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  1. Terrible all around. The fact people are rating this 10 is just further proof how dumbed down our society has become.
  2. Constructive = positive? Also, I don't think you know what entitlement means.
  3. Terrible dialouge and tons of unnatural exposition. Arya single-handedly destroying the Freys feels like something from fanfiction.net. Sansa and Jon ''rivalry'' feels fake and forced. Ed Sheeran cameo, because of course we need this. Euron is still lame. Jaime is still not a character. Wanted to give it a 1/10, but the Hounds scenes were objectively atleast decent. 2/10
  4. 1/10, still mind numbingly stupid overall.
  5. Would have rated this stupid/10 if I could. Since I can't, I'm going with 1/10.
  6. 1/10 Complete garbage. Everything is just so stupid. Character actions don't mean anything. Season 3 Robb betrays the Freys and they turn on him. Season 6 Ramsay kills Walda, which is much worse, and nothing will happen. I doubt the Freys even exist in show universe at this point. Ramsay just kills Roose and is now the leader? Why? Why would anyone follow this psycho? Why does this guarantee Umber support? Ramsay just created a power vacuum, and nobody does anything. Same with Sand snakes. They kill Doran and the whole royal family and are now rulers in Dorne? Why? No opposition or anything. Guards didn't do anything. But then at the wall things are of course different. When Alliser kills Jon, there are suddenly rebels. Hiding Jon's corpse and resisiting Thorne. Why isn't Thorne automatically the big boss at the wall? That's how it works right? Not to mention the way they fought over his corpse. As if they knew Jon will be ressurected. Speaking of Jon's ressurection... The way it was done is simply terrible. They didn't have Kit at the premiere for season 6 ''because he is dead''. Not to mention other horrific attempts at creating fake suspense. And then in episode 3 Jon is back as if nothing happened. After all the PR about him being dead. He just comes back as if nothing happened and nothing changed. In the third episodes. Why even kill Jon if this is the result? It's so shit. Not to mention Thorne's reasons for killing were because he's anti-wildling yet he let wildlings through himself in season 5. TOJ scene was garbage. Dual wielding ninja knight. Do they think this is cool? It just looks stupid. But stupid is what they are going with I guess.
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