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  1. Just thought I'd drop in quickly after probably my favourite ten minutes of the season so far happened last night across various games in Europe...
  2. Hello everyone. Last night was fun. Cheers
  3. Iskaral, no one ever really mentions Silva despite him being arguably the best player in the league. And before you all scoff at that, I think there's a genuine conversation to be had here. Does anyone else dictate a successful team in the Premier League like Silva does? Personally I rate him above Aguero and Toure at City. Interested to hear what people think. For instance based on last year I'd imagine people could argue for Hazard and Sanchez. Any others?
  4. Definitely. There's a difference between bias and outright delusion. Chelsea appear to have skipped over that line. However based on the twitter abuse I am currently getting a lot of Chelsea fans genuinely think they were unlucky not to get a point which to be honest makes me feel deep despair and sadness. Imagine thinking they deserved anything from that match. Eta: Having trouble deciding what my favourite thing was today. There's an equal case to be made for cheering and singing at the Chelsea doctor, the Aguero goal, Ramires celebrating for fucking ages after he was ruled offside, the Kompany header, Ivanovic being utter dreck all afternoon, Fernandinho forsaking technique for just kicking it really hard and of course One Step Beyond
  5. Can we all please cast our minds back to that time 95% of the pundits and "experts" predicted City woukd finish 4th? Or even 5th in the case of David James? City were imperious today. Made Chelsea look like a team of also ran cunts and Sunday League hopefuls. Everyone turned up, everyone outplayed their opposite number, we were fucking exceptional. CITY CITY CITY CITY CITY CITY CITY The unexpected cherry on top of the cake is the delightfully childish match report on the Chelsea website which I assume was written by banter legend Mourinho himself
  6. Hold on who are you on there??
  7. Didn't see it but I feel confident saying that yes he is better dressed than Steven Jovetic. That man was a kaleidoscope of shite menswear
  8. Part of the effort to avoid having so many Southern clubs in the Premier League
  9. They really are total shit. Need them to go down and Middlesbrough to come up to keep the quota of North East clubs in the league.
  10. Also fuck off the Mackems. Hopefully Newcastle won't gift them the 6 points they need to stay up this year
  11. It's really embarrassing isn't it that that's their line up. Awful set of pundits
  12. Everton looking good! Lukaku is a great player tbh
  13. I'm really looking forward to Friday night games en masse next season. The level of alcohol abuse up and down the country will go down in history. Would be amazed if the filth let it go on more than two years
  14. On the plus side his goal in the 2022/23 season which keeps the Mackems in division 2 is going to be sensational. Fair play to him.
  15. I'm trying to be nice. Seeing the best young player in the world at Lyon in 5 years will be reward enough