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  1. The mad king was reigning the seven kingdoms for decades. Daenerys was not even 'reigning' a few hours, burned the capital down and Cersei just got killed.. I don't think any civilian or non-ally lord would care that Jon murdered her or that it could endanger the realm.
  2. Arya leaving for West of Westeros felt fitting but never returning? That seemed a bit odd to me, especially since she was the one that wanted the starks to stick together. I could not imagine that she would leave Jon, Sansa, Bran and everyone she knew and would NEVER return. She came back to Westeros too after Braavos.
  3. Well obviously there would be an America-like continent. Essos resembles Asia/The Middle East in many ways and Westeros resembles the UK/Europe.
  4. Can we also appreciate how loyal Ghost is? Jon left him a bit cold, but when he got back to North, Ghost was there for him and still loved him... he's a true champ.
  5. I agree, this ending didn't really feel right for the Jon we know. Also the "you're my queen" sentence that kept being repeated over and over.. didn't fit with his character. But on the other hand, the (Upper) North is where he belongs, it's where he was happiest (with the wildlings), and he got to reunite with Ghost, so his ending also feels right in a way
  6. Arya leaving for West of Westeros was a good end to her story but with Jon going north of the wall and Bran in the capital they're just separate again and idk I really wanted them to stick together in Winterfell... and I know it's game of thrones and there aren't happy endings but idk they all were separated for so many years and got through so many bad things only to get reunited and then leave each other again, forever... The ending is just really bittersweet isn't it..
  7. Jon being exiled feels just weird for me. He saved many lives by killing Dany, and he loved her, yet all the other lords, and especially Tyrion, Arya and Sansa knew that she eventually would have to be killed if she would continue her tyranny, and they too wanted her to be death. Yet Jon's the one doing it and he gets punished for it while Tyrion gets to be hand of the king? Idk it just feels like Tyrion used Jon to do the dirty work. I didn't like Tyrion this last episode, he basically betrayed Dany after being the one that has been counseling her extremely bad for two seasons and he's basically one of the reasons of her demise, only to betray her when things go bad and he's the one that gets Jon banished to the wall. And yeah Greyworm wanted Jon to be punished but then he left for Naath, so why would Sansa and Arya let Jon be punished when they too wanted Dany death?
  8. Yeah Dany's end was very depressing. From a young girl being sold to the Dothraki, getting three dragons, going through the red waste, freeing all the slaves and facing so much other difficulties to being betrayed all over the place and done dirty while she saved basically all of Westeros at the battle of Winterfell. Hadn't she brought her dragons the Night King would've been on the throne now (I mean without her dragon the NK wouldn't have got through the wall, but he would've found another way). Yet Sansa and many other didn't give her any appreciation. And then in the end she gets killed by her own lover that she trusted (which was understandable and necessary cause she would've become a tyrant but still..) and will forever be remembered as a mad queen that burned a whole city, while she did so many good things.
  9. The ending was beautifully done. Very bitter sweet but that was expected.Drogon burning the Iron Throne was so poetic and such a powerful scene.Jon deserved more though, I know it would've been too obvious but he deserved the throne, after all A song of Ice and Fire figuratively translates to him, and it was all about him in the ending scene too. The reveal of him being R+L = J was so powerful, him being the rightful heir to the throne. I know he didn't want it but Bran becoming the king, just kinda felt.. random tbh. Why build Jon up all these seasons to not let him have the title he deserves.. and embodies? Being a good king for the people. I feel like it was really a sad ending for him, he made the world a better place in so many ways yet gets banished in the end...but most importantly, he got reunited with Ghost and gave the wolf the love he deserved and. I choose to believe Dany got morphed into/with Drogon's soul. Her vision came true in the end, she never sat on the throne and joined Drogo and her unborn baby in death.I still think there should have been a post credit ending scene with Bran warging crows, flying over an unknown land, bumping into Drogon breeding on three dragon eggs. That would've been an iconic and perfect ending. But I enjoyed it nonetheless. It was a very satisfying end after a troublesome season. And finally after all the shit this family has gone through, the Starks finally win the Game of Thrones...It's just beyond my believe that show has ended.. I loved it so much. It'll forever be my favorite. Valar Morghulis.
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