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  1. I don't think Jon would have accepted a pardon. I also agree with those who said that it would have been more like him to offer to go to the Wall himself. We should have also seen his public confession on-screen at the Dragonpit, would have been a nice nod to Baelor. Maybe they didn't even know what to call him, a final F U for the Dornish knot that was too much for them from the start. Yeah I get that, it certainly is tragic. But in a way I think that Dany going down as the ultimate Mad Queen as well as Tyrion not even being included in the brand new Westerosi chronicle is a nice counterargument for the point Tyrion makes about stories uniting everyone. Writing history is a form of storytelling, perhaps the most powerful kind of storytelling since historians have the power to erase whole lives by excluding or discrediting them and by shaping the personality, actions and motivations of a historical figure, essentially determining if they land in the “good” or the “evil” basket. So while they can unite people, histories can certainly also divide them based on whose truth gets to be told. Yeah certainly the idea of Bronn in the Small Council seems like a reach (see what I did there?). But then again, it suddenly seems like Westeros is running low on important lords and ladies. Maybe Tyrion just wanted to set things right, as he was tasked by Bran, and one of the first things he did was make sure Bronn got his due and some more. I guess getting his title and castle must have really rubbed Bronn the right way since the last time we saw him, he really seemed like he was done serving the Lannisters. Then again, that's what lordship does to people, I guess... I do have a feeling though that with Bronn serving as Master of Coin, Tyrion will still be setting things right until he reaches that ripe age of 80 he's so fond of.
  2. This! We have every right to criticize, complain and nitpick. We all have our ideas for how things could have been done better. But we are not the ones doing this massive, costly, years-in-the-making show. When GRRM gave HBO permission for the adaptation, he acknowledged that it will be their adaptation, not his. Back then, we acknowledged it too. And we did that again after the show surpassed the books. When an expanding story hits uncharted territories, what can you expect? Of course there will be a bunch of disappointments. But there are also so many good things about this show that carried all the way to the end. And that is exactly why it's unfair and disrespectful of anyone to suggest that there should be a second attempt at finishing it. It's not just about D&D and their individual blunders, there have been hundreds or thousands of people involved in the making of this show over time and these people have overwhelmingly done a fucking outstanding job. The actors most of all So if someone like Sophie Turner goes on to say that it's rude of us to demand for better, she has every reason to do so. That's not to say people can't go on and sign some ridiculous petition. Sure, they also have a right to do that, but they should really question their motives for doing so. The ending was disappointing - so what? A petition is not going to get D&D to change anything, it's not going to bruise their egos, it's going to get some attention for a while but then it'll simply be ignored because that's how you deal with whining. People are just channeling out their frustration in the only way anyone knows how to do it these days - online. What I don't understand is why some would choose a petition, when the most fruitful way to deal with both negative and positive reactions would be in places like this forum. It's just "me, me, me" and it's really quite sad, it's petty and childish and shows how the concept of entitlement is just spreading like rot (I mean just stop and think about it for a second, we are talking about a fucking TV show, no matter how brilliant). It's exactly the kind of attitude that some readers show towards GRRM when they complain about him not writing fast enough. It's the exact same sense of entitlement. But the dust will settle eventually and life will go on, and it will definitely be good to take a break from this series for a while.
  3. For this reason it would have made all the sense in the world for the Vale to also opt for independence after Sansa declared hers.
  4. Bran becoming the king like Tyrion: so let’s make Bran the king Everyone: Bran: Tyrion: you don’t really wanna be king and your man parts don’t work so you’re perfect for the job Bran: yeah well duhh that’s what I came here for obv glad you finally caught up
  5. The Dual Principle of Reverse Logic: 1) Whenever relevant to the plot, ordinary characters have a sudden off-screen revelation of important information. 2) Whenever relevant to the plot, a 3ER may withhold any potentially crucial information without presenting valid reasons, as he sees fit.
  6. I think by now they must be feeling so uncomfortable with their own show that they want us to get the authentic experience. (See also: no lighting budget in a night-time battle episode) Yeah for some reason it feels like they don't want us to forget. Maybe they're thinking that just in case Sansa appears too Perfect, we will remind the audience of all the horrible things that were done to her and all the stupid things that she did seasons ago (despite being a child and war prisoner).
  7. Ugh I think that was the only part of their dialogue I disliked. Him knowing it is yet another example of lazy writing I guess, unless Sansa getting raped is somehow still popular gossip at WF and he heard the rumours. Still a flat explanation. All I get from this is just a disturbing feeling that D&D are still trying to squeeze out of the shock value of Sansa's rape scene. That or they really want to write the Hound as someone with zero emotional intelligence.
  8. That scene with Dany and Jon was so awkward. Dany was all: "Bae let's just ignore the elephant in the room and snog a bit more, then I'm gonna go into full Dom mode and force you to submit, otherwise we're over :)))" I was mad about Ghost's last scene at first but now I see it as similar to Arya and Nymeria's last scene together. Jon was acknowledging that Ghost is of the North and has no place inside a castle and much less down south. At the same time it gave me the chills because it felt like Jon was giving up an essential part of his identity, or at least a loyal protector. And now he's heading to KL. Definitely seems like a bad omen. Gendry being legitimised made me feel super touched at first, then it felt like too much fan service. But Arya declining him kind of made up for it, that's definitely something she would do. "That's not me". Although a part of me still wishes that she and Gendry will end up together and that she would define a new way of being a "lady", much like Brienne has. Sansa & Sandor was probably one of the strongest moments of the whole episode. Her telling Tyrion about Jon's parentage was a really nice touch, really illustrates how much she has learned from the top schemers of Westeros. I just hope that her cunning doesn't result in the death of her cousin. Multiple meanings, perhaps. It's vague enough for more than one interpretation. It might simply refer to the last "true" Stark, with Sansa being the obvious character to claim that title since she holds Winterfell and seems to be the only one still truly living the northern way. Or it can refer to all the Stark siblings (plus half-Stark Jon), the pack that has survived. Or it can be in the sense that this is "the last that we see of the Starks, at least together". She really looked stunning. Also, is it just me or did her "dracarys" sound much more impressive than those that Dany utters? I was low key expecting that Drogon, moved by her powerful interpretation of the magic word, would teleport behind Cersei and roast her there and then. THIS. I wanted to throw my laptop through the window at this. Although, since they went down this road, they actually left a huge plothole. In reality it would have been logical to also place these undefeatable ballistae in strategic places on the rocks of Dragonstone to shoot down any dragon that would make it past the ships. And similarly have archers hiding there to shoot at anyone crawling from the sea or trying to make the steps to the fort. It's not like they had many left to kill at that point anyway... This didn't even bother me as I was watching but now I can't stop thinking about it. True, that was some good drama and acting thrown down the gutter. But I guess if they had shown this scene, it might have given away Sansa's Littlefinger moment with Tyrion.
  9. Ok, my comment was with sarcasm... But I did find it funny how they just punched through solid stone like that, considering that in the previous season they managed to carry a wight all the way from beyond the Wall to KL in a damn crate...
  10. There was actually a brief moment when they showed Lyanna's statue from an interesting angle and I thought "OMGOMGOGM" but no...
  11. Yeah I thought that pretty pointless. They killed a bunch of extras. I was expecting Varys or Gilly to die this way. And I kinda wanted to see Ned's grave stirring... The only good thing to come out of it was that short moment between Sansa and Tyrion.
  12. Yes it was the Starks. They punched and clawed their way through the stone tombs... Which I thought pretty impressive. Stark wights must have some special powers, otherwise the whole army of the dead would have stormed Winterfell by simply fisting through the walls...
  13. Of course, gotta have more screen time for the second half. Cut out the extras
  14. Ya never know. Next episode we find out Arya is Targaryen
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