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  1. Didn't love it, but didn't hate it either. 7/10
  2. Indeed. Same feels here. And rating. :cheers:
  3. 10/10 Dany scene - amazing. I actually teared up a bit... Varys and his background. Varys/Lady Ollena. <3 <3 <3 Cersei/Tywin! Beric!!!!!! You killed Mycah!!! Ramsay! Craster's wasn't as awful as it was in my head, but still, they did an okay job. Poor Jaime.... The whole episode was amazing. I felt as if I was watching a movie... *.*
  4. No, I agree, but as I said, they are making him quite likeable... His Reek was not likeable :laugh: Anyway, hope it works... I was quite shocked when I read about the Reek/Ramsay identity switch thing, we'll see what the non-readers say when the reveal comes in the show :dunno:
  5. Really enjoyed the episode overall, but had a few pet peeves... 8/10 The Pod scene... not a big fan, hope it turns out he just listened to their sob stories, lol :laugh: But the scene was unnecessary, ofc. Craster talking cannibalism. Okay guys, he's gross enough, no need for that. Really. Stannis. ...... Just no. He is not needy and clingy like that. Was the biggest issue for me. Still enjoying Dany scenes, which is all new to me. They actually made me care a bit for showEdmure - can't stand bookEdmure...still not sure how to feel about that. The Blackfish is awesome! Loved the Hot Pie scene... they are so cute and awkward... the horrors of war have jaded them but they still care about each other... as awkwardly as they do :wub: Not sure what to make of Boy... they are making him quite likeable. Really going for shock value later on, I guess :dunno: Locke seems more of a Ramsay figure at the moment though...
  6. 8/10 Loved the Dany scenes, and that doesn't happen often. Don't mind the Marge scene with the kids although they made her seem like the modern day politicians... still, didn't mind it much. Loved Davos scenes (omg, his face when Mel touches him... ) and the Tywin/Tyrion scene was awesome, Tywin is a heartless prick... Still wary of the Beyond the Wall gang... we shall see... Still cringe at the whole Robb/Cat storyline........... Also, Roose seems like a stand up guy ... what the what HBO? :dunno:
  7. Little birds are so mainstream. I have flying monkeys do my bidding...

    1. The Great Walrus

      The Great Walrus

      And i have flying walruses do my bidding...

    2. Little Wing

      Little Wing

      who needs dragons then...flying walruses is where it's at!

    3. The Great Walrus
  8. Little birds are so mainstream. I have flying monkeys to do my bidding...

  9. Little birds a so mainstream. I have flying monkeys to do my bidding...

  10. Little birds a so mainstream. I have flying monkeys doing my bidding...

  11. Little birds a so mainstream. I have flying monkeys doing my bidding...

  12. Oooh... Nice. Ser Wun Wun's posted in the Foreshadowing thread, so you might wanna share this there too :)
  13. Oh, wow! Great find! Also, you should post this under spoilers in the Foreshadowing thread :) ETA: Also, Sansa was so frightened of Illyn Payne - and another Payne saving her would be interesting... but since this is off topic I hope you post in the foreshadowing thread so we could continue there.
  14. Or Pod killing LF :devil: The description fits both LF and Tyrion, in foreshadowing purposes, and GRRM always kind of gives us more than one option, so we can never know for sure what's he going to do.
  15. I dunno why, but I thought of Pod. He's kind of meek (as a lamb) but a ferocious fighter :dunno: Also, the Little Pigeon's description fits with Tyrion as well...