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  1. Yeah Under Heaven is a more personal story, rarely straying from the protagonists with a smaller scale whereas River of Stars is much more spread out covering a fair few more areas and characters and the characters are far more involved with the wide scale events of the book. But there both set in the same universe, though centuries apart with a couple of callbacks.
  2. Just finished River of Stars and Under Heaven, really enjoyed the both of them. I like the sound of Tigana and Lions, reckon I'll look them out next
  3. The bloody gate just looked stupid to me - it doesn't seem like much of an obstacle when anyone with decent rock climbing skills can get around and drop a rope/ prop up a ladder for everyone else. Yeah but he was one of the characters who really suffer from the cuts made for the theatrical version - in that he's just some random who attacks them for the sake of a fight scene in the Director's cut he's Orlando Bloom's cousin and his hunting them down because they killed his brother (Martin Sheen)
  4. The thing in the pilot that killed the Gared and Royce was an Other/White Walker. It had an ice sword and spoke the same as they do in the novel.
  5. I'm liking the inclusion of Roose but where the hell has the Greatjon gone?
  6. I thought I recognised Pyat from somewhere until I remembered it was from a Doctor Who episode which oddly enough had James Sives (Jory) as the Queen's Captain of the Guards, Ron Donachie (Ser Rodrik) as the Castellan of a Castle and Ian Hanmore (Pyat) as a wierd priest.
  7. I could be wrong but the image for Jhogo on the wiki is actually Rakharo.
  8. Were videos not released of a Jaqen audition for season 2? Does this mean that he was not cast properly for s1 so they kept him hidden by a hood. Also does the man in the pic not have a scared nose? They could have decided he just has a scared nose rather than missing one to save on cost
  9. On the Jaqen page on the wiki the pic is of the man who i thought was Rorge. Was the man in the hood not Jaqen?
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