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  1. There's only a unwillingness or inability on employers to compensate with high enough wages to attract potential or actual employees. right. relations as fetters on forces. they must be burst asunder, &c. we're accordingly looking at a pre-revolutionary situation. they can call it the 'great resignation' or 'labor shortage' whatever cappy euphemism they want, but it doesn't alter the material reality of the capitalists being unable to pay what the resigned laborers regard as their minimum in the moment of pandemic plus climate change, both of which arise out of the same system of economic integration. the question becomes whether the pre-revolutionary situation matures or fizzles out, and, if it matures, whether it results in transformation or in mutual ruin. considering how the far right has been acting, the risk of that last option is not nugatory.
  2. kal, that position works with a vessel metaphor: the text is a container that can hold things, and that someone can put inside and another can take out. i don't accept that metaphor as descriptive of literacy. no doubt authors write specific words in lieu of other specific words, and there's likely an intention in doing so that is surplus beyond the actual words selected--but the knowability of intention is something i respectfully decline, as is the importance of that intention.
  3. And they will have a list of them and make these things (like moving addresses) sound sinister and part of some horrible plot. And then they will recommend far more stringent rules to avoid these kinds of irregularities in the future. right. that suppressant regulation is already in motion. we can further predict that they would continue making erroneous claims despite the lack of empirical concordance. their strategy is to create two lines of inquiry--one falsifiable and one not. the falsifiable one, the actual vote count, lends credibility to them as bona fide auditors who have faithfully reported that the biden did better in the count than the state found, with t he ultimate effect of bolstering the unfalsifiable claims that unseelie faeries and transdimensional telepathic reptilians altered the votes actually cast prior to counting.
  4. Or am I over thinking this? no such thing as overthinking. i'd adhere to a rule of inverse proportionality regarding disclosures: the greater the magnitude on the potential dealbreaker axis, the smaller the magnitude on non-disclosure duration axis. a good example of more or less immediate disclosure would be something like currently married. in ethical terms, that's what's required. in aesthetic terms, that's the only way to overcome its being an actual dealbreaker--a situational lesion compounded by dishonesty is toast in a way that can't be otherwise surmounted by one's charming disposition and fanciful promises to cure the defect at some nebulous point in the future. turning to your case, it's not sure where the coordinates of mental health status fall on that general grid. we can't even say that actively psychotic is more urgent than taking anti-depressants without knowledge of the other person's priorities. you might therefore sound your kindly interlocutor regarding their philosophy of mental health and thereafter take all warranted measures.
  5. To me this is somewhat like debating whether or not GRRM deliberately put in something that implied Jon's parentage. We know that this is the case. It's not something to be debated. the author interprets the text that way, but we need not. we can agree that the author believes that the text does this work, but whether it actually achieves this alleged goal is a different question.
  6. kal, sure, if we accept the notion that authors monopolize the meanings of their writings, which are containers filled intentionally with items to be discovered by clever readers. i don't accept that, and don't see any reason to do so, though i understand that reasonable persons disagree on the point. that said, is the thesis that RSB was fucking with readers--that it's all a tolkienian/sadean rickroll?
  7. the audit gave Biden an even bigger lead exactly. this crew is like plato's form of the inept. what's a poor person to do? of course. but the concern was less about the rational actions of laborers and more about than how late capitalism reaches the point wherein its relations fetter its forces, &c.
  8. Marijuana jobs are becoming a refuge an economy based on the production of air pollutants, trifling internet videos, and psychotropic substances has very likely outlasted its progressive potential.
  9. claim “Cyberninjas” was a false flag and really run by Biden supporters. have they come out with their true beliefs and tied it into the protocols of the elders of zion yet?
  10. one component is demographic--florida has one of the highest populations of 65+ persons and one of the lowest juvenile cohorts in the US.
  11. assuming arguendo that the mean respondent has the sort of aesthetic preferences that are consistent with troglodyte politics, it doesn't follow that those preferences are either legitimate and thus should be accepted, or immutable and thus must be accepted. these preferences are somewhat abstract to the extent that they are inversely competitive--not that i desire a smart person, but simply smarter than me, not economically sufficient, but merely more so than me. lacking a global, objective, absolute measure of sufficiency of aesthetic value, this inverse competition thus proceeds on a relative, subjective evaluation established on an atomized basis between participants. this manner of aesthetic preference would therefore slot each and every person into a relation of abject dependency, from the top of the capitalist pyramid down to its distensible base. the survey results accordingly strike me as majoritarian (but not universal) domestic practices arising out of a shared history of domination more than anything else, a domination that structures desire in order to accommodate it to the real of patriarchal capitalism--arising from the same impulse that caused resistance to domestic abuse laws and marital rape statutes, in which fantasy the household is a zone of unequivocal privacy, open for the seeming voluntary submission created through inverse competitiveness, safe from the surveillance of the state. considering that these abstractions orbit more concrete interpersonal aesthetic preferences, pushing back against them at the most intimate level is accordingly the correct doctrinal line.
  12. the US is a contender for the greatest of all time darwin award am nevertheless on the fence regarding whether to oppose those who wish to inject themselves with bleach.
  13. we laughed and laughed this morning about the NYT story on the arizona audit. more sober reflection reveals however that far right conspiracism only doubles down in the face of empirical failure. there will accordingly be deeper rabbit holes for their irrationalism to burrow.
  14. eighth best novelist in France is that houellebecq, then? odds on murakami or rushdie?
  15. It is over-analyzing and the text simply doesn’t justify it. It isn’t there or not to the extent that people thought it were am doubting the viability of over-analysis as an grievance. under-analysis, maybe. it's a bit odd to claim that something isn't there when people are actively discussing it. the assumption is apparently that the text has things inside it, either inherently or placed therein by the author--and only those things may be there, which means that the reader has no creativity or agency--reading in this view is not a productive labor, but is merely consumptive. that strikes me as an erroneous linguistics, and a fairly docile theory of how literacy functions. i like the schopenhauer thesis. it works with the adorno epigraph in one of the books, as the frankfurt school is paradoxically a schopenhauerian marxism, pessimistic optimists, or so. crazy.
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