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  1. 94 pages in, I'm not going to trawl it for prior art, but was Arya's arc at all inspired by Mathilda in the film "Leon"?
  2. Benefits of social distancing: You can now fart in the supermarket queue
  3. Surely you mean cold sick is better than warm sick? After all, it is supposed to be lager
  4. Every country has vampires, we mostly call them 'the ruling classes'. Yes, indeed, I work alongside many Romanians, and - from what they tell me - if only the shackles of corruption could be broken then great things could be done there. Make Dacia great again! Anyway, as far as the census is concerned, I dwell just beyond the ancient city of Ratae Corielvatorum
  5. Yeah, cyanide.... ... not that I'd really suggest that. I prefer drinks that make make problems look silly, so I can laugh at them, for a while at least. I find absinthe especially good for that
  6. How often has Ned seen Cersei behind Robert's back? but: so when did Ned see Cersei and the children without Robert being present?
  7. Sam also had abusive daddy issues, and was very dependent on Gilly for affirmation and self-esteem, so is was more mutual than most other relationships we see. That said, it's hard to say any relationship can be healthy when society at large is so messed up. I would dispute there's any paedophilia in the story (barring post-combat atrocities) - technically that involves pre-pubescents. By our 21st century lights you could make the case for ephebophilia, but in-world puberty is regarded as majority in terms of marriage, but you are absolutely right that there is no worthwhile concept of consent in operation. But that's pretty much a given in a dynastically-driven social structure.
  8. I think the only solution to get to the statue order is a careful re-read of all the scenes set in a sept. So, Cat before the battle at Storm's End, Jaime in his vigil for Tywin, various marriages and Sansa during the battle of the Blackwater when she was in the sept there. Between them, we may glean a few more clues....
  9. Oh, yes... good catch. And is there something in the Hound narrowly missing going into the cage at Stoney Sept, I wonder?
  10. And also the Huntsman's captives at Stoney Sept were crammed into crow cages.... they're everywhere once you start looking
  11. Arys Oakheart <=> O! He Arya Stark Ser Arys Oakheart <=> Areo, A Shyer Stark
  12. All that has been made clear is that Mother and Father are next to each other, mostly for the benefit of wedding ceremonies. I don't recall anything being specified, but I always imagined it to be the Stranger, because he marks 'the way out'. Their first priority would be to build a sept, I'm sure. But take analogies from real life, any room could be used for a synagogue so long as there is somewhere to keep the Torah, somewhere to read from it, and two candelabra, and worship can occur anywhere ten believers are gathered together. A mosque as a minimum requires a pointer towards Mekkah; a church needs an altar; and so on. Much of what is traditionally done by way of architecture is just custom rather than requirement, so - by analogy - I'm sure the Seven would rather be worshipped in a strange room than to be ignored for lack of a 'proper' room. Depends if you believe what it says in The Seven Pointed Star
  13. I don't think it's at all likely that Varys could be the 'friend at court' privy to the Trystane plan, though, as he was still in hiding or exile or wherever he went to after Tyrion escaped and until he re-emerged to kill Kevan and Pycelle. We don't know yet where Varys was, but he certainly wasn't attending council meetings in this period... But Lemore did say that a Septa's robes would 'scream out Westeros', so I guess that means she'd be VERY noticeable in Essos So far, Elia is the only 'secret' identity for Lemore that works for me.
  14. I was leaning more towards option 2 or maybe even 3, because, well after 6/7 re-reads I'm now firmly of the opinion that you never know what you're missing
  15. I'll give this a go, too. Just starting out on 6th or 7th reread now (yeah, lost count already...)
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