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  1. Hey,


    Just wanted to say your posts in the Stannis thread were excellent. I really enjoyed them

  2. Yes, and he goes on to express that games, by virtue of their format, are incapable of producing the quality storytelling that books do. I guess he comes from the literary Roger Ebert school of thought. Don't get me wrong, I'm not upset by his opinion. Every storytelling medium has its limits, and it's fine if the limits of one medium are far preferably to you than others. But when you state it as though it's an objective truth, and go on to talk about precedence of excellence and influence your own books have set while attempting to diminish the influence of the adaptive version, it comes off as arrogant. And the author is very blunt with his opinion, which exacerbates matters.
  3. I'm guessing we're both using his recent interview about the games as context for our opinions. I'm not going to quote specific parts of the interview because I'm using my phone, but it seemed to me the author was praising the praise of the gameplay and graphics the game received and was extremely dismissive of of a game's ability to tell a story. Which is why he very emphatically rejected the game's story as having any connection to his own, not even in a spiritual sequel sense. My impression was that he viewed the game as grossly inferior fan fiction wrapped up in highly praised graphics and gameplay, and his own books as an awesome untouchable cornerstone of the literary world.
  4. It is true. The author himself has a hilariously supercilious attitude about the games. He apparently, like Goodkind, perceives his work as Important Literature and above such vulgar things as entertainment for its own sake.
  5. I give this a nine. My one problem with this episode is I felt the excitement of the climax was deflated somewhat by some hinkey CG. Actually I have another problem, that being Done. An anticlimax to an underwhelming plotline. Everything else was great. Episode for episode, I'd rank the seasons in this order: 4,1,3,5,2. Which is remarkable because I felt that books 4 and 5 were a significant depreciation in quality, whereas I found season 5 to be simply on par with the quality with the rest of the series. It had more cheesy moments (Dorne, hissing crowd, Dany riding the dragon) than other seasons, bit it had a load of great sequences too (everything at the Wall, Hard home, Tyrion, Shireen's sacrifice). I don't see this season being the best, but depending on the next episode it may yet climb a notch to be number three. Such a great show, though. Especially when you consider the hilariously bad fare that fantasy used to offer (Buffy and Angel, Xena, Spartacus - well, Spartacus came first but it still fits as an exple of the cheesy alternatives out there).
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