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  1. If I were feeling cynical, I'd suggest that current media negativity has two ulterior motives - they think that this has the potential to destroy Jacinda, and because they've at least sipped the Australian kool aid.
  2. My reading is that Lockdown has basically eliminated the virus in the "legal economy." The remaining cases (the "illegal economy") can only be flushed out with contact tracing. which may take a while. As Ashley Bloomfield points out, Level 3 with vaccines is a damned sight more effective than Level 3 with it. I really don't think this is the end of Elimination.
  3. Auckland down to 14 cases today. That's a decent drop.
  4. I think this is a mistake, but my reading of this is that the government thinks that we're basically down to a handful of rule-breaking muppets who won't care what level it is - the task now is finding the muppets. Level 3 is still lockdown, of course.
  5. Auckland COVID cases back down to 19, plus the three in the Waikato. The Government needs to keep Auckland at Level 4 another week.
  6. Possibly Mardil wanted Earnur to marry one of his own family (Tywin Lannister style), and sent some "advisers" along with Earnur to make sure he didn't get ideas about the Northerners? It's just a hypothesis though.
  7. That would have required Earnur to have a brain. He honestly strikes me as a sort of Middle-earth Robert Baratheon (Mardil being the brains of the operation). Anyway, I've continued my streak of Tolkien re-reads with The Children of Húrin. Reading it back to back with The Silmarillion really does throw into sharp relief the different portrayals of the main character. Túrin is far more sympathetic in the book than the relevant chapter.
  8. Luckily, as per wikipedia, the school only has 22 students.
  9. At the risk of hypothesising on some... sensitive... matters, the fact that the guy was on parole to start with, and somehow managed to contact the small number of infected people in Auckland, possibly suggests that the remaining cases are disproportionately among gang members. That would answer the question of why the outbreak tail is so stubborn - gang members are less likely to comply with state directives.
  10. Now that's a headache. A dude from a small town on the Auckland-Waikato border was on parole. He decided to head into Auckland, got himself infected, and came back home. He was picked up for breaking parole, tested positive... and now they've discovered his family is infected. Aforementioned small town doesn't have any significant connections with the rest of the Waikato, so it could be worse. I'd suspect it does mean Auckland's Level 4 gets extended, the small-town gets Level 4, and the rest of the Waikato gets a few days at Level 3, to be safe.
  11. Most people here are still waiting for their second dose. It's not hesitancy, just that we were at the back of the queue - we don't have any community transmission outside Auckland.
  12. A closer look at the new cases... they're moving away from Pasifika towards Maori. That's a mixed sign (suggests it isn't widely circulating in South Auckland, but Maori arguably have fewer social-reach mechanisms than Pacific Islanders). It's also turned up in Mount Eden Prison. The medical authorities are still confident that we're dealing with the dregs of the outbreak, and most importantly, it's still confined to a handful of Auckland suburbs. Every Wellington case has now recovered.
  13. 24 Auckland cases today. This is turning into one hell of a long tail.
  14. Earnur left governing decisions to Mardil... and Mardil is the grandson of the very guy who told Arvedui to get stuffed. So they aren't inviting Aranarth down south. The Stewards knew the line of Isildur were out there (Denethor put two and two together with Thorongil), but "hardened their hearts" on the subject.
  15. Followed up my Rings re-read with a full re-read of the published Silmarillion. If ever there was a book you wish were longer...
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