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  1. The Marquis de Leech

    Tolkien 3.0

    It is... sort of. http://www.silmarillionwritersguild.org/reference/references/pf/pengolodh.php
  2. The Marquis de Leech

    Tolkien 3.0

    I love Carey's prose (my tastes lean towards the purple). The thematic point she is making falls over on two fronts: The good guys are explicitly the bad guys. It isn't a matter of subjectivity. Tolkien's Evil is more substantial than dressing up in black armour and being stigmatised by Good.
  3. The Marquis de Leech

    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    The age conversation is interesting, since my current interest is 23 (I'm 35). We have an awful lot in common, but I'm making a point of taking it slowly. (One massive advantage I have - I look significantly younger than I am, which translates into less immediate stigma from third parties).
  4. The Marquis de Leech

    The Conflict in Vietnam

    That's a misreading of Soviet foreign policy. The Soviets were opportunistic (especially in the 1970s, courtesy of petrodollars), rather than having a coherent plan of international hegemony.
  5. The Marquis de Leech

    The Conflict in Vietnam

    I have a soft spot for Lyndon Johnson. He not only got Civil Rights with Teeth through, but was frankly the only person who could have. He was also under no illusions about what this would do to the Democrats in the South either. Oh, and there's the Great Society too - the guy was the last of the New Deal Democratic Presidents (Carter, Clinton, and Obama all being moderates). But, yes, Vietnam will forever haunt him. As I understand it, Johnson's error was thinking that Ho Chi Minh could be negotiated with in the same way that Congress could be negotiated with (i.e. invite the opposition round to the office for a late-night whisky, and nut out a compromise with copious backscratching). The idea that Ho was a sincere ideologue completely threw him - the guy didn't have a price.
  6. The Marquis de Leech

    Rothfuss XIV: The Slow Regard of Luna Lovegood

    And therein lies the problem. No-one criticises Scott Lynch for delays, because Lynch is so open and upfront about it. I would be far more forgiving of Rothfuss if he even just admitted that Writers Block is a thing, and that he's genuinely struggling with the third book. I'd even be willing to forgive his weird pomposity (we all have flaws) and inadvertent trolling. It's the naked dishonesty that's the issue.
  7. The Marquis de Leech

    Tolkien 3.0

    I meant commanding, not fighting. He revealed himself too early during the Union of Maedhros, giving Morgoth time to prepare. He also got himself captured earlier, suggesting he's not the best at anticipating the Dark Lord's moves.
  8. The Marquis de Leech

    Tolkien 3.0

    The Elves *did* attempt to try to reach the Valar earlier. Voronwe can tell you how successful that was. As for the Doom of the Noldor... they did fail. This gets into one of those icky questions about determinism vs free will (did Mandos curse them, or merely foretell?).
  9. The Marquis de Leech

    The TRUTH about the Vietnam war

    Having checked out the link, it's a comedy article. A less funny Onion.
  10. The Marquis de Leech

    Tolkien 3.0

    Maedhros is a good political leader, but poor at military stuff. Fingolfin seems to be the best overall. IMHO, the despairing challenge was out of character for an Elf that had led his people across the Helcaraxe.
  11. The Marquis de Leech

    Tolkien 3.0

    Thinking about it a bit more... Feanor: he wasn't about honour, but rather blind hatred. The burning of the ships was not an honourable move (nor was it a clever move). Fingolfin: challenging Morgoth was blind despair. Finarfin: reasonable. Went home. Finwe: honourable. Didn't flee the dark. Finrod: honourable. Joins suicide quest. Orodreth: a doormat. Maedhros: honourable to a point - he did try to cheat Morgoth, but was out-cheated. Grabbing the silmarils was despair, not honour. Maglor: a doormat. Celegorm and Curufin: neither reasonable nor honourable. Thingol: greedy bastard. Turgon: hubris. Eol: bastard. Maeglin: like father, like son. Of that bunch, I'll give you Finwe and Finrod. Maedhros was honourable, but honour didn't get him killed. Maeglin is the closest we get to a cunning Elf, I think. Curufin's cunning is grossly overrated.
  12. The Marquis de Leech


    The problem was that I hate tying it back, and it was getting in the way.
  13. The Marquis de Leech


    I also have long hair. I have a friend of a friend who is a qualified hairdresser, so I pop round with a bottle of wine for him whenever I need the ends done. (I recently got slightly more off - going from chest-length to collarbone-length).
  14. The Marquis de Leech

    Tolkien 2.0

    (I do need to read up more on Nietzsche. While I think Feanor was insincere, there definitely seems to be some scope for him being Tolkien's deconstruction of the √úbermensch, and the Spirit of Fire certainly falls into some traps Nietzsche warns about).
  15. The Marquis de Leech

    Tolkien 2.0

    A Feanor character analysis: https://phuulishfellow.wordpress.com/2018/10/09/the-abyss-gazes-back-a-feanor-character-analysis/