because ALL of them seem a pretty stupid to me (though D&D might well think that any of these solutions is cool/smart/extreme). Killing Jaime and/or Myrcella seems stupid to me because on the show (not in the books) this would be already a second attempt – in the show that has to cut and streamline so many storylines – is not it indulgent to have 2 occasions aiming to accomplish the very same goal - killing Myrcella and providing ample opportunities to kill Jaime, Bronn, Sandsnakes or even Doran? – they could have killed whomever they wanted to kill right there at the water gardens, why drag the story along just to repeat the attempt?
  2. Razha added a post in a topic Euron Greyjoy and... who else from the Iron Islands?   

    think in the last episode of this season they can show Yarra discussing plans with her father, followed by mysterious death of Balon.

    next season they can have a kingsmot dealt in 1 or 2 episodes (before and after arrival of Euron, or before and after election of Euron)

    They might have several characters who appear only during the kingsmot and are killed or disappear afterwards, this may include both Aeron and Victarion (or at least one of them)
    Their role will be to participate in the Kingsmot, contest Yarra's claim, and be killed by own brother at the end (instead of killings of Lord Botley and Lord Baelor Blacktyde).
    the remainder of the season will deal with him invading the Citadel or travelling to get a Dragon or doing both.
  3. Razha added a post in a topic How Trystane = fAegon could work out   

    I still think that the chances of Trystane being Aegon are pretty small..
    But Trystane can definately fulfill the fucntion of Aegon in the books - acting as prospective husban/foil to Danny.
    I think the entire Blackfire story is being cut as well as the baby swap....But they can make Doran and Varys long time allies , etc

    So in the books the Initial Varys Plan was: distract Robert and co with Vyseris/Danny, arrange invasion Dotraki invasion, and then let the Aegon arrive and save the day.
    After death of Vyseris/birth of Dragons Plan was revised: Aegon marries Mother of Dragons and they invade together...

    On the Series it could be: Train Trystane to be a perfect king and wait for the opportunity to marry him to Danny. Thus combining the Varys Plan (Aegon+Danny) and Dornish Plan of the books (Quentyn+Danny) into a single plan.
  4. Razha added a post in a topic The "Handsome Young Man" (Show Spoilers)   

    Let's look at possible options:
    1. Lancel - this is the simplest solution, but on closer examination this does not work: I agree that Lancel is not for Littlefinger to give;
    He must have confessed his sins long ago, otherwise it would be a very bizarre and unrealistic writing: Lancel becomes "born again", participates if pogroms organised by Faith, but keeps his sins for himslef, until immoral Littlefinger tips off Tyrells / High Septon about those? Would not the Faith punish Lancel for keeping his sins for himself for so long? High Septon says that a young man came to him...

    2. Olyvar - this could work, if LF gets him murdered or he changes the testimony, but why would they trust a 2nd testimony more thn the 1st? Anyway I believe Olyvar still seems more logical than Lancel.

    3. Robin Arryn - I understand "A handsome Young Man" is an expression, but somehow I can not see sweetobin quolifying as one... besides whats his use for Tyrells? some said they are goung to crown him - I am sorry but this does not work - Robin has no ZERO claim to the Iron Throne - there is no way they can crown him without a huge civil war/confusion in the country, besides even if they succeed in this conspiracy - this is a long term process - bringing army of Arryn, slaughtering people in KL, etc... How exactly is this going to help Loras and Margery? They are the priority for Olenna, not the Iron Throne. LF is offering her a gift that will help her to save/iprove the situation of her grandchildren, and Robin Arryn is definitely of little help when it comes to pending trial. If they hope he will bring the Army of Vale to scare the Faith… well the Tyrells have even bigger Army but High Septon seems not to care…

    4. Gendry - this could work if he is used (in combination with the Genealogy Book from Season One) to prove Sersei's relations with Jaime, and to dethtone Tommen - but again - I can not seehow this can help Olenna to save/help Loras and Margery here and now.

    5. fAegon - whell, if suddenly the faith becomes very supportive of fAegon (why?) then after getting the crown he could help Loras and Margery by Royal decree, crackdown on the church, etc but is not it too complicated? If Tommen is unable to attack the Faith today, whill the newly crowned fAegon able to do it Tomorrow?

    6. Jon, Ramsey, Greyjoys and Essos gang are too far away to matter at this point.
    So, in conclusion, it seems to me it is either Lancel (making the writing sloppy), Olyvar (there is still hope they can come up with a logical explanation/justification) or someone we totally do not expect…The Mountain maybe?????
  5. Razha added a post in a topic Season 6 Casting, Sightings and Speculations   

    From what I saw, most people presume that the Leading Actress and traveling theater is usually linked to Aryas story, but what if this is Altered "Team Aegon" and she is some kind of replacement for Lemore?
  6. Razha added a post in a topic The Complete Winds of Winter Resource v. 2   

    I believe and hope this will be Damphair chapter - he was eager to read it all those years back, Greyjoy storiline is often criticised as being reduntant, extraneous, etc - so this could be anoither way of him proving that "yes, Greyjoys matter and they are in the book for a reason".
  7. Razha added a post in a topic Rickon's Role   

    I see Rickon as eventual "Stark in Winterfell". He might not necessarily take active role in the events but his supporters would put hime in Winterfell after all is said and done.

    I could also expect that his "wildness" would result in much less friendly/peaceful personality than his parents and siblings. As a neet twist if eventiually he will turn out to be almost as ruthless and cruel as Joffrey/Ramsey, but as he is a Stark we will have to overlook/justify his actions. (for example in the epilogue it could be mentioned that he eliminated all the houses he thought did wrong his family)....

    This could be part of GRRM's "bittersweet ending" - justice is served, Stark is back in WF, but somehow it will leave with bitter taste....
  8. Razha added a post in a topic [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3   

    As a matter of fact it just occured to me that Sansa might have unexpectedly unpleasant wedding night with Harry the Hair, somehow resembling what we saw on TV series, the trick being that in case of Ramsey on the show we knew what he wascapable of, while it would be an unpleasant surprise if it turns out that Harry can be more than arrogant jerk. This actually could be the controversial chapter of Sansa in TWOW.
  9. Razha added a post in a topic (Book Spoilers) What changes from books to show would you have made and how would they impact season 5?   

    This is my take on Dorne:

    I would keep both Arianne and Quentyn. Arianne, Sand Snakes and their supporters only try to remove Doran from power (Crowning Myrcella is needed to fulfill the prophecy, but this time it might be omitted if she will receive a reall crown next season after the death of Tommen). Also instead of Nymeria (whose functions as envoy to KL I would give to Ellaria) I would have Sarella as 3rd "adult sand snake".

    In the very first Dornish scene I would have all major Dornish characters gather for the funeral of Oberyn. Sandsnakes request vengeance from Doran, while Ellaria is more reasonable. Later in the same episode: Sandsnakes meet Arianne and hatch a plan to depose Doran, meanwhile Ellaria is present at the secret meeting of Doran with Quentyn – the episode would end with Fire and Blood monologue delivered by Doran directly to Quent.

    Next episode will have departure of Quent for Mereen and Ellaria backfor Kingslanding, it would be fun to have her sit on small council on Doran's behalf and have catty talks with Sersei and the rest (she might also take over some of book Taenna Marryweather functions).
    Dornish coup can be resolved in just 1-2 episodes as in the show – but with better fights, much more people involved and much more bloodshed (and no Jaime) Obara escapes, the rest are arrested.

    Jaime and Bronn kidnap Myrcella later (in a more believable and dramatic manner). But as they try to leave Dorn they come across Obara, who maims Myrcella and kills Bronn, escaping again while Jaime and wounded Myrcella are apprehended by Areo.

    This point forward we might only have a brief glimpse of Aryanne and Snakes in prison, they will reappear only in the last episode when they are pardoned and sent on assignment by Doran (to Storms End, KL and Oldtown). Jaime, who is turn with guilt over his actions that led to Myrcellas disfigurement, is sent to find Obara.


    As to the Quentyn and friends - ideally I would have an extend journey , with him possibly briefly meeting Victarion or Griffs on the way, but if we are limited with 10 episode season, he might be shown only in the beginning in Dorne and at the end, meeting Danny around epp 8 and getting roasted in ep 10.


    In a Simplified version I would combine Trystane with Quentyn, have the botched coronation of Myrcella part of the Ariannes coup,Jaime trying to kidnap Myrcella only to have her killed by Obara, Trystane sent to Danny, and the rest as above.
  10. Razha added a post in a topic Season 5 predicted deaths (BOOK AND SHOW SPOILERS)   

    Definitevely going to die: Maester Aemon, Meryn Trant, Kevan Lannister, Maester Pizzel

    Very high chances of not surviving: Bronn

    Possibly: Tommen, High Septon or Lady Olenna might be added to Varys's blacklist.
    If they have trials/reveal of Robert Strong in the last episode - Loras or Marge can be offed
  11. Razha added a post in a topic Is it me, or has the show's general quality diminished?   

    I can agree that in retrospect the splitting the characters might have been not the best idea but I completely disagree on AFFC and ADWD being bad. Actually I would rate ADWD as best written book of the series. It is another matter that it is not as "cinematic" as ASOS...

    There are certain problems on the TV show but they are mostly result of simplification/alteration of the book stories.
    I am not a die-hard book purist, and some changes work pretty well on their own, especially given the time constraints of 10-episode season, but there are some that do not work: Robb/Talyssa, Locke at the wall, Asha's quest and Dornish adventures are disappointing not because they depart from the books but because they are too brief/ too cliche or even seem pointless (Yarras trip to Dreadfort ??).
    Another problem is linked with splitting book3 into 2 seasons - this resulted in some characters having "not enough" original material to warrant a season long arks, and the "filler" that the producers came up with was not always successful.
    We still have to see the current season till the end, to be able to judge if Dorne and some other stories are as week as they seem at this point.