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  1. I agree, Jaime is also an interesting look at Westerosi knights, in some strange ways he is more honourable than the 6 other Targ KG, he was the only one to not stand for the people being killed, all of the other KG turned a blind eye and Barristan still will. They all have their flaws, suppose that just shows they are human.
  2. You are right in some points, but in other ways they are definitely better. Yes they can wage war and do savage things, but that isn't the sole purpose of their culture. Other than the Freedmen, Dany's forces all have questionable things about them and are solely based on or around war. The Golden Company isn't going about raping people, nor are other houses (with the exception of the Ironborn). I'm not saying it doesn't happen in Westeros because it does, individuals are doing whatever. That isn't the chosen way of Westerosi culture as a whole it seems, excluding the Wildlings with how they get their women, The Lannisters in KL during Roberts rebellion, Mountains men and Ramsay & co. Of course they are going to retaliate, their whole existence and livelihood is under threat, I agree with you there. They are definitely about to reap what they sowed. At the moment Dany's forces are doing good and are perceived as such, as its against the slavers. Once that force is on the move to different places without any slavers, then her forces could be viewed in a negative light. Her army will be seen as foreign rapers out to take everything Westerosi people hold dear. With her will come the army to rape, dragons to burn and a religion intent on conquest, they seem to only know one way to achieve that goal. If her only tool is a hammer then every problem must be a nail. She seems to lack people who can talk and negotiate for her, everyone is a military mind instead of a political one.
  3. Thinking about it, her armies will consist of Unsullied (killers without questions), Dothraki (lovers of rape and conquest), The Ironborn (Notorious for kidnap, raping, raiding and basically slavery), sell sword companies of questionable repute, Freedmen who will enjoy destroying the old status quo, religious fanatics who love fire. Then her dragons, which don't seem to be tools of peace. Not exactly the most noble of armed forces that will win hearts and minds on her journeys.
  4. I believe she will think she has tried many other options, but the only one that seems to work for her desired end goal is Fire and Blood. She doesn't seem to be loved by the masses, she does seem useful to them to change the status quo of things though. They fear her at first, but get braver and braver as she tries to find diplomatic ways of dealing with things and locks up her dragons. As in the middle east, strongman leaders command the fear/respect, once they are gone it's a total mess trying to rebuild a new system. For years of their lives the people could take no advantage at all, now new leaders are seen as a softer than before so the boundaries get pushed just to see where the line in the sand is. The downside to an army like that, that follow unquestionably is the wishes and motives of it's leader. If it's a peaceful leader then great, but for a leader who wants war, revenge and destruction it's pretty dangerous. This is an army who kill puppies and babies to toughen them up. At the moment they seem a good peace keeping / protective force, I wonder how they would be in a future sacking of a city, if there are demands for no survivors.
  5. What is going to happen to all of her followers if the cities become uninhabitable / destroyed, will they be going to Westeros as well? That's a hell of a lot of people to move. Coming to Westeros when there is a high possibility of food shortage over winter isn't going to be good for any of the people. I don't think Pentos and Braavos get along as well as they could. Pentos has and wants slaves, Braavos doesn't. I think Braavos will stay out of Dany's Essos war, they will probably come in with Stannis' 20 thousand men that he has borrowed money for. I expect Arya to either come back with them or with the envoy from KL that came to treat with the Iron Bank.
  6. I believe she is about to change course on that thought, and commit to a lot of action. Unlucky for the people of Essos.
  7. If we look at what's happened in Libya its pretty similar, a so called undesirable leader is removed and now slavery is back on the menu in that part of North Africa.
  8. If GRRM likes to put anti war messages in his story, then maybe the area of The Valyrian Freehold is basically the middle east and is showing what can happen when an outside influence comes in to change the status quo. Even though what they had in the first place wasn't good, some might say it was better than what they were left with. Freedom and rapid forced culture change has great costs. Astapor is basically Iraq, killed the bad dude, but left it in an unstable state. He has even put in some religious warriors dotted around the continent. I'm probably wrong about this as the first 3 books were out before all of that. I don't think the first Gulf War would count with this because it didn't change the status quo of the country then. There are a few similarities between what has happened in Slavers Bay and the Middle East since then in recent times.
  9. Could or will she end up seducing Aegon before Dany arrives and end up ruining any potential Aegon/Dany marriage?
  10. How about Daario? That could have emotional consequences, Barristans death would be accepted as a man who had lived a long life, I don't think it would make her as angry as Daario. I have thought for a while that Silver was basically a representation of Death when given to Dany. Death rides a pale mare. But the horse is made out to be beautiful, so you don't think anything negative at first. If she's going to bring a lot of fire and death to the story, then her riding a pale mare in book one is decent foreshadowing, considering loads of people thought/think she's on a different path still by the end of book 5.
  11. I think that's pretty much how the book will go apart from I think, Dany will come back to Meereen for her other dragons, her army and followers/people. Unless she knows about the situation after the battle before she returns and an exodus has occurred. I think she will leave from there with whoever is left. I also think Selmy makes it back to Westeros and will die there. This would allow enough time to pass for the northern and southern Westeros story lines to develop before her arrival. I wonder what would happen if Jon's identity is revealed in Westeros before she arrives. Potentially two Targaryens (Mr Snow and Blackfyre) with potential better claims in the eyes of the Westerosi public already in place.
  12. If Dany sails from Pentos to Dragonstone, that could still happen within the timeline. Never even considered that her army might have left if the battle is already over. Interesting way to look at it
  13. I had always assumed Dany would come through the Khyzai pass with the Dothraki and join the battle towards its end phase. Then leave for Westeros over land, sea and air.
  14. From the view point at the wall, I'm pretty sure Jon now has Tormund and the wildlings as a start of an army along with probably Karhold available on request. I'm looking forward to the giants and mammoths getting through the wall at Eastwatch and seeing where they end up. Jons suggestion of tactics to Stannis helps both, as they both end up with men they need, without Jon leaving the wall. He only decides to leave the wall after the pink letter, his objective before that was manning the wall and abandoned castles.
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