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  1. Rufus Snow

    5 wackiest Crackpot "theories"

    1) Someday a book entitled 'The Winds of Winter' will actually be written and published (I know, totally insane idea, right?!?!?!?) 2) This event will settle all arguments in this forum because everyone's favourite fanfic will be confirmed/refuted just-you-wait-and-see 3) On this day, Amazon will crash worldwide due to the pressure of suppressed demand 4) 'All Bran' is the Roughage That Was Promised..... errmm..... 5) Rhaego lives
  2. Rufus Snow

    Would Littlefinger have still “rescued” Sansa

    If you read what I wrote you'd see I'm assuming nothing of the sort: LF is not a watchmaker, he's a gambler. He plays the percentages, gets an edge here, a happy coincidence there, snatches an opportunity where he can. I believe he takes credit for things that originally catch him by surprise, it's all part of building Brand Littlefinger. He'll play both sides against the middle, like queering the Sansa/Willas match, whilst at the same time aiding Lady O and Margaery in removing Joff to clear the way to move straight on to Tommen. He presents different faces in different directions. What he tells one person of his plans may be true or false or neither, whilst he tells someone else the exact opposite, all the while trying to convince both that he is some master manipulator - or entirely innocent, depending on what serves his purpose at that moment. We know he has form for appearing to assist a player whilst actually working against them. For the Purple Wedding, I believe seizing Sansa was the one immovable axis of the plan, everything else was an opportunistic add-on. Dontos first approached Sansa when she was still betrothed to Joff, so LF had some sort of plan going back then. The situation changed A LOT before he could pull it off, so he adapted the plan. LF's real talent seems to be improvisation. He'll use whatever's there. By the time the wedding occurred, Tyrion and Sansa were already wed. The opportunity to hurt Tyrion was already in place - it didn't make that much difference whether Tyrion was near the chalice or not. Sure it helped to point the finger, but the fact that Tyrion's wife disappeared at that point would be quite enough to implicate him, especially when combined with the humiliation caused by the dwarf jousting. It would have just taken them a little longer to 'work it out'. And LF doesn't need to be a great manipulator though, as Tyrion had already done most of the work of framing himself in preceding weeks and months, as the 'evidence' which poured out at his trial demonstrated. The chalice was the least of it. LF didn't need everything to be 'just so'. It's a whole lot of stuff that works side by side, not end to end. AND of course, was the poisoned wine even LF's plan? Could have been that his involvement was limited to getting the poison for Lady O, who I believe is more than capable of hatching such a plan, and I believe well motivated for it too. As I said, LF tells people what he wants them to believe. He could simply have taken the credit for a plan he merely helped out on. As he was out of town, using the Dontos/Sansa hairnet route was a convenient and secure method of delivery. By the time LF spilled those beans to Sansa, Lady O was no longer around to contradict his account. Absolutely, LF was after Sansa for a variety of different reasons, one of them being remarkably icky. Cat's own thoughts showed us that Sansa was an even-more-beautiful version of Cat, so she would be irresistible to LF on that front alone. The political implications for LF would just be the icing on the gimp suit....
  3. Rufus Snow

    Girlfriend, mistress, paramour and concubine

    .... really can't get away from it, these four just seem to be fuck-buddies... Or 'free and consenting adults expressing agency'.... yeah, that, but in mediaevalish
  4. Rufus Snow

    Poll: Is Varys a Woman?

    I guess I can live with being a minority of one I'm not 100% convinced he's male, whether intact or somewhat shop-worn - the only evidence for his backstory comes from his own testimony and we know he's an expert dissembler, liar and mummer... ok backed up somewhat by Illyrio, but as the two are clearly in cahoots, that's no better evidence than Varys can provide. So, I still think it's possible Varys is, indeed, female.
  5. Rufus Snow

    Would Littlefinger have still “rescued” Sansa

    Personally, I believe LF was out to hurt Tyrion anyway, independent from his plans for Sansa. If we assume this, all the jousting etc is not 'complicating the Sansa plan' so much as offering an opportunity to combine 'the Sansa plan' with 'the Tyrion plan'. Both of which are sub-plots to the larger 'destroy House Lannister plan'. And telling Tywin about the Willas/Sansa match puts a huge wedge between Tyrell and Lannister just at the time when their interests are set to become closely aligned by the Joff/Marg match. So Tywin gets one plan hatched, just to have LF undermine it before it even happens. This also seems to get Tywin fired up about marrying Cersei off, so another unintended bonus for the LF cause, in that the Lannisters are getting more internally divided. Neither of these aspects are superfluous for LF - they both harm Lannister interests. You might see one big complicated plan where everything has to be 'just so' to work. I see it as LF setting up a suite of options which may or may not work individually, but something to his favour will come out of it, and the more aspects that do work, the bigger the overall hit against the Lannisters.
  6. Rufus Snow

    Prince Nymor's letter (slight crackpot)

    Yes, that's very telling - the Targs couldn't conquer the rest of Westeros without dragons; Dorne they couldn't conquer WITH dragons.... and this is the evidence I missed that Aegon probably did warn his heirs and successors
  7. Rufus Snow

    Prince Nymor's letter (slight crackpot)

    and I like the suggestion that it might be something Rhoynish hiding in the woodshed, too. In this case though, the next question is why did Aegon's successors not also feel bound by it? OK, he burnt the letter, but if the fact of the matter was something Rhoynish that was a special threat to hold against Targaryens/Valyrians/dragons surely he would have taken some steps to ensure future members of his House would be aware of what a war with Dorne could entail. For this reason alone, I still suspect that the letter was something relevant to Aegon personally. However, I am not totally convinced of anything at this stage... except that only the Dornish would be mad enough to eat anything as hot as a dragon
  8. Rufus Snow

    Succession Law of Westeros

    To be fair, most of what you have quoted is strictly CUSTOM rather than LAW. Westeros hasn't had it's 'Magna Carta moment' yet, the Crown is not bound by the law in as much as a king can (and sometimes does) decide to do things his own way irrespective of what the laws or customs dictate. This does not mean it always works out as intended, but stopping the king doing as he pleases usually requires a war rather than a court case.
  9. Rufus Snow

    Jon Snow and Jesus Christ - Biblical allegory?

    'Zero' is pushing it a bit, as Mary and Jospeh were said to be cousins [/pointless interjection] True, you may as well say Jon shows signs of Sol Invictus, Mithras, Osiris, or a thousand other mythic heroes. Jon is too well written to be pinned down as an allegory for any one particular example from that vast tradition. I suspect GRRM would be face-palming now if he saw us go all 'Jon is Jesus' on him.... which doesn't discount what I suspect, which is that he may be using Jon as a mirror or lens to help us examine our own relationship to the Jesus/(insert favourite mythic hero) storyline. GRRM's not just grabbing a trope off the wall to use as a template (which is what many 'theories' seem to assume is his writing style, somewhat insultingly...) but rather acknowledging there IS a trope (or Jungian archetype, if you prefer) and playing with a character in that general theme to examine what the trope might have to reveal to us.
  10. Rufus Snow

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

    Aha! Now that's an interesting idea, which I hadn't thought of before. May go some way to explain the otherwise unexplainable warmth shown between the Houses Dayne and Stark ... I'll have to mull that over a bit, thanks...
  11. Rufus Snow

    Poll: Is Quentyn, Called 'Frog', Still Alive?

    Definite Quentyn vibe there
  12. Did Maggy the Frog actually say it was a younger more beautiful queen, or did Cersei just assume that's what she meant (as do many readers)? Note Maggy does not say 'another queen' - which would be incontrovertible, but simply 'another' which could just be sloppy grammar on her part, or it could equally be that she meant 'another' in the sense of 'someone else'. It's clear Cersei assumes the queenliness of 'another', but I'm tempted to suspect an ulterior motive to the sloppy grammar (espcially as it's GRRM ) This slightly hazy memory could be part of a set up... because Maggy never said explicitly, 'another queen'; although the phrase used implies 'another queen', it cannot be taken as 100% conclusive. And generally I find it worth noticing those occasions where GRRM skips a chance to state something with absolute certainly. Sooo.... Brienne could fit the frame, for my money, with Jaime being all Cersei 'holds dear'.
  13. Rufus Snow

    Poll: Is Quentyn, Called 'Frog', Still Alive?

    No. Crispy Frog with barbecue sauce and side salad. Cautionary tale just to show that a privileged birth doesn't exempt you from the laws of physics, even in Westeros... ooops, I mean Essos
  14. Rufus Snow

    Minimum marriage age and age of consent in Westeros

    "Age of consent" implies the idea of consent exists in Westeros, and I've seen no evidence for that whatsoever. The rule of thumb seems to be 'old enough to bleed, old enough to breed', with a vague awareness that very young motherhood is a medical risk.
  15. Rufus Snow

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

    Good point - we know the ruling family of Dorne is still called House Nymeros-Martell despite having passed through numerous female heads. (We readers tend to forget the 'Nymeros' part, but it goes right to the very core of Dornish tradition...) This general idea keeps coming up, so I'm not picking on you personally, Maia. But the question, when it comes to what Bobby Baratheon can be allowed to discover, is not whether Jon's father was Ned or Rhaegar or Arthur. What Ned CANNOT allow Robert to know, is that LYANNA is Jon's MOTHER. Once Robert knows that, Jon's life is worthless. Whoever the father, Jon is the son of the man who put bigger horns on Robert than his Baratheon heritage ever could! Someone quoted above that Ned believed Robert would never hurt 'me or mine' - that's why Ned had to pretend Jon was his. Ned was not concealing the identity of Jon's father, he was concealing the identity of Jon's mother. Ned had to claim Jon as his own, even though no-one with eyes, two or more brain cells, and any more than five minutes in Ned's company could ever believe! It was, however, the only possible lie that was available to throw Bobby off the true scent (and I'm still 50/50 on the Rhaegar vs Arthur question, but about 99.999% on Lyanna as mother...) So @Platypus Rex, for the purpose of the poll, can I register a half vote for a Dayne parent?