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  1. You both forgot Cain and Able! Adam and Eve are technically twins when you think about it as well.
  2. Brianstorm

    Biggest Mistake Made by Robb

    Taking the throne, he set himself up big time on the basis of some minor lords. If he denied the throne he would probably be the main character.
  3. Brianstorm

    Was Poor, Sweet Joff a good king?

    No one remembers! Poor Joff, only 13, left to die for political reasons ://
  4. Brianstorm

    Was Poor, Sweet Joff a good king?

    Yes I know, no one seemed to get my point and just said "Joffrey is evil so he's a bad king". Also my supposition is that having an heir and allying with the Tyrells would be better than Tommen and Cersei taking the house to new lows. Cersei calls him "poor, sweet Joff" once she gets POV chapter in AFFC.
  5. Brianstorm

    Was Poor, Sweet Joff a good king?

    Yes he may have killed some people personally, but my point in starting the thread was would that be worth saving the lives of thousands if not hundreds of thousands? This is how George has set us up to think about his universe IMO.
  6. Ned isn't a jock type, he was the middle child jealous of Brandon.
  7. Brianstorm

    Robb Stark, and the fate of Young Griff

    Considering Robb is true born and Jon is a bastard, it's more likely Dany is killed and she's given a dragon's head on her body like Robb with his direwolf, while the bastard Blackfyre survives.
  8. yeah but they were like 16 or 17 IIRC, perfect age for Ned to sire a few (other than Jon of course)
  9. Ned would've been just a teen when he was out on the warpath with Robert, no?
  10. Ned Dayne is probably his son, George is going to leave us with a bunch of Targ and Stark and etc. bastards aka potential Luke Skywalkers for us to think about after his bittersweet ending.
  11. Brianstorm

    Arya and Roose

    The theories about the book he burns are quite bi-polar, it's either just plans for the Red Wedding or Roose's secret spells to become a thousand year old vampire warg.
  12. Brianstorm

    How did the Night's Watch go wrong?

    Who says it went wrong? It's quite possible they started as guards for the Walkers and lost the plot over the centuries.
  13. He certainly would not have put up with the High Septon and would have tried to get a stooge into that position, however that could lead to it's own problems. That said. even if he wasn't meant to be a long term king, getting an heir from Margaery would've been optimal vs the Purple Wedding happening when it did.
  14. Brianstorm

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    You're assuming he's The Final Boss, he could help save the realm at the end of the day for all we know.
  15. Brianstorm

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Well impersonation doesn't seem to fit in with their magic as far as we know, but this could be why he's drinking the Shade so heavily. It's unlikely but it's more logical than Euron being able to sail back and forth from the II and SB so quickly at the least.