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  1. This is FANTASTIC. One of the best series to date in this segment. Fun and adventurous! There was a novella for this, that I read. Was really good, but finished abruptly in middle of a paragraph. Literally.
  2. I would consider that normal character development. MCs in WoT, Kaladin in Stormlight, Harry in Dresden Files, Fitz in Farseer etc etc, all of them progress to become more powerful that they were in book 1. The progression in LitRPG segments is more stat (strength, intelligence, dexterity) or level up their powers (Level 2 spells etc).
  3. I don't think there's any real progression in Malazan. Most characters are OP as they are. It's straightforward fantasy.
  4. It's actually a mishmash of multiple sib-genres. GameLit - Any books which encompasses game elements. E.g. Ready Player One LitRPG - Bulk of story takes place inside a game or a world where game elements are part of reality. Has stats and skill trees. Cultivation - Mostly involves taoist (or similar) philosophies where MCs use "cultivation" to make their bodies perform more than normal. Progression Fantasy - More similar to normal fantasy book, but follows MC as they progressively get more and more powerful with stakes getting higher. E.g. Cradle. If anyone is really interested in this genre, I can recommend Awaken Online - Get past first 100 pages and it gets superb Dungeon Crawler Carl - More of a fun read. Excellent. God of Gnomes - Probably the best prose in this genre!
  5. I don't really see much discussion about subject genres. Any here are fans?
  6. Book 2's climax was a mindf*ck and I really need to read that again closer to release of Alecto!
  7. Like SPFBO for Fantasy, there is now a SPSFC for sci-fi. I'll be reading a lot of self pub sci-fi books over this quarter!
  8. Black Stone Heart by Mike Fletcher. MC wakes up with amnesia and realizes his past character is ingrained into him despite his attempts to be a good person. Utterly fascinating!
  9. I think we all can agree that Gideon is by far a better character than Harrow. Let's see how Alecto fares.
  10. I found Harrow to be a book of two parts. Part One (which is nearly 60% of the book) is a bit tedious to read as Tamsyn got a bit carried away with her own prose (esp in second person narrative). There's only so much of Harrow's misery monologue that I could take before it gets frustrating. Part Two is where the plot actually progresses rapidly. It feels a bit rushed as events cascade right on top of each other and revelations unveiled at every other page. Leaves you hanging in a nice place waiting for book 3. I liked this slightly lesser that earlier book as Gideon was a far better character than Harrow. Still a good read.
  11. It's surprising to me that Cold Days is rated that highly. For me the top 3 are 1. Changes - Probably the best of all finale's. And the book which shifts the series altogether. Blends the epicness and human side brilliantly. 2. Turn Coat - That intro and lots of game changing events, a demon of a book ;-/ 3. Dead Beat - Can't beat a book with a t-Rex in it! I'll probably have Proven Guilty and Summer Knight to complete Top 5.
  12. I didn't like the way JB changed the character dynamics, just to further the plot. It's like the behavior of the characters and their relationship have changed completely in Peace Talks. Plus the first 3/4th of the book is essentially a filler for the last 1/4th.
  13. Have you all read Lost Horizon by James Hilton. A airplane crash lands a bunch of people at mysterious Shangri-La where they get extra long life...if they stay there. And that their arrival may not be a accident. One of my first and still best remembered books.
  14. Not sure how you calculate that. Molly became Winter Lady in Cold Days. Peace Talks is set 2 years after Cold Days...and that how long she's been his boss for.
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