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    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    Last month I flew from Dallas to Paris on a 9 hour flight with a whole row to myself, I know exactly what you're feeling.
  2. Leofric

    R,I.P. Thread

    Rutger Hauer has died at 75. Roy Batty in Blade Runner, Navarre in Ladyhawke, Martin in Flesh + Blood, Cardinal Roarke in Sin City and so many other roles. "All those moments will be lost in time, like [coughs] tears in rain."
  3. Leofric

    Top Gun 2: Maverick

    A Captain in the Navy and Coast Guard is much higher rank than captain in the other military branches (roughly equivalent to a colonel), just below admiral, so not sure if he's that far behind schedule even at 60 years old. Lots of pilots in the service retire rather get promoted to a desk job, and then they become commercial airline pilots so they can keep flying.
  4. Leofric

    Video Games: Keanu Re3ves Is Breathtaking

    I just started playing my first game in Pathfinder this week. Still in Chapter 1, but the fog just cleared revealing the Stag Lord's location, so I can try the final fight whenever I feel ready. Still have 55 days left to do it, so no rush, can explore more of the Stolen Lands and level up some before I give him a try.
  5. Leofric

    Bond 25: No Time To Die

    Just go 007: Into the Bondverse; and all the iterations of Bond are explained.
  6. Leofric

    Trailer Thread V

    I saw it, It had some very funny moments, some that were shown in the trailers, and then it just ended and your left going "Is that it?" Tilda Swinton was great though.
  7. Not clear idea on the first part, other than a Cold War race to master or control a new technology or access to a new dimension before the Americans did. The green liquid in the batteries the Russians use to power the laser is some kind of acid. The one that was used to hold open the elevator door ate into the floor when it cracked. I assumed Dustin and Erica broke open a bunch of the batteries to cause damage and create a diversion so they could get to Steve and Robin.
  8. Leofric

    Video Games: Keanu Re3ves Is Breathtaking

    That was amazing.
  9. May have to check these out. The only book I've ever read by Robert Merle was Malevil. Which is about a group of friends who survive a Nuclear attack because they were in the wine cellar of a castle in France during the nuclear strike, and then it follows their efforts to survive and rebuild using the castle as their base. His interest in history is evident in Malevil as his characters use their knowledge of history to help them rebuild.
  10. Leofric

    Upcoming TV Series of 2019/2020 - Your most anticipated shows

    At the end of the article it mentions the series is based on a book called Cursed by Tom Wheeler, that has not yet been released.
  11. Leofric

    Deadwood: The Movie Spoilers

    I actually thought, by the way they kept tying her to Jen, that she was related to her, a daughter or a little sister, and she had come to Deadwood for revenge against Al, so was kind of confused when her story didn't seem to go much further.
  12. Leofric

    Chernobyl (miniseries)

    I agree that others already knew about his findings, but a "death-bed" confession in his own words, carries a lot more weight than second hand accounts. Plus its safer to distribute words of truth from a dead man, than to risk arrest or death by speaking up in your own words.
  13. Leofric

    Chernobyl (miniseries)

    I assumed he placed the tapes there on purpose as a pre-arranged dead drop for someone to collect later and distribute.
  14. Leofric

    Deadwood: The Movie Spoilers

    My impression was that he had written the script, but he was not as involved in the day to day shooting as he had been in the series. They basically shot from his script without any of the on-fly-changes to the dialogue and scenes he had made during the series to improve things and make them sound better.
  15. Leofric

    Killjoys (Season 3 to 5)

    Looking forward to this, I'm sorry this is the last season, but glad they got to choose their ending, rather than having it canceled.
  16. Leofric

    Chernobyl (miniseries)

    I assume that he was an asshole and there was no nuance to his character. He was a product of 25 years in the system and he had figured out how to get ahead ... do what you are told and don't ask questions, and he expected his subordinates to do the same. He couldn't fathom anything going wrong because it was not allowed to in the Soviet Union. It was probably why the previous safety tests failed as well, due to much less critical problems that were ignored in order to meet a schedule.
  17. Leofric

    Happy Metric Day!

  18. That was great. Holden and his coffee fixation, Bobbie checking people at the door, Amos doing security at the Dog park, Alex flying the tour group around, Naomi on tech support, and Chrisjen knows that there is always money in the banana stand.
  19. Leofric

    Trailer Thread V

    The armor mesh beneath the skin made me think of an old book by Keith Laumer, A Plague of Demons, though the hero in that book was fighting aliens, not robots from the future, though robots do become a factor.
  20. Leofric

    Second Quarter 2019 Reading

    Just finished Senlin Ascends by Josiah Bancroft, loved the amazing Tower of Babel and the characters inhabiting it. Immediately diving into the next book in the series, Arm of the Sphinx.
  21. Leofric

    Upcoming TV Series of 2019/2020 - Your most anticipated shows

    Awesome, didn't know Nathalie Emmanuel was in it. The Skeksis (aka Halosians) make me nostalgic for both Dark Crystal and Farscape.
  22. Leofric

    Video Games: Devils Die Twice

    I love the CK2 GOT mod. Have also played the two different ASOIAF mods for Mount&Blade Warband, both are good.
  23. I assume Westeros will become a theocracy. Bran will train up the next 3-Eyed Raven, who will know everyone's secrets, therefore blackmailing them into voting for him in as Bran's successor, and this will continue again and again.
  24. Leofric

    Westworld VIII: Forging On

    Anyone else notice the mood t-shirt the one guy was wearing in the trailer. "Bored" was lit up when they are waiting for the explosion , then changed to "Amused" right after. Then later "Angry" is lit up when he is punching another guy.
  25. Leofric

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    I was raised on cinnamon toast, we didn't get those fancy Poptarts or Toaster Strudel or Eggos when I was a kid. We never pre-mixed the sugar and cinnamon.... spread the butter, then sprinkle sugar across the slice and top it off with cinnamon.