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  1. I just received my dutch copy of the book yesterday, and was quite busy with study/work/2 kids and rewatching the show season 5, so I only just read the first part. I didn't realise that Orys Baratheon was Aegons bastard brother. I always assumed that Roberts claim to the Throne was because his grandmother was Rhaelle Targaryen, Aegon V Targaryen's youngest daughter. I never really realised that there was (most likely) already Targaryen blood in the Baratheon line from the start (even if Orys was a bastard). So that was an eye opener in the first few pages of the book. I wonder what's more in store for me.
  2. Ser Walter of AShwood

    [Spoilers] EP702 Discussion

    It wouldn't be impossible for Castle Black to have nobody there that can read or write. There weren't that many knights or nobles at the wall when the story started, some of them were killed by WW's, others by a rebellion, others again by an invading wildling army. But it would be quite strange to have absolutely nobody there that could send a letter and/or take care of the ravens.
  3. Ser Walter of AShwood

    How would you rate episode 702?

    Actually, in book 1, when Sansa goes on a short roadtrip with Joffrey, she also says to him that she's only allowed 1 cup of wine at a dinner. Joffrey of course replies that she is his fiancée and that she can drink as much as she likes. Arya is younger then Sansa, so the question is not all that weird. Apparently, even in Westeros, people couldn't appreciate drunken kids and understood that alcohol and small children don't mix that well. Also, Jon may not be pleased that he isn't sitting with his siblings, this is compensated by the fact that he can now drink as much as he likes, because Ned and Cat cannot keep an eye on him.
  4. Ser Walter of AShwood

    How would you rate episode 702?

    It could, it they weren't discussing Vary's loyalty to the wrong king about 20 seconds earlier.
  5. Ser Walter of AShwood

    How would you rate episode 702?

    Hmm, to me, it appears they want to take the rock, to make sure that no more support (read: gold) is sent from Casterly Rock/Lannisport to Kingslanding. No money, no way to buy food. Also it does make quite a solid point to take the Rock, since it is the only real Lannister stronghold apart from Kingslanding. If Lannisters aren't able to hold the (virtually untakeable) Rock, it will show the other kingdoms that supporting the Lannisters is a lost cause.
  6. Ser Walter of AShwood

    Jon Stark or Snow?

    But he doesn't know that (yet)
  7. Ser Walter of AShwood

    Why a betrothal between Sansa and Joffrey?

    The reason for the betrothal is very simple. Robert's heir will also need to marry and Robert wants him to marry a girl of a family he knows, trusts, but also will strengthen the 7 kingdoms. Marrying Joffrey to the oldest daughter of the Warden of the North (the biggest of the 7 kingdoms), the man who also happens to be Roberts childhood (and best) friend and that will become the new Hand of the King, is a smart move to make. As Robert himself says: Robert is explaining Eddard that he needs someone like him in kingslanding. Not only as Hand of the King, but also as a friend, someone he can trust. Robert was supposed to become Eddards brother in law, they were meant to become family. Now, Robert wants just that to happen, but not as brothers in law, but as parents in law. Part of it is nostalgia, part is his memory of Lyanna, but a lot of it really is just politics.
  8. Ser Walter of AShwood

    Small Questions v. 10105

  9. Ser Walter of AShwood

    Craster is a Stark

    That would only make sense is Craster was born after Bloodraven disappeared from the Nights watch. He was after all the Lord Commander of the NW and it would be silly to assume this man would've been left alone beyond the wall (let alone with a wildling woman). Bloodraven disappeared in 252 AC, Craster died in 299 AC. According to your theory, Craster would be a maximum of 47 years old. he is described as a once powerful-looking man, nearing the end of his life. His hair is grey turning to white. 47 is not that old in current civilization, but I do not think that 47 would be considered old in Westeros (or beyond the wall), especially with the description of Crasters hair. Other people with white hair (with known years of birth) are: Barristan Selmy, born in 236 or 237 AC, while old, never described as near to the end of his life; Olenna Tyrell, born in 228 AC, also old, but still with a lot of spirit, and also not near the end of her life; Erik Ironmaker, the oldest of the bunch still alive, born in 211 or 212 AC, the main reason he has to be carried is because he can no longer stand up. But he believes he is still capable enough to become king of the iron islands. These people are (a lot) older then the 47 years between BR's disappearance and Crasters death and are never described as 'nearing the end of their lives'. I would assume that Craster is therefore quite a lot older, especially since he has 19 wives (quite a lot of which are his daughters). Also, when BR disappeared during a ranging mission, don't you think it would be odd for him to go to a well known wildling village, near the wall and have a child with a women there? I would assume that Crasters mother would've mentioned the father being the Lord Commander when she tried to bring Craster to the NW, but got chased away. Yes, Craster is a bastard of a NW member and a woman from Whitetree, but I think it is highly unlikely that BR is his father. Not impossible, but unlikely.
  10. Ser Walter of AShwood


    I completely forgot to introduce myself....... *Woops* :blushing: My name is Walter, from the Netherlands. I've read the books 2 times, planning for a third time pretty soon. of course I;ve seen the TV show and can't wait for both the new book and the season 5 (why am i so impatient). b.t.w. is Westeros is the UK, then I'd probably live in Braavos :cool4: .