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  1. Count Balerion isn't Balerion at all, he is Viserion. You know what that means.
  2. Honeyed Chicken was retroactively inserted into ASoIaF lore. He was a Reyne.
  3. Tywin et al is jealous that CB can hide his tramp stamp. Tywin's is displayed for all the world to see.
  4. Nothing. That's why I called it the worst strategy.
  5. Bronn is actually the Reyne heir, obviously. He will ascend to the throne, where it is revealed that he was Sean Bean this whole time, and there's something reminiscent of Monty Python and the Holy Grail where the show is shut down by an outside force. Probably fans annoyed that it's taken this long for Cleganebowl.
  6. The worst strategy is to watch it during work.
  7. I'm officially on the season 8 hype train.
  8. I'm not one to miss out on something like this.
  9. Howdy, everyone. I'm a Canadian by birth, but I work as a high school teacher in America now. I joined BoD first, then saw that there was a forum. I figured that I might was well try it, and now here we are.
  10. Sean Bean is apparently the voice of the Emperor in TES lV: Oblivion. He dies, of course. That's whack.
  11. Count Balerion spends his days buying vast amounts of Play-Doh, shaping it into a sword, and fighting his imaginary friends with it.
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