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  1. I think similar to how Arya gave the suffering girl “mercy” in the show, she will give suffering Jeyne the same “mercy” of a quick and painless death in the books. But maybe Jeyne will tell her of Lord Commander Snow and Arya will return to Westeros?
  2. I imagine the Lands of Always Winter will be explored in Bran’s chapters. He’ll be the one warging Ravens or whatever animal is needed to do his reconnaissance. If Ghost goes beyond the wall, I could see him crossing paths with the wildling skin changer who warged into his 1 eyed wolf for the last time. Maybe Ghost will claim that pack as his own and eventually form a super pack with Nymeria’s Riverland pack? Talk about “a time for wolves”…
  3. It’s you that can’t be taken seriously.
  4. I wonder if the 2 arcs he’s “maybe” speaking of are connected by location? Like Dany & Tyrion or Brienne & Jaime? Arianne & Jon Con?
  5. You seem to be more in tune with the books (been some years since my last reading). So if not Stannis, who do you think wrote the pink letter? And if Ramsey, you feel it was clearly a fake and he was lying, since you still feel Stannis will sacrifice Shireen. So, in your opinion, what was Ramsey hoping to accomplish? I’m sure you’ll provide factual evidence from the text to dispute my idea, but my other option besides Stannis being the author was Mance. Mance knows all the details contained within the letter as well. And he also has motivation of getting Jon to rally the wildlings and bring them to Winterfell (where he could reveal himself to still be alive and hoping to reclaim his position as wildling leader). But the problem will be they’ve found a new leader… Remember Mance glamoured as Rattleshirt gave Jon a good thrashing while they were practicing at Castle Black. I can see them having a rematch with Mance expecting a repeat performance, but this changed more wolf like Jon will win the duel and solidify his place as the wildlings new leader. I guess I’m clearly having a hard time figuring out Ramsay’s motivation behind the pink letter if he is indeed the author. Who are some other candidates or do you just feel it truly is Ramsey?
  6. First, you rule out the wildlings & Mel sacrificing Shireen but then call my idea of Selyse & Shireen fleeing the chaos at Castle Black far fetched. Well Shireen has to get to Stannis in order to be sacrificed right? Maybe it won’t happen that way but I don’t think it’s far fetched at all. And maybe only them escaping, and not Mel, is what leads to Stannis sacrificing Shireen in some last ditch effort because he doesn’t have his spiritual advisor and all he know’s is “king’s blood” works and those damn crows will probably be squawking “King” in his ear. I also think the pink letter fits into Stannis’ storyline very well. If he sent the pink letter in the hopes of getting Jon & the wildlings off the sidelines and into the fight, then in a way he would be indirectly responsible for Jon’s murder by sending him the bogus letter. It could be very karmic that the pink letter, if written by Stannis, ends up being the thing that caused his wife and daughter to flee to him in the middle of his desperate military situation and ultimately placing her on site to be a sacrificial candidate. Justin Massey will probably hide Asha (his 1st choice) and he’ll turn to Shireen out of desperation I’m gonna re-read Theon & Asha’s chapters from Winds. I feel like Theon being sacrificed is gonna coincide with Jon’s resurrection or his spirit and body reuniting. Or it could likely happen at the same time or cause something bad happening for Stannis’ cause. Like maybe the Karstarks escaping while he’s out on the island sacrificing Theon? Then maybe Stannis, frustrated by the Old Gods not helping his cause with Theon’s sacrifice, returns later and burns Shireen along with the Weirwood. I could see all of this happening in the first 3rd of Winds. Basically, showing Stannis’ situation spiraling downward from the pink letter to him burning his daughter. The Weirwoods have eyes and the North Remembers. They remember Stannis & Mel burning weirwood trees. Plus they know he’s not the real promised one. It’s time for the Old Gods & the North to put this false Southern pretender down and make way for the truly promised King in the North who gonna lead mankind’s defense against the Others.
  7. I don’t think it’s far fetched to see Selyse & Shireen flee Castle Black headed for Stannis after Jon’s attack. As someone that also thinks Stannis could potentially be the author of the pink letter (in the hopes of getting Jon to rally the wildlings to his cause), I still think Theon’s sacrifice could be orchestrated by Bloodraven with the goal of resurrecting Jon or helping Jon in some way. Maybe the sacrifice somehow costs Stannis the battle and Jon will be the one who will come down from Castle Black and liberate Winterfell. I also initially thought Lady Stoneheart was gonna resurrect Jon via the Red God magic but I think it will have more impact if the person she ends up breathing life into is Jaime. The guy who jump started Bran’s 3EC arc by pushing him out of the window. He also has been tied to Catelyn throughout the story. She had opportunities to kill him but maybe his end game is ironically gonna be to protect Bran? I know the changing hair color & funeral pyre are fan fiction. It wasn’t something I expected George to do but I still hope Jon isn’t just gone be another Red God zombie. I’d like to see some Northern Magic play a role in his resurrection. We’ve read about Bran having a vision of a sacrifice in front of a Weirwood tree. Whether it’s to resurrect Jon or enhance Bran’s powers, I’d like to see the Magic of the Old Gods play a bigger part in the narrative. Maybe it’ll be the warging into Ghost that will differentiate Jon from Beric & LSH? And when Jon is resurrected, he’ll have full Warging powers?
  8. I was excited to hear George say that things were changing organically and some major themes that he may have told the show runners could still wind up happening differently in the books. I’m hoping Jon’s resurrection or rebirth is one of them. My idea of how it happens plays into your Euron & Dany theory. Dany sacrificed a witch (holy figure) and her son with King’s blood (Rhaego perhaps inadvertently) to wake dragons. For Jon’s awakening, I hope it’s done by Val & the Wildlings & not Mel. Not Mel directly anyway. Mel gave them motivation for payback when she burned Mance. I could see the wildlings strapping Mel (holy figure) & Shireen (King’s blood) to Jon & the rest of the dead’s funeral pyre. And when the ashes are cleared away, the somehow unburnt Jon Snow, who was murdered, is dead and the yet unnamed Aemon Targaryen is reborn. He’ll have a streak of platinum in his naturally dark hair and some darker than the darkest purple eyes (to offset his future brother in arms Gerold “Darkstar” Dayne). I’d imagine the Wildlings would quickly fall in line behind their new King. Selyse & Shireen could even manage to escape Castle Black to Stannis (so he could still eventually burn her himself) and Mel alone could be captured? This opens the door for the possibility of Bloodraven influencing things in order to sync up Stannis sacrificing Theon (King’s blood) to the Weirwood tree and the Wildlings sacrificing Mel (holy figure) and these being the catalysts for Jon’s resurrection through a bit of Northern Magic mixed with the Red God Magic with Mel actually embracing the flames and praying for the rebirth of Azor Ahai with her own death. In Euron’s sample chapter we see him sacrificing Aeron (holy figure) and many other holy figures plus his own unborn son (his king’s blood). Maybe his spells raise that dragon egg that he alleges he threw overboard? Imagine us witnessing Euron raising that egg from the ocean in the middle of a sea battle from Aeron’s pov? That could be a legendary chapter in ASOIAF history. Although, it’s more likely that the horn & his Valyrian armor are linked. The dragon that hears the horn will be bonded to whoever is wearing the matching armor. That dragon flies to Euron. So either way we could read about Euron tearing things up in a sea battle with a dragon at his command. I think Euron is that dark force that’s gonna upset the three dragons (Dany, Aegon, Aemon) prophecy and potentially bring down the wall. He either kills Aegon or he somehow gets the Iron Fleet & potentially a dragon caught up in a Hardhome type situation? He’d make a prime target for any Other seeking a dragon & ships (to just sail the dead around the wall). Oh yeah, he’s also got some badass Valyrian steel armor to make a potential “Boss” Other/Night King impervious to Valyrian steel and in control of a dragon. I still get hyped thinking about the possibilities. I think George still has some great things in store for us readers in The Winds of Winter that will vary drastically from the HBO series. I really think he’s re-found his motivation to finish Winds by just finally deciding to completely change some major things that the show butchered and really emphasize the other parts that they cut out. With the Jon Snow show getting his blessing, he seems to be saying he wasn’t happy with the way GOT’s stuck the landing with his characters. So he probably feels justified in creating an entirely new ending and entirely different paths to that ending. HBO doesn’t care. The money from the original series is already banked. Him creating an entirely new ending even justifies them to reboot the series in 10-15 years as the definitive GRRM version.
  9. Well technically Ghost was found separated from the others. Almost as if someone (Bloodraven) had slipped him in with the other pups. Maybe Ghost isn’t really from the litter just like Jon isn’t technically a Stark. Bloodraven is beyond the Wall. Maybe that’s where Ghost actually came from?
  10. In one of the early Arya chapters, it’s kinda laid out that Ghost & Nymeria are the alphas of the Stark wolfpack. Nymeria followed Ghost around and those 2 seemed a little bigger and more connected to Jon & Arya than the others were with their wolves. My guess is Nymeria is waiting on Ghost as her mating partner. Those 2 will eventually lead a Super Wolfpack. Maybe this is how George still gets his Jon/Arya union but through their wolves instead of as humans?
  11. I hope Areo’s final chapter is him fighting Gerold. And Dayne is wielding Dawn. So we’d get a pov perspective of a badass like Hotah succumbing to the greatness of Dawn. That would be a helluva introduction for the legendary sword.
  12. I liked Battle of the Bastards but this was the best episode in Thrones history in my opinion. Not a dull scene involved. Everyone's acting was on point. Damn what a way to end the season.
  13. So since Rhaegar & Arthur were best friends, I can see them discussing the great prophecies of their houses. They realize that the Targaryen prophecy is a spin off of the Dayne prophecy. Dayne is a much older house than Targs but both share Valyrian blood... So they come to the conclusion that the promised one will be the sword of the morning and the Dayne's have been caretakers of the sword until the true Sword of the Morning will arise again. Jon is that promised one. That makes good sense to me. So there could be a letter from Rhaegar and Dawn in Lyanna's crypt explaining who Jon is and what/who he must become.
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