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  1. All in all 23 members have answered until now. Above I give the numbers. Some surprises for me. ad E) I was tempted to vote for the implication of the Faceless Men in the murder of Raff the Sweetling (finally I didn't). But it is not so far fetched. Only 2 versus 18 votes though for this. ad G) I expected though that some might think that Jaime's life would end, if Brienne brings him to Lady Stoneheart, but noone did. ad K) Overwhelming vote for Stannis to survive and win the battle at the Crofter's village. I thought to have read some theories about Stannis dying and/or losing,
  2. This is a pure summary of predictions. No discussions.
  3. I am sorry if you dislike the thread. A big part of this forum discussion is about theories and trying to bolster them with arguments derived from what has been published by GRRM. I am astonished how well people have puzzled out things by reading the story very carefully. I am learning constantly about the story by reading posts on this forum. And I have the impression that forum members listen to what other members have written. My intention was just to make a check-list of some questions that have been discussed on this forum. So, where is the harm?
  4. Within half a year we will - hopefully - have TWOW in our hands (and devour it). Then some will triumphantly claim they had been right with their theories, others will not. Why not state the position towards several theories here and now, so we can see who was close to the mark. I selected 14 questions: A) Who is the "Hodded Man" in Winterfell? 1 Hallis Mollen 2 Harwin 3 Someone else B ) Who wrote the Pink Letter 1 Ramsay Bolton 2 Stannis 3 Someone else C) Rickon Stark, Shaggydog and Davos return alive from Skagos and Rickon is presented to Stannis and/or House Manderly 1 Yes 2 No D) Jon Snow after the mutiny at the Night Watch 1 is dead and needs resurrection by Melissandre 2 is only wounded 3 other E) Arya's killing of Raff the Sweetling (or someone from the entourage of Harys Swyft) was done on the orders of the Faceless Men 1 Yes 2 No F) Arya hears of or meets fArya (Jeyne Poole) 1 Yes 2 No G) Jamie/Brienne Lady Stoneheart 1 Brienne and Jamie meet Lady Stoneheart and Jamie survives the meeting 2 Brienne and Jamie meet Lady Stoneheart and Jamie does not survive the meeting 3 Other Outcome H) The boy with Jon Connington landing in Westeros in ADWD is Aegon Targaryen, the second child and only son of Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and Princess Elia Martell 1 True 2 False (thus he is a fake = fAegon) I) Jon Snow’s true parentage 1 Rhaegar+Lyanna = Jon Snow 2 Ned Stark + Ashara =Jon Snow 3 Other parentage J) Grey Scale will be transmitted by Jon Connington and/or Shireen Baratheon to other people 1 Yes 2 No K) The outcome of the Battle of Ice (at the Crofters Village), the capture of Winterfell is not included 1 Stannis wins and survives 2 Stannis wins but dies 3 The Boltons win L) Who is the Harpy in Mereen? 1 Hizdahr zo Loraq 2 Galazza Galare 3 Reznak mo Reznak 4 someone else M) Robb’s will disinherits Sansa 1 Yes 2 No N) If Victarion orders the dragon horn (“dragonbinder”) to be blown, Victarion himself gains control over at least one dragon 1 True 2 False My choice is (from A-N): A1-B1-C1-D2-E2-F1-G1-H1-I1-J1-K1-L3-M1-N2
  5. In ASOIAF world a family is bound to promises their Head made at a time. See Tywin Lannister deal's, see debt's of the IT to the Iron Bank, see The last Stark King who knelt befoe Aegon the Conqueror and thus gave up the crown of the North etc. etc.
  6. Of course. Wyman's death wouldn't change anything because his entrusted men (Wylis & Marlon Manderly, Glover) are of course informed about this promise. And they will honour it.
  7. Davos returning with Rickon Stark and Shaggydog and thus winning White Harbour for Stannis
  8. Is there a precise summary of GRRM's recent comments on this (date and exact wording)? I remember that he said some months ago something about a conference he wanted to attend (summer 2020?), when he would allow people to imprison him if he hadn't released TWOW until then. And then he said somewhere in this year that he was still "months away" from finishing TWOW.
  9. My rating: 3 to 4 The first 25 minutes were acceptable to good, the remaining 30 min crap. And no real rhythm to the episode (length of scenes, cutting inconsistant). Rating of the scenes (chronological order probably incorrect): Opening (Arya poisoning Freys) 10 (Succinct, logical, consequent) Bran entering Castle Black: 5 (Bran one of the most important remaining charcters having jsut some seconds in the epüisode; no real answer to Dolorous Edd's question for proof for the identity of Meera and Bran not answered, however he let's them pass. No obvious identification answers such as to Jon Snow or the direwolves.) The Dead's army moving: 5 (Just shocking effects with the giants marching along. Missing the opportunity to surprise viewer by giving them a different target than assumed by Jon Snow or Sandor Clegane.) Jon and Sansa before the war council and discussion afterwards: 8 (Interesting dialogue, nice tension through Sansa contradicting Jon. However: illogical as Jon made no obvious mistake infront of all Northern Lords that Sansa could be able to address to based on her experience.) Cersei/Jaime: 9 (Best acting in the episode, we can rely on Lena and Nikolaj. good dialogue.) Cersei/Jaime/Euron: 6-8 (Euron somehow strange in acting, and not convincing in Dressing. Not really sure about this scene.) Sansa/Littlefinger/Brienne in Winterfell: 4 (Petyr Baelish, a main character in the show, just been given some seconds and five sentences? An insult.) Now the crap begins Samwell Tarly in the Citadel, a long and a short Scene: 4 (OK, the message is: Life is not what he expected, not only studying and reading books but a lot of serving and cleaning shit; no access to all books, hardly anyone believing him in the existence of the Others.Yawn! No need to waste more than 5 minutes on that. Only message: In an old book Sam finds that there is dragonglass on Dragonstone and he writes a message to Jon Snow (probably a raven flying to Castle Black instead of to Winterfell, but Dolorous Edd will hopefully see to that the message is delivered.) And Jormont's appearance is completely useless, could have shown him once there is something more to tell about his greyscale sickness, is it curable or not?) Arya and Ed Sheeran: 3 (Embarrasing publicity placing. Only message: Arya is no ruthless killer, she lets good hearted people live even if they wear Lannister armour.) Sandor Clegane and Beric and Thoros: 2 (Sucks. Very long scene, unconvincing. Message: Sandor is cured, half way to be High Septon, now can even sse the future in the flames (wasn't that reserved to priests, drunk or not, o the Lord of Light?). As far as I am concerned: Secondary if not tertiary character, pumped up in the show, but even in that perspective waste of time and unconvincing.) Daenerys, Tyrion arriving at Dragonstone: 5 (Only one sentence spoken. Does the the director think no talking would create an atmosphere of awe for the audience seeing Daenerys finally arrive at Westeros and coming bakc to her birthplace? No comment, question, remark by loose-tongued Tyrion? A completely misdirected scene IMHO.
  10. The prophecy of the Ghost of High Heart: "And later I dreamt that maid again, slaying a savage giant in a castle built of snow." Proposals for who might be the giant in the previous discussion of this post have been (If I am not wrong): - Littlefinger (as the sigil of his father was the Titan of Braavos) - Ser Robert Strong - Robert Arryn (Sweetrobin) - Sweetrobin's doll (in that case the prohecy would already have become true) As the GoHH mentions a SAVAGE giant, I have some problems with Sweetrobin, his doll, and Littlefinger, however it still might fit. Maybe we have overseen something? Which other giants might exist in the whole story, however far-fetched it may seem? - Bedwyck, nicknamed Giant due to his short height, is an experienced ranger of the Night's Watch (actually in command of the abandoned way-castle Icemark - Wun Wun in Castle Black I know - very far fetched, The most convincing point I see, it would extremely well fit the "Castle built of snow". Hmmm... best explanation might still be Sweetrobin's doll, who else could Sansa be able to slay?
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