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  1. Ser Loras The Gay

    We’re Missing the Point

    I think the real issue is, we're never going to know the truth and everyone interpret the story as they want the text has a lot of submeaning and different possible interpretations so it's really impossible to know for sure what happened, even if Grrm puts on the text that one of the theories is right people would try and find reasons to not believe.
  2. Ser Loras The Gay

    Who is the great other?

    for her would be the devil's worshipers. Pretty neat, and if we consider that it was howland that killed arthur dayne in a cheap move to save Ned the Reeds also killed the man who beared the "dawn".
  3. Ser Loras The Gay

    Aegon VI

    Not by itself, but the biblical metaphors actually serve a purpose. It tries to teach us about things that are timeless. The hero reborn is actually on several different religions as is the "great evil" and the "great good". It's something we humans write about since... Well... Forever. So it makes sense that many of those elements are inserted on GrrM work. He likes history and not only history, but those symbolisms.
  4. Ser Loras The Gay

    Who is the great other?

    I'd say the Weirwood, the being that started it. Something had to start it at some point, either with magic or technology.
  5. Ser Loras The Gay

    Who is the great other?

    I agree that everything should be follow as writen in those allusions. But some of those elements are clearly on our story. Azor Ahai could just as likely be a interpretation of Jesus or some other reborned hero from a number of religions. Planetos is just like Earth, but a little different so they have their myths just like us do.
  6. Ser Loras The Gay

    Seeing the bigger bigger picture.

    Most people think the book has this message. AffC is only about showing us the consequences of wars.
  7. Ser Loras The Gay

    Who is the great other?

    Totally forgot about that passage. Nice.
  8. Ser Loras The Gay

    Aegon VI

    I still think it was the pie, but it really makes us wonder who else is going to be a big actor in the later books. Maybe we'll see some of the Doran's plan in action with his daughter and something.
  9. Ser Loras The Gay

    Who is the great other?

    Many readers have theorized that AsoiaF is part of the connected universe of Grrm. So joining a bunch of older books here wouldn't be so far fetched. We have a lot of hints that old magic could actually be just better technology that was forgotten with time. Storm's end is impossible to rebuild, the wall is impossible to rebuild and so on. Do you think evertyhing is just a bad case of misunderstanding or just a conflict of interest?
  10. Ser Loras The Gay

    Aegon VI

    But don't you think that these reasons to be appointed "rightful" to something is in itself something that needs to be believed first? Like a social contract ou a social construct? If we got a democratic system in Westeros the "power" resides in the votes, and why people votes resides on what we believe is right. But no matter how we try to spin it. It resides on what we believe or what we think is the right thing. If you're right (and I think you are) we're never going to see the "true" ending of the series, because if he's not going to die before ADoS he's certain to die before a third or a fourth book. That's no way he can finish if he needs more than 2 books.
  11. Ser Loras The Gay

    Who is the great other?

    So the great other in your opinion is the connected consciousness of all beings connected to the Weirwood or the "spirit" of the Weirwood itself? Someone is controlling the Weirwood or it has will of it's own and just wants to eat? The gods could be the ones who can control these parasites? Maybe we have one for each aspect of nature. I don't know, but your line of thought is bery Martin-like Maybe that isn't ONE guy to be defeated but just an emboidement of "evil magic" that wants to destroy life. Death itself.
  12. Ser Loras The Gay

    Aegon VI

    Power resides where men believe it resides.
  13. Ser Loras The Gay

    Who is the great other?

    Do you guys think that the great other could be any of the old gods and not just the "winter god"? Maybe the real problem are the krakens and monster of the deep sea and not the others beyond the wall, because we can even reason with them (as was done thousands of years ago). Maybe the real danger lies in another and umpredictable place.
  14. Ser Loras The Gay

    Aegon VI

    You think the 6th book will end with him sitting in the throne? That would fit nicely with a theory about patchface and the chance he'll infect people with greyscale.
  15. Ser Loras The Gay

    Killing Bronn

    Nice try.