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  1. Evidently. Unless he knew about the Lannincest, which makes him look like more of a hypocrite.
  2. That's been on my mind as well; why of all places hide Lyanna in the homeland of the wife he was putting aside? Unless Elia consented? And how would one know about that? Unless Rhaegar intended to annul his marriage to Elia...
  3. Well of course it'll depend on whether or not Jaime will be able to figure out that Brienne is leading him into a trap. If he gets to Hollow Hill it'll likely come down to whether or not Jaime can fight out of it, which he can't. And given that Lady Stoneheart is unlikely to listen to reason, he'll be hanged.
  4. How hard would it have been to transport six sets of bones (Lyanna plus Ned's companions, minus one Reed)?
  5. So did GRRM want to subvert expectations by having the most effective ruler be a generally terrible person?
  6. That's if she gets the Dothraki. She could just as easily keel over from her troublesome bowel movements and die.
  7. I think it's more abundantly clear that none of Tywin's children have what he believes necessary to be a ruler, but more bits and pieces. Tyrion has brains regarding politics but not as much ruthlessness (though that changes after he learns the truth about Tysha), Jaime has Tywin's tendency for being unapologetic about his actions but no ambition outside of being a Kingsguard, while Cersei has all Tywin's ruthlessness and then some (read: Falia Flowers) but nowhere near as measured when it comes to politics.
  8. Depends on if Bran gets to him first; at this rate, Lady Stoneheart will give Jaime a short drop and a sudden stop.
  9. And that's how Martin subverts expectations.
  10. So in Season 6, Episode 3, we see a flashback to Ned Stark's raid on the Tower of Joy. In the books, there were seven Northmen who fought the three Kingsguard there: Ned, Meera and Jojen Reed's father Howland, Jory's father Martyn Cassel, Lord Willam Dustin husband of Lady Barbrey, Ser Mark Ryswell, Ethan Glover who had served as Brandon Stark's squire and the only survivor of Brandon's ill-fated journey to King's Landing, and Theo Wull. However in the episode there are six, leaving the party one short. There's also the fact that in the fifth book, Jon advises Stannis to seek out the Mountain Clans for help, which he doesn't in the show. In the show, Jon and Sansa never bring them up as allies while planning to retake Winterfell. Does all this mean the Northern Mountain Clans do not exist in the show?
  11. Well, Martin isn't exactly accommodating towards that side much. Just look at how many singers get maimed and how much Sansa is reminded that life is not a song.
  12. At the least Orcs are long-lived; Bolg from The Hobbit has ruled since the Battle of Anazulbizar in 2799 T.A., 142 years before (The Hobbit takes place in 2941 T.A.).
  13. For what it's worth, Sansa ships herself with Sandor... for some reason. But it just serves to show how much she's trying to hold onto scraps of affection when she's making up stuff that happened with someone who tried to rape her.
  14. Turin would be a mix; true Glaurung hypnotized him, but it was Turin's choice to remain in exile even after being pardoned, as well as his mother's to stay in Dor-Lomin and being unwilling to humble herself as a guest in another's home that also helped to doom him.
  15. Well, in Westerosi culture there's a difference between raising a bastard alongside one's legitimate children and treating them like a servant, e.g. Falia Flowers. Walder Frey also falls into the "raising bastard along legitimate children" and given Hoster's frequent criticism of Walder Frey, this might be the root of Catelyn's personal dislike of bastards. Also I think it illustrates how much Catelyn wants to give Jon the boot.
  16. I think the Warden system was established in-universe by the Targaryens during the conquest, possibly to denote the most powerful kingdoms. Since Dorne wasn't conquered or brought under the Seven Kingdoms until more than 150 years into the Targaryens' rule, that would explain why the Reach was regarded as the southernmost of the kingdoms at that point in time.
  17. It's been a theory of mine that Lysa has been suffering from lead poisoning since she's mentioned to paint and powder her face as some types of face paint and powder used as late as the 18th century contained lead, while lead was used in paint as late as the late 20th century. Sweetrobin does seem to have symptoms of lead poisoning, particularly physical and developmental delays, irritability, and seizures; he could have absorbed lead through the placenta and breast milk.
  18. That part might be consistent; doesn't Cersei wear a lot of green dresses to accentuate her eyes (the ones on her head that is)? As far as adding it to the list, why not?
  19. 6. Personally I think there was another Kingsguard before Arys Oakheart since he was mentioned as only being on the Kingsguard for about 10 years at the time of AFFC, seven years after Robert began his rule. 7. Maybe Renly has turquoise eyes or his eyes appear different colors under different light.
  20. Unless he's already on the way there (my headcanon is that he's received lead poisoning for years).
  21. He could have just chosen Eddard, Gordyn, and Henry for all I care.
  22. I think there should have been a bit more of variance with languages or vernacular, just think of different words to describe the same thing in the US alone, to say nothing of bobbies and cops on either side of the Atlantic Ocean.
  23. Harry has to gain her trust first. Easy enough for Joffrey, but Sansa's already wary of him.
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