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  1. the 'rebuttal' of chomsky is trash--it alleges strawpersons without quotation or citation.
  2. MMM you bloodsucker you're gonna hafta do your own dirty work now, do ya hear me, do ya?
  3. bland is literally a matter of taste--such allegations are not really disputable.
  4. what clothes she’s wearing or who she’s dating there's a large segment of liberal feminism that would not disapprove of these items, provided that they are voluntary and not an interest exclusive of all else. one market-oriented and somewhat uncritical strain therein likely would disapprove of their exclusion. there's certainly a radical left position that disapproves of interest in such things, but disney won't adopt that minoritarian position.
  5. my second wife had to learn insurgency tactics and whatnot for fear that the NSDAP would invade her country again. the buffalo shooter's manifesto suggests that these two scenarios have a common root in rightwing politics.
  6. maybe she meets matt murdock on tinder.
  7. i'd be cautious to avoid falling for the ideological sleight of mind that contends identifying an offense, even if somewhat discourteously directed to the person ("you're a homophobe") as opposed to the discourse ("that's homophobic speech," or, as here, "homophobic reasons"), is worse than committing the offense. this ruse is of course itself the topos of a certain lineage's inflexibility.
  8. instead we get a confused emoji. one wonders if overuse of the confused response results from conservatism's generic inflexibility or a more particular procrustean obduracy.
  9. There is a big difference between teaching kids aged 5 general concepts such as fairness and trying to instruct them on historical events to which they cannot possibly contextualise or understand fully. tell that to the jingos who want them to pledge allegiance to flags and sing national anthems and whatnot.
  10. Not even the Old Testament as far as I know had anything to say about miscarriages and abortions exodus 21:22-25-- numbers 3:14-15, regarding the census-- emphasis added. and of course psalm 137: 8-9-- so, some nuance here, though not so much to support the vulgar pro-life position other than platitudes about life, which similarly support just as readily the thesis that termination of pregnancy can be a 'pro-life' act insofar as it avoids mere quantitative growth for its own sake.
  11. The whole illuminati thing took place on a different world, so I don’t see how it threw Inhumans under the bus right. different actors filling the roles of the captain and the other captain. just extrapolating that the whole lineup there is staffed differently. a bit of speculation, is all.
  12. loved the evil dead joke of campbell fighting his own hand. none of rhe kids in the theater seemed to appreciate it. otherwise, multiverse stories simply suck. the way the illuminati shook out, however, they threw the old inhumans show under the bus, presumably for a reboot, and at least 616 is not stuck with an octogenerian professor x and a reed richards from the office.
  13. so, is egyptian theology basically 'correct' in the MCU, or is it all just in-your-head alien magic?
  14. the slavery slippery slope is kinda embarrassing, y'all. it's banned pursuant to amendment 13, despite its textual exceptions and ugly jurisprudence. different posture from penumbral theories such as the progeny of griswold. do we know if alito wrote this draft? i worked for a court of appeal, and wrote many drafts there. some were signed by a judge as written, and many others were substantially amended. circulation of a draft may indicate where the court is headed, but it may also be the first crack at it by an overzealous federalist society law clerk.
  15. big action set piece because, "superhero". This would explain why...
  16. tryna get caught up on recent texts on race politics: anderson's white rage, eddo-lodge's why i don't talk to white people about race, kendi's how to be an anti-racist. those are all pretty good. am similarly working through cedric robinson's black marxism, which is just awesome in the way that only hardcore leftwing academic writing can be. it's up there with de ste. croix's class struggle in the ancient greek world and neumann's behemoth in terms of rigor. rounding out the quintet with mbembe's necropolitics, which is a bit of foucauldian/agambenian good times.
  17. Also thought the music was excellent and fit perfectly. no doubt. menacing brassy main theme, good use of nirvana. With regard to the ending -
  18. Taweret (the hippo headed goddess) being there supports that idea. is there authority in the comics for a hippo showdown between tawaret and ammit, who apparently represent opposite principles in the mythology? actually cannot decide if I'm liking Moon Knight or not overall all the marvel shows are kinda like that. i'm a fan of the isaiah bradley stuff and the flagsmashers in FWS, but otherwise they're all mostly competent without dazzling.
  19. HBO Batman - Furries vs. Incels. love that. just for this glorious shot totally. and the dark hallway brawl, lit only by gunfire. plenty of great images. much more engaging than i expected, twilit batman.
  20. With the Moskva now in the loving embrace of the Black Sea hope they tagged it first.
  21. but Frank Castle is … something else. yeah, his show is the only one i forbade my kid from watching on like the whole internet.
  22. seems to be exclusively your interpretation this applies to everything any of us have said about these texts.
  23. dunno, LV. the crawl can say what it wants--in law, we designate this as 'conclusory allegation.' unilateral moral declarations are hardly objective, but are submitted plainly as one advocate's position. in this case, we have a religious dispute between two sets of fundamentalists. that one set of fundamentalists is happy to start a civil war using anti-democratic capitalists as its catspaw makes it seem less palatable to me than the other faction, which is nevertheless fine with casually performing an extrajudicial execution on the duly elected executive for religious reasons, which extrajudicial execution persists from episode III until episode VI. less a matter of objective determination than a dispute about political opinion, the question thus becomes whether an unequivocal undemocratic assassination is justifiable tyrannicide or unwarranted terrorism.
  24. we see Boba fight and die in the fight against the good guys in ROTJ, all reasonable, LV--though from the regular perspective of duly constituted authority, the rebels are terrorists rather than good guys. that said, all of this means that the independent contractor interpretation is also merely authorized rather than compelled.
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