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  1. My point was that after so many books in which she was exposed to the evil and treachery of the world, you would think that she would know this was a particularly bad idea.
  2. Oh I didn't know about the publisher's decision. I haven't really played the games, I just started off with The Sword of Truth Destiny which has a very very cool opening story. I understand what the author wanted and I totally respect that. I just hope that maybe oneday he will publish some stuff like those stories.
  3. He is titular if you consider the series title. And yes the series mainly became about the misadventures of Siri and the politics of the various kingdoms, but having started the series with the short stories I was greatly disappointed with the sidelining of Geralt.
  4. I hold the possibly unpopular opinion that the Witcher stories were at their peak in the two short story collections. They were beautiful and thought-provoking. Then the series went downhill with the novels. I got the distinct impression that the author was either not familiar with the standard novel structure or was working towards a totally different one. Several books did not have proper endings. The titular Witcher did not really get a starring role. And the last book was particularly bad.
  5. Lions is an utterly awesome book. I think you will love it.
  6. I love when a product is engineered to suit all sorts of needs!
  7. I will be picking up the Prince of Thorns trilogy next week for the first time. Looking forward to it!
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