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  1. Rufus Snow

    Did Roose Send The Pink Letter To Jon Snow?

    I still don't have any firm conclusion on the Pink Letter, except that I think the George is going to whack us between the eyes with something that was hidden in plain sight. As to who wrote the letter, I believe it has multiple authorship, because of this: A smear of wax without a seal imprinted? That seal has been broken and remelted. I'm surprised Jon didn't refer to this, because it's as suspicious as Seven Hells to me. That to me suggests that it has been tampered with, or at an outside possibility, was written by someone at Winterfell who could get hold of the pink wax, but not the Bolton seal. I'm driven this direction because I really don't want Mance and the spearwives to be in such a mess as the letter suggests.... Yeah, remembering is such a big deal - and so I was interested to discover the words of House Royce - as in Waymar, the first person we know of meeting an Other way back in the prologue of Game - for the words of that House are: We Remember. Then there's Reek/Theon with his insistent 'You have to remember your name' (and I think Arya says this a few times in Braavos, too, or something close); and Bloodraven's 'The trees remember'. But memories fade, and wander and mutate over time, but what guards against that? Writing, and amongst the First Men that used to be runes - the sigil of House Royce. I don't think it was pure happenstance that it was a Royce who first encounters the Others in the prologue.... Sorry, end of diversion...
  2. Rufus Snow

    Wex, Manderly, and Glover Lied to Davos

    There were not six pairs of tracks, though. Hodor was carrying Bran - the only way to know there were six people was by seeing them, not by tracking them. Ooops, ninja'd by @Neddy's Girl - I got caught out replying before finishing the thread... ... but this is really the evidence that says Wex so was in that tree.
  3. Rufus Snow

    Is Varys a Blackfyre?

    Do we actually have any other evidence beyond the dubious word of the dead sea cow that all the male Blackfyres are dead? As things stand, who would benefit most from the tale that all male Blackfyres are dead, than living male Blackfyres who are not in a position to act? After all, even JonCon managed to play quite an important role even when he was 'dead', too...
  4. Rufus Snow

    Beware the perfumed seneschal

    There are so many good candidates - Varys, Illyrio, the ship, Reznak, one or more Tyrells - when it finally comes out, I think we will all be wrong and very surprised....
  5. Rufus Snow

    Which region will suffer most from Winter?

    I'm totally unfamiliar with this LmL character - I think the tone of your post suggests that is a condition I needn't bother changing
  6. Rufus Snow

    Which region will suffer most from Winter?

    Some good stuff here, folks, and I'm still wrestling with the implications. CAN a wight be skinchanged? It's a question worth asking, because we've only been shown actual skinchangers/wargs going into living creatures so far, and when the creature dies the skinchanger is forced out (ie Varamyr's many deaths). We know that when a skinchanger dies, his/her 'second life' resides in a creature that had been one of their 'rides' - Varamyr wasn't sure which of 'his' wolves he would end up inhabiting, but was pretty convinced it would be one of them... it turned out to be One Eye (iirc). Over time the skinchanger's personality becomes subsumed into the creature's own, and Thistle 'sees' him - after she is wightified - in the wolf, or so he believes, at least. That suggests something resides in the wight as it does in a skinchanger's 'ride'. SO, the question that arises - could Coldhands have been a NW brother who was the 'ride' of a particularly powerful skinchanger whilst still alive, and is now the 'second life' - even in a dead body - of that skinchanger? I'd have thought it would take someone as powerful as BR to be able to totally warg another human, as Bran struggles even against Hodor, and Old Sixskins failed to ride Thistle.... but BR is still alive, so won't be in a 'second life' scenario either.... aaagh, my head started hurting again OK, so look at it from another angle - what struck me about some of the first wights we met - Otho and Flowers - they had the blue eys and didn't rot (even in 'spirit summer') yet they were totally inert during the daytime. The NW were able to drag them back to Castle Black without any trouble (apart from spooked horses and dogs) - it wasn't until the night time that they re-animated and went for the LC. Now some people have posited in other threads that this shows they had some memory of who they had been and who Mormont was etc, but I wonder if perhaps we ought to be referring back to the prologue instead. The VERY first wight we saw was Waymar Royce after the whole scene of the WWs checking out his (not-magic-enough-) sword and Lordly robes. What I'm suggesting is that the WWs are still bent on finding the LC, and that Otho and Flowers are their new instruments for this quest. Do we take it that the WWs are somehow warging their wights to continue what they were attempting to do in the prologue, or do we accept the idea that wight-Otho and wight-Flowers do really retain some of their own pre-death memories and have had them somehow subverted to that famous hatred of the hot-blooded, living creatures? I'm really not sure where all this leads (due to Sunday nights leaving my grey cells alcoholically-challenged...) but I hope by writing it out now, inspiration may strike overnight, and of course it may give someone else something to run with in the meantime.
  7. Rufus Snow

    Theon Durden

    I'll accept Theon Durden if it is ever revealed his power animal is a penguin....
  8. Rufus Snow

    Arya the Good

    Like we're supposed to take seriously someone who calls themself 'Bwana'? Most forums, you'd be banned just for your assumed name. By the laws of Westeros, Dareon's life is forfeit - he's a NW deserter; Raff - revenge, yeah, but messed up? No, he earned his death. By the lights of most 9 year-olds I've met, Arya has a far superior sense of self and justice - kids that age are generally more selfish, cruel, and capricious than she is, without the excuse of all the traumas Arya has suffered in her short life. As for the old man, that is an FM-approved hit - Arya's choice does not come into it any more than it would for any other FM. That's on their account, not hers. But even so, someone 'prayed' for his death - he's probably caused more suffering than Arya will in her whole life.
  9. Rufus Snow

    Arya the Good

    Spot on -- 'I know this man'. Anyway, we don't know her future storyline with the FM (and if there's anything in Winds spoliers, I don't want to know until it's published...) so they could part company before that even crops up. I think in the end, Arya will stick by her family. I see her whole arc as disproving Ned's warning that the lone wolf can't survive - she has been ripped out of her proper place, yet she adapts and survives in conditions that would grind most people down. I think it's more likely the FM would send someone else after Jon (if they do at all, which I doubt....) and IF it does happen, I expect it will be 'Jaqen', and Arya will kill him to save Jon.... there's a lot of IFs in there but it would close the cycle for Arya.
  10. Rufus Snow

    Is Varys a Blackfyre?

    Yes, and I read this with emphasis on the blood rather than the contract. Blood in the veins, not blood on parchment.
  11. Rufus Snow

    Which region will suffer most from Winter?

    The north will suffer most; the south will whinge the most....
  12. Rufus Snow

    Cutting tongues.

    Well, you asked the non-rhetorical question, so I'll give it a go I absolutely agree that this is highly suggestive of the idea they have their tongues cut out, but it is in no way conclusive. I'm not taking a position on either side, yet, because those important two last lines includes four - count them - four ellipses. Each one indicates missing words, and all we have to fill those missing words is our imagination. It's as easy to imagine a sentence including those phrases which give very different a reading, for instance 'if they kept ther tongues still', 'if they kept their tongues idle', [if they kept their tongues only for us'... And by 'tongues' they may also mean languages, perhaps in addition to learning the Common Tongue. The point is, this is not a clear picture - it's very much a Rorschach image. Very suggestive, but with enough room to let us see what we want to see. It's not as though the George never uses this device elsewhere, to lead us down a path, then disabuse us later in the story. And he does particularly use an ellipsis where one character is interrupted by another, who completes the sentence incorrectly. Unfortunately the search will not look for ellipses, so the only example I can scrape off the top of my head is this one: Cersei flies off the handle and assumes Pycelle is about to give a gynecological lecture, but that ellipsis is much more likely to conceal a name, and Cersei has misinterpreted, and heard what she wanted to. There are other examples, I can't recall them now, but it happens often enough that I take note when the George uses an ellipsis. It indicates missing words which are usually significant. And of course, we do know that not all those who do not speak lack tongues: When it comes to the Little Birds, I will not be 100% on either side until and unless one of them speaks, or someone looks one in the mouth and exclaims 'The bastard spider has cut her tongue out!'
  13. Rufus Snow

    Would Barristan have beaten Sansa?

    Barristan would have stood aside, done nothing, and felt guilty seventeen years later....
  14. Rufus Snow

    How far will Arya go to kill her enemies?

    Insane... no. PTSD, maybe. I hope some of the people posting here have more compassion for veterans than they show for Arya.
  15. Rufus Snow

    Cutting tongues.

    oh, yeaaaah.... 'Balon was mad, Aeron is madder, but Euron is maddest....' I have to say in a detached literary way, Euron is my favourite 'villain' in the whole series.... as a reader who likes to get immersed in the world before me, he scares the pants off me He just does the most evilly evil evildoer in spades, with a side-serving of extra-evil evil sauce. As of the end of ADwD he is the biggest wildcard in the pack (and the main reason I'm avoiding all TWoW sample chapters til it comes out....) I like your reference to the Winter/Summer courts, the Seely and Unseely. I think the Euron is a big bad Fomorian back for another bite ....