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  1. My immediate thought as well. Absent Rhaegar to hold to this, though, I am not sure anyone else advising them would make this suggestion as there'd be so many suitors from other houses. But from my outside perspective, you lose the significance of the bloodline with too many "outcrosses." Rhaegar already went outside the family, V&D should obviously be the inbreeders.
  2. Mance, so he could tell us he's not Arthur Dayne. Craster, so he could tell us he's not BR's son. Jyana Reed, so she could tell us she's not Ashara Dayne. Melisandre, so she could tell us she's not Shiera. Pod. 'Cause I wanna know what D&D knew.
  3. Ice Sidhe that can raise the dead are cooler than teenage girls riding dragons.
  4. Hmmm. If I'm Robert, and they show up with the Golden Company, I'm immediately figuring out this kid's a Blackfyre. Especially when the kid pulls out the sword. If it's between Robert and a Blackfyre, Robert IS the Targaryen.
  5. Why there is not Baratheon POV chapter in asoiaf

    We don't know that Martin didn't write them, but they may not have made the final cut for editorial reasons-That is, we can get tons and tons of info about them, as much as we need really, via their co-stars. So, if push comes to shove and you have to condense things, the B's can be left out without us losing a whole lot of context. We know Robert's a man whore; Do we need to know his inner most thoughts? Oh my. We know Stannis is a law and order type guy and I'm not sure there is a whole lot in between. Do we need to know about his self- doubt? He has none. Renly is an extrovert, thus his best characteristics were well on display. In this same sense (I know, God forbid!) we could have done without Ned's POV except we needed his private thoughts about Jon. Could've done without Cat's, if we had Robb's instead. Could do without Arianne. Like, all together, I just could live without Arianne. Would;ve appreciated Oberyn instead.
  6. Baelish and the Wild Wolf

    I am going to have to take a moment to enjoy your username before I ponder this.
  7. Varys - unusual name for characters from East

    Visenya Aegon Rhaenys Yugoslavian Soup?
  8. Why women don't take black

    'Cause they're women.
  9. Most complex relationship of asoiaf

    It's not really a relationship described in ASOIAF proper, so much as in accompanying works: The relationship between Tywin and Aerys. It really was a rich relationship in terms of running the whole range of experiences and emotions between two "brothers," yet can be summed up in three simple words: Shit went south.
  10. Do you think Renly felt the same way? Don't really recall from the books. I feel what you're saying through Loras, but I wonder about the person that has more perceived power. For example, Robert and Cersei. Cersei had romantic love for Robert (at least at one point, and he killed it) but Robert, though he provided for her in every other way and was probably even kind to her for a time, never quite got there. Doesn't mean he didn't like sex with her and didn't like the idea (again at first, before he realized Tywin had him by the balls) of Cersei of House Lannister being his wife, she is a beautiful and noble woman after all. Also curious because I'm a huge fan of Queen Isabella the She-Wolf and fascinated by her relationship with Edward II (who had a "favorite" like Loras). There is some duality there. Maybe some would say it's simply bi-sexuality, but there are so many layers and frankly so many feudalistic barriers/limits on what historians of the day would dare write about him, for us to know if Edward was actually a gay man doing his duty as king with Isabella. Isabella had a side-piece, too, so then I begin to wonder if it's not so much about labels as it is about people in power feeling entitled to satiate any sexual whim they wish, as may have been the case with Renly.
  11. True dat. Whether because we are divine or just creatures of nature (depends on what you believe) human kind is too individualistic....even those that find themselves as part of a collective. We see that all over the place in this story. Not just individualism between kingdoms, but between villages, families, persons and sometimes even conflict within one mind. At some point you do have to band together if for nothing else than defense of your lands, which I think was the biggest driver of our federalist idea (although federalism in the US is actually a mis-nomer these days) so the question is whether the individual kingdoms could withstand attack on their own or be better off with one Commander in Chief and national military. If Aegon landed in our current plot, would he still have conquered, vs the way he conquered individual kingdoms (except Dorne?). Perhaps he would have because he had three flying nukes.
  12. Bran vs. Jaime

    I kind of thought of Meera, and also of Leaf herself, but I think the Children might be the antagonists when all is said and done. It may be that baby Monster/Aemon Steelsong or the other babes that the Others have been "preserving" are the survivors.
  13. Bran vs. Jaime

    I have all sorts of crackpottery about the whole thing ending with Lif and Lifthrasr rebuilding their world from scratch a la The Neverending Story.
  14. Why embrace a bloated, overly powerful, ripe-for-tyranny centralized government when you just freed yourselves from that? Been wondering that about my country's founders for quite some time.
  15. Bran vs. Jaime

    The only reason I like this is because of the Fenrir/Tyr angle. Kind of a cool interplay. But I agree that Bran has to forgive this and all other transgressions in flesh and focus on spiritual/magical transgressions. Fucking around with Jaime won't get him anywhere.