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  1. But just to get his last son the heir status? He could simply send both his kids to the wall for that matter (i'm joking). But seriously, even if he don't trust his kids to rule the kingdom after his death he could simply teach them better. I mean in just a few chapters we see Arianne becoming a lot more mature and inteligent. He could simply put his time and effort and bring his family together, I think that is easier than to make a ellaborate plan to kill off all his kids besides Trystanne.
  2. Send doran? You mean Quentyn? And why the fuck he wants his son killed?
  3. I still believe that either Doran has the most epic masterplan we had ever seen or he's just fooling everyone in his family and people who know him in Westeros. Too much of his alledged plan doesn't make any sense when you analyse all the pieces together. The marriage pact can't work because that's no indication of consent from someone who was the responsible for dany legally (her relatives) the signature from the kingsguard who died isn't worth shit and Dorne (as far as we know) didn't send any help to Viserys nor Dany. So, unless he's playing 14d chess he's just a very good liar and is trying to keep his part of the realm safe from war.
  4. Ser Loras The Gay

    Why no one adress the fact that Jon isn't the LC anymore?

    My problem it's not that it could be imply, but NO ONE never talks about his desertion. He's king now he could simply state after something to someone who asked him "I released myself from my vows". Because as far as we know as viewers just some people at the wall saw jon dying and fewer saw him reviving. And the fact that he tries to keep that secret for himself is even more of a reason to raise some eyebrows.
  5. So, since season 6 I don't remember anyone out of the wall asking why the former LC of the Night's watch was doing out of the wall. Legally he's still a Night watch member and as far as I remember deserted member get their heads off.
  6. Ser Loras The Gay

    Why we just have 4 houses at the dragon's pit meeting?

    So the plan was only to convince the mad queen cersei but not all the other lords of the realm? Tell me again how that makes any sense. If they had the meeting with every single lord they could then pressure Cersei to accept the plan, since more people would be willing to help fight the others, but when you leave the decision to just one, crazy, person your plan is going to fail.
  7. I really don't understand why we have just 4 houses at that meeting. Let's count how many kingdoms they left behind. We have Daenerys Targaryen who was representing no kingdom at all (since she didn't conquer any of them, and both the sand snakes(dorne) and Oleanna Tyrell(reach) died before the meeting) We have Jon snow and Brienne representing the North We have the Euron Greyjoy representing the iron islands We have Cersei and Jaime Lannister representing the Westernlands So, we have 2 kingdoms and a rebelous island being directly represented. We are missing a representative from, Vale, Dorne, Riverlands, Reach and Stormlands. At no time it's either implied or explained that Cersei is representing all of the kingdoms cited above and we have for sure a Lord ruling the Vale and a hostage (Edmure tully) that could represent Riverland, but the show since season 6 pretend they don't exist anymore. We don't have any clue for who is trying to get control of Dorne, Reach and the Stormlands. The show should explain at least why Edmure and Robert Arryn weren't present, even if we are going with the argument "but Edmure is a hostage he doesn't have the power to negotiate", Robert has and should use the power he has as Protector of the Vale (now that Littlefinger is dead) if we are going with the argument "but the Vale's forces are within Winterfell, so they're allies with the Starks, therefore Jon is speaking on his behalf" they could simply stated at the start of the meeting who was representing who. They never bothered showing other kingdoms or even talking about them, it's like they don't even exist anymore. Every single fighter from the vale is in Winterfell (we really don't know why they're there so long since the Vale needs men), Dorne after the sand snakes were killed don't exist anymore, the Stormlands after the death of Renly was never brought up again, the reach has no ruler now and the Riverlands don't have any Freys left so they act like it doesn't exist either. I really wanted to understand why the show keeps reducing Westeros to: Starks, Lannisters and Targaryens like they're the only thing that not just matters but like they're the only houses that exists anymore.
  8. Ser Loras The Gay

    Khal drogo marrying Dany, why?

    So he wanted a young pretty girl to bang and fulfill prophecy is that it?
  9. Ser Loras The Gay

    Khal drogo marrying Dany, why?

    What I failed to realize is that drogo doesn't seems to consider marriage an alliance pact like westerosi people do. He just wanted a woman for himself, but what I also fail to realize is why Dany? There must be a thousand other women just as hot or hotter than her, more mature, more fierce, more sexy etc. It's not just for her features I think. I agree with @40 Thousand Skeletons he wants something with her blood. For some reason the fact she's a targ and have king's blood from another continent will make a super baby with Khal drogo now... Where he learned that I'll never understand.
  10. Ser Loras The Gay

    Khal drogo marrying Dany, why?

    So, what is to gain for Khal drogo for marrying Daenerys? She doesn't have gold, she doesn't have an army and she is almost a nobody at that point in the history, so how again Illiryio convinced Khal drogo not only marry Dany but also not attack Pentos? I mean what are those terms? Khal drogo was trying to fullfill prophecies? I'm confused and I need to debate this with someone.
  11. Ser Loras The Gay

    Who would you rather be? Aegon I or Bronn?

    Sorry I can't go down incest. Bronn it is.
  12. But Bran in your opinion will be able to fight off the most powerful (at least until now) wargen without much training? Despitethe fact bloodraven is doing that shit for at least some decades? We simply don't have that much information on how the warging thing works in people, we see one person being killed and being transfered to another "body" and the experience seems very traumatic to the host. Bran don't have physical power left due to his motion loss and if he wins will only be by natural talent rather than training.
  13. Ser Loras The Gay

    Nissa Nissa... the first Other?

    I love you.
  14. Ser Loras The Gay

    Why Doran's plan is so bad?

    Not a liar but... I can't find a better word... he's saying those things like he has some sort of master plan behind him. But all the things he did were gambles, and bad ones at that matter. And for a plot of 17 years to be this bad you need to be stupid as well, not only bad at plotting. Yeah, but Oberyn was at KL to fill a council seat not just to make justice. And justice can be achieved in many ways not just by entering a trial by combat against a beast like Gregor. And as we know from the way Oberyn talked about Tywin he thought Tywin was as guilty as the moutain and Lorch. So, entering heads on in a fight without having a second plan to kill Tywin is very stupid, and Oberyn is everything but stupid, we need to remeber he studied for years at the citadel and earned 6 links from maesters, traveled all the world researching for poisons and history.
  15. Ser Loras The Gay

    Why Doran's plan is so bad?

    So he's just a liar? Because he said with all words to Arianne he has been plotting for freaking 17 years. I'd accept him just being a good liar and fucking with everyone just to keep Dorne low at the radar.