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  1. Ser Walter of AShwood

    WoW Chapter I, as written by a neural network

    Have you read it? I pretty much stopped after 20 lines of text. English isn't my native language, but Gods, those were some crazy lines. Also, A Tyrion chapter from TWOW where Sansa, Reek and an Onion concubine are mentioned? And Where Jaime is talking with him? Last I remembered was that Tyrion is in Mereen, preparing for a battle, while Jaime is travelling the Riverlands together with Brienne. Nope, that neural network still has to learn quite a lot, not to mention proper English grammar.
  2. Ser Walter of AShwood

    How to stop the Night King

    That will be used to kill unviserion of course.
  3. Ser Walter of AShwood

    How to stop the Night King

    Actually, 2 words can defeat the Nightsking: Dragonglass Arrow Distract the NK and his henchmen with a squad of awesome soldiers (Hound, Brienne, Tormund, Bronn, etc) equipped with Valyrian steel and Dragonglass weapons. Try and get them as close as possible to the NK, so he needs to have his army defend his position from the advancing squad. Have a squad of archers circumvent the AOTD and sneek up behind de NK's position and fire massive amounts of dragonglass arrows at his position. He and his crew are bound to be hit by at least 1 arrow. Done, end of the Great War! Time to start bickering about a throne, crown, land, sex and children.
  4. Ser Walter of AShwood

    Arya vs Nightking?

    Greenhand would be an awesome person to be the NK, however AFAIK he has never been mentioned in the series. And in the series, Coldhands is Benjen, so we can skip this part. As for the books, the two of you could be on to something. Shutting down the information flow is something that Bran will then have to do, since he is the nexus of all information as the 3ER. On other persons comments about Arya being a stealthy killer, instead of a battle fighter, I agree with them. However, I think Arya would not join in the major battle, but use her training to circumvent the wights. in every battle we've seen the NK lead from the rear, with 2 or 3 other WW's at his side. If the human army has a couple of squadrons with Valyrian steel and Dragonglass weapons, they can pose quite a serious threat, especially if 2 dragons are constantly breathing fire over the AOTD and killing en masse. NK would then have to focus on that group, that poses a threat and are closing in on the NK's position. In the meantime, Arya, who is now behind the armies, can try and get closer. NK is still focussed Jon and his band of Dragonglass/Valyrian steel killers, giving Arya opportunity to strike at a proper moment. And yes, this is just a very shaky theory, not supported by anything more than some minor events from the TV show, nothing from the books. Still, I like it :).
  5. Ser Walter of AShwood

    Arya vs Nightking?

    Well, that's exactly why I posted it. I'm absolutely not sure about this theory, but it has a nice ring to it. And let's face it, it's better then Jon killing the NK with his sword (he already killed WW's with it), or Dany having the NK eaten by a dragon.
  6. Ser Walter of AShwood

    The Wall

    Uuhm, they were active before Daenerys received her dragon eggs. S1E1 intro was a WW killing off Waymar Royce and his party of rangers. It wasn't until Ned was named Hand and arrived in Kingslanding that Daenarys was married and received the eggs, so they must have been active for quite some time. Also, Waymar and his party were sent out to find where the wildlings had disappeared to. This points to Mance already working on gathering all the free folk, because of the WW threat. To conclude: No, WW's were most definitely already very active before Daenerys hatched her 3 dragons.
  7. Ser Walter of AShwood

    Arya vs Nightking?

    Could the show be setting Arya up to be the one killing the Nightking? We saw Arya defeat Brienne with ease multiple times. Brienne on her part, defeated the Hound (recognised as one of the best fighters of Westeros). So clearly Arya is now an awesome fighter, with massive kill-skills. She also has the Valyrian dagger that once belonged to LF. I'm pretty sure that Arya will not be standing by while the Westerosi army will fight the AOTD, she will want to participate. Somehow, a little voice inside me is saying that this would be a nice ending for the NK. Not being killed by Jon or a dragon, but by Arya.
  8. Ser Walter of AShwood

    The missing Arya-Sansa scene?

    Yes, Arya knew, Bran knew, but I also think Royce knew. Unfortunately, nothing on screen that four foreshadow this. I would've loved to see Sansa briefly chat with Royce (similar to LF chatting with him 2 episodes ago) and then have her head for a dinner with Bran and Arya. Just the first 10 seconds of that dinner, with very uncomfortable looking Stark kids. That would've hinted towards something, but we now missed everything, except Arya giving Sansa the dagger, but having it when she entered the great hall (which was a dead give away for me, you don't let a trained assassin enter a courtroom with sword and dagger to hear she's being accused of treason).
  9. Ser Walter of AShwood

    Jon's female ancestors

    The Starks don't have Targaryen blood, even diluted. The leaders of the rebellion are/were Jon Arryn, Eddard Stark and Robert Baratheon. Only the last of them has Targaryen blood, and therefore has the better claim to the throne, after all, when everybody with the Targaryen name is killed, a quick look in the family tree will point out that Robbie B is the heir to the Throne.
  10. Ser Walter of AShwood

    Best lines of 707

    "Fuck loyalty" - Followed by Jaime's surprised look to Brienne, who (in his view) is the most loyal person in the entire universe.
  11. Ser Walter of AShwood

    The North's Fate

    The North is pretty much Frostbitten. It will be overrun by the WW's and the Army of the Dead. I still think the deciding battle will be at the Trident. It is the last major battle in Roberts Rebellion, where he killed Rhaegar. Daenarys dreamt of being Rhaegar, fighting at the Trident, but on a dragons back instead of horseback, and the enemy was armed in ice.
  12. Ser Walter of AShwood

    [Spoilers] EP702 Discussion

    It wouldn't be impossible for Castle Black to have nobody there that can read or write. There weren't that many knights or nobles at the wall when the story started, some of them were killed by WW's, others by a rebellion, others again by an invading wildling army. But it would be quite strange to have absolutely nobody there that could send a letter and/or take care of the ravens.
  13. Ser Walter of AShwood


    Exactly this! Jaime has seen 1 king going completely mad. He doesn't want to witness his sister following the same path. However, he does not want to kill her, because (somewhere deep inside) he still loves her, and he doesn't want to be known as a king/queen/kin-slayer. He will leave Cersei and lead the Lannister armies to the Field Of Fire #2.
  14. Ser Walter of AShwood

    Balerion vs Drogon

    You are correct, my good Ser. Dragon bones are black. Source: The WIKI
  15. Ser Walter of AShwood

    Spoiler: Dany's Small Council

    Hmm, that's quite a long march, highly organized medieval armies marched 15 to 18 miles per day. From Duskendale to Casterly Rock is probably 600+ miles, so it would take an army at least 33 days to travel to Casterly rock over land. And that would be without any interruption or skirmishes along the way. The route over water might be longer (since you have to pass under Dorne) and is possibly up to 2400 miles. A ship travels at about 6 Mph, but can do this 24/7. So a ship would take half the time a march over land would take. Not to mention that an army that has marched for 600+ miles would be exhausted, while an army going by ship should be properly rested (except for some who get seasick) (distances are guestimated, based on a 300 mile long wall)