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  1. before her, i had never experienced an irreplaceable and exquisite intimacy. As in the x-files, i wanted to believe. to say that i will love her always is frivolously understated, for she became my irreducible horizon--and even though i have now stepped into the space beyond it, i still cannot see what lies therein. that this affection was not unrequited, and remains mutual even now, only renders the abjection total. delillo wrote in his first novel that it's easier to bury reality than to dispose of dreams. but what happens if one's dream and the real, in the language of agamben, coincide without remainder? when one wakes into one's dream every morning, what happens when the real transforms but the dream as yet remains? does one accommodate to the real despite the persistence of the dream, or does one rather suppress the real in order to consign the dream to perdition? i don't know the answer, except that i can no longer bear the real; it is quite simply no longer to be borne. because this place is saturated with the memory of her as she walked out of my dream, i can accordingly no longer abide this place. thank you all very kindly for your forbearance all these years. you have been constant, a home, for a long time. i wish you the best of luck, and hope you all get what you desire.
  2. sologdin

    china mieville

    kickass. verso rules.
  3. sologdin

    china mieville

    as I recall IC-- fuck, i need to re-read.
  4. sologdin

    china mieville

    technically, king rat and some of the stories in looking for jake pre-exist the bas-lag books.
  5. sologdin

    china mieville

    commentary on kraken. maybe slightly spoilery. i recall enjoying the villains very much.
  6. sologdin

    china mieville

    y'all of course are overlooking his magnificent octopus between equal rights: a marxist theory of international law.
  7. sologdin

    china mieville

    the scar and iron council are kinda sibling texts, and should be read together. i described the relation elsewhere as: whereas the mobile city of the scar is the incarnation of lumpenized antisocial nihilism, the iron council protagonists are cool.
  8. sologdin

    china mieville

    yes please! or, as herr professor kant says:
  9. sologdin

    china mieville

    iron council has the best ending, yeah.
  10. sologdin

    china mieville

    doubtful. TCT's setting is entirely speculative, as far as i can tell, whereas LDNP is a sort of crosshatch or low fantasy. it almost requires one to be involved with the genre of music that's featured in the story. it has some cool moments, nifty descriptions of urbanity, and occurs in a narrative space that "melted into the interstices of the city."
  11. sologdin

    china mieville

    LDNP is similar in length to TCT, though it moves much faster. i read TCT as post-robot apocalypse, though the setting details are oblique because of the juvenile protagonist. similar to tehanu and dreamsnake in this latter regard. narrative is subtle, surely. sorcerer father is super creepy. LDNP is just plain kickass. premise is that someone that's my reading, too. am thinking that uther doul's fancy sword is an answer thereto, postmodernism in a box. TCT has a nifty conceptual firearm, too. not sure how it fits, however. (am still liking the non-fantasy firearm in the vorrh better, though--that's just because of its narrative resonance.)
  12. sologdin

    china mieville

    am perplexed that i can't find a dedicated thread. his newest was out in august, the last days of new paris. it's more or less brilliant. anyone else on this? earlier this year was this census taker. perhaps less brilliant. and late last year was three moments of an explosion, which has its...moments.
  13. agreed. and he's anti-merlin to the extent that jez is not born for the sword in the stone, like arthur, but is rather a fiction.
  14. quite right. my reading is that bayaz is gandalf who takes the ring and uses it.
  15. sologdin

    Scott Lynch's THORN OF EMBERLAIN

    congrats to them--though the 'spare time' remark may earn an asskicking.