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  1. I hate this line of response and you should stop using it. It's brought up whenever anything remotely strange happens in the show and it's never convincing or appropriate. Just because you include dragons and other fantastical elements in a story, doesn't mean you can do anything and still have it make sense to people. Arya is meant to be an ordinary child that has learned certain skills. Some of those skills might be magical in nature, but, as far as I understand, they're not meant to make her an invincible super hero that could arm wrestle the Mountain if she wanted to. Edit: It was not my intention to add to a pile-on here. I didn't see all the responses you were getting until after I published mine.
  2. I'm happy to be corrected. Thank you.
  3. If a good point like this is raised, don't just ignore it. Address it explicitly.
  4. The scene was anime bullshit, but I wasn't too bothered by it. It may have to do with my brain being very good at adjusting stories as they move along. I saw a little girl do an overhead block with a thin rapier against a heavy two-handed sword from a strong and seasoned warrior, but, in a sense, that's not what my brain chose to include as part of what was actually happening. Arya sparred with Brienne and did well. She impressed the castle. That's it.
  5. She definitely should look pale, pained, and scared to death. That's most likely what Lyanna looked like at that time. She wasn't some sort of anime character whose power levels were so high that she was never ever vulnerable. She just went through hours of childbirth and lost enough blood to kill her. She's also feeling fear over losing her child to Robert's wrath and might even be a sad over the possible death of Rhaegar. In spite of all this I also thought she looked absolutely gorgeous. That might sound a bit creepy given the context, but the point is that it's as if you people were seeing another person from the one I was seeing. Great casting, very good acting, excellent delivery. A+
  6. It is worth remembering that House Stark, like many of the houses in the north, have a special relation to the wall. For a bastard son or younger brother of a Lord, it's still considered an honorable tradition to serve the Watch.
  7. Labeling everyone who is skeptical of big supranational states as evil seems a bit excessive and childish to me.
  8. The way both sides have been using statistics before and after the vote makes my blood boil. Anyway, here's the latest thing I've been reading about: The entire entry is worth the read. I expect it to be ignored and buried in the discussions to follow, of course, because it ruins people's fun.
  9. I appreciate that and I agree: discussions about different forms of democracy and their scope is not discussed enough. We tend to always go to the status quo and believe that anything else is just impossible.
  10. Insularity need not follow though.
  11. You make some good points. I'm fervently against the EU, but for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with immigration. In fact, I'm an open border kind of guy. I just think that democracies should be very local and small. People should vote on things that directly affect them. They should be able to feel the influence of their vote to a larger degree. Their representatives, in so far as they need any, should not be too removed geographically, socially, and economically speaking. I want our strategy for getting rid of nation states to be directed downwards rather than upwards. I therefore believe that any development towards big supranational states, modern empires in effect, is dangerous and not in line with the ideals I associate with democracy. These are very strong values that I have that I can't put to the side just to spite some bigoted assholes.
  12. I just wanted you to know that not all skinheads are racists and nazis. Indeed, there were a lot of black skinheads in Britain during the 60's and the decades thereafter saw the formation of SHARP, an organization for Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice. Early skinhead culture was associated with reggae and soul, and was later wedded to the punk and hardcore movements (and their close musical relatives). These facts are fairly well known in Britain and parts of Scandinavia, especially in various counterculture contexts, but in the US and continental Europe, it's not.
  13. I suspect that if racist assholes started preaching that we ought not to drink bleach, a bunch of people I know would be dead within the hour. In any case, I laughed out loud at the story about some Londoners wanting to secede. A city wants to secede from a nation because it was terribly at odds with it during an election and the city feels like it should have more say about its own destiny. Meanwhile, the election was about the nation state wanting to secede from a supranational state that was terribly at odds with and the nation feels like it should have more say about its own destiny. The fact that people don't even see the absurd irony in all of this and the lessons it invites is baffling to me.
  14. Nearly half (49%) of leave voters said the biggest single reason for wanting to leave the EU was “the principle that decisions about the UK should be taken in the UK”. One third (33%) said the main reason was that leaving “offered the best chance for the UK to regain control over immigration and its own borders.” Just over one in eight (13%) said remaining would mean having no choice “about how the EU expanded its membership or its powers in the years ahead.” Only just over one in twenty (6%) said their main reason was that “when it comes to trade and the economy, the UK would benefit more from being outside the EU than from being part of it.” Daniel Hannan has been among the main voices for the Brexit campaign. People now seem to have conveniently forgotten this, perhaps because he's in favor of migration and this doesn't fit the narrative that all people on the leave side are evil wicked people?
  15. Yes, looking at the pound the day after is a reliable indicator of whether a country will end up having an economy in the long term. You're just making yourself look worse and worse in this debate. Just stop it, for your own sake.