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  1. So far I have a membership for WorldCon, still thinking about TitanCon but it's very likely I'll attend both.
  2. Aderyn

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    I remember watching Valkyrie back when I hadn't even heard about Game of Thrones. Outside of the realm of TV/cinema, I really like to listen to Carice van Houten's music. There isn't much out there but I kind of like it. Wow, Brodie-Sangster as Hitler is something that I'm having a hard time picturing Anyone watching The Good Fight? I'm curious about how Rose Leslie is doing in her role.
  3. 6/10 Just too many f-ing clich├ęs in one episode. People being thrown from point A to point B, fanfiction-esque interaction between characters, fan service in general, repeating plot points (the Arya-Sansa tension and LF being creepy and enjoying it), deus ex machina styled plot resolve x2, and Dany and Jon's budding romance that has no grounding whatsoever. What kept this episode from scoring even lower was the yet again amazing CGI work with dragons as well as superb acting by certain actors (Iain Glenn, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner). edit. I guess I'm getting more critical of the show towards the end. I don't think I would rate the previous episodes this low, but my expectations seem to grow more as the endgame approaches.
  4. Aderyn

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    As much as I liked seeing the Seven Snowmen interacting with each other, it all seemed very artificial and forced. Also, my inner grandmother just kept thinking, "why aren't these boys covering their heads in the middle of a frikkin winter??" However, Tormund and the Hound deserve extra credit, I loved them in every scene. (And I'm so relieved that Tormund got saved in the end, I swear my heart skipped a beat or two for him.) Gendry sure knows how to run. Seems like the lad has more than one superpower. Then there's the dragon ex machina (and the not quite so impressive Benjen ex machina). I think enough has been said about that so I'm just going to insert and eye roll right about *here* and say that otherwise a scene with flying and fire breathing dragons is always cool to watch. And of course... we finally got our long waited ice dragon! Goodbye Viserion, and hello ViCerion (forced laughing). What happened between Dany and Jon in the ship was like watching fanfiction come alive. Seriously? Now they are suddenly all "I think I'm in love with this person"? D&D, you've obviously grown up watching too many Disney films. It's kind of funny how in this episode Dany managed to go from "I don't care about discussing my successor" to looking at Jon with a full on "omg I'm kinda wet rn wanna make babies" face. Also, Jon calling her "Dany", wtf? This was so unexpected, unnecessary and unbelievably ridiculous. Again, something from a fanfic, not a TV show. This scene just made me downright angry. Not even disappointed, just plain angry. Winterfell was also agonising to watch. When does this forced tension between the Stark kids end? Can someone just off Littlefinger already? I do hope that in truth Arya and Sansa are playing LF using his own plot against him. And it would be cool if that included Arya using faces of some of the people in Winterfell to stay one step ahead of him. I also can't wait to see what purpose Brienne will serve once she reaches King's Landing. Hopefully she finally drives Jaime away from Cersei. But I'm also afraid for her life, Cersei might not be so happy to see her at her doorstep...
  5. Aderyn

    [Spoilers] EP705 Discussion

    Laugh of the day Ok, one of the highlights of this ep was definitely Gendry's comeback. I agree, he had an instant bromance going on with Jon and I think if one ends up on the IT, then the other should be his Hand. I really can't wait to see him wielding the hell out of that hammer. I also enjoyed some of the reunions and characters meeting each other for the first time. It seems like there are less fewer people in Westeros every day, the way they just keep running into each other. Unfortunately, that's almost all of the highlights for me. This episode mainly had some very bland and annoying bits. Not going to list them here because they've already been discussed, let's just mention one that really got my eyes rolling until they almost dropped in my lap. I'm of course talking about that moment with Dany, Jon and Drogon. Every time they showed Jon petting Drogon, I thought "yeah, this is cool, finally" BUT when they cut to Dany's face I just wanted to throw up. Dany and Jon, just give us a favour and stop giving each other the bedroom eyes.
  6. Aderyn

    [Spoilers] EP703 Discussion

    I don't really see a problem with this. Sure, the people may still hold on to their ancient ideals regarding this, but countless years have passed since and during those years Braavos has had to become a functional society. It's called Braavos, not Utopia. Like someone said, the Iron Bank is a financial institution that mainly cares about the flow of money. I'm sure there are representatives of the IB who are proud to have the blood of the "free people" but like so often in real life, we follow facts instead of our ideals. And here the fact is, money is power and there is a lot of money involved in slave business. I never considered this. Interesting. I really hope this is the case. At first, I was surprised that the Archmaester let Sam off so easily (I was actually hoping for an actual punishment), but this "reward-disguised-as-a-punishment" is a cool idea. And I also like the idea of Sam contributing to the scrolls based on his own experiences. I'm not sure if Jon is still fully okay with what happened to him. If it scares him and his friends, then imagine how a potential enemy/rival would feel about it. It wasn't the right time to bring it up, he had just met Dany for the first time and was unarmed and Dany was already acting all suspicious. It will be interesting to see how Dany eventually finds out about Jon (and now I'm talking about both his resurrection and his parentage). I agree, first of all Bran was super creepy in both scenes with Sansa. ("Ok I'm sorry about what happened to you sis, but hey, at least you looked beautiful that night, like really beautiful...") And he certainly could have provided Sansa with a full explanation if he'd just uttered one more sentence. Instead he ended up sounding like a teenager who tells their parents, "Get out of my room, leave me alone." BUT overall I have to say I do like how Bran is being portrayed now, it's like he is losing grip of reality while spending all his time in the world of visions. Of course it is going to take a huge toll on him and it is good of D&D to clearly demonstrate that. I think Bran will continue to struggle with which "reality" feels more real to him. He is very powerful but his power is also his burden. -- Overall this episode was okay, with some strong scenes and some that were less so. The final scene with Olenna & Jaime takes most of the credits and I was also very impressed with the scene with Cersei, Ellaria and Tyene. I also liked some parts of Dragonstone, like the exchange between Varys and Melisandre (it's really interesting to see these two together, and I have to see I chuckle everytime I see Varys feeling uncomfortable in the presence of a red priestess). However, the interaction between Dany and Jon left me feel contradicted. I'm still struggling with whatever is going on with Dany and her exaggerated regal rigidity. But Jon (and Davos) being much more down to earth balanced the scene nicely. I'm glad they were granted permission for mining, I guess that is Tyrion's first step in trying to "manipulate" Dany into becoming allies with Jon. Things I didn't like so much include how Casterly Rock was depicted (seriously looked like suuuuuch a cheap setup), Jorah leaving the Citadel (Jorah: "Ok so I appear to be all cured, so I'm just going to venture into the world and hope that everything is fine and I'm still not contageous." / Sam: "Ok bye Jorah good luck, I'm not going to tell you about what I've seen as a NW member or ask for any favours from Dany or her dragons since I cured her favourite knight.") Also, some of the dialogue was completely pointless and ridiculous and again only served as fan service and a tragic waste of good screen time (good example being Tyrion commenting to Jon about his brooding).
  7. Aderyn

    POV's You'd Like to See?

    Dolorous Edd
  8. Aderyn

    [Spoilers] EP702 Discussion

    By the way, was anyone else bothered by the conversation between Dany and Varys in the opening scene? After all, Varys has been floating in Dany's camp (ship) for a while now, so it would have made more sense to have this kind of conversation as soon as he arrives at her doorstep. To me it just felt comical and out of place to postpone it until Dragonstone...
  9. Aderyn

    [Spoilers] EP702 Discussion

    I feel the same. Wanting to keep things open and involving everyone. More democratic (or at least creating the illusion it is).
  10. Aderyn

    [Spoilers] EP702 Discussion

    This a hundred times. So done with both LF squint and his edgy voice I was left hoping Jon had finished the job in the crypts. Not a bad episode in my opinion, but some screen time could have been used more efficiently. Not really sure what significance Grey Worm and Missy's sexy time simulation has to the series end game, for starters.
  11. Aderyn

    [Spoilers] EP610

    Now I have this pictured scene filling my mind... I'm picturing Jaime and Cersei in some dimly lit room, possibly her chambers. Jaime is dressed in his armour, the light from the candles reflecting on it. Cersei is dressed in a dark gown. They talk about Cersei's actions and decisions and Jaime is trying to find justification for them, but finds himself unable to. Jaime seems angry at first but as the scene progresses he turns increasingly sad, almost like he is starting to understand what needs to be done. When he grabs her throat, Cersei attempts to fight him furiously at first, but slowly her resistane grows weak, both because of the lack of oxygen and because she does it willingly. While Cersei gasps for the last bits of air, Jaime says with bitter sadness, "The things I do for love." As the scene closes, Rains of Castamere theme starts playing in the background. Lol, maybe I'm calling D&D tomorrow.
  12. No need for that. You didn't come off as rude.
  13. Thank you for correcting me. I admit that my comment was definitely against better knowledge, it was coming out as a "gut feeling" as you probably guessed, not as actual knowledge or experience on the topic. I'll take this one as a humbling moment.
  14. Aderyn

    When Did You Start Re-Reading?

    I originally started reading the books soon after finishing the first season of the TV show. That was spring 2012, just before the second season aired. I was done with all five of them by the summer and I think I started my first re-read several months later. Since then, I've been rereading each passing year, doing it slightly differently each time (sometimes I reread the whole series, other times only one book, and I've also done a combined AFfC/ADwD reread).
  15. I guess these days most people aim for a PhD out of personal interest (of course this depends on the field, i.e. medical students vs. students of literature). It may be good if you want an academic career but not that useful in many other fields, because nowadays what's important is people skills and practical experience. I can't say if I'd ever want to try that myself, but on the other hand, it's not even something I should be thinking about in my current situation so I'll leave it at that. A part of me is still intrigued, because I'm an academic soul and whenever I stumble upon interesting dissertations I can't help but feel inspired (i.e., last year I read parts of a dissertation on Tolkien's Legendarium).