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  1. Agree, and frankly I think his entitled behavior is nothing short of how true Valyrian Dragonlords would have behaved. Don't think Maegor was all that cruel, put in context. Don't think Aerys went mad out of nowhere. Let's see, you have his Hand constantly making presumptuous decisions on his behalf (good or bad, Tywin was NOT the king), you have his family telling him that he'd better procreate with his sister-No, not because he's a prize, but because he needs to produce a son who will be more important than him; Then he is freaking kidnapped and abused. Nope, that won't give a guy the PTSD. Then his extended family falls apart and Robert, his kin, kills his son. Too bad there wasn't Westerosi psychotherapy. Oh wait, there was: wildfire.
  2. Whew, I sure am glad the author didn't explicitly tell us that Dany is not fireproof and that it was a one time thing.
  3. If GRRM has any shred of decency, Drogon will have an oopsy and drop that harlot straight into an erupting Dragon Mount. There's your red door, honey.
  4. I just wanted Cat to die, let alone her iteration. Catelyn is a horrible human being on all counts. Almost as short-sighted and ridiculously selfish as Dany.
  5. Right you are. Plus I think the place probably smells like a retirement home. Blech.
  6. Slynt for sure. What a douchnozzle. No wait, I actually do hate him. Stannis. Snooze Fest Stannis. Yet, he is the man. Damn it, he is the Mannis.
  7. Food for thought, but I wouldn't rule out Ashara knowing where the ToJ was (she's Dornish), where her brother was, where Aerys had sent the KG to go find Rhaegar, etc etc. She could have easily learned all of this while in Elia's service. Let's say Ned & Ashara had a discussion in KL; It's quite possible that Ned told Ashara to make for Starfall pronto (he distrusted the Lannisters immensely at this point and obviously cared for Ashara) as he left for Storm's End, then ToJ. She could easily have made it home before he got to ToJ, as you noted. Side note: Why would Ned, if he were so intent on finding his sister, go to Storm's End first? Duty, sure. Or, could be he was assured his sister was (temporarily) safe with Arthur, by Ashara. Something's just hinky about the whole thing and our author has already told us not to take fever dreams at face value. ETA-GRRM also wanted to make sure we know Ashara is transient. Unless.....someone at Storm's End told Ned where ToJ was, which kinda eliminates Ashara and Varys and I don't think Mace Tyrell knows his butt from a hole in the wall. Finally, a little twist given to us by The Bold: Had Ashara turned to Barristan (to go to his white brothers at ToJ and retrieve Lyanna) instead of turning to a Stark (Ned), perhaps her brother would be alive and she wouldn't have felt such grief for giving his whereabouts up to Ned. And Ned wouldn't have felt so sickened by what he did that he returned Dawn and chewed Cat's face off for mentioning Ashara. Just having a little fun with it all!
  8. Possibility? I would say probability, at least in terms of being vigilant. How many women did Aerys sleep with before he decided to stay true to Rhaella?
  9. Although...CGI would have been a fantastic way to portray GRRM's "Ice Sidhe." I would tend to picture something more like LOTR elves meshed with the effects of the watery face in the movie The Abyss or something akin to the translucence and fluid look in Terminator II; Utterly beautiful as they should be. Tuatha turned Fae, made ice. Though there is a lot of fun mythology in the Sagas/Jotunheimr to be sure, the lithe Tuatha, shrouding themselves in mist, fighting the Fomorians (who harnessed the destructive powers of nature:CoTF) and being defeated by the Milesian newcomers (First Men) then being relegated to the underworld/unseen world, only to appear from time to time to grab a changeling (Craster) baby...might be a lot more obscure than Thor is modern culture, but very rich mythology nonetheless and so so so visually pleasing if the HBO coin were there to drop.
  10. GRRM liked Hadrian's Wall and the Picts beyond. So I like to think of the North as Northumbria and beyond the Wall as being this place with Amazonian-like ginger women who carry around people's heads and like good ink.
  11. BBM-I hope you're right. 'Cause I'm really hoping that ignorant cow will get bitch slapped right off her dragon and into the heart of Dragonmont, dying in a fashion similar to Smeagol.
  12. Listen Veruca, word to the wise and something to always keep close to your heart: GRRM IS NOT YOUR BITCH
  13. Yerp. I used to loathe Stannis for the reasons you list -he made me sleepy. But I came to like him once he swaggered up to the Wall. At any rate, my take is that, because Stannis apparently has Lightbringer lodged up his arse (or, as you so politely call it-grumpy), and has middle child syndrome, it just stood to reason that Bobby B, the life of the party, and Renly the charming wiseass would get along swimmingly and Stannis would work their nerves. Shame on Robert, I guess, for turning Renly into the golden child, but Robert clearly couldn't take Stannis's disposition and was the first to strike the wedge between his younger brothers.
  14. Yet some "Ravens" were Crows.