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  1. Wild Bill

    The Iron Bank of Braavos

    This is not the way of bankers, or of anyone else deeply into finances... is an amusing treatment of the IB topic from the book board...
  2. Wild Bill

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    I'm thinking Hemlock...
  3. Wild Bill

    GRRM's (Brief) Thoughts on the Final Episode

    A quibble, any titles GRRM gets in the show credits are not informative. As creator and/or equity holder in the show he will have some glorified title even if he never had any involvement with the show after the deal with D&D and HBO. #3 reflects a perfect corporate statement that must be made, but diminishes the show and augments GRRM - a) yes, yes, yes, the show was wonderful. D&D and Bryan did an awesome job. There were lots of great technical staff! It's been a long, strange trip... b) but what about all the characters that weren't done in the show? They had six hours to end it - I've got 3000+ pages. D&D and Bryan have a great future ahead of them, but I have 10+ projects currently in the works (not counting the books...). [nb, nice technique, the six hours refers to the last season, but the 3000 pages refers to, prolly, seasons 5-8] As a corporate veteran, and connoisseur of corporate-speak, GRRM hits all the marks!
  4. But seriously... Not to interrupt the debate and probably expressing points already made. IRL, the gap between feudalism and nation states is huge, let alone to any notion of the "people" having any say in the polity.
  5. Wild Bill

    Praise without Repercussion, Final Edition

    I was surprised Jon killed Dany, and there was a moment of who killed who? Otherwise...
  6. Wild Bill

    Jon & Drogon

    I think Drogon has more sense than any other character - he realizes that Dany's obsession with the Iron Throne is her ultimate downfall. My question is why didn't John mount Drogon and fly off into the sunrise?
  7. OK, let's all calm down... Let's look at how bad it could have been. An emergency broadcast that a death-meteor was imminent and the world was going to end (excepting cockroaches, of course). The happy ending we all craved (secretly) where all the stars settle into a bourgeois life, punctuated with some spice, like life-partners Jamie and Briene occasionally having Tormund over for a threesome - and if Dany is feeling especially frisky, a foursome... I mean, the North Koreans could have hacked the broadcast substituting Thai adult-diaper advertisements. Oh wait, this one actually would have been good...
  8. Wild Bill

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    Wow! Dragon fire can unmoor stone walls and such - why didn't Dany just attack the Red Keep in S7 or in this attack? I know, it must have been Tyrion...
  9. 4 Greatly exceeded expectations... D&D's ham handed approach was a bit more subtle than usual. Stark family vs Lannister family vs Dany as a theme came across rather than typical D&D trad TV bull. Bother, I should have gone with 2 or 3 now that I think about it - still greatly exceeding expectations, but accounting for the usual ridiculous warfare (naval in this case) and the convenient capture of Melesandei, and Jamie's one-night stand with Brienne, and more...
  10. A few things... 1) wasn't dragonglass needed only for the white walkers, while fire needed for the undead? Just curious. 2) lack of time to create a proper defensive position doesn't preclude advance planning. Maybe the wall being breached wasn't anticipated, but wherever the battle was to be fought you would have the same needs (lots of fire). 3) why are the white walkers doing a frontal assault on a (so to speak) prepared defensive position when they could flank it and storm the castle from the other three sides. Not to mention getting at Bran a lot earlier in his staycation...
  11. 3 Implausible like any shows since S.05. I could add blather about military stuff, and such, but what's the point?
  12. Wild Bill

    Who died?

    I think the bigger question is who will die going forward. Winterfell is clearly a disaster area of the highest order - the Chernobyl of Westeros. Think of all the disease waiting for anyone in its immediate vicinity as gazillions of bodies rot... Going into E.03 I thought the next three episodes to sort out Cercei and the overall show message were too much, but now I see the scope. Sansa oversees the heroic cleanup at Winterfell while Varys leads Tyrion and Jamie through secret passages into KL to take out Cercei [details TBD]. Tyrion, then, brilliantly re-purposes the Golden Company (rather re-purposed already vs the books) as a humanitarian aid organization combined with Dany and the remaining Dragons to airlift supplies into the beleaguered disaster zone. Or somink like that...
  13. Wild Bill

    Books v TV series

    I'll limit my answer. Four books were published prior to the TV series. The fifth book came out relatively early in the TV series (after season 2?). Two more books are planned, but the TV series has advanced beyond the published books. Discussing the TV show is not generally accepted in the book forum, so I won't speculate on your questions. Referring to the wikipedia for the Show, and the wikipedia for the the Books will broadly answer your questions... Cheers
  14. Wild Bill

    What will Iron Bank do if NW doesn't pay debts?

    Well, this thread is hotting up! Lots of bits that are interesting and informative. My post started this renewal, or your post in response started it - whatever... And the wheel turns and turns... Exactly so. I've found, from my brief experience in the fandom, that relying on book quotes is either a sign of great strength or of great weakness (in an argument) ... Using book quotes to defend something - I'm not even sure what is the point - it is not working in this case. Meanwhile, the (hamster-wise) viewpoint that, per OP, that NW might have some problems repaying their debt to IB. And further IB might have some "concerns" about getting their money back from loans to the IT is cogent, and that IB might look at alternatives to get their due... Whatever, cheers, etc...