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  1. Finally got round to watching Quarry and loved it - the premise the setting the style and the characters just won me over - finished it in two sittings only to find out after it's been cancelled... so well shit.
  2. Finally got round to watching it, found it a tad slow at the start but after episode 4 it really hit it's stride and kept me hooked - I liked the somewhat slow nature of reveals, very few 'dun dun dun' moments just a build up and passive acknowledgement with quite often it being things that the audience are expected to already have worked out/know but is new information to the characters which I always liked. I guessed Mikkel was going to be Jonas' dad by the second episode but that's mostly because the moment time travel enters a story my mind goes into overtime to figure out how someone is going to end up banging a relative. One thing did bother me all the way though - did we ever find out why Mikkel/Michael killed himself? When talking about it a friend and I thought of the idea that maybe there was no reason and that it was a horrible side effect of the time loop/self fulfilling prophecy in that Mikkel hanged himself because he knows Michael hangs himself but we both thought that seemed far too miserable and hoped there was some nugget of information that we missed.
  3. Talleyrand

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Ringing in 2018

    Finally got round to watching Moonlight and was afraid it might have been overhyped somewhat but luckily it was absolutely brilliant, goes right to the top of my "2016 films that were released in the UK in 2017 that I eventually watch in 2018" list
  4. Talleyrand

    Video Games: It's On Like Donkey Kong

    Finished Night in the Woods, was a good little game with a good story took me about ten hours to finish though probably could have done it in a couple less if you rush a bit more, will probably go back and replay it in a couple of days to try out the other storylines/find all the side stuff. That or back to Warhammer Total War II cause murder mummy dlc looks pretty fun.
  5. Talleyrand

    True Detective Season 3

    I've enjoyed Scoot McNairy in everything I've seen him in so with Ali also in and Saulnier directing my hopes are starting to rise, but then I remember what season 2 did to my hopes and I get scared again.
  6. Talleyrand

    Trailer Thread IV

    It's been out on BBC iPlayer since the 6th
  7. Talleyrand

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Ringing in 2018

    Saw Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri not a bad film but rather disappointing, coming in as a fan of the McDonagh's previous films and plays and seeing the critical reception I was expecting a rather more funnier film but once I got used to the path that it was taking it still fell a bit short. It's carried by the performances of McDormand and Rockwell but the story behind them and the world all seem a bit half baked or cut down with several scenes that broke my suspension of disbelief and another than in retrospect makes very little sense.
  8. I've been waiting on a China set Total War and been getting by on occasionally janky mods for years so the new TW is music to my ears. 3k makes sense with the 'brand' recognition and that but also the benefit of it beginning with dozens upon dozens of warlords scrapping it out which allows for the usual one province start spread across a much larger area as opposed to the balance of power between defined nation states of the Warring States period. For DLC scenarios I'd probably guess Chu-Han Contention and the Fall of Sui/Rise of Tang since they allow similar 'whole heaps of warlords start' though given that Imperator Augustus and Rise of Charlemagne start with several multi region powers duking it out a Warring States or An Lushan Rebellion setting could work but I'd probably guess for either something Mongol Related or the Sixteen Kingdoms as that allows for a lot of horse archers being introduced as the gameplay 'twist' of the DLC.
  9. Played the Life is Strange Before the Storm in one big binge now that its all out. I enjoyed it, way better than it had any right to be though it didn't reach the overall heights of the first season for me the second episode was one of my favourite of the whole series. Though the third episode, like the 5th of the first season felt a bit sloppy and rushed out the door and was definitely the weakest of the three. Plus I've always liked the band Daughter so the soundtrack was a treat. Now I'm torn between Night in the Woods, Hyperlight Drifter or just going back to the ol reliables of Total War Shogun 2 or Stellaris
  10. The older teenagers on Halloween also call him Zombie boy before he gets knocked to the ground and goes to the Upside Down.
  11. There was talk a bit before about all the signs of BR being a dystopian future - for me one of the biggest signs of it was the police, not just that Luv was able to seemingly brazenly and trespass and murder inside the police station no less should show that rule of law isn't exactly strong and the large amount of blood that was getting hosed down in the Station halls when K returned didn't paint a great picture of it even when it is working.
  12. Talleyrand

    The Deuce

    CC basically extorting the pornographers was a tense scene, though I do feel that if any of the pimps consistently try and pull something like that then porn guy's (was he the skinny guy from Numbers?) mob connections might spell trouble.
  13. I thought it was pretty well established by that point that K was a bit of a trooper even by Replicant standards. He just ate everything Bautista threw at him at the beginning, recovered pretty well from a crash and the missile later on - not missing a beat when getting back into the fight. And in what was one of my favourite bits just straight up ploughed through a marble wall.
  14. I thought it was great, easily my favourite film of the year. I spent most of the film wishing they weren't going to make K be the child but his cresfallen look when the Replicant leader breaks it to him almost had me wishing it was. My personal take on it was that the immunity bubble was a cover to keep her away from any prying eyes and any Blade Runners who might end up exposing her if she had been a more public memory author until she's ready to come out and lead the rebellion.
  15. Talleyrand

    The Deuce

    Several seasons I'm pretty sure, read that had up to 3 planned somewhere