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  1. I never got the Sansa/Sandor ship. Like this is the dude who verbally abuses her, calls her stupid all the time, threatened to rape her, etc. but somehow they're shipped??? Yeah he refuses to beat her. Big fucking whoop. Not exactly star boyfriend material. I just ship Sansa and eternal happiness and am totally fine with making an OC since the show never bothers to give her a consensual love interest. IMO she fell in love with a wonderful man or woman who was awesome and respected her in every way and they complete each other and there was a beautiful wedding and everything is happy ever after.
  2. What I don't get is people being pissed over the Edmure thing. Like if that was the Queen of Thorns or probably any other female character saying it everyone would have cheered. But since it's Sansa suddenly she's just a bitch.
  3. Pandean

    Was Sansa aiming for Jon?

    Makes sense. Sadly.
  4. Pandean

    Was Sansa aiming for Jon?

    If Sansa wanted Jon dead I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have had the entire Northern Army outside the gates of King's Landing in an attempt to get him back since as she told Yara "Harming Jon was not in your best interest". Honestly, she's expressed devotion to Jon over and over even if she doesn't necessarily agree with any of his choices. It shows even when she says goodbye to him. She still refers to him as the North's king and it's clear that she cares about him--especially from that hug. I really can't see this whole "Sansa is plotting to kill/etc. Jon" theory that everyone's been throwing around since season six. I've never seen any evidence of it but I've seen plenty of evidence of a Sansa who is both on Jon's side, is worried and concerned about Jon and if his choices may end up hurting him, and deeply cares for her remaining family.
  5. Pandean

    Moral of each characters story?

    Okay hmmm Dany: Don't let your goals blind you from everything around you; a sense of entitlement does not a good ruler make Jon: Blindly following your heart is just as dangerous as not listening to it at all Bran: honestly no clue dude is basically a tree god Arya: Vengeance will not make you whole; there is more to life than vengeance Sansa: You can still be strong and be traditionally feminine; strength does not necessarily mean fighting or wielding a sword Jaime: Leaving an abuser isn't just as simple as it sounds Tyrion: Don't be blinded by your own intelligence Ned: Honor for honor's sake can get you killed Cersei: Similar to Tyrion except for it's more 'don't be blinded by your perceived ego and intelligence' Stannis: If you're willing to do anything for power, you don't deserve said power Theon: Your family is not necessarily your blood kin
  6. Pandean

    Edmure Should Have Got It

    What made me laugh was that some of the other characters were trying to hide their smiles. They also seemed to be like 'wtf Edmure who even are you".
  7. Wait do you mean "Do the north dirty" as in Dany bringing her troops to Winterfell or for Sansa being crowned?
  8. Pandean

    Best lines of E06

    That scene where Edmure is trying to nominate himself and Sansa says "Uncle, please sit." What's better is you can see everyone else trying to hit their smiles.
  9. Pandean

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    AO3 is great. I've read some interesting ships with her and somehow they manage to convince me "hey that would work out".
  10. He's got probably the best glow up in the series! Probably all that milk.
  11. Pandean

    Praise without Repercussion, Final Edition

    Sansa being Queen in the North and I thought her telling Edmure to shut up was funny. Brienne writing in the white book. Ghost FINALLY getting the pets he deserves. I think the final scenes between Dany and Jon were good. The dialogue between Tyrion and Jon in the beginning were very good. Arya's arc made sense to me. Sansa's dress was pretty.
  12. When I saw him I did a bit of a double take and then was slightly disturbed with how decent he looked.
  13. I'm sure it's going to be more advanced and stuff than that.
  14. Considering how people are salty about her ending up as the QITN in the show I wonder how salty they'll be when she most likely ends up as QITN in the books....