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  1. Finally got round to watching it, found it a tad slow at the start but after episode 4 it really hit it's stride and kept me hooked - I liked the somewhat slow nature of reveals, very few 'dun dun dun' moments just a build up and passive acknowledgement with quite often it being things that the audience are expected to already have worked out/know but is new information to the characters which I always liked. I guessed Mikkel was going to be Jonas' dad by the second episode but that's mostly because the moment time travel enters a story my mind goes into overtime to figure out how someone is going to end up banging a relative. One thing did bother me all the way though - did we ever find out why Mikkel/Michael killed himself? When talking about it a friend and I thought of the idea that maybe there was no reason and that it was a horrible side effect of the time loop/self fulfilling prophecy in that Mikkel hanged himself because he knows Michael hangs himself but we both thought that seemed far too miserable and hoped there was some nugget of information that we missed.
  2. The older teenagers on Halloween also call him Zombie boy before he gets knocked to the ground and goes to the Upside Down.
  3. Overall this show keeps me bordering between enjoying it and a solid meh. Mad Sweeney was the highlight of this ep just as Audrey and Anubis were for last weeks but the bits in between and the plot drag so much that If I wasn't already invested as a book reader this would probably be in the "ignore til its finished then binge if people say its good" pile
  4. Yeah Under Heaven is a more personal story, rarely straying from the protagonists with a smaller scale whereas River of Stars is much more spread out covering a fair few more areas and characters and the characters are far more involved with the wide scale events of the book. But there both set in the same universe, though centuries apart with a couple of callbacks.
  5. Just finished River of Stars and Under Heaven, really enjoyed the both of them. I like the sound of Tigana and Lions, reckon I'll look them out next
  6. Hadrian's lover Antinous, who was deified shows up for the confrontation. But closest to a member of the Roman pantheon actually showing up was speculation that the god in Vegas who no-one can remember is Pluto due to the fact he had a helmet of invisibility (no mortals remembering or noticing him mostly) and he was the god of wealth (being able to feel the flow of wealth and telling the waitress to be in a certain spot to make money)
  7. Liking the look so far. My only worry is how they're going to pace it - a lot goes on to shove it in to one season and I doubt they'd want to put the effort in for just a miniseries. It's not like the book has that many clear season breaks other than maybe a sad ending with But I'll have faith in Fuller on this one, plus it means the possibility of a prolonged stay in Lakeside which I wouldn't say no to. Also any word on if they're doing the Coming to America segments? cause that looked like the Djinn in the trailer but that might just because his story is a one that can easily interact with Shadow's.
  8. Usually when I get a book, (even the ones I enjoy) I tend to blitz through the first act, and for some reason make slow progress through the second act and then back to blitzing through the 3rd. But with Wolf in the Attic I ended up blitzing through all of it. Really enjoyed it, props to Kearney as it does read very different to what I remember from Hawkwood. Both in premise and style if you had me compare it with Hawkwood with no prior knowledge I doubt I'd be able to guess it was the same author. Too many fantasy books go into too much detail about the world and for me end up ruining the magic and mystery, I much rather prefer the way it was conveyed in this - gives it a more mythical feel. Would definitely buy a sequel should it come out.
  9. I've liked Sean Harris in almost everything I think I've seen him in (especially Southcliffe and Red Riding) so I'm glad about that. Not so sure about the Technical Boy casting wasn't he meant to be a stereotype of a tubby, greasy, think's he's cool neckbeard basement dweller?
  10. Yeah I found the finale a bit of a letdown after
  11. I went back and re-read Lady of the Lake again because I feel the first time around I kind of lost interest and skimmed through it after Brenna and damn
  12. I'd think not reading "A Question of Price" takes something away from the last book
  13. The bloody gate just looked stupid to me - it doesn't seem like much of an obstacle when anyone with decent rock climbing skills can get around and drop a rope/ prop up a ladder for everyone else. Yeah but he was one of the characters who really suffer from the cuts made for the theatrical version - in that he's just some random who attacks them for the sake of a fight scene in the Director's cut he's Orlando Bloom's cousin and his hunting them down because they killed his brother (Martin Sheen)
  14. The thing in the pilot that killed the Gared and Royce was an Other/White Walker. It had an ice sword and spoke the same as they do in the novel.
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