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  1. I agree with both of @Potsk's points. The nickname and epithet labels can be hit or miss.
  2. @Abjiklam I have a question on the labels in the infobox header. Since the label "nickname" appears above/before the name of the character and the label "epithet" under it. How do you arrange the labels in the edit for noble characters with nickname(s) and title(s) but no epithet. For example Lord Samwell "Savage Sam" Tarly, I've placed "Savage Sam" under the label epithet so it appears under the charater name, but really "Savage Sam" is a nickname. The epithet equivalent would be "the Savage". Lord Bronze Yohn Royce works well enough here because the firstname doesn't change unlike Samwell/Sam. It's a small detail but I would prefer to edit the infobox correctly on the first try if possible.
  3. @Mindset and @Potsk have raised an issue with the naming convention in the characters infobox on the wiki recently. Should we continue to avoid spoiler in the name part header of the infobox ? The time of the GOT show is passed and the weight book spoilers had in the past has lessened over the years. Is avoiding spoilers for the main series of books still a priority these days ? For example, should we continue to refer to Bronn in the infobox as simply "Bronn" as he is known at the start of the series, or "Ser Bronn of the Blackwater" as he is known by the end of ACOK, or "Lord Bronn" or even "Lord Bronn Stokeworth" as he likes to be known by the end of AFFC ? It's not like the naming convention we use has been 100% spoiler proof. Kings have always been refer as such, even if we meet them prior to their coronation (e.g. King Robb Stark). I'd like people to give their opinion on this issue, so we can all respect the same naming schema for everyone and keep the wiki coherent. @Ran @The Wondering Wolf @Abjiklam @Gonzalo @Nittanian
  4. Why would the Northern storyline need a villain ? Cregan will be a bit antagonist towards Jace upon his arrival (typical stern/cold Stark) but he will warm up to him in time and potentially Sara Snow is thrown into the mix as well. Either way I don't expect Jace to stay in the North for long (2-3 episodes max). They've set up Aegon's Dream as an important narrative thread in the show, all the Wall/Night's Watch/Undead rumored new materials are tied to it somehow. I don't expect the Others and the Undead to play a significant role. At best Jace will have a vision or something that will convince him Aegon's Dream is real and it will push him towards wanting more dragonriders (that and Rhaenys's death of course), thus the sowing of the dragonseeds in the latter half of the season.
  5. I've encountered the same problem several times too these past 10 days or so.
  6. @eldritchonline I fixed it, thanks for pointing it out.
  7. We don't know but from the number they gave us long ago, the consensus was that we will see all the dragons except Morghul, Shrykos and Stormcloud.
  8. The image in the infobox for Criston Cole displays an error message: "Error creating thumbnail: Unable to save thumbnail to destination". Does anyone know what's causing the problem ?
  9. We have no sightings of filming at the Wall set, only the set being built. So there is no way to tell if Jace is involved or not in this storyline as of yet.
  10. I would prefer using the Star of the Faith for the clergy people only and not pious people who join a military order but if that's not what the majority of people think then the situation stays as is. @Ran Do you have an opinion on the subject ?
  11. @Potsk @direpupy @Abjiklam I think showing the symbol for the Faith of the Seven in the infobox of the members of the Poor Fellows and the Warrior's Sons to be pointless since those characters already have either the Star of the Poor Fellows or the Sword of the Warrior's Sons. I vote to keep the Star and Swords but delete Faith of the Seven star, do you agree ? However, as he was a septon before the Faith Militant Uprising, both the Faith and the Poor Fellows sigils can stay for Septon Moon.
  12. In A Feast for Crows Cersei X, Cersei thinks of Ser Harys Swyft as "The knight of the yellow chicken". Is Cersei just making a mistake here or did GRRM ? Because the Swyft sigil is a blue chicken in a yellow field.
  13. Seems a bit off topic since the reasoning behind the votes at the Great Council was not explained in the pilot, but why not. That could be a good way to make Cregan appear cold and stern when Jace first meets him and then he slowly warms up to Jace in the course of 2 or 3 scenes before the Pact of Ice and Fire is concluded. I expect Jace's first scene in 2x1 to be his arrival to the Eyrie and meeting Jeyne Arryn. As Rhaenyra told Jace in the finale, it shouldn't be too difficult for him to gain the Vale to her cause. 2 scenes between Jace and Jeyne should be enough before he leaves for the North by the end of the episode. Then he arrives at Winterfell mid-episode 2x2 but leaves only in 2x4 or 2x5.
  14. It's totally plausible for Rhaenyra to have told Jace off screen before he left. We already have Viserys telling Rhaenyra in the pilot then Rhaenyra speaking about it in episode 8. In the finale, Rhaenyra told Daemon thinking he already knew, they maybe didn't want to have the same scene again in the same episode with Jace. I'm not a big fan of the idea that Aegon's Ice and Fire Dream being passed on from monarch to heir until the Dance but that's what the show choose. In the books Jace spends a significant amount of time in Winterfell, he hunts and feasts with Cregan and a romance blooms with Sara Snow. Show-Jace knowing Aegon's Dream could lead nicely into the Pact of Ice and Fire that he forms with Cregan and a quick visit to the Wall. On a meta level, the Wall is a fan favorite location that people will be happy to revisit and on a narrative level it would be in keeping with the Dream thread the show introduced in the pilot and kept all throughout season 1. Plus the Wall is not that far from Winterfell (especially on dragonback). I'm winderung who is the LC at the Wall at this period. My headcanon would be Cregan's uncle Bennard Stark who got quickly elected after Cregan sent him to take the black.
  15. Oscar and Kermit are always together during the war, it would change a thing if they were combined into one character. It's only after the war that Oscar goes on to form a sellsword company in Essos and Kermit goes home to rule Riverrun. They are the Hoster and Brynden of their era except they seem to get along very well. As for their father Elmo, his conflict with his grandfather is interesting but he does not act until Addam Velaryon rally the riverlords. Grover gets mad about his grandson's defiance but dies immediately, then Elmo dies shortly an uneventful death. GRRM was having fun naming the Tullys after the muppets but they kind of all blend into each other. I think you're right we might see our first combination of book characters on the show with them, we only need an old Grover and a young Kermit or Oscar to tell the story.
  16. Apart from just standing there in his great-grandfather's court when Daemon visits Riverrun (like he hinted at during the finale), what would Oscar even do in Season 2 ? Introducing the pro-green Grover and the pro-black Elmo in season 2 makes sence but Kermit and Oscar have no role before season 3, I wonder if they have a line of dialogue or if they are just named extra for now.
  17. r/HouseOfTheDragon is back up to normal. Why r/asoiaf is still dark ? Is r/Freefolk down too ? I'm not sure reddit users are inclined to come here, there are still other asoiaf related subreddit out there after all..
  18. @Oneiros Drakontos I would avoid using the term "Noble Houses" as like you said this term englobes the whole nobility. Great Houses, Lordly Houses, Knightly Houses and "Other Houses" for those who don't fit the other 3 categories.
  19. @Rhaenys_Targaryen That seems good to me. I hope GRRM has better notes on Robert's Rebellion timeline than what we currently know because there are gaps of months where armies appear to do nothing. Maybe he can introduce some smaller battles here and there to give the armies something to do and to have a better understanding of their movement and the timeline in general.
  20. For those three lordlings, it's possible they were already at court so no problem but having Daeron and Ormund at Jaehaerys's funeral is stupid. They spend the entire war making a slow march north towards King's Landing and never reach it, and now they somehow can make a two way travel between Oldtown and King's Landing before the hostilities really began ? I will only accept it if Ormund is travelling on Tessarion with Daeron to explain the fast travel. I'm still not convinced Eddie Eyre is playing Ormund by the way.
  21. I agree with @direpupy. This subject has been discussed in the past and that's why Raymont's canonicity has been explained in the BTS section. However, as the BTS section is at the bottom of the page, I moved this information into a note at the top of the article to gain on visibility around the issue while respecting the consensus we arrived at the last time.
  22. Ok maybe not retaking but there were two fight around Kayce. After the first one, Dalton takes the widow of the Knight of Kayce as a salt wife and the second is Johanna's victory. I'm not sure where those ironborn came from when Johanna attacked. Maybe it was simply a raid on the town and it failed unlike the first one.
  23. I'm pretty sure this one is my mistake, I counted Dalton's two brother-in-laws who died during the invasion of the Iron Islands as his uncles. You are right we only have two uncles in the text for Dalton: Uncle n°1, died fighting in the Stepstones in 128 AC Uncle n°2 (the favorite uncle), died during the retaking of Kayce in 132 AC Note: Dalton sailed to the Basilisk Isles with a uncle in his youth. We don't know if this is Uncle n°1 or n°2 or even another one. Since the list of Dalton's heirs after his death doesn't mention any surviving uncles, I think we can confidently stick with Dalton only having two uncles.
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