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  1. Night King has patience, and so far he seems kinda cautious. Only attacked the wall when he could take it down instantly, not the kind to do things in a rushed way. One single dragonglass arrow would end him and all his wights with him. So while he could win lots by flying south and raising undead, he could fuck up real big too. He knows Dany has dragons as well. So I guess he will only act if it seems really safe and otherwise stay close to his army to cover his back if required.
  2. Fearodh

    An Entire Season without Ghost

    This. Jon was travelling without his pet to Dragonstone, Beyond the Wall and back to Kinds Landing, so Ghost stayed put. While I am upset at some other things, the omission of Ghost seems ok and logical. No clue why people complain so much about it.
  3. Fearodh

    so did tormound and beric survive

    This is my take as well. They made it to the part of the wall that did not collapse. Walking to Castle Black is the best option now.
  4. Fearodh

    Blue Flame of Viserion.

    I agree that it should be cold. But then I kinda dont get why the wall would be affected so heavily by it...
  5. torn between 9 and 10. Not best of the season, that was when Drogon burnt the Lannisters. But very enjoyable, with a few piches of salt. Cersei not being impressed was very foreseeable. Every one in this forum said a wight for Cersei is stupid. At last Jamie decided to walk away. But I would have liked it better if Ser Gregor would have cut him in half. Would have felt like Game of Thrones and not like Hollywood with him riding away while it starts to snow. Liked Littlefinger's demise, good presentation. Even though Littlefinger was always my favourite character, the Stark kids proved to be too much. Wall coming down was lil anticlimatic. What breath is it Viserion has? Fire? Did not look like it? Frost breath? Why would the wall collapse then. And what about Tormund and Beric? Don't they deserve a death scene? Or are they going to jump at from a rubble of ice and outride the army of the dead to be the only 2 characters surviving the attack? Ya, they wanted to show the dragon is powerful. But I would have liked another way of punching the wall MUCH better than just melting it by dragon... Overall, good entertainment, nice to see some characters interact. The wait starts now, and it will be gruesome. Hopefully the fat man delivers Winds in 2018...
  6. Fearodh

    What is your level of excitement for this esidose?

    My level of excitement? ITS OVER 9000!!!! Seriously, though I have been disappointed by e6 and the overall rushed feeling of the whole season, it is still great entertainment and I CANT WAIT to see what happens next. The wait for next year will again be gruesome. Good that I have buried all hopes that George ever finishes the books.
  7. Episode title is about Jon's collection of pets. Some years back he and his not bastard siblings were all given a wolf puppie for christmas. Arya chased hers away after having an argument with Sansa, which led Ned to take Sansa's away. Robb's was forgotten when he attented a friends wedding. Rickon's was stolen by an Umber boy and Bran left his wolf in a cave. So Jon wisely decided to keep Ghost in a place where the camera would NEVER see him all season. As Dany is angry about losing one of her three pets, she decides she will give Rhaegal to a friend who has a good track record at keeping mystical pets in good shape. Will look awesome when he will take all his pets for a walk...
  8. Or the Dragon has a frost breath and uses it to freeze over the ocean at eastwatch. The whole army walks over the ice and attacks eastwatch from the south.
  9. I think Cersei made clear she wants to fuck things up with her "fighting like father" line. But I would be REAALLY disappointed if she manages to harm anyone. Tyrion and Varys know about the red wedding, the purple wedding, the Frey toast, they know of wildfire and how Cersei blew up the sept. They know that she thinks the meeting is a very attractive place for an attack, so they MUST make sure against all eventualities. Cersei would have to think of something completely new that takes danys present forces and her dragons into the picture and also outsmarts both Tyrion and Varys. If she manages that, kudos. But if it is "just" another food poisoning or wildfire and the show wants to tell us she succeeded with such a foreseeable trap, I would shake my head in disbelief. So I hope for anticlimatic meeting where Cersei "acts" normal to buy herself some time and the action coming in when the wall comes down or something.
  10. Fearodh

    Best Rated Episodes So Far By This Forum

    thanks for putting it together, interesting to see. My personal favourites of all time are 704 - Spoils of war and 508 - Hardhome. I think it is quite difficult to distinguish between the seasons where the books are out 1-4 and those were the viewers don't know yet what is about to happen (somewhere at 5 - 7).
  11. Ya, we do know too little to understand the night king. Still kinda puzzled me why he has javelins and seems to be super good at throwing them, yet does not even try to take Jon out while he is stuck on that island but waits until Viserion shows up. Maybe his actions follow a higher plan, maybe he can see stuff similar to Bran, maybe he was just lucky on this one. I hope we learn more about the motivations of him next season or whenever the book comes out. To "destroy humanity because eviiill" is too simple to fit into GoT
  12. 5 Was really annoyed with the raven. Was annoyed why zimbies would actually be afraid of falling into a lake and just wait for days until the lake freezes again. Then Dany flying in the last possible second... that's Hollywood and NOT Game of thrones. Why did the Night King not throw his javelin at Jon? How did Jon get out of that lake, where there were hundreds of wights just seconds before? Did he hide for an hour underwater? I did not even get what Sansa's plan is. I thought LF told her to use Brienne for protection against Arya and then she sends her away. Did I get that wrong? Maybe I just dont care enough anymore... What's Bran doing? He could have sent a raven to Dany MUCH EARLIER and they need not bother with Gendry speedrunning. Still entertaining but really disappointing. This could have been epic and awesome and it feels botched by the writing.
  13. Yes, amonth the most unlogical things. There are 100k on horses in the area. Tyrion and Dany saw Jamie charge. Bronn and Jamie have no horses. Jamie is the freaking commander. They should have captured him seconds after he emerged from the water. I really hated it I most say, just seemed extremely bad written.
  14. Fearodh

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 705?

    For me its a 5 Worst of the season. There were some bits I enjoyed, but then toooo many thinks that really irritated me. I understand its only used to set up the season final 2 episodes but too much stuff was happening just because D&D want it to happen. Jamie and Bronn escape? With Dany and Tyrion both clearly seeing Jaimes charge, and 100k Dothraki on horses in the area? They really should have captured them but hey, the writing wants it otherwise. Tyrion and Jamie talk: Yes, I wanted them to talk, but with Jamie being Tyrion's prisoner and not Tyrion risking being caught by Cersei... Tyrion creates a suuuper smart plan to catch a wight that makes no sense at all. Maybe he really is drunk most of the time... 7 awesome guys start out on that plan and simply walk beyond the wall. Did they forge weapons of Dragonglass that they mined? Who cares... What I did like Jorah meeting Dany was good. Jon petting Drogon was nice. Dany and Jon getting closer comes across much better than I thought. Burning the Tarlys was... well a very grey area, but I like it when stuff is grey and not all the simple good/bad typology. Best scene was Arya and LF to me. Kudos to LF for staying ahead on the game.
  15. 10 Awesome battle, blew my mind. Nice to see Arya home. Enjoyed every bit of it