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  1. Smoke317

    Euron's Plan after Oldtown

    I believe Euron is in Oldtown to find information about the Others & make an alliance with the Hightowers. When the Horn is sounded in Mereen, Viserion will fly to his new master (the one wearing the Valyrian steel armor that matches the horn) Euron. Now is where things get tricky. I don’t know the order of these next potential events but I think Alleras and her bow and arrows are being heavily foreshadowed. The Dornish were the first ones to down a dragon in Westeros. I think Alleras (Oberyn’s daughter Sarella disguised as a man) is going to down a dragon like her Dornish ancestors. Good chance it will be Viserion in Oldtown. So Euron will eventually learn of a “dragonglass to the heart” procedure that will make him a god... He’ll undergo the procedure and raise Viserion from the waters just off Oldtown where he was downed by Alleras. Thus giving us Mel’s vision of a great stone beast raised from the sea by some smoking towers. I could see all of these things happening towards the 2nd half of Winds. Euron undergoing the dragonglass procedure could actually take place in a Bran chapter. We’ll see it all in a Bran weir-vision. And with there seeming to be a past connection between Euron and Bloodraven (maybe initially Bloodraven thought Euron would be the 3EC). So I could see Euron maybe being aware of Bloodraven and Bran in these visions. Maybe that’s how the location of the cave is found out and Euron sends his Others to kill them and we get our Hodor Hold the Door moment? Some of these things could take place in Dream but much of the groundwork could be laid in Winds.
  2. Smoke317

    What will happen when the dragon horn is sound?

    If you’ve seen the Aeron sample chapter from Winds, you’d know that Euron is wearing Valyrian steel armor that has similar glyphs as the horn. I think they’re a matching set. When the horn is blown, the dragon will go to whomever is wearing the armor. So I expect Viserion will fly to Euron in Oldtown.
  3. Something about that island with the weir wood and in the Theon chapter that Bran (more likely Bloodraven) wants Stannis to go to intrigues me. Could Bran or BR be setting Stannis up for a dragonglass shank to the chest? Then Asha & Theon escape? This could set up a scenario where (similar to the show) the Bolton’s catch Stannis’ men unawares while he’s away (could be intentionally done by Bran/BR to get a desired outcome: Jon as KitN). Stannis eventually completes his change to an Other in the Nightfort.
  4. I think Mance sent the Pink Letter. Could have been all part of a plot by both Mance & Mel. Mel wants Jon to rally the Wildlings to help Stannis. Mance on the other hand wants Jon to rally the Wildlings & bring them to him. There were a lot of details in that letter that Ramsey wouldn’t know unless he tortured Mance & got all of those minute details. I expect that once Jon is resurrected the Wildlings will be in awe of him. He’ll lead them to Winterfell & win the Battle. Mance will expect the Wildlings to fall back in line but they will have turned to Jon now. Mance will challenge for leadership but this time Jon will remember his fight with a glamoured Mance & make the necessary adjustments and defeat him (maybe even be reluctantly forced to kill him similar to Qhorin). Afterwards, the Northern Lords & Wildlings will all select Jon as their King in the North & the Lands Beyond the Wall. This could be much to the chagrin of Stannis who’s troops will be too decimated to contest and he will be forced to settle into the Nightfort until he falls to the temptation to become “King” of the Others & lead their army... How’s that for some tinfoil???
  5. Smoke317

    Purpose of the wall now ?

    I hope we get to read it one day. I just can’t help but feel George is heartbroken that the show has spoiled all the major keystrokes of his tale. Where will he find the creative motivation to finish if it’s only gonna end the same way the series has already SHOWN us?
  6. Smoke317

    Purpose of the wall now ?

    A place to banish Jon so Sansa & Bran (a girl & a handicapped boy) can run things. Now ask what was the purpose of R+L=J? That’s an even bigger mystery.
  7. I’m gonna be super fucking pissed if George writes something as illogical as only the North getting independence just so Sansa can be Queen. If the show has nailed his ending to a tee, then he needs to just drop ASOIAF and write more Dunk & Egg tales.
  8. Smoke317

    Title of the last episode

    A Dream of Spring or they may go back to GRRM’s original title for the 3rd book: A Time for Wolves. Especially the latter if all of the remaining Starks (including Jon) survive & maybe hold prominent positions.
  9. Smoke317

    Dany's Descent.

    And technically Varys was in the middle of trying to have her poisoned by the little girl to start the episode. If not for her depression ruining her appetite, she’d be dead.
  10. Smoke317

    How will they deal with the ballistaes?

    I so wish the prequel/spinoff show was based on the Rhoynar/Valyrian wars long before GoT’s. You’d have fire magic vs water magic. Heroes & villains on both sides of the war. Same with love crossing the lines. All ending with Nymeria (who we’ve seen grow from a child to a young woman over 7-8 years) leading the last survivors on the thousand ships for Dorne. Maybe even blur the timelines a bit and have the Targs be a small Valyrian house who has a child with visions of the Doom & show them fleeing for Dragonstone. It’s so much political intrigue & warfare & Dragons & love & magic & space to create a new world similar but different to Thrones. Why would they go The Long Night prequel after the way the NK went out? Go with the Rhoynar vs Valyrian Freehold. The pieces just scream fantasy epic.
  11. Smoke317

    [SPOILERS] Rhaegal

    I see it totally differently. I think Euron’s Valyrian steel armor is directly linked to the horn. When the Horn is blown whatever dragon will become linked to that Armor. Viserion will be the dragon & he will fly to Euron. Alleras (like her Dornish ancestors) will be the one to down Euron’s dragon but with an arrow shot to the eyes. Then we may see a great stone beast (dead Viserion) rise out of the ocean by a smoking tower (Oldtown or Eastwatch) breathing shadow fire. That’s my tinfoil anyway. Lol. I even think book Euron is raiding Oldtown trying to find a way to become the “ultimate king”. He’ll learn about a dragonglass procedure to the heart (like in the show) & willing do the transformation & become the book’s version of the Night King or main Other. But that’s my super duper tinfoil theory. Lol.
  12. Ok. So who is Sansa fighting & planning to win against? Cersei? Then why are you undermining Dany & Jon’s unity (Cersei’s enemies) just before they battle Cersei by breaking Jon’s trust? She’s only risking creating division. Dany? The person who has fought all the ways you implied (including picking up a sword when it was time) and risked everything to save Sansa & the North & she gets no appreciation or respect shown from Sansa. Jon? But she’s so pro family right? So she couldn’t be wanting to fight & win against Jon because that would make her a gray character who does both good & bad shit but D&D have been making Sansa a Saint who gets all the credit & intelligence without having to get her hands dirty ever since they let her get raped by Ramsey & there was a fan uproar. They’ve really done her character a disservice.
  13. Smoke317

    [SPOILERS] Rhaegal

    I pray that GRRM has more planned for both the Dragons & Direwolves (that’s if he even plans on writing another SoIaF book) because they have been an utter waste in the show (moreso the Direwolves). I do expect them to die in the books (Alleras will down one) but I expect them to have way more impact tame show.
  14. Sansa? Fight? Are we talking about the same character? The same one who hid in the crypts while everyone else fought & died for the North & mankind? The same one who hasn’t killed a damn thing in 8 seasons? The only person she smacked in 8 seasons was handicapped Robin. So again, how is she channeling Rickard? More like she’s been channeling Edmure Tully for 8 seasons.