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  1. I said in another thread recently, about Stark genetics, Planetos would have a comparatively low MRCA (most recent common ancestor) compared to the real world. In reality it's 3000 years for about 7 bn people. In short everyone is related to everyone else and the only power blood has is the power that people give to it.
  2. No need to apologise to me, it's no skin off my nose. You asked questions about what Tygett meant and I told you where to find the answers you sought. Here's the thing we are told by different sources that Doran is a player and we're told how smart he is and that he's a careful planner etc etc. But as we agree his plans all suck big time but we also know that he has a bigger plan but we're given no details about it except that he wanted to take everything from Tywin before killing him. So we have his goal but his entire plan until very recently, a plan 20 years in the making is just marry Arianne to the beggar king Viserys. That's not a bad plan, that's a plan so nonsensical that it could be Hodor's. How can we reconcile that people like Tywin himself think Doran is one of the smartest guys in the realm with this foolishness. Either every character is completely wrong about Dorans wits or it's intentional misdirection. I know what seems more likely to me. Anyway I think I told you the wrong video anyway. You want The Dornish Master Plan
  3. I give Daenerys a little bit of credit she shows some potential. All her "I may be a young girl unskilled in the art of X but" lines are always pretty good but she's almost always entirely reactive. Something happens and she makes a quick decision sometimes rightly sometimes wrongly. The whole reason she's in Meereen is because she lacks a cohesive plan. She's still pondering if she should stay or go home. She's still just a piece who could easily be moved by a real player. A player has a strategy, they move pieces when they want them moved. They plan 3 moves ahead at all times. They have contingency plans for when stuff goes wrong.
  4. Absolutely. The smart thing to do would be to tell them not to get involved or at least tell them to not commit too many of their forces to attacking the North. Then when the rest of the kingdoms have spent their power have them turn their cloaks and use the riverlands to mount a counter offensive. It should also be mentioned that they obviously have Theon as a hostage as well which would keep the Iron islands out of it and keeping him as a hostage could secure them the islands help in a counter attack. The most important thing though is to stand alone and defend. Probably for the first few years until the other kingdoms are weakened. Apart from the Starks being captured the North was in a ridiculously strong position.
  5. You should probably watch Preston Jacobs Deeper Dorne series. We don't know what Doran's plan is but I find it highly unlikely that Quentyn was supposed to succeed. The Yronwoods are one of the least loyal houses in Dorne. It would be like Ned Stark sending Bran on a quest with the Boltons. Or the Tully's sending Edmure on a quest with the Freys. Quentyn is only fostered with them to avoid a war when Oberyn killed their previous lord. Everything about Quentyn's quest is wrong. It's a terrible plan based on an extremely dodgy marriage pact supposedly signed by a castellan who wouldn't even have the power to make such a pact. None of it makes sense. You can't take ASoIAF at face value in my opinion. If something clearly doesn't make sense you have to look beneath the surface.
  6. All they would need to do is defend. If Ned returns North with his family as soon as stuff starts to go wrong then the North is extremely strong. Robb had to go South because his sisters were hostages. If that's not the case the North could probably beat all the other kingdoms combined if they don't have to leave their land. Their only weakness is their navy and two very long coastlines. But inhospitable conditions plus a guerilla style warfare would probably be enough.
  7. The only two who have really been playing the game of thrones is Illyrio/Varys and Doran and I suppose Baelish. The rest are just pieces. I went with Illyrio. Voting for Illyrio is the same as voting for Varys since they're on the same team and we don't know who the leader of that team is.
  8. I'm not saying that Martin wants to rape his sister or put the press into a stew. Just that certain themes crop up over and over again in Martin's work. Particularly Meathouse man, which I think closely resembles Tyrion and was written after the aforementioned break up. If we follow the plot of Meathouse man. Tyrion will get together with Penny. That's my prediction or I could be completely wrong about all of this
  9. I know, it is a tough one. I think in a way I end up being an apologist for almost every POV character. Even the most despised like Cersei. I can certainly empathise with her situation and the pressure she's under. With Cersei as well I relate her to someone I've known irl, maybe not the worst stuff but at least the way she thinks. Tyrion makes it easy for us to overlook the horrible entitled behaviour for two main reasons; He's funny, at least compared to most of the characters and he provides a lot of background information to almost everything he encounters. It's the old spoonful of sugar making the medicine go down. We overlook the fact he's doing all this horrible stuff because he's entertaining and provides us with accurate information. On the other hand, going into Tyrion apologetics mode, we are in a unique position as readers to be the thought police. I think we all at some time have had dark thoughts that we would never act on especially in times of great stress. Like feeling really angry at someone and wishing they were dead.Tyrion is in full on breakdown mode when he's having his darkest thoughts. These dark thoughts are probably drawn from Martin's own experiences of bad break ups and broken hearts. He had one relationship where his girlfriend left him for his best friend. Perhaps analogous to finding Tywin and Shae together, with maybe the feelings turned up to 11 with all the other stuff that goes with the history of Tywin and the women Tyrion (thinks he) loves. I don't think he really loves any of them but he loves the idea of them. Tysha is no more than an idea to him. Someone to put on a pedestal. He wants to find her not to try to right the wrongs done to her but to right the wrongs done to him.
  10. @Corvo the Crow I completely agree. The other thing to consider is the MRCA (most recent common ancestor). In the real world Europeans MRCA would probably be about 1000 years ago. For the entire population of our entire planet it would only be 3000 years ago. For a continent like Westeros with a much smaller population, much more internal migration, etc. We have to imagine it would be much less. This means that Westerosi would most certainly all be related from peasant to the highest. Obviously that doesn't mean they all share genetic traits. Like a glass of water there's a finite amount it can hold some genes would be discarded along the way. The point being that while The Starks can't lay claim to being particularly Stark as in having genes that would be very similar to any possible night king or anyone in the age of heroes, at the same time everyone is a little bit Stark and related to them somewhere probably less than 1000 years ago in Westerosi history. Same goes for all the major houses.
  11. None. Nettles.
  12. Rape is about power not sex or so the psychologists say. I think Tyrion is absolutely obsessed with power and Cersei has always done her best to keep him as powerless as possible. Plus we're shown over and over again that certain female characters power is in their sexuality. Cersei's walk of shame being the prime example of this. Stripped of her clothes and stripped of her power. I think that's why he thinks about raping Cersei. The sex worker in Volantis is his revenge on all women for making him feel powerless. He is a class A misogynist. Still my favourite chapters to read.
  13. Yeah there's no evidence that Mirri Maz Duur was trying to do anything but help. There's even bigger questions about her though. Like why was someone who has been trained in Asshai, has trained with Grand Maester Marwyn, as well as trained in the arts of the Dothraki and Jogos Nhai. She seems a little over qualified for the position of village priestess.
  14. Strangely I think the show actually sheds light on this. Or that's where I take my understanding from. Sandor wants to be the one to kill Gregor. So he doesn't want Gregor punished for murdering Loras which would surely be a death sentence. Or it could just be that the Hound can't resist being chivalrous and knightly even though he doesn't believe in being a knight. Or it could be that he doesn't want to see his brother hurt someone else the way he hurt him.
  15. There's a Jon line somewhere where he thinks about the validity of a Karstark claim to Winterfell. He says something like All the houses of the North have been married to the Starks so many times that any of their claims woulds be just as valid. Personally I think it shows that all the stuff about bloodlines is a load of misdirection and people put way too much stock in those ideas. Just think about the author, he's a hippy. The two ideologies that stand out to me that would care about bloodlines would be feudalism and nazism. Two ideologies that I suspect the author doesn't have too high an opinion of.