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  1. Raheem Sterling, He's top of the league
  2. Yeah man, would recommend stuff like the Sopranos, Friday Night Lights etc. Parks and Rec is a good foreign show if you're into optimistic, yet often profound, comedy
  3. You have had some awful luck with that so far! You must be due a change in fortunes by now...
  4. Haha, never going to happen!! Also, Kompany will be back on Saturday so you might have to bench Demichelis again... Don't forget everyone that there are two "game weeks" in the next 7 days so two transfers etc
  5. Agreed. Ozil comes across as a bit of a red herring as far as fantasy football is concerned.
  6. Happy with my progress so far. Gone from 3 places from the bottom to the top half of the table, both in total points scored and seemingly scoring above average for our league most weeks. Looking to break into the European places shortly after New Year. Will be happy with that my first season in the westeros league.
  7. Aguero is also on fire points wise. Got 36 from him this weekend. 80 or so points for me this week
  8. Really glad I benched both Aaron Ramsey and Robbie Brady yesterday as they were both injury doubts. As it happens, they're both currently in the team of the week. Woo.
  9. Finally got my defence sorted after a horror start due to injuries and now both van Persie and Ramires are probably going to be out this weekend. Lovely. Need Aguero to keep scoring freely.
  10. Too many injuries. Faith in Joe.
  11. Whoever it is at the top with over 100 points is the kind of Fantasy Footballer who fills me with awe. To be around the top 10,000 out of 2.5+ million is admirable.
  12. Both Kompany and Luiz having injury notices next to them is a bit of a pisser. My defence is now distinctly second rate.
  13. Currently sat in joint seventh with (I think?) Kair. Notice that a lot of you lot above aren't playing three up front which is mental, but I can't help but admire how you're up there with only 2 strikers.
  14. My team will shortly be joined. May I cordially introduce: POLICE HORSES