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  1. Heh, you find yourself in a Sao Paolo club with some hot cool chicas, what you gonna do As for the other stuff, yeah, I've been kinda concerned about the resilience of our world ever since I first heard the phrase 'peak oil', and since then I've always had one eye on how far we could all fall if it goes tits up... I'd started to relax a bit, but that was not the best thing in hindsight. I think this year is going to be more of a dislocation than 2008 turned out to be...
  2. I thought so too, My fellow countrymen embarrass me. Wherever I go, I at least learn enough of the local language to order beer and apologize should I stand on someone's foot....
  3. 94 pages in, I'm not going to trawl it for prior art, but was Arya's arc at all inspired by Mathilda in the film "Leon"?
  4. Agreed. It would make more sense to put Baldrick in charge, for that matter.
  5. Benefits of social distancing: You can now fart in the supermarket queue
  6. Surely you mean cold sick is better than warm sick? After all, it is supposed to be lager
  7. Sounds English to me (and I'm English myself....) I hear you - dance I can do, that's an end in itself I could say I'm a meringue legend, but you'd be right to laugh ... As for the spine, if I'd hung around this end of the forum more, I'd already know about that, so I can see you'd have to take exercise more seriously than I do for now. I'm glad you're counting your blessings. For my part I came from the easy desk-based soft life into hard physical work (some people would call that downward social mobility, but I see it as getting real , and there are other dimensions....) I won't even talk about weight, that's something else prodding me to exercise beyond work....
  8. Every country has vampires, we mostly call them 'the ruling classes'. Yes, indeed, I work alongside many Romanians, and - from what they tell me - if only the shackles of corruption could be broken then great things could be done there. Make Dacia great again! Anyway, as far as the census is concerned, I dwell just beyond the ancient city of Ratae Corielvatorum
  9. There's a lot to be said for keeping sane - hang in there! For myself, I can't do exercise for its own sake. I'll happily go to work, lift tons and walk twenty miles in a shift, but no way can I do that for no purpose other than for exercise. But if you can, I ain't gonna knock it. Stay safe folks.
  10. OKaaaaaaay, I think this will settle out in the 'fake news' side of things....
  11. Yeah, you're right, I could listen to him all day... Oh, shit, so that means Raab is in command???? It's hard to find anyone I trust less than Boris, but Raab is one of them.....
  12. No kidding - anyone who can find an excuse for using a leaf-blower even in the best of times needs a good whupping and a lesson in the art of broom-fu. In current times I think you've a good case for self-defence if that piece in your icon bears any relation to reality....
  13. That's not an accent, it's a speech impediment.... ... oh, sheeeeet, sorry. I've been in lockdown with my beer too long. Much as Scouse grates my nerves, I must remember what happened to The Sun... and Boris.... But Black Country isn't that bad.... compared to Wolverhampton
  14. Yeah, cyanide.... ... not that I'd really suggest that. I prefer drinks that make make problems look silly, so I can laugh at them, for a while at least. I find absinthe especially good for that
  15. Just remind them it ain't just boomers it's killing, 13, 12 and now even 5 yos are going down. The hubris of youth has never known any bounds, but it's time they learnt.
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