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  1. I'd categorise her as a TELF (trans-excluding liberal feminist). She's the sort of person who adopted their views in the 1980s and 1990s, and hasn't shifted since. (On other issues, she detests Jeremy Corbyn, is fiercely pro-Remain on Brexit, and dislikes Scottish nationalists. Which adds up to Centre-Left Establishment Politics).
  2. As an update... my sword and sorcery piece has been finished, polished, and sent off. Bluebeard Retelling still hasn't found a home though.
  3. Never read the guy, and was not well disposed to him, based off his general comments... but this is both unexpected and sad.
  4. New Zealand abolished capital punishment in 1961.
  5. In a positive bit of news, the Christchurch shooter has been sentenced: https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/424585/live-updates-christchurch-mosque-shooter-sentenced-to-life-without-parole
  6. Another case of "I don't agree with the politics of [Insert Author], therefore they're bad."
  7. In terms of intellectual legacy, Marx's contribution to the fields of History and Sociology is actually more important than his politics. One can actually be right-wing politically, and still use Marxist analytical tools for analysing History (e.g. do you think economics shapes the development of society, and the way people think? If so, congratulations - you're at least partly a Marxist).
  8. With the sole exception of Chile, none of those coming to power in that list were Marxists. Anglosphere Labour Parties were creatures born from trade unions, Christian Socialism, and radical Liberal converts, with Marxism being a smaller component. The German Social Democrats, by contrast, were actually (officially) Marxist until the 1950s.
  9. I've only read The Dark Elf trilogy (Homeland, Exile, and Sojurn). It didn't particularly inspire me to read further - though I remember thinking that Homeland in particular was pretty decent, albeit that it suffered from mediocre prose. Zak struck me as more interesting than Drizzt.
  10. Daniel Defoe's Journal of the Plague Year notes that one of the great achievements of the authorities during the massive London Plague of 1665 was that there were no bodies left on the streets during the daytime. They sorted all the corpse disposal at night. (The other achievement was that London never ran out of food).
  11. All current COVID settings to be extended for another twelve days. That's good news, to be honest. (Also, National aren't helping themselves with the calls to delay the election. It's blatantly self-serving, and everyone knows it).
  12. That was one of the great achievements of the First Lockdown - it was highly effective at keeping the virus away from Maori and Pasifika areas. Here... I still think it can be flushed out, but Auckland will now need a good month or so.
  13. Further investigation suggests that the outbreak in Auckland is connected to refrigerated goods: https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/coronavirus/300081452/coronavirus-more-positive-cases-of-covid19-linked-to-americold-in-auckland (Which rather changes the ballgame).
  14. You forgot the exciting court case, and the payment of compensation. And that the killer will likely be composing verses of drottkvaett poetry at various intervals.
  15. To clarify, our borders have been closed to tourists since March. The people coming in are returning New Zealanders from overseas. They are being put into vacated Hotels for two weeks, for Quarantine. Goods are still coming in too, but they're not the worry. Basically, the two potential problems: the people in Quarantine are occasionally managing to get out (idiots), or (in this case) it's likely derived from someone working adjacent to the Airport or the Hotels. Melbourne's infamous outbreak was started when Quarantine staffers caught it.
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