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  1. Forcing your legal wife to sex is not considered as rape even today in some countries let alone by monarch in arranged marriage in medieval like times. So nope.
  2. Try "Lord of the rings" "Chronicles of Narnia" series "War and peace" is great book in fact my favorite after ASOIAF.
  3. You are reaching with your nonsense ( or just hate towards characters) . OT : Entire Robert reign was full of stupid decision due to his willingness to ignore serious matters regarding ruling kingdom.
  4. Of course they are important. Jeyne is pretty much the most important factor in entire north : 1. She strengthens position as warden of the North , if he does not have the girl northmens would turn against him more quickly. 2. she is effecting Stannis campaign in north, Northmens want girl free if Stannis wants their further support and freeing her would give him even more followers and man to army. 3. She is even effecting events on Wall where Jon snow was about to do something that wasn´t done in thousand year , meddling in affairs of seven kingdoms which is against their rules. Its unclear how Aegon story is going to develop and he barely started his campaign but he is surely important player even if he is just pawn of Varys and Ilirio.
  5. Incest really Yes extremely decent man if I ignore that incest part : - Only one that loved and cared about his brother. - Not thirsty for power - Killed confirmed madman king to save half million lives - Just like other boys he only dreamed of being famous knight, doesn´t enjoy in raping , torturing . - He had moral compass as shown in those 2 examples : "You swore a vow to guard the king, not to judge him. " Jaime : We are sworn to protect her as well. Jonothor : We are, but not from him" He was decent man , he wanted to protect queen , and hold a grudge against Aerys and his torturing. After killing Aerys everything went downhill from him , he was known as kingslayer , people hated him, didn´t believe in his word and honor. All this left huge mark on Jaime who started to simply not care anymore .
  6. Hound is with Stannis and Arya my favorite character , Mycah being girl would not change that , he already admited he killed woman before. Same with Jaime I really like him but only issue I have with him is that he fucks his own sisiter. If were not for that I would consider him extremely decent man.
  7. He recently denied that possibility .English is not my first so I dont remember exact words but someone asked him something about : There are rumors that you are planing to include eight book into series . And he said something like if thats the case its news to me (meaning he never planed that).
  8. Ok so you quoted me just to repeat the same things using different words.
  9. Burning is Red god followers way its simple as that. Mel did many things for Stannis at least he could throw her a bone this way instead of doing it old way like Eddard does. They are talking about great battle too. Millions won´t die and world would not fall into darkness because of person sitting on Iron throne. I was pointing out Dany as Edric is innocent and Baratheon bros are willing to kill innocent to save millions just like Stannis. Yes that was my point Baratheon bros are the same in categories he mentioned.
  10. 1. If Stannis is selfserving and selfish same goes for Renly and Robert.They can be put in same basket here. Renly only cared about himself and wanted throne for himself despite not having any right to it. Robert was selfish , man who only cared for himself , didn´t give a sh1t about kingdoom, and as Littlefinger said he was willing to close his eyes to thing he would rather not see. 2. About burning people alive . Each man Stannis burned was punishment , death sentence. Followers of red god burn people as punishment, Greyjoys drown them , in Meereen they crucify them, others cut their head. No difference here just different way of penalty execution. 3 . Bad Father, bad husband. If you say this for Stannis then you can´t ignore Robert and Renly ,again they are the same. Robert doesn´t care about his children or wife , he constantly whores himself which showes zero respect he has for them and he does this openly and even admits that, not even tries to hide. Renly was bad husband considering he was doing his wife´s brother . 4. Yes Stannis was willing to kill innocent but there are 2 points about this : A) He firstly refused to sacrifice the boy despite Mel request. Later after he saw effect of his blood he still is not willing. In the end he asks Mel “You swear there is no other way? Swear it on your life, for I promise, you shall die by inches if you lie. " They are not even talking about wining the throne anymore but about battle against others : " if I must sacrifice one child to the flames to save a million from the dark … Sacrifice … is never easy, Davos. Or it is no true sacrifice." Its clear sacrifice is last resort , he wants to save millions from the dark. b) Renly and Robert are willing to kill the innocent . During small council meeting both were perfectly fine with killing Dany , 13 years old innocent girl whose only crime was having Targaryen name. Renly was willing to kill Stannis too which would make him kinslayer too. So pretty much everything you said about Stannis goes for Robert and Renly too. King himself has freedom to chose his hand. Stannis like Tywin , Eddard is perfectly capable of running kingdom unlike Robert , Joffrey and so. What Stannis requires is man who like himself will tell him only harsh truth, and that man is Davos , other will just flatter him and tell him things he likes to hear . "Lord Seaworth is a man of humble birth, but he reminded me of my duty, when all I could think of was my rights. I had the cart before the horse, Davos said. "
  11. What did Renly speak about Brienne ? What makes Robert so much better than Renly in your opinion ? Can you explain reasons why you consider Stannis so selfish. Yes Renly had done the least damage but surprisingly people (readers) don´t really like him,
  12. So we have Robert , Stannis and Renly. We know about their deeds in books , personality , appearance , history , behaviour. So which one of those 3 you respect the most ?
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