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  1. They didn't get as far as I thought they would in this episode... Does this mean no Lady Stoneheart at the end of the final episode? I'll be so disappointed.
  2. 9 for me! Only blemish I saw on an otherwise fantastic episode was now I really am coming around to the thought that... it's enough with Theon. We get it.
  3. He was actually saying he had the pen in hand to write the order for the Kingsguard. So I'm pretty sure she agreed to the marriage. Regardless, I doubt it will happen.
  4. Lol I misread. I enjoy the other scenes. Also, you missed the one with Robb, which I think was fairly faithful
  5. I think you're completely right on Shae. Good call. As for Loras, while I'm sure Olenna did probably agree there, I'd imagine Loras will flat out refuse, and become Kingsguard
  6. I disagree about the Arya scenes making her look weak. I thought she was fantastic in this episode. The scenes with Jaime were simply outstanding, and I really enjoyed the opening scene and the one with Jon and Ygritte. Solid episode
  7. That would be my thought. Sorry, didn't realize this was even a debate, lol, I'll check the other threads. Anyway, loved the episode! 10 for me.
  8. I can't see anyway the Purple Wedding happens in this season. There's only six more episodes and so much more to happen!? How can anyone actually believe they're doing both?
  9. I loved the episode, but I'm going to focus on one thing. I don't trust Varys. Not at all. That early scene with him and Tyrion, the way he spoke about dark magics... I know his whole story, and why he would be bothered by magic, but I don't trust him. Anyway, loved the episode, imo, best of the series. Carry on
  10. imdb shows ten episodes. They prob just made a mistake
  11. They are taking a lot of liberties, but I still think the episode works overall. Honestly, the only change that worries me is why Jon will kill the Halfhand... they can't change something so fundamental to his character, right? Other Changes: The timing (and therefore reason) of Cat freeing Jaime. In the books, she learns that two of her sons (Bran and Rickon) are "Dead" and in a fit of motherly rage(?), she frees Jaime in order to broker a deal with the imp to free her daughters. In the show, she does it before learning of Bran and Rickon, and does so because she knows Jaime will be killed (Which would spell the deaths her daughters, without a doubt). So, I don't have a problem with it. Both choices were fueled by motherly tendencies, and so the basis is intact. It just makes her a little worse, cause she doesn't have the excuse of grief. Jaime killing his cousin - Don't really have any issue with it, because it will make his redemption that much more important to viewers, which I'm sure is what they were going for. Also, he's been in like, 2 episodes, they needed to give him an extended scene so the audience didn't forget about him. The Dragon storyline continues to change. Again, I have no issue with this. Her story in the book is, imo, kinda uninteresting until the house of the undying, and by then it's almost "what's the point?" Now there is a point! The whole thing with Xaro betraying her to be king, that's weird, but it certainly fits in with the character they've made him into, so consistency. And, as I mentioned, Jon Snow. Captured by Wildlings, somewhat early and without the Halfhand. It looked in the scenes from next week like he might attempt an escape, which would then allow him to get back to the halfhand, and then would lead everything up as it should be. If he stays with the Wildlings, though, then it becomes another issue. It'll be interesting to see where they go with it, but I do hope they don't drastically change his character. Things I liked: The Arya/Tywin scene was spectacular, as always. It does require some suspension of disbelief that Tywin would simply strike up conversations with his serving girl, but once you get past that, it's a wonderful scene, with not a little bit of snark. I will be disappointed when the opportunity for them to be together ends. Theon's scenes - He's really a great actor, though I imagine everyone who haven't read the books are really going to be calling for his blood after this episode. One thing I will say is that it could have been slightly more obvious who the hanging bodies were supposed to be — Both my father and my friend, who haven't read the books, asked me who the hanging, charred bodies were, because he never really says their names. I had to deadpan and say Bran and Rickon without giving up any spoilers. That was REALLY difficult, I'm not the best at poker. Jaime/Cat scene - While for one reason or another, Jaime's first scene didn't do it for me (probably because he's one of my favorite characters and I prefer "Redeemed Jaime," his scene with Cat was perfect. The quips about Brienne were especially funny and I can't wait for them to get more screen time together. Sansa/Shae - I'm well aware how much of a hated character Shae is by many of the book readers, but I thought this scene was pretty damn good. Sansa's horror at having her first "flowering" was a stronger reason than in the books (coming from a male, so please don't kill me if I'm a bit off) And Shae is become more of a 'real' character in my mind, which will make her betrayal in the end so much more important (although also slightly strange, because why protect sansa but betray tyron? This will have to be adressed) Ygritte - Favorite part of the show right now. She's just really outstanding, and while I am worried about what's going on with Jon's story, I can't say that I don't enjoy the extra time she is getting to spend with him. Imo, she's rivaling Peter Dinklage in humor (who strangely didn't get a lot of screen time today) Honestly, nothing stood out to me as something I didn't like. Except maybe Dany's scene with Mormont. I know she's in grieving, but honestly, to me she sounds like a spoiled brat. This probably has to do with me not really liking her character in general. I'd love to hear other opinions on this, because maybe I'm not being fair to her? I have a few worries of where the show will end up, but they're minor. I'm loving the show and I can't wait to see where it goes from here!
  12. You're exactly right. But like I said, this is for television now. A chase scene is good for TV. Turning around and letting her walk away isn't. Furthermore, because we're not going to see a Shakespeare-like Montage, and because we can't hear Jon's thoughts, simple turning around and letting her go doesn't serve to show what a difficult decision it is. He has to make a choice and he can't. So he runs after her, fearing what will happen if she goes free. Eventually, he'll get back to his men, and let her go, I think. If he doesn't, it's a big change and something that I'll have to review as we get to it. But as of now, assuming it goes how I think, it doesn't change anything significantly and I think it adds to the television production.
  13. She needed to be free. That way she wasn't locked up under guard
  14. Jesus, man, chill out He chases her because he didn't LET her go. He just didn't KILL her. She's still a wilding who can give away their position if she goes free. It's a freaking conundrum for him. It's called drama and building tension. Eventually he will probably HAVE to let her go, for the reasons you said. But it's a difficult decision between honor/loyalty and not wanting to kill a women. It's basically a small sample of his ENTIRE plot for book three. I think it's perfect Yes, it's a change from the book, but deal with it. It's not huge, it works for TV and it's fun Also, she did not answer every question, basically didn't answer the most important one. WHY are the wildlings gathering there?
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