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  1. Sam will definitely get the Best Man nod. But Tormund would without a doubt be a groomsman. Lol.
  2. I like it. She'll get my vote. Let Sansa go run the Vale with Sweet Robin.
  3. They can choose whomever they want as long as it's not Sansa. She's the biggest fool & weakest link on the show. And only a bunch of damn idiots would follow her. They have made much of the Northern Lords dumb but hopefully not all are damn idiots. I'm sure the foolish damn idiot show runners will make her the lone Stark survivor & leave her in charge of everything. Talk about a potential shitty ending...
  4. Arya clearly knew about the trial beforehand. As for knowing about LF the entire time, I believe she did but it's less clear. Bran being more affectionate with Arya makes me believe Bran told Arya who their biggest problem lie... Baelish. Arya then gave Sansa the dagger as her last test/clue for Sansa after questioning her family loyalties. This season was just as much a trial of Sansa's loyalties as it was for Littlefinger. Because you can't be team Stark with Littlefinger as your mentor & closest advisor. You can't be Team Stark if you're having thoughts of usurping your brother (cousin) as rightfully elected ruler... Arya asks Sansa if she's sure she wants to do this "now" because we just saw Sansa in deep thoughts on the battlement. She had to take time think it over after the obvious offscreen meeting between the siblings. So Arya puts Sansa's loyalty on trial first. Are you sure about now? Sansa says honor demands. Arya says honor demands what? Who's on trial again? Not Arya. Not Baelish yet. But Sansa. Sansa says honor demands that I protect my family & the North from all who would do them harm. That hasn't always been her m.o. Arya tells her to get it overwith then. By openly charging Baelish, Sansa passed her Stark loyalty test. She broke free from Baelish because she could never be Team Stark & the true Lady of Winterfell with their biggest enemy Littlefinger around. Sansa had been conflicted up until that point. Notice both her scenes on the battlement. 1st in deep thought & 2nd with Arya when she said he probably really loved her. Arya didn't even acknowledge that sentimental crap for Littlefinger. She simply told Sansa she did the right thing. Arya isn't even gonna play sympathetic with Sansa on that. Sansa needs Arya's tough love to keep her grounded in family first & self & others second.
  5. The only thing she didn't know about was Ned & the dagger. She knew about Jon Arryn & the bullshit letter Lysa sent to Cat to cause distrust amongst the Starks & Lannisters because Lysa screamed them out for all to hear before Littlefinger threw her out the moon door. To be honest if you watch that scene, he clearly killed her because he saw that she couldn't keep her mouth shut & would get them both killed. It wasn't about saving Sansa. He's says something to her like "only speaking the words can make them true"... Meaning people would only know because Lysa is talking about them. So Sansa standing right there heard everything. Yet she still kept the Snake around & paraded him through Winterfell.
  6. Sansa does deserve praise for making the "right" choice in the end but she was still mostly being led by Littlefinger all season. She wasn't able to break free from him until the very end. His final "lesson" about Arya usurping her as Lady of Winterfell made her think that's the exact thing she's been thinking she could do to Jon if she so wanted. That's wrong. That's not Arya. I shouldn't think that way either. Arya already passed her the dagger as a clue of where to look for her answer to her true enemy. She still hadn't got it yet though. She finally caught on with LF's last lesson. Because she runs that lesson back on Littlefinger and realizes his scheme. He's trying to urge her to usurp Jon and also trying to play the sisters against each other like he did with Lysa deceiving Cat. Realizes she already knew his crimes because Lysa screamed em out just before going out the moon door. Goes & talks to Bran & Arya & they setup the trial. But it was Sansa's "call" as Lady of Winterfell. She took some time to think it over, as we see her on the battlement & we go to her sending for Arya. Arya comes in and is really the boss of the scene in the beginning. She questions Sansa openly if she really wants to do this now? Like, are you sure? You done thinking it over??? Sansa says Honor demands. Arya openly questions her again. Honor demands what??? Sansa finally says "that I defend my family and the North from all who would do them harm". If you notice Arya is putting Sansa's Stark loyalty on trial along with Littlefinger. Arya says let's get it overwith or "prove it" in a sense. Sansa proves herself by charging Littlefinger in open court. Not "fearful" Sansa who would have wanted to speak to Rhoyce for approval beforehand to keep his troops but a more "angry" Sansa who's making a boss decision without any outside approval but her family's. She's the Lady of Winterfell now in my mind. She just earned it. She FINALLY decided to stop being led around by the Starks greatest enemy and bring him to justice. It took her a long time but she's finally back with the Pack.
  7. Good point about Elia probably not knowing about the marriage. Elia is also listed as very sickly and frail after the last birth. I don't think she was very active. Probably bedridden and stayed indoors more often than not. She probably did feel spurned but the Dornish are described as very sexual. Everyone of em had paramours & such. So maybe she was understanding? Part of me also questions Ashara Dayne's "stillbirth"... I always wondered if her baby was used in a baby swap with Elia's if Elia was the one who actually had the stillbirth...
  8. I don't think she became Rhaegar's mistress. I think she became his 2nd wife. Now you can preach about how wrong polygamy is/was and how it was no longer practiced but the first Aegon married both his sisters. So I think Rhaegar would do whatever it took to fulfill the prophecy that he believed that The Prince That Was Promised would be one of his children. Elia almost died giving birth to baby Aegon. It was said that she would be unable to bear anymore children. Now, I personally think that Elia, knowing her situation consented to Rhaegar taking another wife. As for Elia & Rhaegar, their marriage was arranged. I don't think that they truly fell in love with each other. But you never heard tales of Rhaegar being a womanizer like Robert. He's always described as thoughtful, maybe a little somber or melancholy, but fair and honest. And that's from everybody. Be it Barristan, Jamie, Cersei, and even Ned never has a dark thought about Rhaegar. If he felt Rhaegar kidnapped and raped his sister and started a war that led to his father and brother being tortured and murdered, don't you think he would have some animosity towards him? Go back and read Ned's chapters in Thrones. When he thinks of Rhaegar, there is no sense of hatred. Now, as for Rhaegar & Lyanna, I don't think Rhaegar randomly picked her out to fulfill a prophecy. I think he genuinely fell in love with her and it all came from the events at the Tourney at Harrenhal. I believe that Lyanna was the Mystery knight that defended Howland Reed's honor. Rhaegar was tasked with finding and revealing this knights identity. I believe he found the knight and found out it was Lyanna and he was awestruck that a young lady could be so fierce and tough and honorable. He fell in love with her for her character and spirit not just her looks. I think that's what makes the love genuine. In conclusion, I think after the tourney, Rhaegar researched and found that maybe a mixture of Valyrian/Targaryen and First Men/Stark blood will be what's needed to create TPTWP. I believe Lyanna believed as well and they ran off together and got married and created Jon Snow. Who is most definitely looking like an important figure in the coming War for the Dawn.
  9. I don't think Robert loved Lyanna. He barely knew her and had bastard babies all over the 7 kingdoms. Robert loved the idea of marrying his best friend's sister. Another conquest is all Lyanna would have been to him. He would have never been a faithful husband. Lyanna knew it and said no thanks.
  10. If one of the Greyjoy's boys are the Valonqar, it will be Euron. The visions in the Aeron chapter show Euron on the throne. That chapter also shows you how he treats his wives... So one can only imagine Cersei's fate after she marries Euron to form an alliance...
  11. Judging from the Aeron Greyjoy chapter Martin released, Euron is a complete psycho. Could he propose an alliance with Cersei only to betray her to Dany in the end. It makes sense from a strategic standpoint. Could Euron be her Valonquar?
  12. The show is getting more and more expensive. Especially with the actors pay increasing. Next season will feature a lot of CGI. Ships, dragons, citadel, white walkers. Maybe even a Wolfpack. So something will have to give. The thing to give is to knock off some of the main players. Cersei & Jamie are both two of the highest paid actors on the show and neither are probably important to the endgame. They get paid on a per episode basis. So I'm guessing Cersei's reign May last all of 4 episodes if that many. If we truly only have 7 then 6 episodes left, it's definitely time to off Cersei and turn our attention towards the final battle and the Jon/Dany alliance.
  13. Well Dawn was forged from a meteor... So I guess it's extra-terrestrial...
  14. Nice find.
  15. I think the Dayne kids could play a big role in the show in the sense that they will be the setup for explaining the Sowrd of the Morning. I also expect Sam to find out about TSOTM in Oldtown. He'll learn from history that a Sword of the Morning ended the Long Night and wielded the Greatsword Dawn. This will be happening while the Dayne's are introduced most likely to Dany in Dorne. They will fill Dany in on their family history and the connection between the Dayne's and Targs. At the same time, Jon may find Dawn in the crypts. I think this could make for an excellent story next season. Or say Dawn is at Starfall, and Dany or the Dayne's give it to Jon when they make their alliance. Then Jon can return Longclaw to the Mormonts through Jorah. I fully expect Dawn to have a reddish hue or maybe even be flaming when Jon wields it in his final fight vs the Night King.
  16. She should marry Robin and throw him and LF out the moon door.
  17. You are very correct. I apologize to all of the Sansa fans. It just baffles the mind that anyone who has watched the show can call Sansa a great leader or tactician. She's been a pawn in everyone else's game thus far until she walked past Littlefinger this past episode. And giving her credit for bringing the Vale after withholding this information from Jon wasn't the sign of a tactical genius. It was quite foolish and selfish. Unless Sansa was hoping for Jon to be killed and thus she can gain control of Winterfell for herself. Which they seem to show wasn't her intention. Her apology brought us back to her first apology during their initial reunion. I hope they don't keep with the yo yo act with Sansa because it's like she takes a step forward then two steps back. Either make her pro family and she sides with Jon until the end, giving him council and being completely honest with him (allowing him to lead because her character has never led a thing) or just turn her dark and make her a badass Cersei type who's playing the game to win and whoever is in her way is her enemy. I'll take and love either. Just no more plot yo yo creations to empower her and make her something she's not then try to justify it to please her fans at the expense of more important characters and the story itself.
  18. Did she really care? I think she did what she did because of LF's prodding and suggesting. She said herself this episode that she was always trying to leave. I guess her hard times have brought her some clearer perspective... We'll see how long it lasts... This episode and the reunion scene with Jon has been Sophie's best acting and the best Sansa we've seen in the show barring a couple other minor scenes (her walk down the stairs at the Vale and her standing up to Joffrey on the bridge at KL and willing to leap to her death with him being the others). She seemed genuine and not whiny and selfish in that scene and this episode. I hope D&D run with this character arc. I think it would really get the most out of Sophie's acting.
  19. Lol. Good one. Cat really would do that wouldn't she. Part of me still hopes that in the books if Jon is resurrected by the red god that it's Cat that gives him the kiss of life. She treated Jon so terribly in both the show and books. Maybe if she finds out his true parentage, she'll bring him back to avenge the Starks and place one of her children as the Lord of Winterfell again. You kinda have these subtle hints of the BWB heading North in the show. Perhaps they will in the books too. Also in the books there's the vision of Sansa killing a giant in a castle made of snow... I think Sansa will continue her arc of becoming a true Stark by her actions not just her name. She'll kill LF before she lets him harm Jon. And when it's all said and done, I hope Sansa becomes the Lady of the Vale or Riverrun. I think Cat would be even more happy with the latter. Even more so than her becoming the lady of Winterfell.
  20. Good generalship??? Are you joking? What in the hell has Sansa ever led or commanded. Everything she's done has been done as a pawn of someone else... You Sansa fans are ridiculous. Sansa ain't fit to lead anything but a knitting/sewing class. This shit you're giving Sansa praise for was done because of plot.
  21. Stark to the bone??? That's laughable. Sansa just became a "Stark" this episode. First by being honest to her kin and apologizing. Second when she admitted that her whole life she wanted to be somewhere else than Winterfell. Always wanted something more than what her family and North had to offer. And you have the nerve to say she's more of a Stark than Jon??? Please. Jon may end up being a Targ but he's more Stark and more Northern than Sansa has ever been or probably will ever be. So why in the hell would the North declare for her. She hasn't spilled a drop of blood or risked anything personal in them reclaiming Winterfell from the Boltons. Technically, you can say she aligned herself with the Boltons by marrying Ramsey. Thank God that Sansa/Bolton crap is over. Hopefully they don't make her turn cloak again next season. Sansa was great in the finale all up until that last stare with LF. I hope they make her stay true to her family and not be LF's pawn once again.
  22. Jon staying at or returning to the Wall would be useless and it would lead to the entire destruction of the North and most likely Westeros because no one would be ready for the Walkers when they come. Jon is believe it or not still doing his NW duty. He has to unify the country and get them focused on the real enemy. So in my eyes what he's doing is excellent strategy and makes the only sense. It's not like he's going around playing political games for personal power. Everything he's doing is being done with knowledge that the Walkers are coming. They are the endgame. As for the OP, I definitely see Jon sending men to the wall. Question is will more men at the wall mean more men killed when the walkers do come? Will the Night King be able to bring down the whole wall or will he just be able to break the spells and pass through the gates? If the latter, men will be able to retreat to the castles. I'm expecting a lot of retreating and humanity making their last stand at the trident.
  23. We all know Howland spent time on the Isle of Faces just before the tourney of Harrenhal. Let's say he was given a glimpse or vision of the promised one and the Great War to come. Is it possible that he stopped Ned from killing Arthur Dayne by maybe shouting out "I know of the prophecy of The Prince that was Promised". And explained to Arthur that Ned meant Jon no harm and would actually help keep Jon safe??? Now that I think of it, probably not. It seemed like the KG felt it was their duty to die in the service of their King. And with both Rhaegar and Aerys dead, what else was their to live for? I guess Jon. But could they/he/Arthur care for him better than Ned?
  24. Just watched it 10 times on my iPad zoomed in with the closed captions on. Of course the close captions skips the "his name is". Then picks back up at "Robert will kill him". Anyway, her lips clearly look to say "Aer" and they never move with a first syllable. They only start with the "Aer". But I think this was done intentionally to create speculation and debate like we have here and maybe not to completely spoil the book that may come this year... Key word there being may. I don't believe that Rhaegar or Lyanna would choose Aerys. But I do like the idea of Jaehaerys. He was Rhaegar's grandfather and believed in TPTWP prophecy and made his son and daughter marry because TPTWP would come from their line. If it can't be Jaehaerys then I hope for Aemon because the Dragonknight was one the greatest and most noble knights in history and even stated that the greatest swordsman he ever fought was Cregan Stark. Also concerning Jaehaerys, the first one reigned for 50 plus years (the longest) and is considered one of the wisest and greatest Targ Kings ever. Another possibility is Aerion who was Aegon, Visenya, and Rhaenys' father.
  25. Yeah. I think we've seen the seeds of Jamie beginning to change in this past episode. Especially that look he gave Cersei. You know he's gonna view her as selfishly usurping Tommen's throne rather she killed him directly or not. If Jamie does finally sever ties with Cersei, I see them going out together. Or at least one killing the other. As for Bronn, I can see him reversing his sellsword nature and taking a bullet but I think it'll be for Tyrion. Kind of a bit of foreshadowing when he told Pod that he preferred Tyrion over Jamie even if it was just in jest. I think we'll definitely get a Bronn/Tyrion reunion.