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  1. I was sooooo hoping that when Lyanna leaned in to say "his name is..." that she would say "Robert Paulson."
  2. Probably a marketing thing. Game of Thrones just became the most popular television series in the South.
  3. I loved the shot they cut in with the assault on the wall of all the white walkers just looking utterly unimpressed with Viserion.
  4. Cersei nodded to the mountain to kill Jamie, the mountain draws his sword, and then Jamie just walked away while the mountain stood there.
  5. Arya going to act as stark champion in littlefinger's trial be combat? Man that would be sweet.
  6. I agree. If she's not smart enough to know better than to trust him, they're taking her character way backwards.
  7. Is it just me or does the Mountain's kingsguard outfit look really super Darth Vader-ish?
  8. For all that talk about how Tyrion isn't a hero, he's doing some pretty stupid and rave things right now.
  9. They're sort of fitting together nicely. It's another hint at Jonaerys (I think, anyways).
  10. Wait, Dany's fixation with loyalty and Jon's little mini speech there are dovetailing nicely right there.
  11. Cersei actually making an intelligent choice? What sorcery is this?
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