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  1. Why should Varys not tell the truth to Kevan? There was no risk at all that Kevan was ever able to spread it. He was dying and Varys had all under control to make sure that Kevan really died in time.
  2. I could also imagine, that Stannis goes to White Harbour, inspecting the fleet that has been built there.
  3. Ned should have listened carefully to what Arya told him about the conversation between Varys and Illyrio. He could have checked by asking Arya to show him the place where she saw the two men.
  4. All in all 23 members have answered until now. Above I give the numbers. Some surprises for me. ad E) I was tempted to vote for the implication of the Faceless Men in the murder of Raff the Sweetling (finally I didn't). But it is not so far fetched. Only 2 versus 18 votes though for this. ad G) I expected though that some might think that Jaime's life would end, if Brienne brings him to Lady Stoneheart, but noone did. ad K) Overwhelming vote for Stannis to survive and win the battle at the Crofter's village. I thought to have read some theories about Stannis dying and/or losing,
  5. Losing her hair is a traumatic thing for most women, in contrast to men. Sansa would probably be most traumatized, had she to cut her hair. For Arya it shows that she is ready to sacrifice anything to survive and that she doesn't really care for standard female attributes.
  6. She was left on Dragonstone, not in KL If my memory is well, Elia was left in KL together with her children. Aerys forbid her to leave KL. It was Rhaella who was shipped to Dragonstone together with Viserys.
  7. This is a pure summary of predictions. No discussions.
  8. What a heated debate! I wonder how some people in this forum will deal with their theory being proven wrong by WOW. I recommend to keep doors open, not to shut them close. We are arguing and assuming here. Some theories are impossible, some theories are possible but more or less probable. I still adhere to R+L=J, but I wouldn't throw myself from a tower if WOW will show that I was wrong.
  9. You forgot to mention that Shae helped with her lies to condemn Tyrion to death. She betrayed him. And I can also understand why Tyrion raped Tysha when Tywin commanded it; Tyrion was not only under pressure to obey his Father, he also believed that Tysha had lied to him. Things we do for love….
  10. I am not satisfied with the TV show at all, at least not after Season 3 or 4. But nevertheless I cannot believe that Benioff/Weiss dared to change Jon's parentage. GRRM was involved closely in the first TV shows, he would have objected.
  11. I feel it is very probable that Littlefinger was clever enough to organize the Purple Wedding and Sansa's escape without Varys having any knowledge of it. Varys is not omnipotent. He admitted in the discussion not to know what Littlefinger was up to. Littlefinger took precautions that Sansa met Dontos only in the goodswoods. And Lady Olenna was clever enough too to avoid spies when needed. And how should Varys have been able to prevent Littlefinger's move to becom Protector of the Vale?
  12. For me the matter is simple: We know from GRRM that he agreed to let Benioff and Weiss make a TV series from his novels, as during a dinner they proofed to have read and understood the story by answering GRRM's question concerning Jon's parentatge correctly. In the TV series, Jon's parentage is clear. There are only two possibilites for a different parentage: 1) Benioff and Weiss deliberately invented a different parentage for the TV series (very unprobable, because GRRM would have refused). 2) GRRM changed his mind later or didn't tell Benioff and Weiss the truth (for whatever reason).
  13. Wow, so Slynt, Thorne and Bowen Marsh are the good guys now and Jon is evil and a deserter? I must have missed something while reading ASOIAF several times….
  14. Dany probably hasn't to burn Essos by herself. It would suffice if she flew with Drogon over Volantis, for all to see, and the slaves would go mad and revolt. And so forth with further cities.
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