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  1. While I understand the multiple trips through the Riverlands so we get a timeline of the war and it's effect on both commoners and nobles, that type of detail maybe should be in a series focused on the Riverlands or something. When you have SO much ground to cover, retreading familiar material, even from new perspectives and new characters is...(I don't know a good word to put there, but it would be slightly negative). He's doing a world building Malazan style (from like covering the world), but this was supposed to be a trilogy. Was he delusional thinking this could ever be done in that time? It is quite clear reading Feast and Dance that they are meant to be read as one book in a varied chapter order, because there are soooo many parallels. Is he wanting to continue that but can't figure it out? In any case, he is a bit of a perfectionist, and that is necessarily arduous. That is the difficulty for us that makes me so ambivalent. Storm was so tight. I know he abandoned a 5 year gap, but the pacing slowed so much. I feel like when Martin lost it, was losing the gap, and instead of abandoning the space that would have taken, he is filling it in with narration we didn't previously get.
  2. Whitering

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    It's too bad Mandon nearly killed Tyrion otherwise Jon may have received a boatload of Stormlanders to support the Watch.
  3. Whitering

    The Three-Eyed-Crow is Old Nan, not Bloodraven

    I haven't really believed anything Leaf ever said. I made the logical leap that the Singers/Children were allied/created/controlled the Others since the story about the Last Hero finding them to end the war. So, by the time the fight at the cave happened I was just laughing because it was all a show to keep Bran and Co there. Oh look, you can't leave, there are zombies outside! Summer has no trouble though. Thus I didn't take Leaf's statements seriously, she just wants to keep Bran there, and maybe the Reeds for nefarious purposes (still I don't believe Jojen paste), which is sad, I love Meera and wish she could have mentored Arya. I do not know where they stand in relation to the Others now; losing control of your creations is an ancient trope but I suspect that in the end the Singers want to preserve nature over all else. Is this just the Mass Effect 3 Reapers? Do the Others just come down every 8,000 years (this being the second time) and nearly wipe everyone out? Didn't we see this in a movie recently? I have read a lot about the extinctions visited on our world, we've had 6 previously, and are in the 7th now (caused by humans). That research helped put me on this course though, so I might have some confirmation bias. So, I don't know why the Others are attacking now, I have tried to find some convoluted way to explain it via Men breaking the treaty that ended the last war, but I can't make the leap since the one I term of the treaty I know for sure is that There Must Always Be a Stark In Winterfell, and Ned and everyone else left long after the Others kicked off the story. I think Hardhome was a violation of the treaty and nuked by the Singers, but if the invasion now is a response to that, it's 600 years late. All in all, I fall on the side that thinks that either the Singers still control the Others, or don't care that their creation has gone wild because they are nihilists at this stage. It explains Euron. This means they are not the allies of Men, even Brynden may be a nihilist at this stage, he was hated his whole life by everyone except Aerys and Shiera (Maekar probably only tolerated him, the way Stannis is with everyone save Davos and Mel). Bran speaking to Theon is in the present no doubt, unless you think it's Bran from a future volume calling back to the present, which is just kind of silly. In the end, maybe George is writing a layered story, one for the plebes, one for the slightly more nerdy, and one for those of you who write in the Heresy thread. Plenty of forms of entertainment have tiered memberships.
  4. Whitering

    What was Cat thinking kidnapping Tyrion?

    She was not planning to, it kind of just happened. He recognized her, though I can't imagine what she thought would happen. She panicked in the book, and I was, like why? But then we knew Tyrion better than she did. It wasn't like she planned any of this, but like happened with her more than once, made the worst decision possible in the moment.
  5. Whitering

    Stannis's insult toward Gilly.

    Well, like I said, I think he would consider her to be at fault, but his focus was on the child. I think Mel is the only woman who sits in his mind, the rest can go f themselves. I like Stannis, but he's not a great gentleman.
  6. Whitering

    Mance Rayder violated guest rights!

    Well, it seems also that engineers of the events can be caught, there is little doubt that Twyin is in large part responsible for the Red Wedding. But as others have said Jon knew nothing of the infiltration plot, he sent Mance to find, well, Lady Karstark, but he didn't know that at the time.
  7. Whitering

    Narrative Wise, Did Robb Need to be a King?

    Using his booming voice, NO, we must support the Rightful King Stannis, as per the treaty made by King Torrhen and our obligation to House Baratheon or something, but he did not. He didn't really find his backbone until they named him King.
  8. Whitering

    Narrative Wise, Did Robb Need to be a King?

    Well, Robb did not go South to become King, he went to relieve the Riverlands and force the Lannisters to free his Father and Sisters. That's it. After stuff happened, his Bannermen got angry and proclaimed him King, he really should have refused but he did not for whatever reason. We weren't in his head. He was toast after that, literally nobody who would end up on the Iron Throne would support that shit.
  9. Whitering

    What if Renly supported Joffrey?

    Agreed 100%, he would have likely won that if there was any real evidence against Joffrey, but there was not, just a bunch of mostly dead bastard children having dark hair v. Joff, and co. That's probably why he didn't.
  10. Whitering

    GRRM blog post: Theon spoilers for WoW?

    If Euron leads them to ruin, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that he is using the strength of the Iron Islands to elevate himself on their skeletons. I don't think Theon survives though.
  11. Whitering

    Why do book readers hate R+L=J?

    I mean, I don't hate it, but I will shrug when I read it because there's been like 50 threads on this very subject on this forum, graduating one to the next, the only longer one being Heresy. So, ya, been there done that is more of the reaction I see, and what I fee.
  12. Whitering

    Saddest moment in series?

    Arya desperate to reach her Father as he's executed.
  13. Whitering

    Stannis's insult toward Gilly.

    I agree, but I don't know that he made that association, I agree he would have included her, but I don't think he did, merely through lack of information.
  14. Whitering

    Stannis's insult toward Gilly.

    I mean, it's not complimentary to Gilly, but it's an insult to her baby, not Gilly herself.
  15. Whitering

    Why Asha such a terminator?

    That whole chapter reads like a joke to me a sarcastic homage to the Legolas and Gimli fighting Orcs at Helm's Deep chapter. It's stupid and if you exercise Quentyn from the book, that's my least favourite chapter.
  16. Whitering

    [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    The present High Septon would do it if she is still intact because he doesn't seem to like Cersei anyway and he's a wheeler and dealer. But he's probably going to get killed by a Sand Snake after she realized he's not a typical dude who can be manipulated by a pretty lady.
  17. Whitering

    Why do people hate Sansa?

    Arya hasn't done anything to crazy and nothing against a strong moral code that lies at her center and puts her squarely at odds with the FM. Like I said, she is an unrealistic character. I mean, I haven't been a highscooler for a long time, maybe kids have changed, I still don't want to spend time with anyone Sansa's age, I expect they are stupid mostly because I and every other person were when I was that age. I am not judging her for it, but I don't like her either.
  18. Whitering

    Why do people hate Sansa?

    My problem with her is that she is a realistic teenager... Yes, I don't like kids lol I don't actually dislike her more than say Rickon, because uggh, kids. I can like Arya because she is a somewhat unrealistic or unusual from my standpoint child. Sansa first informed on her Father to Cersei, but not having learned anything from that also informed on herself to Dontos scuttling the perhaps one good plan to get out of danger. But that sounds about right for a teenager, they are all stupid, I was stupid, maybe still am, that's why I don't like her, too realistic. Because Note, I am a big lover of the Alayne character heh
  19. Whitering


    It's a little too realistic that an organization that has almost certainly had it's share of gay activity vilifies the one who may or may not even be gay, just that he was raised as a whore. It's just the EEEEEEKKKK gay! that basically summarized our society's attitude towards the subject for the greater part of the modern era.
  20. Whitering

    [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    Sansa has always had an openness, think of the number of times that got her in trouble with the Lannisters or she feared what she had said. That was early pre KL with Joffrey and later in King's Landing. Now, she has less fear, that's the only change as far as I can tell, which may have it's own issue. She hasn't really changed her personality very much, she's matured, is slightly wiser into the evils of men but otherwise plays the Lord's daughter perfectly, because she is, and more or less acts like Sansa, looks like Sansa, and the only difference is hair dye. And while the story is a fantasy, that shit would have to reapplied like once per week to keep any red from showing. We never spent much time with Sansa before KL, this is likely who she was.
  21. Whitering

    [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    But the Tears are a slow poison, the only reason even a super old dude died was because his Maester was replaced by a Lannister Toady. I mean, I guess he might have died later, but it was implied that he might have lived had Pycelle not taken over.
  22. I want to reply to your post in the Two Books thread that is now closed.

    I agree with you. It would have required a chapter or two from Feast moved to Storm, like Arya arriving in Braavos, and Bran getting to the Cave (it was only two chapters really). My only problem with the 5 year gap is having the White Walkers just milling about as no significant action of that sort should happen off screen.

    But a a few paragraphs for each character to remember how hard training had been or whatever for Arya, how much vision gained for Bran and how much preparation each side had done for Jon, along with the weather getting continuously worse, and maybe the first hints of winter. The Boltons could have claimed Winterfell but faced continual insurrections and found the expense of maintaining both castles ruionous (the number one killer of businesses is expansion without sufficient planning).

    Ah well, the path not taken, now I don't think we'll ever see a written form of the end of this series.

  23. Whitering

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    I have avoided spoilers from the show, but I imagine that will get even more difficult as time goes on. I mean, I don't have entertainment in my google news fee (never have), yet shit shows up in the fucking business section! I think I may resign myself to watching a show I enjoyed for about 4 episodes just to see what's going on instead of the piecemeal shit I get in my news feed. I don't agree that 3 books are needed, if he can return to Storm quality of plot movement but you may be right youknownothingjohnsnow, 3 books would deliver more quality, the last thing I want is a tiny epilogue like we received in the WoT. When Season 8 is finished, and we don't have a book yet, I will break down and watch the show, fast forwarding like crazy though the gratuitous crap. If Winds has been delivered by then I might be able to hold out a little longer.
  24. Whitering

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    I do not believe this is the way books are published, there is one or two editors for a book, and in this case, Elio and Linda as well, and that's it. They do not pull 50 people in to edit an established series. The editors have to be familiar with the series to a greater extent than most, they catch things, or try to, like character's eye colour, and help provide structure to the book, which greatly helps with tone, like moving chapters around and such.
  25. Whitering

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Well, I believe we are too late if he announces when he's sent the book to editors to have it out this year, as this is going to be a large book and require some amount of time to edit. So, next year maybe, not as depressing to me as Cyberpunk likely getting bumped to 2019.