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  1. she marries Robert but she falls sick, or maybe is poisoned by a red priestess who travelled back in time to prevent the damage she'd do. come up with any reason you like. how does this change the timeline?
  2. lets say in an alternate history, the Others decide to wait a bit longer before arising to attack Mankind. the biggest threat coming from the North during the main storyline is the odd raid from wildlings. how would this have affected the timeline?
  3. She outright said "the others can ask too." meaning she's ready to let them all be independent except Crownlands and Dragonstone if need be. I'm in Dany's head, not "is this politically wise" mode. It's probably not.
  4. if Sansa asked, would Dany let them be independent? she immediately agreed to give sovereignty back to ironborn simply because yara asked politely.
  5. both are mythical conquerors and certified badasses.
  6. jon realises he has no hand for talking things out and sends sansa instead to negotiate a deal to send men north. how does this conversation play out and how would it have affected events following through to the rest of the known timeline?
  7. thank you for your replies, guys. very interesting
  8. but do they count, though? they're simply the royal family. cadet branches are more like lannisters of lannisport and arryns of gulltown.
  9. from each region of westeros. please say who and why here is mine riverlands: house frey. yeah odd choice i know but i like their sigil, and are good villains in a kind of love to hate way. plus they're really powerful and have good fighters vale: house corbray. they produced some badasses, including gwayne and lyn. tie between them and house baelish stormlands: house connington. jon connington is very interesting and a staunch dragon loyalist. plus they have a cool sigil and seat. crownlands: house valeryon. they have a strong navy and association with the sea, strong connection to targaryens and are very targ loyalist. north: house bolton.. they are great villains, creepy, interesting lore, plus roose is my favorite character in the show. plus i like the ambitious bannermen who won't just sit and bow down. dorne: house dayne. honestly just because i don't know anything about the others. also arthur dayne's the ultimate badass lore wise. iron islands: house harlaw. again like the daynes, theres no one else worth mentioning. i love viking pirate badasses either way. westerlands: house reyne. they lost of course but the lore was interesting and it lends alot of theories to future characters who may have survived. reach: house redwyne. the arbor has a strong connection to its islander nature, resulting in a powerful navy.