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  1. Just as predicted, through no doing of my own, my online activity is no longer anonymous.  I have not signed out, nor have I intentionally or knowingly changed my privacy settings.  (In fact, I don't see a menu anywhere for privacy settings.)  But one week after my last post (quoted above) my profile suddenly displays what I am "Currently" doing, for the world to see.

    Mods or Admins - Ideas as to why this might be happening?  Any feedback appreciated.

    (I did post a comment just a few moments ago.  Could that have automatically switched off the "anonymous log in" setting for some reason?  I wouldn't have thought so, given that I also posted a comment on December 11th and there was no change in anonymity at that time.)


    All of a sudden I can't sign out, either.

    Really don't want to be permanently signed in.

    ETA: It somehow signed me out after closing down my computer. So. . . .no idea what's up.

  2. The second essay is up Arthur + Lyanna =Jon 

    Again will be running one every week,feel free to take part in multiple threads as it progresses,we had to delay to long to wait for it to reach 20pages.

    Excellent! And again--fabulous work on all of this, wolfmaid

    One question: is there a reason the essays are only labeled by their issue number vs. the title of the theory?

    It's just a bit harder to track with only the number. . . but if there's a reason for it, no worries.

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