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  1. Rufus Snow

    Poll: Is Quentyn, Called 'Frog', Still Alive?

    No. Crispy Frog with barbecue sauce and side salad. Cautionary tale just to show that a privileged birth doesn't exempt you from the laws of physics, even in Westeros... ooops, I mean Essos
  2. Rufus Snow

    Minimum marriage age and age of consent in Westeros

    "Age of consent" implies the idea of consent exists in Westeros, and I've seen no evidence for that whatsoever. The rule of thumb seems to be 'old enough to bleed, old enough to breed', with a vague awareness that very young motherhood is a medical risk.
  3. Rufus Snow

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

    Good point - we know the ruling family of Dorne is still called House Nymeros-Martell despite having passed through numerous female heads. (We readers tend to forget the 'Nymeros' part, but it goes right to the very core of Dornish tradition...) This general idea keeps coming up, so I'm not picking on you personally, Maia. But the question, when it comes to what Bobby Baratheon can be allowed to discover, is not whether Jon's father was Ned or Rhaegar or Arthur. What Ned CANNOT allow Robert to know, is that LYANNA is Jon's MOTHER. Once Robert knows that, Jon's life is worthless. Whoever the father, Jon is the son of the man who put bigger horns on Robert than his Baratheon heritage ever could! Someone quoted above that Ned believed Robert would never hurt 'me or mine' - that's why Ned had to pretend Jon was his. Ned was not concealing the identity of Jon's father, he was concealing the identity of Jon's mother. Ned had to claim Jon as his own, even though no-one with eyes, two or more brain cells, and any more than five minutes in Ned's company could ever believe! It was, however, the only possible lie that was available to throw Bobby off the true scent (and I'm still 50/50 on the Rhaegar vs Arthur question, but about 99.999% on Lyanna as mother...) So @Platypus Rex, for the purpose of the poll, can I register a half vote for a Dayne parent?
  4. Did the Starks lose their military power? Really? If the Stark banner was raised, would no-one come? No, they will come, because they believe....
  5. Yes, you're right. Although ~90% of references to the crypts mention the kings and lords, it never actually says they're the only ones there. It just creates a very strong impression that that should be so.... but I found the bit about statues: That's why I was thinking the crypts were only for the Lords....
  6. That's the thing though -- she DIDN'T 'deserve' a place in the crypts. That's for Kings and Lords by tradition. Her burial there broke the tradition, but that's by the by. As for the rest of Ned's companions - they fell in battle and were buried on the battlefield, however small-scale the battle may have been. This is not at all unusual and doesn't need explaining. It was the done thing, regardless of Barbrey's whingeing. If our accounts of the ToJ are correct, then there were two people (Ned and Howland) left to deal with nine corpses, a squalling baby, and a magic sword. Maybe there were handmaids or wet-nurses on hand, but who knows? And of those nine corpses, six of them were thousands of leagues away from home. There were probably thousands more northern corpses buried all across the south in the wake of the Rebellion, including numerous Lords. Why should these five be any different? They were buried decently in the eyes of gods and men, end of.
  7. Rufus Snow

    The first chapter mystery

    A sudden and intense localised deep-freezing event caused by the Others. We don't know how long ago they died or where - they may have been wightified and used as bait by the Others to draw the rangers further into the woods, or they could have been done for where they were found. For all it was supposedly summer, the rangers could still 'smell' the cold and sense ... 'something' in the woods. So it wasn't 'natural' cold, wasn't part of the weather. That to me points right at the Others.
  8. Rufus Snow

    Glass Candles - Questions

    D'ya really think Sam could climb all them stairs? Far as we've seen, there's no winch at the Hightower But yeah, I don't disagree with your point; I think Sam would be a very welcome guest there
  9. Rufus Snow

    Just a gut fealing. Jaime Lannister + Jeyne Westerling

    Agreed: Overall this is a weak theory, if it even is a theory.... Seriously, though. Look at the Lannister history. About 90% of all male Lannisters seem to have younger brothers with 'Ty-' names. The similarities between Tyland and Tyrion are few, just cherry-picking really alongside the differences - like Tyland being tall, being tortured half to death and still not holding a grudge, being blinded, etc etc etc And I really can't see Jaime marrying anyone. If he can't marry Cersei, then who else is there? He certainly doesn't seem to find Jeyne especially atttractive, and he clearly doesn't think the Spicer/Westerlings deserve a GOOD Lannister marriage, as per his offer of Joy Hill. So neither personal nor political motivations for such a marriage.
  10. Hmm, I haven't tried the game, but I do enjoy the LotR/Hobbit LCG so really want to give it a go someday,,, Anyway, possible titles? Turncloak Strike the banners A sword of gold ....
  11. Rufus Snow

    For the record... and posterity!

    Out of sheer exhaustion from wading through all the Tyrek theories, I'm happy to take a slight hint from 'Fire & Blood' and posit that he wound up as a Bowl o' Brown after the riot
  12. Rufus Snow

    Glass Candles - Questions

    Totally agree, that's the quote that made me think the Hightowers would have laid hands on one of the Citadel's candles given half a chance.... Yeah, I've wondered about that, but in the end, it seemed to me that Qaithe thought it news-worthy that the candles were NOW burning, after dragons came back. I think those dreams that happened before the dragons hatched were unlikely to have been mediated by candles (so Bran and Jojen, say...) but those later ones (like maybe Jaime...) could have been done with candles. As to what the Hightowers can see, we'll probably not discover unless Leyton comes down and tells us ...
  13. Rufus Snow

    Glass Candles - Questions

    We are told they came to OLDTOWN - there could be more in Westeros as a whole... Urrathon Nightwalker is in Qarth iirc, so no reason to think this is one of 'the four', though Marwin's candle would be. That's how I read it - she uses it to keep in touch with Dany Almost certainly - Valyrians used them a lot, they must have had a lot of them. Just because we've only heard about the Oldtown four is in no way any indication that they are all that exist. And Urrathon and Qaithe are probably doing their bits to show glass candles are out there in the world.... Possible, but even Varys in his agony will not be mistaking a brazier for a glass candle, and he clearly said the flame was in a brazier. That's if this person even existed..... The glass candle seems to enhance the magical abilities of the user - whether the user wants to see somewhere else, or project a 'vision', only the one is needed. Some sort of lens for magic. No, two not needed - Dany didn't have one when she and Qaithe communicated. Qaithe was entirely in control of that, and we can but assume she used a glass candle to do so. We know Marwin has one, and this probably isn't the one the Citadel use for their vigils, and I'd be most surprised if the Hightowers hadn't managed to nab one of the four. So I think there's at least one of the Oldtown four unaccounted for. Now, it could be safely locked up in the Citadel still, or there again.... someone else might have purloined it....
  14. Rufus Snow

    Every time lemons are mentioned in ASOIAF

    Yeah, all the fall-out from the 5-yr shift is what makes me think 'sloppy copntinuity', plus an SSM somewhere where GRRM says he had Tyrosh down for Dany's original 'home'. As far as TWOW is concerned - I don't want to know, 'til it comes out - I'm avoiding all the sample chapters.... I agree lemons are a thing, but that Braavos reference, not so much. If anything at all, just a foreshadowing of the reveal on the marriage pact.
  15. Rufus Snow

    Every time lemons are mentioned in ASOIAF

    OK, 13 ESSOSI connections, and I'm not sure about 'grasses yellow as lemons' or 'lemon sky', that may be two more...