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  1. Although...CGI would have been a fantastic way to portray GRRM's "Ice Sidhe." I would tend to picture something more like LOTR elves meshed with the effects of the watery face in the movie The Abyss or something akin to the translucence and fluid look in Terminator II; Utterly beautiful as they should be. Tuatha turned Fae, made ice. Though there is a lot of fun mythology in the Sagas/Jotunheimr to be sure, the lithe Tuatha, shrouding themselves in mist, fighting the Fomorians (who harnessed the destructive powers of nature:CoTF) and being defeated by the Milesian newcomers (First Men) then being relegated to the underworld/unseen world, only to appear from time to time to grab a changeling (Craster) baby...might be a lot more obscure than Thor is modern culture, but very rich mythology nonetheless and so so so visually pleasing if the HBO coin were there to drop.
  2. GRRM liked Hadrian's Wall and the Picts beyond. So I like to think of the North as Northumbria and beyond the Wall as being this place with Amazonian-like ginger women who carry around people's heads and like good ink.
  3. BBM-I hope you're right. 'Cause I'm really hoping that ignorant cow will get bitch slapped right off her dragon and into the heart of Dragonmont, dying in a fashion similar to Smeagol.
  4. Listen Veruca, word to the wise and something to always keep close to your heart: GRRM IS NOT YOUR BITCH
  5. Yerp. I used to loathe Stannis for the reasons you list -he made me sleepy. But I came to like him once he swaggered up to the Wall. At any rate, my take is that, because Stannis apparently has Lightbringer lodged up his arse (or, as you so politely call it-grumpy), and has middle child syndrome, it just stood to reason that Bobby B, the life of the party, and Renly the charming wiseass would get along swimmingly and Stannis would work their nerves. Shame on Robert, I guess, for turning Renly into the golden child, but Robert clearly couldn't take Stannis's disposition and was the first to strike the wedge between his younger brothers.
  6. Yet some "Ravens" were Crows.
  7. 1. The Mountain-Smoldering Valyria 2. Darkstar-The Dothraki Sea, born to a Lhazareen 3. Lysa-Asshai. Where are all the children anyhow? 4. Janos Slynt-Euron's house. With a sliding door to his room. 5. Dany-Craster's Crib
  8. I don't think it would be a payoff, I think it would've simply been a prudent matchmaking endeavor. Assuming Aerys didn't know they were incestuous, what wouldn't be right about Jaime or Cersei? Not both, because if you are going to make political marriages (rather than inbreeding) then it might indeed be a smart move to bring in Dorne, or hell, the North for at least one child...which coulda been Viserys. Not to mention Jaime was unavailable by the time Dany was conceived anway. But Cersei was a terrific option on her own merits, nothing to do with Tywin being the Hand. But Tywin wasn't just the Hand when Rhaegar was born. He was (the closest thing to) Aerys's bromance.
  9. That is one helluva visual.
  10. Petyr Baelish is Varys’s Littlefinger The one that was thrown in a brazier?
  11. He wasn't. He wasn't even obligated to make Tywin his hand. But, once upon a time, marrying their children should've pleased Aerys as much as Robert wanting his kid to marry Ned's.
  12. I poop on this argument that's been had 5 ZILLION times. Let's pretend Jon's a bastard and Arthur, Gerold and Oswell are village idiots: The bastard thing makes no matter, elsewise poor Robert of the Bastard House of Orys Baratheon is outta luck. Poor (f)Aegon of the Bastard House Blackfyre is outta luck. Poor Tommen, of the Bastard House of Lannister is outta luck. 'Cept.....House Baratheon took the Stormlands and centuries later won the IT by conquest. No one bitched about Orys. House Blackfyre lost at war, but could win again by conquest and had decent support in the Kingdoms at one time. Tommen holds the crown purely by the very thin string that is the support of the noble houses of various lands. But then, that support isn't all that thin unless or until he dies or Dany burns the shit out of everyone. I got the feels for those poor Anglos that fell for it when William the Bastard pretended to be king. But wait...he and his line established a dynasty in which today's monarchy is still rooted. Sometimes, when you put people to the sword, everyone sips on a bottle of fine STFU wine. If Jon is a Targ and >>Jon rides a dragon (because Valyrian) and>>Jon conquers Westeros, then he can be anything he puts his mind to. Until the Others squash them all. God I hope that happens, so we can stop arguing about whether Jon was born a king, a bastard, a coal miner's daughter or a rambling man.
  13. OK, I can see wondering how Cersei and Jaime have suffered injustice, but if you don't see how Tywin has, I'm shocked. Tywin was, BTW, Rhaegar's biggest fan. He did not begrudge their family's birth right, he begrudged the way he was shit on by Aerys over and over....and over. Not saying the SoKL was the right response, but you cannot deny Tywin was treated unjustly by a dude that was supposed to be like his brother from a more royal mother.
  14. Ditto
  15. My immediate thought as well. Absent Rhaegar to hold to this, though, I am not sure anyone else advising them would make this suggestion as there'd be so many suitors from other houses. But from my outside perspective, you lose the significance of the bloodline with too many "outcrosses." Rhaegar already went outside the family, V&D should obviously be the inbreeders.