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  1. Try "Lord of the rings" "Chronicles of Narnia" series "War and peace" is great book in fact my favorite after ASOIAF.
  2. You are reaching with your nonsense ( or just hate towards characters) . OT : Entire Robert reign was full of stupid decision due to his willingness to ignore serious matters regarding ruling kingdom.
  3. Of course they are important. Jeyne is pretty much the most important factor in entire north : 1. She strengthens position as warden of the North , if he does not have the girl northmens would turn against him more quickly. 2. she is effecting Stannis campaign in north, Northmens want girl free if Stannis wants their further support and freeing her would give him even more followers and man to army. 3. She is even effecting events on Wall where Jon snow was about to do something that wasn´t done in thousand year , meddling in affairs of seven kingdoms which is against their rules. Its unclear how Aegon story is going to develop and he barely started his campaign but he is surely important player even if he is just pawn of Varys and Ilirio.
  4. "When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. Summer is the time for squabbles. In winter, we must protect one another, keep each other warm, share our strengths. "So if you must hate, Arya, hate those who would truly do us harm "
  5. Incest really Yes extremely decent man if I ignore that incest part : - Only one that loved and cared about his brother. - Not thirsty for power - Killed confirmed madman king to save half million lives - Just like other boys he only dreamed of being famous knight, doesn´t enjoy in raping , torturing . - He had moral compass as shown in those 2 examples : "You swore a vow to guard the king, not to judge him. " Jaime : We are sworn to protect her as well. Jonothor : We are, but not from him" He was decent man , he wanted to protect queen , and hold a grudge against Aerys and his torturing. After killing Aerys everything went downhill from him , he was known as kingslayer , people hated him, didn´t believe in his word and honor. All this left huge mark on Jaime who started to simply not care anymore .
  6. Hound is with Stannis and Arya my favorite character , Mycah being girl would not change that , he already admited he killed woman before. Same with Jaime I really like him but only issue I have with him is that he fucks his own sisiter. If were not for that I would consider him extremely decent man.
  7. We know that in a feast for crows Cersei refused to keep paying money to Iron bank of Braavos . This resulted in Iron bank calling in all debts in Westeros and refusing to give new loans. But why Cersei didn´t give Lannisters gold instead of creating economic chaos is Westeros ? Ser Kevan also considered some new loans for other banks (in order to pay debt to Iron bank) or negotiations with Iron bank itself for better terms. Paying with Lannisters gold was the last option for ser Kevan . Why is this the case , are Lannisters short on gold too because of war of 5 kings ?
  8. 1. I find Janos Slynt to be one of the most funny characters both in show and books. 2. I don´t like Rhaegar ( blame Robert Baratheon for this). 3. I think Robb was fool and deserved to die ( don´t think other Northsman needed to share his fate). 4. I find Cersei monologue to be the best one in entire book series. 5. I would be very proud to fight for and serve Stannis Baratheon . 6. I have hopes Martin will finish TWOW this year.
  9. And which big city they actually conqured ? Is there record of them defeating Volantis , Braavos , Astapor , Qarth some big players ? There are many other smaller towns , places among nine free cities, we know couple of them belong to Volantis , and there are ruins of couple of them around Qarth . Most likely Dothraki sack those smaller places. Majority of Essos uses sellswords and army of pure slaves and I dont mean soldiers slaves but common slaves and those are easy targets for Dothraki warriors . Literally no one has a army of full plate armour soldiers and same goes for horses . Unless opponent is in full plate Dothraki would wreck them with their vastly superior riding and archery skills, On top of that each Dothraki has a horse , while from shown examples in Westeros less that 1/4 of army is cavalry , in Essos its even worse. Only known example of Dothraki facing true adversary is in battle of Qohor where 3 000 unullied killed 12 000 Dothraki riders. From that time Dothraki learned their lesson and never fought unsullied again.
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