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  1. Putin

    Jon Snow being real Aegon

    As we know is tv series show Jon Snow is said to be Aegon . Now what do you guys think about this being case in books too.Whats your general opinion about that.
  2. Putin

    Volantis question

    Is it true that Volantis is the biggest (In size) from nine free cities.Was this ever said or confirmed ?
  3. And reasons why. For me its Arya. I like her personality and she did travel a lot and had a lot of adventures.
  4. Putin

    Do Unsullied always train ?

    Thanks bro we will make Russia great again.
  5. Putin

    Why is Arya so boring?

    No I don't know how amazing Sansa is. Yes I know everything about her I own every book and DVD with every episode. I read books 2 times and watched TV series many times so I know what she's been through. How much she suffered or endured. Thats her fault only she told everything to Cersei . She was stupid enough to betray her father for what. Joffrey and his love .
  6. Putin

    Why is Arya so boring?

    Arya chapters and adventures in books are one of the best if not the best.This discussion is pointless Arya is not boring its Sansa actually.
  7. I am talking about those who are not sold yet. Once a person becomes Unsullied ready for sale ,does they still train every day until they are sold to new master ?