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  1. Greywater-Watch

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Didn't GRRM swear a bloody oath end of last year - by the old gods and the new ones - that he would put aside all other activities to finish WOW? Why is he now in parallel working on "Fire and Blood", as he asays himself a huge Task, big book, lots of material.... Appears to me that GRRM is an Oathbreaker. I am tempted to send Brienne with her sword for justice to him.
  2. Greywater-Watch

    How would you rate episode 701?

    My rating: 3 to 4 The first 25 minutes were acceptable to good, the remaining 30 min crap. And no real rhythm to the episode (length of scenes, cutting inconsistant). Rating of the scenes (chronological order probably incorrect): Opening (Arya poisoning Freys) 10 (Succinct, logical, consequent) Bran entering Castle Black: 5 (Bran one of the most important remaining charcters having jsut some seconds in the epĆ¼isode; no real answer to Dolorous Edd's question for proof for the identity of Meera and Bran not answered, however he let's them pass. No obvious identification answers such as to Jon Snow or the direwolves.) The Dead's army moving: 5 (Just shocking effects with the giants marching along. Missing the opportunity to surprise viewer by giving them a different target than assumed by Jon Snow or Sandor Clegane.) Jon and Sansa before the war council and discussion afterwards: 8 (Interesting dialogue, nice tension through Sansa contradicting Jon. However: illogical as Jon made no obvious mistake infront of all Northern Lords that Sansa could be able to address to based on her experience.) Cersei/Jaime: 9 (Best acting in the episode, we can rely on Lena and Nikolaj. good dialogue.) Cersei/Jaime/Euron: 6-8 (Euron somehow strange in acting, and not convincing in Dressing. Not really sure about this scene.) Sansa/Littlefinger/Brienne in Winterfell: 4 (Petyr Baelish, a main character in the show, just been given some seconds and five sentences? An insult.) Now the crap begins Samwell Tarly in the Citadel, a long and a short Scene: 4 (OK, the message is: Life is not what he expected, not only studying and reading books but a lot of serving and cleaning shit; no access to all books, hardly anyone believing him in the existence of the Others.Yawn! No need to waste more than 5 minutes on that. Only message: In an old book Sam finds that there is dragonglass on Dragonstone and he writes a message to Jon Snow (probably a raven flying to Castle Black instead of to Winterfell, but Dolorous Edd will hopefully see to that the message is delivered.) And Jormont's appearance is completely useless, could have shown him once there is something more to tell about his greyscale sickness, is it curable or not?) Arya and Ed Sheeran: 3 (Embarrasing publicity placing. Only message: Arya is no ruthless killer, she lets good hearted people live even if they wear Lannister armour.) Sandor Clegane and Beric and Thoros: 2 (Sucks. Very long scene, unconvincing. Message: Sandor is cured, half way to be High Septon, now can even sse the future in the flames (wasn't that reserved to priests, drunk or not, o the Lord of Light?). As far as I am concerned: Secondary if not tertiary character, pumped up in the show, but even in that perspective waste of time and unconvincing.) Daenerys, Tyrion arriving at Dragonstone: 5 (Only one sentence spoken. Does the the director think no talking would create an atmosphere of awe for the audience seeing Daenerys finally arrive at Westeros and coming bakc to her birthplace? No comment, question, remark by loose-tongued Tyrion? A completely misdirected scene IMHO.
  3. ? + Lyanna = Jon Snow. There I am sure. Ned mentioned several times that he made a promise to Lyanna shortly before she died, a promise he was determined to keep but haunted him over years. It appears obvious, that the child, Lyanna gave birth to just before she died was in the Center of this promise, and that this child was Jon. Ned grew angry when Catelyn tried to rise the question about Jon's mother, And many other hints (Jons look, Jon's dream of ebtering the crypts to find something there, Ned sending Jon to the wall). As to "?": This is most probably Rhaegar (Lyanna was his captive, she shared his bed willingly or unwillingly). It might also have been someone else (but I would put all my Gold on Rhaegar). Revealing the name of the man (if other than Rhaegar) would in any way have been very dangerous because it would have drawn Robert's wroth. Imagine e.g. Ser Arthur Dayne was the father - Robert would probably have turned to House Starfall.
  4. Greywater-Watch

    Lord Eddard Stark's mistakes

    Re-reading GoT for the fourth time, I looked especially for the wrong decisions, Ned Stark made, which led to his downfall. Here a summary from my Point of view: No suspicion about Bran's fall but until Catelyn appeared in KL to show him the dagger and report on the assassination attempt on crippled Bran. Ned should have reflected that it was unlikely to be a coincidence that sure-climber Bran would fall exactly during the few weeks, the Lannisters and Robert were at Winterfell. Only a little thinking would have him led to the question: Who was hunting and who was not => Jaimie and Cersei were practically the only ones of importance remaining at Winterfell in the time period the accident happened. After the accident at the Trident with Nymeria and Joffrey: Already at this point he should have decided that the betrothal/marriage between Sansa and Joffrey was a very bad idea, because he saw the rotten character of the prince. Remember: He knew the true story of what happened from Sansa and Arya alike. At this point he could have confronted Robert with this and send Sansa back to Winterfell. Ned learned about Robert's Determination to kill Daenerys on the Kingsroad, travelling south. Already at this point he should have understood that this conflict was to be a no-go between them. In KL when things already became tense he repeatedly weakened his protection without need: giving away part of his guard to support the Golden Cloaks to maintain the peace during the preparation of the Hand's tourney then later sending a good part of his guard with Beric Dondarrion to go after Ser Gregor's raiding Party in the Riverlands refusing the offer of swords from Renly Baratheon when Robert was injured after stepping down as Hand of the King (i.e. without the protection the office hade prvided him with) going out into town (visiting the brothel with Robert's natural born child) with just three man to attend him, knowing that Catelyn had captured Tyrion Lannister and that this was probably already known in KL trusting Littlefinger in assuring him the support of the Golden Cloaks. Apart from what Tyrion uses to say ("only a fool would trust Littlefinger"): obviously neither Littlefinger nor Janos Slynt (we learn later that he is known to be corrupt) would cherish Stannis Baratheon being installed as King, as this would definetely mean their removal from office. Ned had all elements to know that. Ned trusted his secret plans to send Arya and Sansa back to Winterfell on a ship to his children at least four days in advance. He must have known how important secrecy was of importance here, and that children could not be trusted to keep their mouth shut. When he planned to return (himself with his daughters) to Winterfell just after laying down his Office as Hand of the King, he planned to take a ship within a few hours, why later allow himself a longer planning, knowing that the situation was at least as tense and dangerous as the first time? Ned did not look out for allies, just because he did not like several people seeing them as too ambitious, sly or not soldier type enough etc. Varys showed his concern for Robert in his secret meeting with Ned; when Ned could have used counsel, he never looked for Varys again. Especially after declining Renly's offer and after trying to win Littlefinger's support, he should have thought to counsel with Varys, who would for sure have told him that trusting Littlefinger in providing the Support of the Gold Cloaks was but a trap. Renly's offer of swords (Ned even considered some minutes later if that had not been a mistake) Loras Tyrell: for sure a possible ally as no link to the Lannisters Barristan Selmy His conversation with Cersei in the godswood: a witness would have been most helpful (keeping the truth for himself was extremely dangerous, especially letting Cersei know this) All in all, not only from a political Point of view was Ned a hopeless Player, als his military decisions within KL (assuring swords when needed) were a catastrophy. R.I.P. Ned!
  5. Greywater-Watch

    The perfumed seneschal

    Why making things always so complicated? Reznak is the perfumed seneschal. It is obvious.
  6. Greywater-Watch

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    GRRM will be remembered for ASOIAF, not for any other of his works. He better finish it soon, for the sake of his own legacy.
  7. Maybe we all do him wrong. He will be the ultimate weapon against The Others, sowing mistrust between them, so the Others kill each other and humanity is safe after all, thanks to Littlefinger.
  8. Greywater-Watch

    Big Walder Analysis

    And I always felt that Little Walder was the psychopath of the two....
  9. Greywater-Watch

    Daenerys's Fate and the Fire She Must Light to Love

    I think the same. Drogo = Drogon, the quickening when Daenerys walks alone in the Dothraki sea. The other elements of Mirri Maz Duur's prophecy nicely revealed as fulfilled by Lost Melnibonean. I am happy.
  10. Greywater-Watch

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    The parallel I have in mind is the reader thinking: Oh my god, how could the story go on without this guy? It is not the level of wisdom or knowledge I try to parallel, it is that so many strings seem to depend on the survival of one character. Look, how much depends (or seems to) on Jon: The new strategy of the Night Watch, him possibly being a Targaryen, the third Dragon rider, the father of Azor Azhai, the Lord of Winterfell, the one able to stop the Others, the future husband of Daenerys, etc. I can see GRRM chuckle on how many theories would fall to pieces if Jon Snow just stayed dead.
  11. Greywater-Watch

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Thank you for the link, just looked and listened through the video for over an hour. The closer the questions to the ASOIAF novel, the shorter the answers, in general. So GRRM still tries to avoid revealing things. Here some Things I noted as being of interest: no visit to Asshai planned, but some more information given to us on Asshai through Melisandre Long answer on how GRRM would have liked Gandalf in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings stay dead, as he thinks that would have been a good situation leaving all Gandalf's company alone without the wizard, who in fact had all the necessary knowledge to proceed, This makes me personally re-adjust my wager on a re-surrection of Jon Snow. On his writing speed: GRRM says that in all his other books, once he had come to see the end (the "finishing line", getting over the top of the hill) he would normally speed up in writing. In ASOIAF he still was not at that point. When asked which religion he personally would choose in Westeros, he first answered "The Seven", as it was the most common Religion with most Followers; then made a short remark oo R'hollor (with its force to attract People through Magic, i.e. resurrection); but finally ended by pointing out that the Faceless Men's God (God of death) was "a God we should pay attention to". asked for the content of Lyanna Stark's word in the Tower of Joy he refused to reveal it.
  12. Greywater-Watch

    Aegon TWOW

    What bothers me is that we have three valuable instances which describe Aegon as not capable enough to fulfill a leader's role (contrary to his high appraisal by Varys, when he talks about Aegon to the dying Kevan Lannister). 1. He seems to be rush and lusting for glory, when he announces to J. Connington, he himself would lead the attack on Storm's End. He also seems to get out of control of his mentor, letting him wait very long when he arrives in Connington's castle. 2. Tyrion fools him easy enough in the cyvasse-game on the river, and after losing reveals his hot temper, throwing the pieces all around, commanding Tyrion to pick them up. 3. Tyrion pushes Aegon delicately to abandon the plan to meet Daenerys in Mereen but to go right to Westeros for the sake of Aegon's better position towards Daenerys. If I recall correctly, later Tyrion innerly is amused that Aegon took the bait (thus splitting the Targaeryen forces). And Tyrion is a master in detecting other character's strengths and weaknesses. In short: I do not see Aegon go very far in the story. Will be the first time we see Varys fail in one of his principal plans.
  13. Greywater-Watch

    [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    The prophecy of the Ghost of High Heart: "And later I dreamt that maid again, slaying a savage giant in a castle built of snow." Proposals for who might be the giant in the previous discussion of this post have been (If I am not wrong): - Littlefinger (as the sigil of his father was the Titan of Braavos) - Ser Robert Strong - Robert Arryn (Sweetrobin) - Sweetrobin's doll (in that case the prohecy would already have become true) As the GoHH mentions a SAVAGE giant, I have some problems with Sweetrobin, his doll, and Littlefinger, however it still might fit. Maybe we have overseen something? Which other giants might exist in the whole story, however far-fetched it may seem? - Bedwyck, nicknamed Giant due to his short height, is an experienced ranger of the Night's Watch (actually in command of the abandoned way-castle Icemark - Wun Wun in Castle Black I know - very far fetched, The most convincing point I see, it would extremely well fit the "Castle built of snow". Hmmm... best explanation might still be Sweetrobin's doll, who else could Sansa be able to slay?
  14. Greywater-Watch

    Manderly Wrote the Pink Letter

    In the pre-released Theon-chapter of WOW, we learn that Stannis has hands on two ravens trained to fly to Winterfell (the ones from A. Karstark). Stannis is cunning and desperate enough to provoke Ramsay Snow to write a letter alike the pink one that Jon Snow receives. Stannis has - I think - access to all necessary information (through Theon, A. Karstark, J. Poole). The advantage for Stannis to get Jon Snow's Forces down to attack Winterfell are obvious. He was not successful to make the Wildlings fight for him in the first place, now he found a way to bring them to his side. Stannis is clever enough to imagine, how Jon would react. Admittedly a weak point of my theory: How did Stannis learn about Mance Ryder being still alive? I would say: He was clever enough to conclude from Theon's report. Well, pack all this information into a letter with the sigil of A. Karstark, telling Ramsay Snow that the battle was won, Stannis' Forces starved, frozen, slain in a mutiny etc., and that by torturing Stannis he got the following information: bla, bla, bla. And that he (A. Karstark) was stuck in snow and could not come to Winterfell, but instead sent this raven. So, in short, I think Stannis wrote a false letter with the sigil of A. Karstark (whom he holds hostage) to Ramsay Snow, providing him all false and correct information necessary to provoke Ramsay Snow to write the pink letter.