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  1. torn between 9 and 10. Not best of the season, that was when Drogon burnt the Lannisters. But very enjoyable, with a few piches of salt. Cersei not being impressed was very foreseeable. Every one in this forum said a wight for Cersei is stupid. At last Jamie decided to walk away. But I would have liked it better if Ser Gregor would have cut him in half. Would have felt like Game of Thrones and not like Hollywood with him riding away while it starts to snow. Liked Littlefinger's demise, good presentation. Even though Littlefinger was always my favourite character, the Stark kids proved to be too much. Wall coming down was lil anticlimatic. What breath is it Viserion has? Fire? Did not look like it? Frost breath? Why would the wall collapse then. And what about Tormund and Beric? Don't they deserve a death scene? Or are they going to jump at from a rubble of ice and outride the army of the dead to be the only 2 characters surviving the attack? Ya, they wanted to show the dragon is powerful. But I would have liked another way of punching the wall MUCH better than just melting it by dragon... Overall, good entertainment, nice to see some characters interact. The wait starts now, and it will be gruesome. Hopefully the fat man delivers Winds in 2018...
  2. 5 Was really annoyed with the raven. Was annoyed why zimbies would actually be afraid of falling into a lake and just wait for days until the lake freezes again. Then Dany flying in the last possible second... that's Hollywood and NOT Game of thrones. Why did the Night King not throw his javelin at Jon? How did Jon get out of that lake, where there were hundreds of wights just seconds before? Did he hide for an hour underwater? I did not even get what Sansa's plan is. I thought LF told her to use Brienne for protection against Arya and then she sends her away. Did I get that wrong? Maybe I just dont care enough anymore... What's Bran doing? He could have sent a raven to Dany MUCH EARLIER and they need not bother with Gendry speedrunning. Still entertaining but really disappointing. This could have been epic and awesome and it feels botched by the writing.
  3. For me its a 5 Worst of the season. There were some bits I enjoyed, but then toooo many thinks that really irritated me. I understand its only used to set up the season final 2 episodes but too much stuff was happening just because D&D want it to happen. Jamie and Bronn escape? With Dany and Tyrion both clearly seeing Jaimes charge, and 100k Dothraki on horses in the area? They really should have captured them but hey, the writing wants it otherwise. Tyrion and Jamie talk: Yes, I wanted them to talk, but with Jamie being Tyrion's prisoner and not Tyrion risking being caught by Cersei... Tyrion creates a suuuper smart plan to catch a wight that makes no sense at all. Maybe he really is drunk most of the time... 7 awesome guys start out on that plan and simply walk beyond the wall. Did they forge weapons of Dragonglass that they mined? Who cares... What I did like Jorah meeting Dany was good. Jon petting Drogon was nice. Dany and Jon getting closer comes across much better than I thought. Burning the Tarlys was... well a very grey area, but I like it when stuff is grey and not all the simple good/bad typology. Best scene was Arya and LF to me. Kudos to LF for staying ahead on the game.
  4. 10 Awesome battle, blew my mind. Nice to see Arya home. Enjoyed every bit of it
  5. Overall I really liked it. Jaime and Olenna was great. CR and Highgarden was great. Dany and Jon was ok... Seems kinda stupid the "problem" they are making up between the two. Both have quite a history of understanding people and both should really have an easy time understanding the others perspective. Only part I did not like was Bran and Sansa. Could have been such a happy moment and Bran was overly cold. And actually it is a lil weird how super clever Cersei has become. In the past she put one blunder after the next and only saved her arse by blowing up the sept... And now she invites CRAZY EURON and has a super successful cooperation with that mad man, anticipates a move against CR, brings Tarly on her side, sacks Highgarden and is super sweet talking to the Iron Bank. But for now I enjoy it as otherwise it would be kinda boring of Dany just easily destroyed her.
  6. I liked the episode. Euron finally acting how I would imagine him from the books. Arya scene was good with Hot pie and Nymeria Varys dialogue was well done They are moving real quick now, I like it
  7. 10. Great episode, enjoyed every bit of it. Now the wait begins.
  8. 10. Great batttle, very happy Ramsay signed out, I am even ok with Sansa not telling Jon about Vale army for show reasons... though it makes little sense. Kinda funny that now Dany does not just have full control over Drogon, but even over the other two dragons apparently. Well, fine with me, I want her to finally sail west.
  9. Liked the Riverrun and Kings Landing stuff. Braavos and Meereen sadly were very weak. 4, worst episode this season.
  10. 7 Blackfish was great, Lady Mormont good enough, Margaery was good. Hound was a lil too long for my taste, Arya scene was weird. How does she manage to run around with those wounds?
  11. Gave it a 6. Slower than last episodes, which is generally fine. But Tarly scene could have been a bit shorter. Hooray for Benjen return, hooray for once not having to see the faces of Tyrion or Ramsay or Jon. Dany seemed able to control Drogon, I wonder how. If(!) from now on she has complete control over him, that was the biggest thing happening this episode and maybe the entire season. Even without Khalasar or Unsullied, if a legitimate Targaryen would fly to Westeros on dragon back, all she would need to do is burn one great house for everyone to shit their pants and declare for her.
  12. have to say that I did not like it that much... Summer dead for nothing, Aarya rather boring, Euron is not scary AT ALL and is one of the worst castings yet. The final attack on the cave was ok but messy and not well explained what really happened between 3ER and Bran. Gave it a 6.
  13. Very happy to FINALLY have a Stark reunion. Most emotional moment since forever in the show. Dany scene was good aswell, Tyrion's scenes much improved compared to last episodes. 9-10 for me.
  14. Liked it, feels good to FINALLY read some new chapter. Makes the wait for the release a lil less annoying. I join those voices thinking that Rowan probably joined GC. He was in a bad position with SE before him and GC advancing from behind. I would like to know what ruse JonCon used to conquer SE. And ya, the battle with Tyrrell army is going to be interesting. GC should win, else both Dorne and GC story lines - which have been build up for way to long - would remain completely irrelevant. Probably Varis is able to supply a lot of intel for the GC to outsmart whoever is leading the Tyrrell army. So after battle of Meereen and battle of Ice this is a third rather big battle what should be still the start of TWOW.
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