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  1. I used to feel like that about bullet journaling when I got started. Getting familiar with the whole thing was a lot of work. But I still wanted to try it because I believed it had some potential for me. I like artistic stuff but I'm also inherently lazy, so I started off with very simple layouts and only included the very essential. That worked quite well for a time and then I began to slowly introduce more features into the mix. It's still not pretty, still not very complex or detailed, but I think it's finally starting to work for me. It took a lot of time and there were times when I almost abandoned the whole thing (especially during the summer months), but during the busiest months of my year it has felt like a life saver. The secret is in finding just the way that suits you best. There are tons of examples available for you to copy directly or adjust for your needs, and of course you can always invent something yourself.
  2. I had this one super creepy dream in elementary school that I can still remember well to this day... but most of my dreams never stay in my memory or fade as soon as I wake up. Have you ever heard of a film called Waking Life? I just love everything about that film. Both surreal and deep. //edit. To anyone else potentially reading this thread: I'm still intending to discuss journals and the other topics mentioned above, despite this bit getting a bit carried away lol
  3. For a similar reason I have thought about writing down my dreams and reflecting on them afterwards. Of course, dreams tend to be nonsense most of the time, but they still pick up stuff from reality and can offer some valuable insight into what is going on in your mind, if you know how to "interpret" them. The problem is, I hardly ever remember my dreams.
  4. That sounds like a very good idea. I might try that the next time I have something troubling my mind or when I feel like my motivation is running low.
  5. For anyone who has a fundamental need to write down stuff in their planners, notebooks, journals or whatever it is you call them. Often combined to an obsessive need to collect notebooks and stationery. Examples: daily journals, dream journals, bullet journals, writing lists about everything under the sun, doodling and sketching... you get the idea. So, I started keeping a bullet journal about 9 months ago. I find it a more effective and flexible tool to keep track of your life than a simple calendar / planner. Sure, it sometimes requires a lot of work as there is no ready layout but I love the creative freedom that it gives you. I use it for almost everything, as a calendar, shopping list, sketching book, for note-taking, logging my dreams, thoughts and emotions. My style is very simple, nothing like the examples some people post on social media, but over time I've started experimenting with more and more styles. (And that's really where the materialism kicks in, just a couple of weeks ago I walked into a bookshop and spent 40 euros in pens, stamps and washi...)
  6. So far I have a membership for WorldCon, still thinking about TitanCon but it's very likely I'll attend both.
  7. Aderyn

    WorldCon Helsinki 2017 - Attendance list p1!

    My thanks to the Brotherhood for the Helsinki con! I met a couple of you only fleetingly and got to exchange a word or two. And now I'm proud to carry the BwB ribbon (which I kind of begged for, and was kindly given by a lady at the info desk). Hoping to make new acquaintances and get to know the Brotherhood better in Dublin.
  8. Aderyn

    Cersei and her secret...

    I'm sure it was intentional. Qyburn was already with Cersei because he had just informed her about the conversation between Jaime and Tyrion. That line was timed exactly when Jaime walked in, that just can't be pure coincidence.
  9. Aderyn

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    I remember watching Valkyrie back when I hadn't even heard about Game of Thrones. Outside of the realm of TV/cinema, I really like to listen to Carice van Houten's music. There isn't much out there but I kind of like it. Wow, Brodie-Sangster as Hitler is something that I'm having a hard time picturing Anyone watching The Good Fight? I'm curious about how Rose Leslie is doing in her role.
  10. Aderyn

    Cersei and her secret...

    Yes, this is the most likely truth. Remember, she told the news right after Jaime had met with Tyrion (which she knew about). And in the end, she says to him, "Never betray me again."
  11. Aderyn

    So from the promo for the next episode....

    Yep, I think deciding to meet at the Dragon Pit definitely involves some trap on Cersei's part. Probably they will somehow try to use that ingenious dragon crossbow (if they managed to recover it / if they made another one). I'm still hoping for a Cleganebowl in the Dragon Pit, but didn't see the Hound in the trailer so not sure. Not sure if Dany arriving on Drogon would be a wise move, but it seems likely, based on Bran's vision. If Dany brings her dragon(s), army and fleet to King's Landing, I have a feeling things will eventually escalate and the truce will break at the very end of the episode. Possible deaths may include Hound (if Cleganebowl happens) and Grey Worm.
  12. Aderyn

    Cersei and her secret...

    Actually, let's take this even further and say that she sides with the Night King and makes babies with him instead....
  13. Aderyn

    Cersei and her secret...

    She wouldn't want that for her children. Even if it seemingly was to protect them or make them stronger. But what you're essentially suggesting for Cersei is creating a Frankenstein monster and calling that her child. Loving her children is the only redeeming quality she ever had and she still loves and respects their memory. She would never do something like this. By the way, I don't even believe that she is pregnant in the show (naturally or less naturally). I think it's all just to ensure Jaime's loyalty and sympathy. That's what Cersei does, she is a manipulative bitch. Even if she was actually pregnant, I'm not sure she would want to keep the baby. She has already lost three, so the risk of losing yet another one could be too much. When Jaime points out to Cersei that theirs wouldn't be a very long dynasty, Cersei says something like "then it will be a dynasty for the two of us". At this point she only cares about destroying her enemy. And when she later feels that she is on the losing side, all she cares about is going down with a fight. She has lost everything except for her brother, the throne and her pride. Her pride and her taste for revenge keep her going. I don't think starting a family is really what's in her mind right now.
  14. Aderyn

    Daenerys will die in episode 7.

    Nope, Dany will not die next episode. I doubt she will die at all in the series. Doesn't mean she gets her happy ending, in fact I have a feeling she will live but will never sit on the Throne--something hinting at that famous bittersweet ending. I'm sure there will be some deaths in the finale. Yara is a good candidate, maybe Theon as well. Having Cleganebowl this episode (assuming that the Hound comes to KL with the wight) would be very convenient and what would be a better setup for that than the Dragon Pit. So the Hound is also on my list of possible deaths. Brienne may be at a risk too (if not next episode, then maybe season 8 ep 1). Edit. The season can finish off with a big momentum by using other plot devices than just death. Let's hope the writers still have something clever stored for us. A girl can dream.
  15. Aderyn

    Cersei and her secret...

    Shit, I made the mistake of opening this thread while eating my dinner. Now I'm picturing Cersei having sex with Gregbert. I would've really liked to finish that pasta bolognese... Ok, two questions for you: why do you think Cersei would want to sire monster babies? Are you thinking that with the help of Qyburn and Gregbert she would whelp a new army from between her legs or what? Please help me with this, I honestly can't see where you're going with this.