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  1. Most people think the book has this message. AffC is only about showing us the consequences of wars.
  2. The ending just inverted the things thematically. The show until season 6 was about how greed and corruption can blinds us for the real evil or the real problems that will affect and destroy humanity. When they end the show putting someone in the throne that was elected by literal who's and powerless lords they just left a place that really has no future. You see, now the lords have more reason to conspire and collude so they elect a king that will favor some lords over others. That's why the elected king in medieval times were replaced with hereditary kingship, because people would often scheme to put bad people in power. The real wheel breaker would have a constitution or some sort of "magna carta". So the power of the king and lords get reduced and people can consistently have the power of the law over tyrants. But the show prefered going BACKWARDS history-wise. But yeah, Bran being a overpower being who can see everything was the "best" choice.
  3. I do think is about war and greed. And how war is always bad no matter the reason to have it and how greed corrupt men and blind them to what is really important (the others).
  4. With the dichotomy between how the Meisters perceive the world and dragons, gods and sheit.
  5. Yeah, but we have so many subthemes on the book. Like, science x magic. How prophecy really works and other things. I can't see a clear goal on the books because Martin like to spread the seeds and harvest them later.
  6. LOL. Okay but serious now. What is the point of the book? Someone asked me and I couldn't pinpoint what the book is about, and we're 5 books in and I still don't know. That are a lot of things we can point at, but no single one is conclusive.
  7. What is the point of A Song of Ice and Fire? I mean, what the books are trying to convey to us? It's a message about how bad wars are? It's a message about climate change? It's a message about greed and corruption and the need to end it? It's a message about magical beings being more worthy than humans? What is the end goal? Defending the realm? Defending the world? Defending the throne? what's the humans on ASOIAF ultimate goal in their lives? It's all the scheeming and ploting? All the wars? It's trying to make peace and prosper?
  8. D&D transformed Jaime in a absolute retard.
  9. She didn't care but no one knew at the time. You're talking like a viewer and are not trying to understand the situation as a character.
  10. They should judge him and then kill him. He was a not just a murderer (killed Dany's father, doesn't matter the reason behind it) and tried to kill Bran. And not only that, was an enemy. They could have made him a REAL hostage and use him agaisnt Cersei, but not invite him as a guest afterwards.
  11. He loves his family deep down. That were a theory trying to explain all his stupid decisions at season 6 as a way to try and save his family from Dany in a subconscious level. But the show was never being that clever.
  12. Well, she should. In peace agreements that's what generally happens. What is absurd is Jaime not dying in the second he puts his feet on Winterfell. Or Varys when he meet Dany.
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