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  1. Pandean

    Tyrion - Sansa reunion

    Yeah, that's what I was going for. I don't see them going into a relationship/marriage or anything. But I can see them becoming friends.
  2. One is a cold, undead, non-feeling monster and the other is the Night King.
  3. Yeah. It's not easy to pick up on the way it's worded now. Same with Arya's response. I took it more as Arya saying she knows Sansa is a great Lady and Arya also knows she is not like Sansa. "I knew I'd never be a great lady like you" could mean less of Arya not being a lady because of Sansa but her knowing herself well enough to know that she could never be the same type of person Sansa was (or what Westerosi gender roles predicted).
  4. I saw this as less of an Arya wanting to be LoW and more of Arya possibly having trouble with her elder sister (whom she does not get along with very well) being the ruler and thus technically in charge of them all. It's not the title or position in itself, but more the fact that as lady of Winterfell, Sansa is higher on the totem pole--at least to outsiders. Only my thoughts.
  5. Fuck yeah, Sansa. And Jon. Oh his horrible decisions. Sansa should lampshade that later on. I mean Dude doesn't even know how the hell to lie when needed
  6. Exactly. Arya is not a lady and Sansa is not a warrior. She would be a lot more helpful using the skills she has versus trying to actually fight.
  7. My question is who the hell decided to plan that sex scene like that "We should make Dany and Jon have sex and cut to Jon's mom marrying Dany's brother and Bran and Sam saying that Jon is a Targ and thus Dany is his aunt! That'll really make them love it!"
  8. They also will need people to make warm clothes, make sure everyone is fed, and the like. Despite what Lyanna Mormont said, there is some necessity in 'knitting by the fire'. If you're facing what may be the longest Winter in a century and dealing with the hordes of frozen ice zombies, you're going to need things so frostbite and starvation don't kill you first.
  9. Pandean

    Tyrion - Sansa reunion

    I think she always recognized Tyrion was kind to her despite the situation. I can see a few things happening: 1. Sansa and Tyrion being awkward around each other and maybe starting and breaking off random awkward conversations 2. Tyrion really admiring the woman Sansa has become 3. Sansa and Tyrion becoming close friends 4. Should something happen to Dany/Jon, I can definitely see Sansa/Tyrion as a pretty formidable couple
  10. "From the oppression! From the high lords who play their game of thrones! For--For, wait. Why are you walking away?"
  11. Show!Logic-wise, I can see them giving the Vale and whatnot to Sansa via Royce.
  12. Stormlands? What Stormlands?
  13. Pandean

    The younger, more beautiful queen . . .

    I just mean...most of my ideas are random spur of the moment thoughts and whatnot.....versus a lot of the people who seem to have very very deeply thought out theories and plots and whatnot so I guess I always feel like a subpar fan *shrug* Which is why my ideas are pretty dumb in the long run I just apologize when I think I might've done something wrong is better because I do wrong things all the time and I've been told by family that if I don't apologize or assume I've done something bad then I'll ruin things so I'd rather not ruin things? It's better to call yourself dumb than to ruin things.
  14. She could probably use the excuse of being under duress from LF or something like that. I don't doubt the Vale Lords would believe that LF was willing to murder a 15/16 year old girl if need be to retain his power. I'm not sure, tbh. Considering the whole groomed and manipulated by a pedophile thing, maybe Sansa gets some lee-way? Similar to how she might've been able to technically refuse to marry Ramsay but (I had a feeling) at least that LF wouldn't take no for an answer despite what she said. I honestly don't know. The above is me trying to logic the unlogicable.