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  1. OK, let's all calm down... Let's look at how bad it could have been. An emergency broadcast that a death-meteor was imminent and the world was going to end (excepting cockroaches, of course). The happy ending we all craved (secretly) where all the stars settle into a bourgeois life, punctuated with some spice, like life-partners Jamie and Briene occasionally having Tormund over for a threesome - and if Dany is feeling especially frisky, a foursome... I mean, the North Koreans could have hacked the broadcast substituting Thai adult-diaper advertisements. Oh wait, this one actually would have been good...
  2. Wow! Dragon fire can unmoor stone walls and such - why didn't Dany just attack the Red Keep in S7 or in this attack? I know, it must have been Tyrion...
  3. 4 Greatly exceeded expectations... D&D's ham handed approach was a bit more subtle than usual. Stark family vs Lannister family vs Dany as a theme came across rather than typical D&D trad TV bull. Bother, I should have gone with 2 or 3 now that I think about it - still greatly exceeding expectations, but accounting for the usual ridiculous warfare (naval in this case) and the convenient capture of Melesandei, and Jamie's one-night stand with Brienne, and more...
  4. 3 Implausible like any shows since S.05. I could add blather about military stuff, and such, but what's the point?
  5. In regards to the Critiques of ASOIAF thread. I posted last night "find some common cause" between you and Walda. This morning I reread and realized I was just posting a "lite" version of what you posted, framing it as "can't we all be friends?"

    My apologies for this redundancy...


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