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  1. Three-Fingered Pete

    Crasters' " heavy curse"...parallel pact?..(slight crackpot)

    Scrubbing the "abomination" from my brain, I would tend to agree with this assessment. The only glitch to me is that end part. Wouldn't there be bones scattered about in the woods? There must have been many (perhaps dozens) of these boys left out to die by the time we get to meet Craster. They all can't have been carried off and secretly devoured, never to be seen again. A simple remedy to this is that Craster buries them after murdering them. The snow would hide all traces. It occurred to me that we might be coming at this Craster thing all wrong. What if it isn't Craster? What if it's his Keep? We have other old places and structures that act as guards and wards against the Others and the wights (Wall, CotF's cave, Black Gate). After Craster is killed, the Keep is still seemingly safe. The Others don't swarm the place, it seems; in fact Coldhands is responsible for killing five of the mutineers outside the Keep, but he doesn't go in to get the rest, as far as we know. IIRC, the Wildlings don't say anything regarding Craster's wives or the mutineers on their march south either after the battle or after they pass through the Wall. If the babies were sacrificed to allow the Keep to remain safe by refreshing an old spell of warding, then the ward would be good until the next sacrifice is required, in which case the Keep's, and its occupants, days are numbered. Of course, the "abomination" could always be right <shudders> and the babies were WW spawn. It could explain why they seemingly have halted for the time being. Their supply of new offerings has stopped and Sam killed one of them. That might give them pause or at least give them cause to worry.
  2. Three-Fingered Pete

    Please explain Ramsay and the Pink Letter.

    Jon wrote the PL! It was all a false flag operation that went horribly, horribly wrong.
  3. Three-Fingered Pete

    Future Centers of Power in a Democratic Westeros/Systems of Government

    Given the probable selection of middle class professions in Westeros, i.e. the knights, maesters, clergy and possibly certain trade guilds (if any, including sellsword companies) and land owners, a lower and upper house system with the nobility could work as a primary step toward a representative government, but I don't think they'd throw off the monarchy so fast. They seem to like having a focal point for their blame when things go wrong. They were sort of working toward a Westerosi form of Magna Carta already, with the nobles flexing their muscles and claiming more of their rights back from the Crown, ever since the dragons died off and the Targaryens began to lose their overwhelming military advantage. If Aerys hadn't been such a loose screw and had died off peacefully, Rhaegar might have been the one to approach about reforms. Now, only Dany would have that chance when the whole place is tired of war and willing to submit.
  4. Three-Fingered Pete

    Jon's Shield Hall Speech and Subsequent Plan

    I am not disputing that, Bowen and his cohorts are.
  5. Three-Fingered Pete

    Future Centers of Power in a Democratic Westeros/Systems of Government

    Okay, then I suppose a representative democracy is totally out of the question? "Your Grace, the smallfolk demand more turnips for their stew!" "Then we will give them turnips, gods be damned! It is our duty!"
  6. Three-Fingered Pete

    Future Centers of Power in a Democratic Westeros/Systems of Government

    Well, a good first step would be to decide whether you want a democracy or a republic. And don't go pulling that "democratic republic" nonsense on me. An adjective is not a noun!
  7. Three-Fingered Pete

    Jon's Shield Hall Speech and Subsequent Plan

    You and I are aware of that. We are not the people who mistrust the motivations and actions of our peers. To me, this scene portrays Jon shaming Bowen on principle. He can't argue with Jon's logic, taking the vow at face value, however, Jon certainly didn't change his mind. He just shut him up. Jon's argument only works if the recipient is willing to understand that the Wildlings are no longer their enemy. Bowen, and several others it would seem, are clearly not there yet.
  8. Three-Fingered Pete

    Jon's Shield Hall Speech and Subsequent Plan

    Just to play Devil's Advocate for a moment; from the view point of his brothers in opposition, how was Jon seemingly reasonable? We know that there is an existential danger out beyond the Wall, but the vast majority of the NW have to swallow a fantastic tale from people (Jon, Sam, Wildlings) whom they are decidedly unsure about whether they really trust and/or like at all (the conspirators being the focal nexus of this discord). They have an existing barrier that has stood the test of time that stops their foes in their tracks (rather impressively in the near past as a matter of fact... and with a skeleton crew at that). Why would it seem reasonable to allow your known enemy through with no fight whatsoever, all on the assurances of a few who claim that there is a larger threat looming, but you haven't seen/experienced first hand? Even if you do believe them, why are thousands of live, likely dangerous, Wildings south of the Wall any more preferable to thousands of positively dangerous wights north of the Wall, all things considered? They have no reason to believe that their tried and true magical barrier will fail (thin rumors of a magical, Wall downing horn aside), so why risk it? If they are unable to pass, what does it matter how many there are out there? Realistically, all it would mean is an end to regular ranging north of the Wall. I don't think many Black Brothers would lament that situation. I'm sure some would be willing to risk eternal un-death just for the fun of running wight burning parties out beyond the Wall, but I suspect that most would be content to hole up in their giant, magical fortification and ignore the whole thing until they showed up and tried something, just like they have for millennia.
  9. Three-Fingered Pete

    How far south will the Others get?

    The Others aren't coming. After Sam accidentally killed one of them, the Others were all fired up and ready to go, but GRRM left them hanging for more than two and a half books, so they called him up and said, "If you're not going to take this seriously, we're going home."
  10. Three-Fingered Pete

    Characters who deserve to DIE

    While this is true in a general sense, Robb wasn't just an ordinary sixteen year old kid. He was a king, and that places you in a precarious position, either by your supporters or your detractors (or both), from the moment you are recognized as such. Accepting the responsibility of leadership absolves people of thinking of you as a child anymore. Not acting in the best interests of your cause can be deadly. On a fundamental level, Robb should have acted more appropriately. Also on a fundamental level, Robb never should have trusted Walder Frey, but hindsight is 20/20 and our story wouldn't be as compelling if Robb had been more prescient. Your above statement could be applied to Joffery, Jon and Dany as well, but that didn't stop anyone in the slightest from killing/trying to kill them. I'm not sure if GRRM is saying that teenagers are basically idiots or if the story threads are just circumstantially woven that way, but his young'uns have a really poor track record so far.
  11. Three-Fingered Pete

    POLL: Will you continue to read the books if _________

    Wait, Hot Pie is going to die? What have you heard? The first forty deaths were hard enough! It sure is a good thing that we have emoticons for the five stages of grief. The long way 'round is getting emotionally exhausting!
  12. Three-Fingered Pete

    Weirdwood tree seeds?

    I'll pass that along to my lawn.
  13. Three-Fingered Pete

    Weirdwood tree seeds?

    Are you referring to a super-organism?
  14. Three-Fingered Pete

    Do You Think Sam Will Forge His Chain?

    That seems like an overly convoluted plot device... for what exactly? And Davos lost his finger bones; which would mean he would have had to lose illusionary finger bones in order to keep the glamor going since his real finger bones would be required to maintain it.
  15. Three-Fingered Pete

    Do You Think Sam Will Forge His Chain?

    Euron is fair game here since the two characters are in proximity and most readers believe both are about to do something provocative. I was just addressing your point about Euron already attacking Oldtown and failing. Many readers are hoping that the Citadel is a prime target for Euron for whatever reason, myself included, since it would give his rather reckless seeming campaign some kind of relational backbone.