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  1. EProduc

    The purpose of R+L=J?

    Idk I just can't help but feel like GRRM has something bigger planned with R+L = J than what happened on the show
  2. EProduc

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    The mad king was reigning the seven kingdoms for decades. Daenerys was not even 'reigning' a few hours, burned the capital down and Cersei just got killed.. I don't think any civilian or non-ally lord would care that Jon murdered her or that it could endanger the realm.
  3. EProduc

    Why was Bran looking for Drogon?

    Bran should've been warging some crows and should've bumped in on drogon breeding on 3 dragon eggs somewhere in Old Valyria or the far East.
  4. EProduc


    Like I said somewhere above I agree that it was bittersweet but for me personally it felt a little worse than that. And that's what it is with this ending, it's open for interpretation. Especially Jon's ending could go in many different directions and there's no right or wrong on how he got a happy ending or not. As for Dany, her ending was just very sad basically. From a hopeful young girl with a lot of good intentions and 3 baby dragons to a paranoid tyrant that got betrayed in many ways having lost most of what she ever loved in her life, including two of her own children, her best friend and Jorah who's been there since the beginning. All to end with her being killed by Jon as she thought they could happily rule together and make the world a better place (even if it would be in a tyrant way), and her lover that she trusted... but it had to end like this either way. She was mixing up 'breaking the weel' with being a tyrant too much and after KL it only would've gotten worse. The saddest part is that she actually thought she was doing 'good', even if she just burned thousands of innocents.
  5. Bran becoming king was just bizarre. He's no leader at all, doesn't know how to rule and doesn't have any affection for anything? He also basically didn't do anything the last few seasons? We didn't even got to see him go back in the past this season.. But yes, it should have ended with all kingdoms becoming independent imo. KL was in ashes, the Iron Throne destroyed.. Although within decades that would result in tensions again... The North deserved to become independent but the reasons for it were a bit random tbh.
  6. EProduc


    Tyrion failed as the hand of the king, found his brother and sister dead, his house is basically extinct, his beloved city is in ashes with thousands of innocents killed, and he will probably be dealing with guilt all his life. Just because they made some jokes in the small council months later doesn't mean it ended good for Tyrion. and Jon had to kill Dany, that says enough no?
  7. EProduc


    It was going to be bittersweet all along, George has been saying this for years. You know all this 'Jon went where he was the happiest' talk may have some truth in it, but he lost so much. I truly got the feeling he was a broken man, and I mean why wouldn't he be, he killed the woman he loved because he just had to. I'd say it's even worse than bittersweet. It's more of a sad ending. Every character lost a lot and even if there is new hope for a better Westeros and the war's over, empty spaces can not be filled that easily. Jon, Tyrion and Dany, basically the main characters, had the worst endings so I think it's fair to say the series ended on a bad note with some hope for better times in sight.
  8. EProduc

    West of Westeros: The Voyages of A. Stark

    Arya leaving for West of Westeros felt fitting but never returning? That seemed a bit odd to me, especially since she was the one that wanted the starks to stick together. I could not imagine that she would leave Jon, Sansa, Bran and everyone she knew and would NEVER return. She came back to Westeros too after Braavos.
  9. EProduc

    West of Westeros: The Voyages of A. Stark

    Well obviously there would be an America-like continent. Essos resembles Asia/The Middle East in many ways and Westeros resembles the UK/Europe.
  10. EProduc

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Can we also appreciate how loyal Ghost is? Jon left him a bit cold, but when he got back to North, Ghost was there for him and still loved him... he's a true champ.
  11. EProduc

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    I agree, this ending didn't really feel right for the Jon we know. Also the "you're my queen" sentence that kept being repeated over and over.. didn't fit with his character. But on the other hand, the (Upper) North is where he belongs, it's where he was happiest (with the wildlings), and he got to reunite with Ghost, so his ending also feels right in a way
  12. and tbh no one got a happy ending. Yes, Sansa became queen of the north, but she got raped, half her family got murdered and she got tortured for years. That's something you don't forget for the rest for life. It scars you. Equally with Arya, she's seen so much death, her friends murdered, arriving at the twins hoping to finally see her family again, only to realize they've just been murdered... Davos losing his son and Shireen, Brienne losing Jaime, and so on.. It may be only Hot Pie that got a happy ending? lol
  13. Well being a good/just person in real life sometimes doesn't get you on the top either... It's extremely sad for Jon and Dany, yes even with her burning KL, but the story was always going to unfold this way. No happy ending for everyone.
  14. EProduc

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Arya leaving for West of Westeros was a good end to her story but with Jon going north of the wall and Bran in the capital they're just separate again and idk I really wanted them to stick together in Winterfell... and I know it's game of thrones and there aren't happy endings but idk they all were separated for so many years and got through so many bad things only to get reunited and then leave each other again, forever... The ending is just really bittersweet isn't it..
  15. EProduc

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Jon being exiled feels just weird for me. He saved many lives by killing Dany, and he loved her, yet all the other lords, and especially Tyrion, Arya and Sansa knew that she eventually would have to be killed if she would continue her tyranny, and they too wanted her to be death. Yet Jon's the one doing it and he gets punished for it while Tyrion gets to be hand of the king? Idk it just feels like Tyrion used Jon to do the dirty work. I didn't like Tyrion this last episode, he basically betrayed Dany after being the one that has been counseling her extremely bad for two seasons and he's basically one of the reasons of her demise, only to betray her when things go bad and he's the one that gets Jon banished to the wall. And yeah Greyworm wanted Jon to be punished but then he left for Naath, so why would Sansa and Arya let Jon be punished when they too wanted Dany death?