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  1. Dany saw Robb's body in her visions. The Freys would have it on display for the public to mock.
  2. Sorry, I have to disagree. It looked like an act of desperation to me.
  3. The three Lannister lion cubs will die. Isn't that punishment enough.
  4. Hi Groo, a) It was a sudden decision by all of the men. b) It doesn't take a long time to reach a conclusion that your lord commander had gone nuts and needs to be stopped. Jon made a speech in which he announced his intentions. The attack was awkward and poorly planned because it was a quick reaction to Jon's speech. They all knew what to do. Jon was not going to listen. He might execute them for insubordination if they had tried to talk them out of it. c) You have to see Jon from their eyes. Jon recently murdered a sworn brother of the watch for a minor act of disrespect. Jon's handling or mishandling of justice was witnessed by many. He looked erratic. He doesn't look like a man who would listen to reason.
  5. Aerys can't hide because a large party would accompany him to Braavos.
  6. Lord's guards can't stop somebody on the inside from poisoning him. The guards are for show.
  7. I have a lot of issues with the murder. So let's see. Dareon was sent to the wall to punish him for a crime. If he didn't do the crime then he shouldn't do the time. He didn't volunteer. He shouldn't be on that wall. The Starks have no power in Bravos. Even Ned Stark wouldn't have the right to punish Dareon while they are in Bravos. Madness and bitterness drove Arya Stark to murder that man. Arya's Mercy is an intentional joke from George. The girl is swimming in blood. Her rage is even affecting Nymeria and causing the wolf to terrorize the people of the river lands.
  8. Arya is nothing like Noble. I would say she is partly Woobie, per your description of the categories, and downright traditional villain. If anybody will detonate the wildfire and destroy the city it will be Arya. Jon is a Woobie in part because his actions pose the greatest danger to people. He got the Night's Watch involved in a quarrel which it should have never been into. Jon is Tragic-Woobie, the one person who had a chance to mount the defense against the white walkers. He instead caused disorder at the wall by starting a family feud with Ramsay.
  9. How about mostly unimportant but very good. The meeting between Lord Walder and Catelyn was great. The only important part was the deal but the banter was great.
  10. The Lannisters had the most to offer and Aerys still refused Cersei. What chance would Catelyn have? Rejection will hurt the family's pride.
  11. Sheepstealer was not a Targaryen dragon. He was wild. It's a mystery where he hatched.
  12. He's not the only Targ to pass the average lifespan. Aegon I, Jaeherys, Alysanne, and Visenya lived beyond 60. Do check that vid. It's really good.
  13. Aemon Targaryen was the oldest person in westeros when he died at 102. Superior Targaryen genes, healthy diet, and social isolation gave him his long life. George R, R, Martin got his idea from the British royal family. Do check out the weblink from yt. Enjoy Why The Royals Live So Long The Bizarre Diet That Causes The Royals to Live so Long - YouTube
  14. It does not change the fact that the Little Lion beat the stag. The stag had to retreat back to Dragonstone in defeat. This is not the same Euron that was defeated years ago. Besides, the stag will not survive the battle with Roose Bolton.
  15. He can only see what the trees "saw." Seeing is not nearly sufficient. Empathy is nice but it's also not enough. Watching through the trees is like reading a book. All those taken together won't come close to experience. Experience is the best teacher.
  16. It was a marriage proposal. Doran had no idea what the situation was in Essos. To send more armed men could be seen as threatening.
  17. I don't much care for the families involved on both sides of that conflict. I am ok if black Walder and Lothar are killed for their part. It wasn't fair to kill Merrett though. The others who took part should be pardoned. I don't blame Goodbrooke for his participation. Not after what the Tullys did to his family during the rebellion.
  18. Balerion had enough fuel to melt the largest castle in Westeros like it was a giant Hersheys. Harren Hoare's stone towers softened and folded like a man who had just run out of Viagra. Sufficient to do the same to Winterfell is really what you want to know? Yes.
  19. Egg was not close to inheriting the throne. Succession wise, he was not important at the time. Besides, what better way to learn about life in general but to actually live it. Egg learned a lot of valuable lessons and some not so but it was a good experience. As the tag line for Young Sherlock Holmes says "before a lifetime of adventure came the adventure of lifetime." Egg saw firsthand the plight of the common women and men. This is pretty much the same lessons learned by Daenerys, Jon, Aegon, Tyrion, and Barristan the more time they spend with the powerless. Something that Cersei, Sansa, Bran, and Arrianne does not really know about. Which is why I am puzzled by those who want to see Bran ruling. The boy isn't fit for it and he has a thankless but very important job to do outside the wall.
  20. @Alyn Oakenfist Stannis! Couldn't even beat Tyrion. The little lion sent Stannis retreating in humiliation. This is not the one you want to take on Euron Greyjoy. Aegon (Blackfyre) will have his hands full with Jaime and the Lannisters to do much about it.
  21. You don't scare me, little man. But I thank Springwatch anyway.
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