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  1. It's clear to me that the second use of the phrase (by Androw when he admits to poisoning the other women) is a direct retort to the first use (by Rhaena to express her scorn for Androw's worth). The next passage shows how this was the final humiliation for Farman, and he no longer even pretended to care for Rhaena. When he finally took his revenge, it was the phrase he threw back in her face. Note that Androw here stressed the 'I' in that sentence. The whole passage is about rubbing Rhaena's nose in her scornful dismissal of him, and taking revenge for it. That is why the second use of that particular phrase has no other meaning than as a direct refutation of its first use. (And slightly O/T, I hope F&B makes it onto the 'search' site soon, it took me an hour or more to find these quotes in my book... )
  2. It was a reference to the literal live dragon of his wife....
  3. C'mon, I'm sure 'dragon specs' would be at least as cool as Aviators
  4. Rufus Snow

    Targaryen Illness

    Priceless - this one is a keeper
  5. Rufus Snow

    Why is navy underutilized in Westeros?

    Take a close look at the east coast of Westeros, could this method really be feasible in, say, taking an army from the North to KL, or even Storm's End? (or vice versa for that matter...) The army would need to march maybe four times the distance to follow the coast instead of using the Kingsroad, so the benefit of ship supply is much less valuable, IMHO. Movement east/west would also be more efficient by land, as the only sea option is to go all the way round, passing through the (usually) pirate-infested Stepstones on the way, then skirt the inhospitable south coast of Dorne with its lack of landing places for rewatering and resupply. To my mind, the lack of integration of naval and land forces boils down to a couple of major themes. Firstly, keeping a standing navy is expensive (not for nothing is it said that a boat is just 'a hole in the water for throwing money into'), and since the Targs unified the 7K then the regions have had no real need for separate navies. Secondly, as I think the English invasions of France showed in the 100 Years War (and others), naval invasions take a huge administrative effort - which I think is beyond most of the regions in Westeros. There were times when English armies just kicked their heels in Southampton for a whole year (on full pay) waiting for the ships to be all organised and victualled. And that ws just to cross twenty miles of sea. And to add a thirdly, the weather. The Narrow Sea seems even stormier than the Channel and North Sea around Britain, and the weather there put paid to many an invasion, in each direction, over the centuries. So the tl;dr version: too uncertain, too expensive; too much hassle
  6. Rufus Snow

    The search goes on for the Hooded Man

    We see Theon surrounded by the snow, being 'kissed by snowflakes' - or 'Winter's advances' if you like. The HM says nothing that ANY northman wouldn't say. I suspect he is just a personification of 'the North', an everyman figure. For now, the North has 'accepted' Bolton rule, so would leave Theon to Ramsay in that sense. Perhaps we've all been overthinking this?
  7. Rufus Snow

    Targaryen Illness

    Yes - good diet, not mixing in the general disease and filth-ridden mass of humanity, and getting lots of healthy exercise and all that, is bound to make them generally 'healthier'. Exactly - it's not magic or being special, it's just good public health. Really??? I had chicken pox at three or four, a bad flu at seven, and repeated tonsilitis from age three or so most years... I remember it all. I even remember the little blue antibiotics I had to take with my milk, and could never seem to swallow no matter how tiny they were... Then again, I can still remember sleeping in a cot in my parent's bedroom, and that must have been before I was two years old. I am really so unusual in that?
  8. Rufus Snow

    Wow, I never noticed that. Vol. 18

    Oh, yes... good catch. And is there something in the Hound narrowly missing going into the cage at Stoney Sept, I wonder?
  9. Rufus Snow

    Wow, I never noticed that. Vol. 18

    And also the Huntsman's captives at Stoney Sept were crammed into crow cages.... they're everywhere once you start looking
  10. Definitely, at least as far as R'hllorists are concerned: I think that establishes a link, at least in the ideology of the Red Priests (and/or blood-mages...) I also think the 'life-fire' reference could also be forging a link towards Tyrion: So, yes, fire and shadow are inextricably linked, and I also suspect that shadows are used to indicate a distortion of scale, as with Tyrion above, but at 'Mance's' burning: Then Jon himself: And Stannis' shadows are more regicidal than you may have noticed: Stannis' shadow falls on the map table, then Joff dies... This is not the only time Stannis' puts shade on the table: So we have the Purple Wedding and the Battle of the Blackwater following on after these two instances of Stannis casting a shadow on the painted table. Can we say the word fore-SHADOWING here?
  11. Rufus Snow

    Winged Snake over Winterfell

    The only way into that, I suspect, is either Alysanne's or Jaehaeris' dragon laid an egg when they visited. Hot springs suggest the sort of geothermal heat that draws dragons (like Dragonstone), so who can say? Maybe there are four dragons in the world now. Having said all that, do we know for sure that the Cannibal and Sheepstealer are dead????
  12. Rufus Snow

    Why does Balon Greyjoy want to attack the North?

    OK, so you won't take the opinions of posters, how about those self-same in-world characters, how about some who were a bit closer to Balon than you are? Balon's family seem pretty convinced he was after the whole North, and at least two maybe three of them were at his war councils. You weren't.
  13. Rufus Snow

    Why does Balon Greyjoy want to attack the North?

    Absolutely. 1) The land is poorer in the North than in the Riverlands 2) The size of the North means his garrisons would have to be too thinly spread or too localised 3) The Hoares took the Riverlands from The Storm King, so they had the locals all bending the knee and joining the cause. Balon was trying to take the North from Northmen 4) Harren held the Riverlands, which are perfect for rapid movement by boat, which Ironmen are good at. Balon took the North, which is slow going even if you have horses, which Ironmen are NOT good at. 5) Harren was a Sevener (of sorts...) holding Sevener lands (mostly). Balon was a Drowned God's man, taking land from the Old Gods. Basically, everything the Black Line got right, Balon got wrong. Yeah, sure Balon might have (tried to capture) more land than Harren. But ask yourself, is it better to have a ton of sand, or an ounce of gold?
  14. Rufus Snow

    Targaryens marrying sisters

    The real danger if in-breeding is the accumulation of harmful recessive genes. If you've already genetically engineered such genes out of your breeding stock, this danger is greatly reduced (only new mutations could accumulate, and such skillful genetic engineers could well have created an answer to that as well....) Even so there's clearly something that is not well with Targaryen heredity, as seen with Maegor's monsters and so on.
  15. If this was in Stannis' mind, why not pitch it as part of Davos' embassy, rather than have Lord Wyman demanding 'what does Stannis offer' to be told only to 'do your duty'? Also experience shows the Manderlys that the Reach Lords are treacherous, jealous and grasping, yet the Starks have been open-handed, welcoming and loyal towards them. 'Green' blood or no, the Manderlys would never be secure going back to the Reach. I think the only thing that would force them out of the North would be a final Bolton victory up there. And of course, we don't know who currently holds Dunstonbury. They might not want to give it back ...