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  1. Ser Walter of AShwood

    Good news? Bad news?

    I've been away for a while (been busy at work and other stuff). But I would like to challenge this statement. I think GRRM doesn't care about the 'poor old fans' who keep bothering him with the same question over and over again. His statement is: It is done when it is done. He does care about a lot of other fans, who, like GRRM himself, want to see a book where the plotlines and conspiracies are hidden beneath the surface. Where the storylines are interesting and where people grow in character. If he wanted to finish the book as fast as possible for the 'poor old fans who have been waiting so long' he would've used the TV Series storylines and be done with it. I personally prefer a story that is complete, interesting and not so predictable. Where hints about what is going to happen are given, but you do get surprised when it actually does happen. Where you need to read chapters twice (or more), just to make sure that you didn't miss a thing. I am a patient man, I will wait for the book to appear, and comfort myself the books that have been published in ASOIAF with some of the other ICE&FIRE-world books he has published in between.
  2. Ser Walter of AShwood

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    To be honest, I missed this parallel at first as well, I got it from a reddit post, where lightbringer is also explained:
  3. Ser Walter of AShwood

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    Jon indeed is the tragic hero of the story, that is obvious. He is also the culmination of several prophecies, the PTWP and AA. However, as with many prophecies and visions, they are misunderstood. Prophecies and legends are first told mouth-to-mouth, small things change every time a story is told, then they get written down and people start theorizing (as we have been doing for so many years). I know it is far fetched, but the link is actually quite obvious, fighting the WW's, then the Lannisters and finally fight the last greatest threat to Westeros, his lover, who wants to enforce her vision of a free world to everybody, you can either bend the knee or die. That's not a free world, that's something totally different, and I am refusing to point to any political movement from the past or present that used/uses intimidation and violence to enforce their vision.
  4. Ser Walter of AShwood

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    Lets recap shall we? Jon Snow is Azor Ahai. He quenched his sword in water when battling the WW's (the White Walkers are ice, ice is frozen water). He then quenched his sword in the heart of a Lion battling the Lannisters (Lannister sigil is a lion). He finally quenched his sword in Nissa Nissa when stabbing Daenerys (his lover). And with that ending the war for humanity. He is also the last hero. He went on a trip north of the wall with several companions, not to find the heart of winter, but to find A heart if winter, a wight, and bring it to kingslanding to show the threat humans are facing. He is also a fantasy trope, the hidden king, the last true heir to the throne, hidden in plain sight, being prepared for a noble duty, but not aware of his true destiny. Jon is the culmination of a lot of prophecies, however Jon himself does not believe in prophecies. Jon believes in honor, doing what is good for humanity and helping out whenever he can. Following up on that, GRRM is pretty much on the same foot as Jon, he uses prophecies in his books, but they are a double-edged blade. If misinterpreted, the prophecy will turn against you. GRRM also dislikes tropes, but he uses them all the more. However, the tropes GRRM uses, usually end up a little bit different that the default ending. Jon is not Aragorn, Samwell is not Samwise, Daenerys is not the true exiled heir, etcetera. Back on topic. Jon is sent to the NW. The first thing he asks when Tyrion tells him is "Is there even a nightswatch?" Tyrion gives an indirect answer "The kingdom alsways needs a place for bastards and broken men". Also, about 99% of the old NW has been killed in battle, the NW has been renewed with freefolk. As Tormund mildly puts it in season 7 "Guess we're the Nightswatch now". So, there currently still is a nightswatch. However, most of these men, are freefolk, not Westerosi. Second, they never took the NW vows, instead, they vowed (and kneeled) to Jon when they were allowed beyond the wall. If we add all this up, we can safely assume that the current NW is a totally different NW than the one we saw in season 1-4. The NW is mostly freefolk, who swore an oath to Jon. They are loyal to him, because he saved them and their families from the WW's and the NK. All-knowing and all-seeing Bran knows what happened at the wall, and who is manning the wall at this very point. Bran must've known that things are about to change at the wall. Let's face it, there is no real threat from the north anymore. The wildlings already have passed beyond the wall, and the WW's are gone. There is no use for the wall anymore, except for being a border. The only purpose for the NW would be customs. Jon did not desert the NW, he rejoined the NW that now exists of mostly freefolk. The freefolk accepts him as their savior. A nice telling about the current state of the NW is that he was being brought to castle black by 2 men in black. When the gates opened, you could see Jon with his traditional sulking expression. He was not looking forward to returning to the NW, and being just another NW guard or whatever. Imagine his surprise when he sees Tormund in the spot where the LC used to be standing when new recruits arrived..... Jon is in the North (the real North), where he belongs. He lost his hart for the first time in the North to Ygritte, and he will never forget. Tormund is right, Jon belongs in the North. He will be at peace in the north, but a broken man still. He killed his second love, for the good of humanity. He did the right thing, but it completely broke him. He now is in a place where people do not care about bloodlines, heritage and house-names. He can just be Jon Snow, savior of the freefolk, and maybe even a customs officer at the wall.
  5. Ser Walter of AShwood

    The Knights of the vale have 0 reasons to be at winterfell at this point

    Yet...... Sweetrobin is the only Arryn left, apart from some distant cousins, but let's face it, the kid is not fit to rule. The Westerlands have Tyrion and/or Jaime (if we're lucky) to rule them, but they will need to produce heirs sometime soon. The Riverlands have Edmure Tully (is he still held captive by Cersei's Lannister army, accompanied by his lovely Frey wife?), but no other heirs. The crownlands, well, I guess Jonaerys will decide who will ascend the Iron Throne. The Stormlands, house Baratheon is EOL. We only know of one bastard who survived Cersei's wrath. The Iron islands, Euron and Yara need to fix their dispute. Might just end in them dying both. The North, Jon is declared KitN, but has bend the knee to Daenerys, but is actually also the rightful King of the Seven Bloody kingdoms (Kot7BK) (copyright Sam). So as it stands, currently none of the seven bloody kingdoms really have a lord paramount. I guess the final 3 episides will not only deal with Cersei and who will sit in the Iron Throne, but also who will rule which part of the seven kingdoms after a new Kot7BK's has been crowned.
  6. Ser Walter of AShwood

    Best lines of E03

    I wish that Tormund would've seen Ed after he was wighted…. It would've been funny as f*ck to hear Tormund scream: "He's got blue eyes!" to Ed. And then having Ed give him an evil grin back......
  7. Ser Walter of AShwood

    MIA White Walkers

    I guess they had the same tactical whit as the living... I mean, sending out your light cavalerie to attach the AoTD first? Not such a smart move. Trebuchets and catapults outside of the walls of Winterfell and nothing on the walls, dumb move. I could go on I guess, but I won't.
  8. Ser Walter of AShwood

    Discussing Sansa XXXVI: Long Night

    Except that Bran, Rickon and Osha never escaped trough the crypts. They hid in the crypts and they escaped using a side door in the walls of Winterfell. There was no escape route in the crypts.
  9. Ser Walter of AShwood

    Who can be gendry's mother? a targaryen?

    In the books, she did....
  10. Ser Walter of AShwood

    A theory about the Night King

    West of Winterfell? That would bring the WW's to Deepwood Motte/Torrhens Square/Barrowton. If they kept following the direction of south-west (as you suggest now), they would end up in Lannisport/Casterly Rock, not Kingslanding, which is on the eastern shores of Westeros....
  11. Naah, from the wiki: There mist be a reason for them to hate fire. Most likely because it is one of the few things that can harm then, like valerian steel and dragon glass.
  12. Ser Walter of AShwood

    Aegon, Warden of the North

    You mean the girl he used to love, and who he thought also loved him, but instead betrayed him, lied about him in court, and afterwards banged the hypocritical man, who explicitly forbade Tyrion to bring a whore to kingslanding.
  13. Ser Walter of AShwood

    Aegon, Warden of the North

    Next to Sansa, where he belongs . He doesn't like the cold north, so his bittersweet ending is that he will be with one of the most beautiful women in entire Westeros, but freezing his balls of in Winterfell.
  14. Ser Walter of AShwood

    Aegon, Warden of the North

    Hmm, the bittersweet ending that was promised by GRRM, will probably be that the child born to be king, but never wanted to be king, will become a king and live unhappily ever after. The TV version might even have J&D married, and they rule the 7 kingdoms together for a short while. So instead of the North having appointed Jon as King in the North, they were actually the first of the bloody seven kingdoms (Copyright S. Tarly) to acknowledge his claim (without them even knowing it). So in the final episode, which could be some 9 months after epic-boat-sex, Jonaerys is born, and Dany dies. Making sure that Jon will be forever sulking on the Iron Throne, a throne that he did not want, but was forced onto, losing the women he loved. In the meantime, Sansa will become Warden of the North, and while she remains critical of Jons actions, the North will stand by the King. [/bullshit]
  15. Ser Walter of AShwood

    The Night King and King's Landing

    Using the Stark Crypts as a secret passage to the hill where the WW's are assembled and are controlling the AotD. Boom goes the bomb, all WW shattered, end of story, life is beautiful again