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  1. Also, WTF with people thinking Jon will end up with Sansa or Arya? Weirdos.
  2. In the books, there are two scenes where fire doesn't hurt her too. So, they're basing that off GRRMs cannon.
  3. Right after I stated that this board is ridiculous, you come along minutes later and prove it! Cheers!
  4. Easily a 9. Jon and Sansa reunion, Kings Landing plot progressing, pink letter and DANY! I loved the last scene. Instead of running for her life, she hatches a brilliant plan to kill every Khal and win over the entire Dothraki to her side as well. I'm surprised some people here hate this scene (Ok, not really... this board is ridiculous) since her being "UnBurnt" is not only part of her titles but it also comes straight from the mind of GRRM. It's not like that scene was stretching what is already known. Dani knows that she is impervious to fire and used it to her advantage. Now, she has her unsullied, freed men, Second Sons and a whole horde of Dothraki at her disposal. I'm really interested in seeing her take of Tyrion's attempt at a truce with the slavers. Especially since she now has a force large enough to wreck slavers bay if she wants to.
  5. StarksNTargs

    How would you rate episode 602?

    10/10. Finally, after waiting 5 years, I finally know the fate of my favorite character. Awesome episode all around.