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  1. Bran the broken with Tyrion would be good for both of them. Stannis with Olenna he is desperate for some love and her tough love would do him the world of good. Lysa with Jon Arryn stops the LF infatuation and probably prevents the old man marriage if he is a second father
  2. elder brother jonothor dar


    Interesting idea. To continue your Valyrian theam C would make more sense for the slaves of Valyria to turn on their masters and 'eat' them as oppose to the Lords of Westros who dine on their peasants
  3. elder brother jonothor dar

    Why did Ramsey Bolton take the women and children of winterfell?

    Theon confirms Ramsey can read, it's one of the hints Reek is not all he seems. Ramsey might be older but it makes no difference as a bastard he would still come behind all true born children. His mother demanded more for a son of the Dreadfort and received it, how far her ambition went who can say but she managed to teach him to read at any rate
  4. If you can explain how Walder has more than one wife despite the first still being alive. And then explain how Royce being alive changes anything. Robb is bethroted to a Frey of his choosing once the war has finished. A great grandmother being dead or alive will change little he didn't even marry the girl in the end
  5. elder brother jonothor dar

    Did Littlefinger influece Joffrey in executing Ned?

    This makes sense
  6. elder brother jonothor dar

    What if Tywin had Tommen marry Sansa?

    Why would Joffrey die? If you are going to kill Joff you do not marry his heir to a Stark. Even if the crackpot Tyrion was the target changes if Sansa is not his wife, she is not sat next to him and events change. It's why I find these posts pointless, take an event change 1 detail and ignore the butterfly effect of any changes
  7. Of all the random and pointless what if threads this wins. If his wives did not die he can't remarry so he would have mostly bastards. Assuming that the story continued as was with multiple wives, Robb would still get to choose. Now assuming Royce lives let's randomly guess who the subsequent wive marry. And the implications for the original story
  8. elder brother jonothor dar

    Could Ramsay break Stannis?

    Im not sure Stannis is a known bender
  9. elder brother jonothor dar

    What if Euron never left?

    So Euron never left. I'm guessing in your story he never raped/slept with his sister in law. I'm also guessing that new UFT Euron did not abuse his brothers either. UFT Euron sounds like a stable family guy. I can also imagine this new character to be supportive of his fathers reforms. Quellon stays out of the rebellion and remains alive to continue his rule. The Lannister fleet is not destroyed and he seeks suitable brides on the mainland for his youngest sons. Now with Quellons longer rain and the threat of the Lannister fleet, the Greyjoy rebellion does not happen. Theon is no longer heir, and no longer ward to the Starks, Asha has 3 brothers and is not such a tom boy. Now What Theon and Balon invasion of the north thing? Do you mean Rodrik and Balon invasion of the north? Who is Rodrik married to in your story? What other alliances to the Greyjoy family have to the mainland? Who is UFT Euron married to? I could better answer these what if questions if you gave more detailed back story for these new characters you keep creating. Thanx
  10. elder brother jonothor dar

    Rhaegar loved Arthur and men?

    Wait what; all those examples of KG and royalty are all gay? You might want to Google formal fallacy to see why you are running down a blind alley
  11. elder brother jonothor dar

    Rhaegar loved Arthur and men?

    Your parallel is they where both princes who prefered not to fight and one KG who was skilled with a sword and gay, the other possibly GOAT with broad sword and best friend with the prince. The rest is speculation on your part, or am I missing something?
  12. elder brother jonothor dar

    Jaime broke an oath when he killed Aerys

    I think your question comes down to what would he have done if the mad king was not mad. If the King was not planning to burn the city and asked for Tywins head what would he do? As has been pointed out he has broken several knightly vowes in his time protecting the King, he brakes even more and unthinkable ones by killing his King. This is justified by the lives of everyone in KL. We will never know but would his choice of Tywin above the King be the same if there where no innocent lives at stake?
  13. elder brother jonothor dar

    Six and One, Half Dozen of the Others

    You got me curious and then I got board when you started listing six random things. Seven is a sacred number to the well 7, 6 v 1 is an interesting idea, it strikes me though that the stranger is the 1. The KG v Jaime, Jaime is death; death to the King and death of the KG. Now what does that mean to the others? Does the black brother represent the historical death of the others after the battle of the dawn, or is it the first men/andals who represent the death of the cotf, who quite probably created the others? Can the 1 always represent death? Does he represent death?
  14. elder brother jonothor dar

    Elite Fighters vs Raw Physical strength who wins?

    Half your physical team come under the elite class, their physical strenght may be the edge that takes them into the elite bracket but still. Robert beat Rhaegar but Robert is one of the elite so proves nothing and the fight was close. A better answer would be Neds mounted 7 vs 3 kingsguard.on foot. The KG almost won despite being outnumber and unhorsed. So I would agree with you the elites should win, though 7 giants v KG would be a challenge
  15. elder brother jonothor dar

    How to deal with the villains?

    Who's law? Conquest and strenght of arms seems a universal law. Westeros has outlawed slavery as has Bravos, if they can conquer others they can impose their own laws like Dany did. If the free cities conquerd Westeros slavery would be legal. Robert was a traitor until he was the King. I'm not sure how the law will help to change a culture. Is what the Dothraki do any worse than what happens during the Wto5k?