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  1. Smoke317

    Harwin is the Hooded man

    I think Mance sent the letter. He had too many intimate details that only Jon, Mance, or Mel should know. Now of course they could have flayed that info out of Mance but I don’t think so. I think Mance sent the letter because he wants Jon to bring his wildling army to Winterfell where he will reveal to them that he is still alive & ready resume command. Unfortunately for him, the Wildlings will have chosen Jon as their new leader. The man they saw resurrected and Val will be his chief supporter. Mance will have to fight Jon for control of the Wildlings like he did with the leaders of all the clans he united. When he was glamoured as Rattleshirt, he gave Jon a good thrashing. He’ll be over confident thinking he will do the same again. Except the resurrected Jon will be a little wilder, more wolf like & vicious. Jon will reluctantly kill Mance and assume the title as the King of the Wildlings aka the King Beyond the Wall. The Northern Lords will choose Jon over Stannis, who will retreat to the Nightfort heartbroken & in a Great Depression once he learns that Shireen has either been sacrificed by Mel in an attempt to revive him or his cause is lost as all his Red God followers have transferred over to Jon. There he will be seduced into becoming the Night King.
  2. Smoke317

    Stannis army losses and future battles

    Hmmm. Very interesting. Euron as the ultimate villain would be quite badass. In that scenario, I can definitely see him taking out (f)Aegon. That would be a sick fight.
  3. Smoke317

    The Future of Melisandre

    I don’t want to see Jon resurrected by Melisandre. I personally would rather see Jon accidentally resurrected by Val , who seems to be a wildling witch. I’d love it if the Wildlings won the fight at Castle Black and decided to give Melisandre a taste of her own medicine. Val and the others have already shown contempt for Shireen as well. So I could see a scenario where the Wildlings burn Jon & all the others killed in the fight along with Mel, Shireen, & Selyse as payback for Mel & Stannis burning Mance (or so they thought) alive. This funeral pyre takes place in the woods north of the wall And just as with Dany’s fire, the sacrifice of a witch Mel (MMD), king’s Blood Shireen (Rhaego), and a 3rd being Selyse (Drogo’s Horse) will also wake a dragon in Jon Snow who will rise as a Targaryen. He’ll still have his Stark features except he’ll have purple eyes and a streak of Platinum hair. And as we lose Mel’s POV at the Wall we’ll regain Jon’s. The rest of the book we would have Jon really questioning his identity and having more prolific dreams of the Winterfell crypts via Bran. There’s something special left for him down there in Lyanna’s tomb. A memento from Rhaegar & Lyanna? A letter? Harp? My guess is the Greatsword Dawn but he may get that later. I also think the Wildlings burning Mel sets up some great internal struggle for her POV. Imagine her finally being scared to die & having fear of the flames? And then ultimately embracing them and accepting her fate in a last ditch hope to resurrect Stannis. Of course she’ll actually resurrect Jon. So I guess in this scenario, Mel actually does resurrect Jon. Just not intentionally or all by her own doing. I don’t know how it would play out but I’d also like to see Mel somehow getting North of the Wall (maybe raised by the WW’s after the funeral pyre or some other method) and being turned into a WW. Maybe she survives the fire along with Jon but wanders off and gets lost? There she’s attacked by Others and eventually turned into the Night Queen or female Other. Then she could corrupt Stannis after he retreats to the Nightfort like the female Other corrupted the 13th Lord Commander in a form of history repeating itself. Stannis will eventually be the Night King. The blue eyed king who cast no shadow that Dany will face on the trident.
  4. Smoke317

    GRRM WoW Twist

    I believe the twist is either Barristan, Mance, or Doran. I personally think it’s Barristan and he will betray/defect from Dany to (f)Aegon because Septa Lemore will reveal herself to be Ashara Dayne. He will believe that Young Griff is truly Rhaegar’s son and the rightful heir to the throne. What if Young Griff is actually the son of Ashara & Aerys (through rape at Harrenhal Tourney) or he actually is the son of Ashara & Rhaegar? In the latter scenario, Rhaegar, Elia, and Ashara all agreed that since Elia could no longer bare children, that Ashara would serve as a sort of surrogate or even a second wife for Rhaegar. They got it on at the tourney and she got pregnant. The goal was for Rhaegar to crown her Queen of Love and Beauty afterwards and maybe announce her as his 2nd wife but some mysterious Knight of the Laughing Tree showed up, kicked some ass, and mesmerized Rhaegar. Once he found out that knight was Lyanna he fell in love and realized she was the key to the Prince That was Promised prophecy. Their son would be the Song of Ice(Stark) and Fire(Targaryen). So he “dishonored” Ashara by getting the goodies and not crowning her but instead crowning Lyanna... In fact, it’s very possible that the original baby Aegon was Ashara & Rhaegar’s as well because Elia actually had the stillborn daughter while Ashara had a healthy baby boy and they swapped. So, once Ned arrives at Starfall with Dawn, Ashara would have lost her best friend Elia, closest brother Arthur, & her actual son Baby Aegon (when the Mountain murdered Elia and the children). So she agrees to take her other son conceived by Rhaegar or Aerys at Harrenhal and flees to Essos. There she meets Illyrio, becomes Septa Lemore, teams up with Jon Con and they start grooming (f)Aegon for his return to Westeros. Barry will choose them over Dany. Plus once Jon Con checks out from Greyscale or dies, GRRM will need another POV with (f)Aegon unless Arianne is that POV.
  5. Smoke317

    Stannis army losses and future battles

    I think Bran, Theon, Asha, and the island with the weirwood tree will have some role to play in the first(?) battle for winterfell? I can see a scenario where Bran or Bloodraven convinces Stannis through Theon to take him to the island to be sacrificed to the old gods. Once there, either Ramsey will sneak attack Stannis’ camp and scatter or greatly damage his food stores or something along those lines. Stannis will have to retreat back to the Wall where he will agree to sacrifice Shereen or will arrive to the aftermath of her sacrifice. Melisandre will think she revived him but he will tell her he never died. He will then go to the Nightfort to sulk. There he will be tempted into stabbing himself in the heart with dragonglass to forge lightbringer. But he’ll actually be turning himself into the night king. My crackpot theory is that Asha or Theon (through Bloodraven or Bran’s influence) will stab Stannis in the heart with a piece of dragonglass in order to escape. Not knowing that they just created the night king. Don’t forget Dany had a vision of her facing a blue eyed king who “cast no shadow” at the trident. I believe Stannis will become the night king. Either from events on the weirwood island or events at the Night Fort. My other crackpot theory is that Euron is raiding Oldtown in the hopes of discovering ways to become The King of the World. He will learn about a forbidden ritual of stabbing oneself in the heart with dragonglass to become the ultimate king and ruler: The Night King. He’s a guy who would gladly do the ritual for unlimited power and control over his followers. Also, imagine how formidable a foe he would be with Valyrian steel armor that couldn’t be penetrated by Valyrian steel swords??? Our hero would have to turn to another legendary sword made out of special material to down the Night King and win the War for the DAWN... How about a sword named Dawn that was carved from the heart of a dying star to penetrate that armor and bring an end to the Long Night? Which is exactly what Dawn does anyway... End the night. Either way, I expect Stannis or Euron to become the Night King.
  6. Smoke317

    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    The answer to what happens to Jamie & Brienne lies in his weirwood dream. In the dream, the members of the Kingsguard chastise Jamie. Both he and Brienne are holding flaming swords but the flame on his sword dies out while hers burns on. Brienne & Jamie will come up with a plan to kill LS & escape but Jamie will remember the dream & will not let Brienne become an oathbreaker like him. Jamie will throw himself on Brienne’s sword as she will be unable to kill him. He will profess his love for her and die in her arms. He either remains dead or Thoros brings him back. Brienne will wear gold armor in honor of Jamie and her and the Hound will eventually have to deal with Robert Strong and save Sansa (another vision that Bran had). The only way I see Jamie & Bran surviving is through Bran. He will have seen a vision of Jamie playing a role in an important future event. He will begin to speak to LS & the BWB through the ravens. Perhaps LS tries to hang Jamie on a weirwood tree. Bran will either make the limb break or call out through the Ravens to spare Jamie. Perhaps the Ravens say “Sansa” & “Vale”. In this scenario, LS will dispatch Jamie, Brienne, Pod and company to rescue Sansa or maybe even to setup RW 2.0 on the Freys. I personally think Bran will tell LS to travel north to somehow crown Jon or at least reconcile with him. If LS doesn’t go North to Jon, I can see the Red Wedding 2.0 as the place where Jamie, LS, Brienne, Nymeria and Arya all cross paths. In this scenario, I can see LS giving Robb’s crown to Arya before Arya puts her out of her misery. Arya will eventually pass the crown along to Jon. Regardless, GRRM has said that he will start to remove POV’s by killing them off. In this scenario, I see no reason to have Jamie & Brienne’s POV’s in the same place. Either one dies or they separate. Brienne to the Vale for Sansa. Jamie to the Riverlands for RW 2.0.
  7. Sam will definitely get the Best Man nod. But Tormund would without a doubt be a groomsman. Lol.
  8. Smoke317

    [Spoilers] EP610

    Book. Show made it Loras.
  9. Smoke317

    [Spoilers] EP610

    I liked Battle of the Bastards but this was the best episode in Thrones history in my opinion. Not a dull scene involved. Everyone's acting was on point. Damn what a way to end the season.
  10. Smoke317

    [Spoilers] EP610

    So since Rhaegar & Arthur were best friends, I can see them discussing the great prophecies of their houses. They realize that the Targaryen prophecy is a spin off of the Dayne prophecy. Dayne is a much older house than Targs but both share Valyrian blood... So they come to the conclusion that the promised one will be the sword of the morning and the Dayne's have been caretakers of the sword until the true Sword of the Morning will arise again. Jon is that promised one. That makes good sense to me. So there could be a letter from Rhaegar and Dawn in Lyanna's crypt explaining who Jon is and what/who he must become.
  11. Smoke317

    [Spoilers] EP610

    Lyanna clearly mouthed "his name is..." Also I think it was pretty damn striking that Ned clearly stands the Greatsword DAWN at the foot of the bed... I know it's probably R+L=J but I'm still holding out hope that Arthur Dayne is Jon's father and DAWN will be what Jon finds in Lyanna's crypt. He is the Sword of the Morning. The one promised to battle the Night King and end the Long Night.
  12. Smoke317

    [Spoilers] EP608

    Kinda disappointed. No BF death scene. No waif death scene (though it was in the dark). Cersei/Lancel I choose violence scene was muted. Feel pretty good about calling the bloodstain on the wall being breadcrumbs to lead the waif to the fight in the dark though... Everything felt kind of rushed though. If we can get Arya, the hound, Brienne, the BWB, and Nym and her pack for a grand finale then all will be forgiven... I know it's probably been stated but I'm calling it now, the Blackfish will play the ladystoneheart role. Beric will pass the flame to him and he'll help lead the destruction of House Frey. And he'll kill Edmure and Brienne will be forced to fight Jamie... And then they go north to fight with Jon vs the walkers.
  13. Smoke317

    [Spoilers] EP607

    Don't know if the acting troupe or Lady Crane is scheduled for another appearance but someone must patch Arya up. I expect Arya will end the waif next episode though. I expect her to leave the blood trail on the wall luring the waif into the dark where she will stick her with the pointy end.
  14. Smoke317

    [Spoilers] EP607

    I suppose. He sure didn't have a problem showing some fire when Sansa suggested they keep recruiting more houses...
  15. Smoke317

    [Spoilers] EP607

    I have been very hard on Sansa but with the way the show is portraying Jon, I don't blame her one bit for writing that letter to whoever the hell she wrote it to... Where is Jon's fire? Where's his leadership? Taking command? Like when he took over the watch during the battle for castle black... Like when re recruited men for the raid on the mutineers? Like when re rallied the wildlings at Hardhome? Why not go around preaching about the WW's coming? Why so fucking quiet? Why Davos has to be the only one with any fucking sense or fire in his belly? Jon's character has regressed and the shit is dumb. Now he doesn't even want to try to rally the Cerwyns or Manderlys... Sansa please help this damn fool because he sure ain't coming across as the King in the North I expected him to be...