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  1. Yeah, no. She said on the book she WOULD have given petyr a son. Why on earth would she lie about Rob being Jon's to Petyr? It doesn't hold any ground.
  2. Ser Loras The Gay

    Sansa really is Alayne

    Every thread descends in "someone is a targ", we need the new book already, holy jesus.
  3. Ser Loras The Gay

    Sansa really is Alayne

    Guys, what the hell are we arguing here? Cat SAID on her POV she haven't seen Petyr for a long long time. After he was banned from riverrun by her dad. This is absolute nonsense. If Cat wasn't a POV character and we had any hint that Ned didn't have certainty of her legitimacy or anyone else for that matter, but no. We need to stop looking in every single detail on the book, not EVERY single aspect of GRRM is supposed to not get literally. We're reading too much between invisible lines and coming up with ridiculous conclusions, like this one.
  4. II'll put money on the fact that Little rob is actually Jon's son. He's just sick because either he was born on pretty bad conditions (a bad womb or poor sanitary conditions, as we're in medieval times this wouldn't be that uncommon) or he's being poisoned for some reason. The fact the Lysa already said that one of her child with petyr was killed in her womb and never gave any hint that rob is petyr's son I make me believe he is simply Jon's.
  5. Ser Loras The Gay

    On the sacrife of children on the north and the wall.

    Yeah, like I said, there are more reasons, I feel something odd about some of the things that happened long ago at the wall and the symbolism with the number 13 and shit generally mean to look deeper at what it's written, but you could be right, they could simply not give a shit and think that Craster has more value than their morals.
  6. Ser Loras The Gay

    On the sacrife of children on the north and the wall.

    Maybe it's just that thing with some policies in the real world "the guy that was here in the past did this, so let it be" because mormont knew that Craster did that. He said it was Craster way of living, but in reality he doesn't know for sure (like no one does) why he does it. Maybe Craster has a more moral motive to do that, but we simply don't know.
  7. Ser Loras The Gay

    On the sacrife of children on the north and the wall.

    Yeah, but he reigned for 13 years. That's no way the night's watch just watched doing nothing if they weren't on board with something he was doing.
  8. Ser Loras The Gay

    On the sacrife of children on the north and the wall.

    I really don't know how Craster can be a stark in disguise. But the argument that the wall isn't concern with what happens to the widlings makes sense. They shouldn't be concern, but no one else knows about it? There isn't one single house that doesn't found those actions reprehensible? No one likes what the night's king did, so why it's okay when Craster does it? Just because isn't on the boundaries of the kingdom? That's it? Just that?
  9. Ser Loras The Gay

    On the sacrife of children on the north and the wall.

    I wasn't aware of the PJ video about it. I may have to watch that. Do you think Craster has stark blood? If so why do the others want stark blood? To make more powerful telepaths? But yeah, I mean, why they can't reach a agreement with the others like Craster did? Something is up, and the night's watch knows about it and even have a strange as fuck portal at nightfort, why that portal is shaped the way he is? And why waste "magical" power to activate the door like that?
  10. I want to talk about a subject that sometimes is not that much discussed here. Why the night watchers turn a blind eye to the sacrife of children both historically (with the night's king on the nightfort) and in the present with Craster's sacrife of children (Mormont was aware of the sacrifice as Jon points out and does nothing to stop him). I want to discuss the reasons the night's watch does this and how the northen houses seems to not care that much either, there's no way no word of some of the sacrificies weren't told to any house at some point in history or today on our history. I want to point out some of the reasons they might be on some sort of agreement with those sacrificies and at some points even helped out with them. The night's watch are trying to send little children to the others. I know that sounds absurd, why on earth the night's watch would help the others with children to become more wights or more others? I can't speculate much about their reasons with facts, but it's a littlle strange why they seem okay with the actions of Craster, and why they took so long to stop the night's king when he was doing something similar. We know for sure, Craster is sacrificing children to the Others, he said so himself, but why? To protect him? To protect the wall? Because he wants the others to win? What's his goals with this? But we know he's sending a very special kind of children, children born in incest with some genetics deficiences and that could be important to analyse why he's doing it. The night's watch is trying to sabotage the others with inbreed children. Like stated before, the night's watch is aware of the sacrifice, but, this might be for good reason. The night's watch actions could be to weakening the other's forces. Why is that? We know that some houses has special genetics that grants them special powers, more notable the stark's children and some widlings like veramir six skins and others. Now some leaps in logic, IF, the others are telepatics like those citated above, they'd need very specific children to keep the telepatic abilities going over time. So, knowing that the night's watch keeps the sacrifice with Craster because thay KNOW that craster is sending children with no genetic proponent to be telepatics, and so, they're getting uselles children to use to increase their forces. These are the only reasonable reasons for the night's watch innaction towards the children sacrifice, you guys are free to object to what I said and come up with more reasons they might be doing this. I always up to debate, because no one is right here, only our god George r.r Martin, and I need to talk about the books until the new one is ready.
  11. Ser Loras The Gay

    Would you rather?

    Defend the Riverlands, beautiful and moral. Would you rather be at Aegon's side (the new one) or side with the Iron Throne?
  12. Ser Loras The Gay

    Would you rather?

    Hot pie all the way dude, he's going to live through the story. His pies are magnificient, who would kill someone like that? Would you rather make the walk of shame or make the KL-Winterfell trip?
  13. Ser Loras The Gay

    Would you rather?

    In this thread let's make the biggest number of would you rather situations that happened in the books. I'll start. Would you rather lose you hand like Jaime Lannister or have you balls chopped off like Varys?
  14. Ser Loras The Gay

    Daenerys's Fate and the Fire She Must Light to Love

    Do you think aegon is a fake targaryen or that he's not going to be the king of westeros?
  15. Thank you sooooo much . Sorry for the off thread posts. I have another confession. I hate the theory that Aegon is not legitimate.